Gajim - 2018-01-05

  1. Link Mauve “23:11:07 lovetox> weird, but many people use gajim1.0.0 here, i hear this the first time”, I think I reported this issue before, but you waived it as MAM not being supported in MUC.
  2. Link Mauve The one about the MUC window being empty of history when I start it, most of the time.
  3. Link Mauve lovetox, we had a look with Asterix and ThibG a few months ago, but logind wasn’t usable for that.
  4. Link Mauve No idea what else we can use.
  5. andrey.g Maybe Asterix find it interesting: just few hours remain for availability of a TV record "René Goscinny, notre oncle d'Armorique" about creator of "Astérix" among others ;) direct HD link: (978M)
  6. andrey.g and DE translation here:
  7. lovetox btw im away on holiday the next 10 days
  8. lovetox dont write me to this chat i will not read the backlog, create issues on gitlab if something seems important to you
  9. zak :-O What will Gajim do without you while you are away then?
  10. lovetox hopefully not crash :D
  11. zak ;-) Have a nice holiday.
  12. zak Will there be another alpha before that?
  13. lovetox asterix can do this probably if you ask him
  14. zak Well don't know if it is required. I leave this up to you guys then.
  15. zak I don't have any serious issues so far.
  16. Link Mauve lovetox, enjoy!
  17. baitisj no core dumps since I deleted / re-created all of my user files associated with gajim
  18. baitisj still watching but seems like MASTER has had a lot of fixes that are keeping my FreeBSD system floating
  19. mimi89999 lovetox: Have a nice holiday
  20. baitisj Happy holidays!
  21. Citizen Zibb lovetox, have a nice holiday
  22. Citizen Zibb just built from git btw
  23. Citizen Zibb looks nice so far
  24. baitisj Citizen Zibb: on what platform?
  25. Citizen Zibb windows
  26. Citizen Zibb using msys2
  27. baitisj Cool. Are you building master or a release?
  28. Citizen Zibb master
  29. Citizen Zibb ive installed it and am currently talking to you using it
  30. baitisj Fantastic. Love to know what your impression of performance is
  31. baitisj I have yet to build windows
  32. Citizen Zibb For this particular machine, I love the fact that gajim now looks good hidpi wise
  33. Citizen Zibb on my machine it really doesn't take that much time
  34. baitisj I guess do let me know if you notice network glitches
  35. Citizen Zibb Though I have had error messages and stability problems, but most likely some of those came from conflicting 0.16.9
  36. Citizen Zibb you plan to use it on windows?
  37. baitisj I did notice I had to remove all old user prefs after upgrading to master
  38. Citizen Zibb I see you're using gajim on freebsd
  39. baitisj Yes am planning on windows too
  40. Citizen Zibb the one in the freebsd pkg repository is OLD
  41. Citizen Zibb but you've built yours
  42. baitisj Yes it's terrible
  43. Citizen Zibb I hate that
  44. Citizen Zibb I like freebsd
  45. Citizen Zibb but on windows its holding up thus far
  46. baitisj I made master work well now for about a day without crashing on fbsd which is much better
  47. Citizen Zibb Yeah, I've got multiple servers I connect to with various accounts so I imagine that'll stress test things a bit
  48. Citizen Zibb baitisj, I didn't even try on freebsd
  49. Citizen Zibb on that machine, I just use one of the console clients
  50. Citizen Zibb though I gravitate towards profanity for its similarity to irssi
  51. baitisj Did you just follow directions on
  52. Citizen Zibb yes
  53. Citizen Zibb I'm going to be around so if there are any questions *that I can answer* I will
  54. Citizen Zibb oh and in, make sure pillow==4.3.0
  55. Citizen Zibb lovetox might have added that, but make sure
  56. lovetox its just really not necessary to build yourself
  57. lovetox there are nightlys for windows
  58. baitisj Hmm
  59. baitisj Good to know
  60. baitisj I'll go that route I think
  61. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Port screensaver listening to GTK dbus
  62. andrey.g lovetox, have relaxed holidays!