Gajim - 2018-01-04

  1. Link Mauve lovetox, sorry. ^^'
  2. Link Mauve I just try to figure out what’s useful for the project, tell me if it’s anoying or something. ^^'
  3. Citizen Zibb I imagine it's overwhelming when everyone's all "hey lovetox I have this problem"... unfortunately I don't know how I can contribute more to gajim
  4. Citizen Zibb is enjoying aromatic earl grey right now
  5. Link Mauve Citizen Zibb, the fun part is, I don’t use Gajim, and probably never will. :p
  6. Citizen Zibb ?
  7. Citizen Zibb ah poezio
  8. Citizen Zibb and on archlinux no less
  9. Citizen Zibb I use a multitude of different distributions and windows versions
  10. Citizen Zibb so the only constant for me is gajim
  11. Citizen Zibb hell im on suse tumbleweed right now
  12. Citizen Zibb no poezio here
  13. Citizen Zibb There are days when I really miss arch
  14. Citizen Zibb but I can't be arsed to deal with it sometimes
  15. Citizen Zibb just installed poezio
  16. Citizen Zibb wtf poezio
  17. Citizen Zibb between pozio and profanity
  18. Citizen Zibb why not just use profanity?
  19. mathieui Citizen Zibb, you could just ask the same question in reverse :p
  20. mathieui (but I would argue that different people have different tastes)
  21. Citizen Zibb mathieui, ?
  22. mathieui Citizen Zibb, why not just use poezio?
  23. Citizen Zibb It doesn't seem stable
  24. mathieui I meant that as a tongue-in-cheek answer obviously, but why wouldn’t it be stable?
  25. Citizen Zibb it says on their main page development version is encouraged
  26. Citizen Zibb anyway this doesnt pertain to gajim
  27. Citizen Zibb so forget it
  28. mathieui right, but I’m always glad to have feedback on things
  29. Citizen Zibb im not knocking it beyond that point, and you can always pm.
  30. Link Mauve Citizen Zibb, Gajim also highly encourages people to use its master branch. :p
  31. Citizen Zibb LOL
  32. Citizen Zibb no thanks
  33. Citizen Zibb I dont mind doing insane things like building from git for windows
  34. Link Mauve It does, you’re free to use the inferiour gtk2 version.
  35. Link Mauve It does, you’re free to use the inferiour gtk2 version though.
  36. Citizen Zibb it looks horrible on a hidpi
  37. Citizen Zibb but hey
  38. Citizen Zibb we're working on it
  39. Link Mauve Have you reported that?
  40. Link Mauve Ah.
  41. Citizen Zibb yeah hidpi+windows+gajim0.16.9= wtf
  42. Citizen Zibb but those are gtk2 limitations
  43. Citizen Zibb Link Mauve, of all the available gui linux clients it seems gajim is amongst the most full featured
  44. Link Mauve Probably, but it doesn’t suit me.
  45. Link Mauve Citizen Zibb, and yes, gtk2 doesn’t support hidpi.
  46. Citizen Zibb i know
  47. Link Mauve That’s part of why gtk3 had to break the API.
  48. Citizen Zibb and whats worse
  49. Citizen Zibb is that running something like gajim on i3 causes gajim to look ridiculous and crap out due to the monitor size issue
  50. Citizen Zibb was a devoted irssi user, ergo profanity wins in console
  51. Citizen Zibb Link Mauve, poezio has omemo support?
  52. Link Mauve No.
  53. Link Mauve There are a bunch of fundamental issues in OMEMO, which makes me uneasy about adding support.
  54. Citizen Zibb I have my reservations as well
  55. Citizen Zibb but I see it does have gpg and otr support
  56. Citizen Zibb thats important to me
  57. Citizen Zibb iNP
  58. rom1dep I was downloading 12days of MAM from this room with 1.0a2 and thought that it would be awesome to have some status indication for it (in the tabs icon?), like some animation/progressbar suggesting that the messages are being pulled. Also the whole thing seems very prone to miss-ordered messages if I end-up posting something while it's fetching. CC lovetox
  59. rom1dep (even if I don't post anything, for that matter…)
  60. Ge0rG good morning! Is there XEP-0393 support in Gajim? :D
  61. marc Ge0rG, it's experimental and shouldn't be implemented ;)
  62. Ge0rG marc: hey, are you finished with the invitation XEP already?
  63. marc haha
  64. Ge0rG marc: if you don't hurry, I'll write it down as I see it.
  65. marc Oh, that would be really bad
  66. Tomek
  67. rom1dep Tomek: 1- 2- what kind of proxy is this? It seems to be working ok for me 3- here it seems to be going into C:\Users\$USER\Gajim\UserData\Plugins
  68. Tomek rom1dep:
  69. rom1dep Tomek: 2- you are right, checking again, the plugins manager seems to be ignoring the proxy settings. That's probably worth opening a bug. 3- I doubt it's hardcoded, that's where it ended-up on my machine, with the default install settings. Try moving the "Plugins" dir into a new "UserData" folder, within "Gajim"
  70. Tomek rom1dep: 2- ok, will check and will open if does not exists 3- Thanks, it works in C:\Users\$USER\path\to\Gajim\UserData\Plugins
  71. rom1dep 👍
  72. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8835: <Gajim does not remember settings>
  73. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>:
  74. bot Yann Leboulanger merged a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ <>: [chatstate] fix color converting from gtk floats
  75. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8828: <Please update Gajim for Linux Ubuntu/Mint in their repositories>
  76. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>:
  77. bot Yann Leboulanger merged a merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ <>: Detect invalid file handles when passed to SelectIdleQueue
  78. Ge0rG So, uhm. any plans to do XEP-0393?
  79. Asterix Ge0rG, no objection. We "just" need to update our regex ...
  80. Asterix which is not a funny part
  81. Link Mauve Meh, gitlab is unusable without JS.
  82. Link Mauve I always see only the first comment, and nothing else, no diff, no other comments.
  83. Asterix :/
  84. Ge0rG Asterix: if you try to solve a problem with RegEx, ...
  85. concerto > So, uhm. any plans to do XEP-0393? Or XEP-0333?
  86. rom1dep is what makes regex bearable for me
  87. Citizen Zibb meltdown + spectre intel vulnerabilities disclosed today. PLEASE UPDATE MACHINES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  88. lep ok when next gajim update
  89. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *84aa6133* <> HtmlTextView: Fix some things - Only pass args to logging function - Dont use 'size' as global var, its again used later in methods - Fix a missing arg in __parse_font_size_cb()
  90. baitisj Hi lovetox: i managed to produce a cruddy backtrace of this crash that I get in gajim. Looks like I've got badness in pygtk3 somewhere:
  91. baitisj more specifically, seems unhappy with something.
  92. lovetox at start?
  93. lovetox or when
  94. lovetox without gajim logs, we can only guess what we did at that moment
  95. baitisj Ah, good point. I'll try to generate that next.
  96. baitisj This happens during execution at some arbitrary point in time
  97. baitisj would the best method of getting a useful log to invoke using ```-v```
  98. lovetox yes do -v to some log file
  99. lovetox as it will produce very much output
  100. lovetox its probably something with related to avatars
  101. lovetox and some image operation
  102. baitisj lovetox, in your experience, how common is it to receive the warning "nbxmpp.transports_nb calling send on empty buffer and queue"
  103. lovetox i receive it never
  104. baitisj after mucking around yesterday it seems like the issue is related to a file handle in the queue that is actively being written upon causes processing on other members of the queue -- one of which has an empty buffer
  105. bot Philipp Hörist created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8836: <Port Gnome Screensaver DBus code>
  106. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8836: <Port Gnome Screensaver DBus code>
  107. baitisj lovetox, it seems that the code in nbxmpp/ line 428 through 448 in function process() is always overloaded by subclasses. should it just get axed?
  108. baitisj (it is never executed)
  109. lovetox yes in my opinion its useless
  110. baitisj I found a logic error in my previous commit. I'm making some incremental changes and will change the code to raise an exception if that function is called directly on the superclass
  111. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Port music_track_listener to GTK dbus
  112. baitisj weird how the history updates on a channel are not consistently populated in the window upon launch of the client
  113. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Port music_track_listener to GTK dbus
  114. lovetox what do you mean?
  115. baitisj sometimes, when I launch gajim, the window will be populated by messages that I assume are fetched either through message archive management and/or message carbons
  116. baitisj other times, this does not happen
  117. baitisj something else to look into when I the fixes to nbxmpp in a happy state
  118. baitisj lovetox: going forward do we care about maintaining pygtk2 compatibility?
  119. lovetox yes definitly
  120. lovetox its a lib, also used for gajim 0.16 which is python2
  121. lovetox baitisj, maybe because there are no messages?
  122. lovetox thats MAM
  123. lovetox it querys and if there are new since your last join you get some
  124. baitisj That makes sense... Thanks for the clarification of behavior. Confusing when I'm using multiple clients
  125. bot Jeffrey Baitis proposed a new merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ <>: Cleanups, fix for logic error in code that checks for invalid file handles
  126. lovetox ups
  127. lovetox it seems this was used in tests
  128. lovetox
  129. baitisj that is mighty interesting actually
  130. baitisj since we never actually run that code in the client
  131. baitisj hmm
  132. lovetox maybe replace IdleQueue() in the tests with SelectIdleQueue()
  133. lovetox as we dont want to install gtk on the server
  134. lovetox though i have no idea if this will work
  135. lovetox the tests doesnt test the network functionality of the queue
  136. lovetox we just need it to make it seem the stanzas we want to test came from the network
  137. baitisj I'm very happy testing the Select implementation in particular :-)
  138. baitisj I can't seem to run tests locally because IPV6 is broken on my ISP
  139. baitisj and I haven't teredo'd
  140. baitisj anyway, I have a two-liner that should fix this
  141. bot Jeffrey Baitis updated a merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ <>: Cleanups, fix for logic error in code that checks for invalid file handles
  142. baitisj apparently the commit passes
  143. zak Is there a logfile for gajim somewhere (application, not chatlogs)?
  144. baitisj zak, you can either invoke with the -v command or you can accounts->advanced->XML Console
  145. zak ok thanks
  146. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Port music_track_listener to GTK dbus
  147. bot Jeffrey Baitis updated a merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ <>: Cleanups, fix for logic error in code that checks for invalid file handles
  148. debacle Debian bug report: "gajim: Crashes when opening Preferences without running pulseaudio"
  149. Link Mauve debacle, oh, I’ve had this one for years, so far my workaround was to rm /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/
  150. debacle The user did not have pulseaudio installed, which leads a hard crash.
  151. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  152. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Port music_track_listener to GTK dbus
  153. debacle Link Mauve, ouch! But this is not something I could tell a user :~)
  154. debacle is there already a bug report in gitlab?
  155. Link Mauve No idea, I did that super long ago and probably didn’t report it myself.
  156. debacle crazy: currently Gajim does not even support audio/video, but the presence of the libraries and code leads to a crash :~(
  157. lovetox do you have a traceback
  158. lovetox debacle
  159. Link Mauve lovetox, no, it’s a segfault.
  160. debacle yes, hard crash, not a friendly Python exception
  161. debacle Assertion 'c' failed at pulse/introspect.c:2043, function pa_context_move_source_output_by_name(). Aborting. Aborted (core dumped)
  162. debacle (from users report)
  163. zak A friend of mine updated to Gajim alpha and now he cannot select any emoticons.
  164. Link Mauve debacle, maybe you should report that to Gstreamer?
  165. zak I told him to clean his plugins folder, he had some other icons listed there before.
  166. zak Now all are gone, not even noto-emoticons is visible
  167. zak Any hint on this?
  168. debacle Link Mauve, probably yes
  169. debacle zak, which OS?
  170. zak linux, debian
  171. debacle the Debian-packaged Gajim? On stable (stretch) or on testing/unstable?
  172. zak I didn't do anything to get noto-emoticons for myself, so I don't know where this should be found
  173. debacle in Debian, this is an extra package
  174. zak he had that before, now I uses the one from ftp.gajim I guess
  175. debacle called "fonts-noto-color-emoji"
  176. debacle when installing the Gajim package on Debian testing/unstable, the emoji are automatically installed (so-called "recommends"), but on stable (stretch) the package does not yet exist.
  177. debacle needs a backport
  178. lovetox debacle, i deinstalled eveything that had "pulse" in the package
  179. lovetox no crash
  180. lovetox how does he use only alsa
  181. debacle hm, will try myself tomorrow
  182. Link Mauve lovetox, you’ve been able to uninstall libpulse without removing half of your system?
  183. lovetox hm yes it said autoremove removes 900 mb
  184. zak Hmm... he installed the package now, but still nothing visible in the preferences
  185. zak He uses the debian-unstable package from Debian
  186. Link Mauve lovetox, you probably do need libpulse and gst-plugins-good in order to reproduce.
  187. debacle zak, just make sure, that fonts-noto-color-emoji is installed. Should™ work.
  188. debacle he probably needs to restart Gajim after installing
  189. lovetox and zak, he should have the option to select "font-emoticons"
  190. zak he did both of this of crouse
  191. lovetox and thats what he should do
  192. lovetox if there is no option for font-emoticons
  193. lovetox then his install is broken
  194. zak hmm
  195. lovetox its not a plugin, this is core gajim
  196. zak what is the difference between font- and noto-?
  197. lovetox dont uses the system font for emojicons
  198. lovetox which can be noto if you install it like on debian
  199. lovetox with noto- gajim delivers the emoticons to your system
  200. lovetox you dont need to have it as a font installed
  201. lovetox which is necessary on systems that dont support font emoticons
  202. lovetox font*
  203. debacle zak, just checked: your friend is right, this is broken in Debian!
  204. lovetox not "dont"
  205. debacle no idea what broke, but it's probably my fault :~(
  206. zak debacle: Did you test yourself or is there a bug report?
  207. debacle I just looked it up myself (I'm on Debian testing)
  208. zak ah, okay
  209. zak great, thanks for the help then.
  210. zak at least it isn't our fault :)
  211. debacle tell your friend many thanks for finding the bug!
  212. zak I did :)
  213. debacle 🐈
  214. debacle did you see my cat?
  215. zak yes
  216. debacle so at least pasting emojis in Gajim works on Debian :~)
  217. zak lovetox: Thanks for the explanation, I think I understand. Both look the same on my system, so I stick to font-emoticons
  218. debacle just out of curiosity: what happens if a Conversations user sends a voice recording to a Gajim user?
  219. debacle (voice recorder is a Conversations plugin)
  220. lovetox its just a mp3 uploaded with httpupload
  221. lovetox nothing fancy :)
  222. debacle OK, so one has a link which probably opens a sound program, right?
  223. baitisj
  224. anotheragency why not opus?
  225. baitisj wow, that audio quality is bizarrely bad
  226. lovetox debacle, whatever your browser does with it, because its a link
  227. debacle OK, it's not super-nice: In my setup, first the web browser opens, downloads the wav and start a sound player. Something like url_image_preview would be nice, i.e. sound directly from Gajim without browser involved. And the other way around would be nice, too. After 1.0.0 :~)
  228. lovetox baitisj, thats probably how your calls also sound ^^
  229. baitisj I'm running some custom rom that apparently has a crappy sound recorder implementation
  230. debacle or you killed your microphone!
  231. baitisj
  232. debacle baitisj Your tablet sounds so much better!
  233. baitisj hah yes apparently
  234. debacle and 3gpp should be lower quality than wav :~)
  235. debacle in theory
  236. lovetox hm there is no sound widget
  237. lovetox so i would have to write that myself, lots of work :/
  238. baitisj apparently the filetype is dependent upon the recording handler
  239. debacle lovetox, maybe it is not worth the effort
  240. baitisj
  241. baitisj :-)
  242. baitisj just slowly incorporate pyqt widgets
  243. debacle many thanks for playing with that :~) need to sleep now
  244. lovetox playing sound is a nightmare, you have to use a different lib on every platform
  245. baitisj maybe time for python-ffmpeg
  246. baitisj wow, this is kind of nice
  247. ccx I'm looking at the QR code generated for OMEMO and the sid= in it doesn't match the actual device ID. Am I misunderstanding what the QR should represent?
  248. baitisj so, lovetox, I restarted gajim. on this invocation the MUC window for was populated with the same amount of text as when I last launched the application (a fair bit of history). In other invocations, the window is populated with nothing.
  249. lovetox maybe you delete logs.db? or start with a different profile?
  250. lovetox and do you have messages doubled in history?
  251. baitisj same profile every time as best I know -- maybe I have multiple profiles and it's switching between them willy-nilly. Occasionally I do have messages doubled in history
  252. lovetox weird, but many people use gajim1.0.0 here, i hear this the first time
  253. lovetox i also join everyday, and it never loads even one message that i already had
  254. lovetox nah nomatter how much i join
  255. lovetox i only get the topic not more
  256. lovetox if there are no new messages since last join
  257. lovetox maybe saving the messages to your db does not work somehow
  258. bot Marco d'Itri created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8837: <Traceback from gajim-remote change_status>
  259. bot Marco d'Itri created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8838: <Cannot find the plugin manager>
  260. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Remove obsolete network_watcher
  261. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  262. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Remove obsolete network_watcher
  263. bot André created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8839: <Get idle time on Linux independent from X11>
  264. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8839: <Get idle time on Linux independent from X11>
  265. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8839: <Get idle time on Linux independent from X11>
  266. lovetox Link Mauve, any idea ^
  267. lovetox its about wayland