Gajim - 2018-01-01

  1. Citizen Zibb HAPPY NEW YEAR
  2. Asterix Happy new Gajim Year guys !
  3. rom1dep Happy New Year πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰
  4. bot Thomas Doczkal created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8829: <A programming error has been detected>
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  7. doczkal hmm, I can't update the Traceback to be in 'code' text view
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  9. pep. Asterix: what bot are you using to display gitlab stuff here?
  10. bot Philipp HΓΆrist closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8829: <A programming error has been detected>
  11. Asterix pep.:
  12. pep. thanks
  13. concerto Asterix: are there any plans to have "report bug" in stacktraces send the stacktrace to the Gajim server directly? Or maybe have it auto-create a new ticket in GitLab?
  14. Asterix We don't have enough arms to do the cleanup ourself. We ask users to check if a ticket already exist before submitting one
  15. concerto Asterix: what sort of cleanup?
  16. pep. concerto, you'd have to triage the issues rather regularly
  17. lovetox creating auto issues is out of the question
  18. lovetox this would need elaborate comparing algos to match reports for the same issue
  19. lovetox this essentially spams gitlab
  20. concerto And sending the stacktraces somewhere directly, where developers and contributors can see them?
  21. lovetox but a simple php script that writes all tracebacks into a db and we can query it from time to time is not bad
  22. lovetox mimi89999, rom1dep: i updated the messagewindow branch again, now with added sorting into active conversations and inactive
  23. Citizen Zibb hello lovetox... happy new year
  24. lovetox happy new year
  25. Citizen Zibb ive tried to track down python-farstream, and I cant find that in suse/fedora... is this a pip package?
  26. lovetox dont, audio/video is not maintained, and i think you will not get it running
  27. Citizen Zibb I was just curious
  28. Citizen Zibb plus jingle, right?
  29. lovetox what do you mean with "plus jingle?"
  30. Citizen Zibb jingle should handle that, so theoretically I dont need farstream, correct?
  31. Citizen Zibb sorry im still 2/3 drunk
  32. lovetox handle what?
  33. Citizen Zibb voice/video
  34. lovetox jingle is a negotiation protocol
  35. Citizen Zibb isnt farstream the same thing?
  36. lovetox to transfer audio video you need a video audio lob
  37. Citizen Zibb ah
  38. Citizen Zibb I have something in mind for that
  39. lovetox i dont exactly know what farstream is, but its needed for audio/video
  40. Citizen Zibb so farstream would be the lob, jingle should negotiate the session?
  41. Citizen Zibb I'm trying to maximize what I can offer my server users
  42. lovetox lib yes
  43. lovetox but as i said audio video is not functional
  44. Citizen Zibb in gajim or in general?
  45. Citizen Zibb it does seem unmaintained in general
  46. Citizen Zibb (there's always sip)
  47. lovetox the only xmpp client that i know that has it working is
  48. lovetox jitsi
  49. Citizen Zibb I thought jitsi was hideous
  50. Citizen Zibb though I cant knock it, functionality wise
  51. lovetox but it has audio/video :)
  52. Citizen Zibb aye, it does
  53. Citizen Zibb lovetox, msys is pretty cool btw...
  54. Citizen Zibb on my laptop it takes no time at all to build gajim
  55. lovetox yes its nice
  56. lovetox so have to go, good night
  57. Citizen Zibb take care