Gajim - 2017-12-31

  1. baitisj In order to get GPG working, I had to patch up python-gnupg a bit. Is there a specific branch / version of this module that devs run?
  2. lovetox i think 0.4+
  3. lovetox baitisj,
  4. baitisj Looks like this: is the best version of gnupg to use
  5. baitisj seems up-to-date
  6. lovetox yes
  7. lovetox though with pgp there are also issues in gajim
  8. lovetox but it hink this works if you get it running once
  9. lovetox we need more devs :)
  10. baitisj i know, I'm trying to help as best I can
  11. baitisj I've definitely noticed some issues in MUCs with weird connection names such as e.g. ‎ (I'm using a biboumi IRC gateway)
  12. baitisj in this case, I can type e.g. smiley faces but the input field for keyboard input remains unusable
  13. lovetox you mean if you try to private message?
  14. baitisj nope, this is in a normal muc with biboumi transport
  15. lovetox you mean the input field stays inactive?
  16. baitisj Yep
  17. baitisj it also doesn't populate the names of the people in the room
  18. lovetox yeah then it doesnt connect
  19. lovetox means something went wrong joining the room
  20. baitisj well, it "kind of" connects. I can type smileys using the 🌍 😎 😎 😍 on the left, and see them in my other IRC client. I can also receive messages FROM the IRC room.
  21. lovetox should not be too hard to find the issue with that though
  22. baitisj yep
  23. baitisj i'm getting there
  24. lovetox if you need help just ask :)
  25. baitisj thanks. I'm almost 100% certain it has to do with having the '##' in the beginning instead of '#'
  26. baitisj running a few more test cases
  27. baitisj nope, it's something else :(
  28. baitisj there's some screwed up state somewhere
  29. baitisj probably need to blow away my user prefs
  30. lovetox am, i would just look what the conditions are that the input field gets active
  31. lovetox it could also be that bimboumi doesnt send a certain stanza we are waiting for
  32. lovetox so i would look also at the xml console
  33. baitisj kk
  34. Citizen Zibb when omemo is enabled and jingle transfers file between users, it encrypts the attachment
  35. concerto lovetox: I was just talking about Gajim's memory usage on my laptop, since that's been brought up a few times.
  36. concerto lovetox: the dates in that format are in the log (i.e. the output from `-l DEBUG`)
  37. concerto I should restart Gajim, the log has grown to 68M ._.
  38. Asterix baitisj: I'd say we just don't receive our available presence
  39. sergio Hello, when I start gajim and I open a group chat, I can see the last messages. If a restart gajim I don't see those messages despite I have in the advanced options: muc_restore_lines = 100 muc_restore_timeout = -1 The muc has mam enabled without any encryption I open the history of this muc I can see those messages.
  40. lovetox yes sergio, it is like that
  41. sergio lovetox: ah ok. Any plans to change it or it will be kept this way?
  42. lovetox its on the list
  43. sergio oh, perfect!! Many thanks
  44. mimi89999 31/12/2017 12:06:59 (E) gajim.c.message_archiving Malformed MAM query result received: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="f1d4e5ba-bb4c-4ad9-b1ae-7bba04205bf8" type="result" to="" from="" />
  45. mimi89999 I guess I should report that against Biboumi
  46. lovetox its already fixed
  47. lovetox wait for your server to update
  48. mimi89999 lovetox: In what version?
  49. lovetox i dont know if its released
  50. lovetox look at the recent commits
  51. mimi89999
  52. mimi89999 I see
  53. lovetox mimi89999, i updated the messagewindow branch
  54. lovetox next thing would be to sort the tabs
  55. lovetox most active at top?
  56. Akasch_ I have a fix for the chatstate plugin to work with gtk3, should I also update the version number and min_gajim_version in the manifest bevore doing a merge request?
  57. lovetox yes Akasch
  58. Akasch OK will do
  59. Asterix Akasch: nice ! Same as other plugins, min=0.16.11
  60. mimi89999 lovetox: I will update
  61. bot Nils Rokita proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ <>: [chatstate] fix color converting from gtk floats
  62. Akasch_ the wikipage of chatstate also have an old url pointing to the trc, but the ssl cert is no loger valid vor the subdomain
  63. Akasch_ so I think the old links should be changed to the new ones, as the broser is giving out warnings on clicking the link
  64. mimi89999 lovetox: Why did you move the close button to the left?
  65. lovetox because there will be icons on the right
  66. lovetox mood, activity, tune, location
  67. mimi89999 Why?
  68. lovetox etc
  69. lovetox because they are of interest
  70. mimi89999 Can't icons be next to the avatar?
  71. mimi89999 Or under the name?
  72. lovetox there is already the status message if one is set
  73. lovetox and typing notifications
  74. mimi89999 So just on the left of it.
  75. lovetox the left of the status message, is the right
  76. lovetox ..
  77. lovetox you mean icons then status message?
  78. mimi89999 Yes
  79. lovetox why?
  80. lovetox whats so important about the closing button
  81. lovetox that is has to be on the right
  82. mimi89999 It was always on the right, so I got used to it...
  83. mimi89999 Messenger also has them on the right
  84. lovetox you mean in the old tabs
  85. mimi89999 Yes
  86. lovetox yeah lets see, i have to fit everything into and then we can maybe stuff move around
  87. lovetox yet im not sure what elements are in there
  88. concerto (Long-running instance of) Gajim is taking an age to exit ._.
  89. mimi89999
  90. mimi89999 The icon appears when you go over a tab
  91. mimi89999 It appears just below the date in the tab
  92. mimi89999 Status is on the bottom right corner of the avatar.
  93. lovetox multiple problems with that
  94. lovetox 1. we have no status icons that are monocolored
  95. lovetox every status has a different color, which looks not good when i put it over an avatar
  96. lovetox green avatar with green status icon.. you get it
  97. mimi89999 So that's why let's have it next to it
  98. lovetox maybe in front of the name
  99. lovetox still doesnt solve the problem, that the location icon is a button, i have to click it
  100. lovetox hm i could make the closing button much smaller
  101. lovetox to fit it in a row
  102. lovetox hm k i play with that
  103. Citizen Zibb lovetox: just finished pulling from git, going to build.
  104. mimi89999 Citizen Zibb: Build what?
  105. Citizen Zibb I set up msys2 to build gajim from git and make a windows package