Gajim - 2017-12-28

  1. lovetox jo-so, ok so would you say the icons look sharp?
  2. jo-so lovetox: I think no. They look blurred. At least the avatar icons looked better when scaled by gajim.
  3. jo-so But the tray icon looks fine, now, with the 1.0.0~alpha2.
  4. jo-so No change needed.
  5. lovetox avatars are not icons
  6. lovetox if you mean the avatar pictures that people supply
  7. jo-so Aren't both PNGs?
  8. jo-so Yes, I ment the pics supplied by peoples.
  9. lovetox yes, but the api to display them is different
  10. lovetox for a icon most of the time i dont have to supply a scale, i just tell gtk, display that icon
  11. lovetox and gtk chooses the right scale and right resolution for the icon
  12. lovetox from a icon cache, in which the same icon is present as vector graphic
  13. lovetox a user supplied avatar is most of the time not supplied as a vector graphic, neither is it in a icon cache of gtk, its just a png that i have to load
  14. lovetox and i have to do all the work myself, supply scale, etc
  15. lovetox also people can just upload avatars that have a bad resolution
  16. lovetox so they will look even worse on a hidpi display, nothing i can do about it
  17. Link Mauve You are still not displaying mine at the correct scale. :(
  18. Link Mauve Despite it being the only SVG avatar I’ve encountered around.
  19. lovetox i dont get what you mean
  20. Link Mauve My avatar is SVG, yet it’s not displayed at the correct scaling factor.
  21. lovetox you have a hidpi display?
  22. jo-so Link Mauve: What's wrong with your avatar? It looks fine at me.
  23. jo-so lovetox: I was talking about the custom icons of gajim. The GTK icons look pretty sharp, but the green figure in the roster looks blurred.
  24. lovetox Link Mauve, if you have a hidpi display, then you can test this MR
  25. lovetox jo-so, yes because for the icons in the roster i have to supply scale myself which i do via that method
  26. lovetox that returns 1 on your system
  27. Link Mauve lovetox, I emulate it whenever I want to test, yes.
  28. Link Mauve Ok, I will after 34c3. o/
  29. lovetox so im looking for a reliable way to find out the scale that should be used
  30. jo-so lovetox: But now, with GDK_SCALE=3, it gives 3 as return value.
  31. jo-so lovetox: The icons with the scale-branch look much better.
  32. lovetox i thought we were talking the whole time about the scale branch
  33. lovetox did we not?
  34. jo-so I've checked the master branch, before. There, the tray icon worked, which didn't without the GDK_* dance.
  35. lovetox its expected that things dont work good with current master
  36. lovetox thats why the MR exists
  37. lovetox so please tell me only problems that exists also in the MR
  38. jo-so I'm getting many messages like this with the scale branch: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/joerg/git/gajim/gajim/", line 98, in tree_cell_data_func surface = image.get_property('surface') AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_property'
  39. lovetox yeah i can reproduce thanks
  40. jo-so And the icon in the left upper corner is very small. The one above "Accounts"
  41. lovetox did you start now with GDK_SCALE=3?
  42. jo-so Yes, GDK_SCALE=3 and GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.33333333333333331
  43. lovetox but other than that icons look good now?
  44. lovetox and how about avatars?
  45. jo-so The other icons look good now and the avatar pics look fine, but a little bit blurred. But that's okay.
  46. lovetox its hard to test avatars, most people upload really small ones
  47. lovetox hm ok thanks for testing :)
  48. lovetox so the problem on your system is that you have to tell gtk what scale is used
  49. lovetox maybe i have to look at the gtk code, how it does it for the standard icons
  50. jo-so The SVG fox from Link Mauve look sharp, but the moon from Lukc look blurred.
  51. lovetox the moon looks blurred here to
  52. lovetox its just a bad image
  53. jo-so Did you saw this message? (gajim:26186): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to GtkScrolledWindow 0x29a0b80 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate? I get it when I open the member list on the right side.
  54. lovetox yeah, found no way to get rid of it
  55. lovetox gtk seems to not like it if i reduce the hpaned size to 0
  56. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Refactor Iconsets and improvements for HiDPI
  57. lovetox i fixed the tracebacks
  58. lovetox i have to go to sleep
  59. lovetox gn8
  60. jo-so gn8
  61. jo-so lovetox: With your new version df1ca2e4c3d the small icon in the left corner is gone now. And the tracebacks, too.
  62. uplink lovetox: I tested the certificate verification issue we have discussed yesterday. It works now as intended. Thanks for the update. Will the change be available in the next Gajim release?
  63. lovetox for windows yes, on linux its a change in the nbxmpp package
  64. uplink OK, thanks.
  65. uplink Where can I give an addtional certificate for the http_upload plugin? Or against which certificate list http_upload checks the offered certificate so that I may add it?
  66. lovetox on windows you cant
  67. lovetox your only option is to disable https verif
  68. lovetox in the plugin config
  69. lovetox hm you can add the cert on windows
  70. lovetox let me see where the file is
  71. lovetox ..\Gajim\lib\python3.6\site-packages\certifi\cacert.pem
  72. lovetox but this will be overwritten on each gajim update
  73. uplink OK, then it is like that.
  74. uplink The issue with Let's encrypt is the security
  75. apollo13 hu, now I am curious
  76. uplink I am using as DNS
  77. apollo13 ah
  78. uplink They, the ISP and someone else may shortly reroute the traffic and issue a certificate
  79. uplink This is then valid for about 2 months
  80. apollo13 that said, the same holds true for most certification authorities with a web based verification method
  81. apollo13 and then you probably get even longer certs :D
  82. uplink Sure end-to-end encryption will not be affected.
  83. apollo13 ie generally, one with access to DNS or your webserver network can do that
  84. uplink apollo13, exactly, thatswhy I run an own CA and distribute certs
  85. uplink The fingerprints are provided using a "secure" way
  86. apollo13 ugh, good luck explaining that to a regular user :D
  87. uplink For the communicaton with other federated servers I still use the Let's encrypt
  88. uplink apollo13, I make a picture tutorial, That was also the reason for finding the certificate acceptance issue. And yeah I know "windows" would not be worth this security^^
  89. apollo13 didn't gajim do tofu at some point anyways?
  90. apollo13 ie it gives you the fingerprint and ask you if you want to trust this
  91. lovetox yes it does, but there was a bug in verifying every cert in the chain
  92. uplink Yes, this functon was broken. It accepted everything, but it was fixed. The http_upload plugin sadly does not provide this feature.
  93. uplink The issue is already old, but no one (including me) did provide an extension of the plugin:
  94. lovetox this is not possible, as the lib for uploading does not let us inspect the certificates and act on it
  95. lovetox on linux your problem is solved with adding the cert to the trust store
  96. uplink lovetox, I can not locate "..\Gajim\lib\python3.6\site-packages\certifi\cacert.pem" checked the installation dir, user dir and the git repo.
  97. lovetox are you using gajim 1.0.0alpha2?
  98. uplink lovetox, Not on this PC, but on the test one.... there I can locate it. Thanks
  99. lovetox you should switch to gajim 1.0.0, gajim 0.16.x will not receive updates anymore
  100. lovetox i add to my list to provide some option where you can specify a path to a custom cert
  101. uplink lovetox, I solved the problem on Windows as well
  102. uplink lovetox, The cert needs to go in the Trust Store as well. But 2 things are important and need to be manually set: First the import need to go for "the machine". "the user" is not sufficient. Second the import needs to be located in the "CA storage" not the "own certificates" storage.
  103. uplink Then Gajim accepts the cert and performs the http_upload without questions
  104. uplink ...tested with the 0.16.9, test will be performed next for the Master release on the test PC
  105. lovetox thats weird
  106. lovetox i always thought it takes only the certs from certifi
  107. lovetox but good to knowe
  108. mimi89999 Hello
  109. mimi89999 When a contact removes me, Gajim shows all of my contacts as offline
  110. lovetox hm no mimi89999 i cannot reproduce this
  111. lovetox it shows that special contact that removed you as offline
  112. mimi89999 lovetox: Please remove me...
  113. lovetox done
  114. mimi89999 No issues
  115. mimi89999
  116. mimi89999 lovetox: This happens when I remove myself from dino
  117. lovetox then look in the xml console of gajim what happens if you remove yourself from dino
  118. mimi89999 What should I search for as it is quite verbose?
  119. lovetox how is it verbose
  120. lovetox there is nothing
  121. lovetox and then you remove yourself
  122. lovetox and there is something
  123. lovetox and all that something after removal you copy
  124. lovetox you can use the clear button
  125. lovetox to make the window empty before your remove yourself
  126. mimi89999 It gets filled instantly...
  127. lovetox then press the clear button, dont join any rooms
  128. mimi89999 That's what I thought...
  129. lovetox of course if you are in 28 rooms, there will always be something in the console :)
  130. lovetox you can disable everything except presences
  131. mimi89999 lovetox: When I removed myself from Dino, a thousand lines got printed in the console
  132. lovetox probably presences
  133. lovetox from the server
  134. lovetox telling us the contacts are offline
  135. lovetox so next question would be to ask dino devs what they actually send to the server when removing a contact
  136. lovetox what do you mean by removing "yourself"
  137. lovetox you are logged in with the same account in gajim and dino?
  138. lovetox and removing your other reosurce?
  139. lovetox or different accounts?
  140. lovetox i cant believe different accoutns that sounds impossible
  141. lovetox and why would you remove your own resource from the roster?
  142. lovetox this should not be allowed by dino
  143. lovetox and the server
  144. mimi89999 XMPP OUT [] <iq id='0e64e5c4-854b-4bec-9ad9-da3af4ed03cf' type='set'> <query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'> <item jid='' subscription='remove' /> </query> </iq>
  145. lovetox and the account you use in dino is also
  146. mimi89999 lovetox: PM me your JID
  147. mimi89999 No. It is
  148. lovetox
  149. mimi89999 lovetox: I added you
  150. lovetox wait
  151. lovetox i dont see you
  152. lovetox do you not get a sub request?
  153. mimi89999 Hmm
  154. lovetox <presence to='' from='' type='unavailable'/>
  155. lovetox wait lets do this with my other acc
  156. lovetox
  157. mimi89999
  158. mimi89999
  159. mimi89999 So, is that flow of stanza correct?
  160. lovetox im still reading into it
  161. lovetox compicated stuff subscriptions
  162. lovetox so mimi89999
  163. mimi89999 lovetox: Removed your account and closed Dino
  164. lovetox do nothing
  165. lovetox you mean
  166. mimi89999 Yes
  167. mimi89999 Sorry
  168. lovetox you only click something in dino if i tell you
  169. lovetox start dino
  170. mimi89999 Now it is closed
  171. mimi89999 Opened
  172. mimi89999 Did your roster go offline?
  173. lovetox no
  174. lovetox but i removed you already
  175. mimi89999 OK
  176. lovetox lets test that later
  177. mimi89999 So I opened Dino
  178. lovetox did you get a sub req just now?
  179. mimi89999 Nothing showed
  180. mimi89999 Checking logs
  181. lovetox yeah then this is the first problem here
  182. mimi89999
  183. lovetox yeah .. so if this is not shown to you
  184. lovetox then you can never accept
  185. lovetox lets report that to dino
  186. mimi89999 GitHub or MUC?
  187. lovetox github
  188. lovetox are you sure dino doesnt show me in the roster?
  189. lovetox you know the roster is when you click the button with the +
  190. mimi89999
  191. mimi89999 Yes, I kow
  192. mimi89999 I actually prefer that roster design
  193. mimi89999 I never removed that other account
  194. lovetox you cant compare
  195. lovetox no groups, no metacontacts
  196. mimi89999 Indeed
  197. lovetox if i have 0 features i can also do a simple design
  198. mimi89999 But the UX is similar to Conversations.
  199. lovetox also no groups and metcontacts ^^
  200. lovetox and to start a new chat in gajim
  201. lovetox use CTRL+N
  202. lovetox not the roster
  203. lovetox then you have the same design :)
  204. mimi89999 OH. Nice
  205. mimi89999 Would be nice to have a button for it...
  206. lovetox its in the app menu
  207. lovetox Start Chat
  208. mimi89999 Ah
  209. mimi89999 Who opens the Dino issue?
  210. lovetox you because you use it
  211. lovetox just write that dino doesnt show you anything when receiving that stanza
  212. lovetox and how you can debug this
  213. mimi89999
  214. lovetox hm i just saw the sub req notification in my dino
  215. lovetox but it poped up via ubuntu notifications
  216. lovetox one second
  217. lovetox then was gone
  218. lovetox and no way to bring it back
  219. lovetox ahhh
  220. lovetox you have to look into the notification area of your system
  221. lovetox hm no there is only the notification
  222. lovetox but i cant act on it
  223. lovetox definitly a bug
  224. mimi89999 I will check it
  225. lovetox ah mimi89999 i found out
  226. lovetox one click dismisses the notification
  227. lovetox but you should not do that, if i hover over it there is a accept / deny button
  228. lovetox if you dismiss it, you have to restart dino to get it again
  229. apollo13 Seems like good ux *shrug*
  230. mimi89999 Could it be less intuitive?
  231. lovetox how notifications are displayed is not decided by the application
  232. lovetox its system dependend
  233. lovetox some display the buttons obvious
  234. lovetox others hide it
  235. apollo13 True that, but given that this thing is a gtk app one would assume that they at least test gnome and unity
  236. lovetox the point is notifications are nice, but the information should also be displayed in the client
  237. apollo13 Yeah
  238. lovetox and i found another bug in dino subscriptions
  239. lovetox
  240. lovetox mimi89999,
  241. lovetox so even if you hit the accept button it does nothing on the other side
  242. lovetox at this moment i dont think there is a possibility to add a Dino Contact
  243. apollo13 haha, I just got:
  244. apollo13 ‎[13:55:22] ‎mimi89999‎: ‎[14:12:15] ‎Error None: The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  245. apollo13 what does that even mean?
  246. apollo13 aside from a bug in gajim ;)
  247. mimi89999 Rather very restrictive firewall on the server
  248. apollo13 aha? fwiw I didn't type anything
  249. mimi89999 You probably sent presence
  250. mimi89999 lovetox: I got the notifications after installing Dino
  251. mimi89999 lovetox: They have approve_subscription
  252. int lovetox: I cannot start gajim under macos with "Add support for XEP-0368": 28.12.2017 15:28:58 (W) gajim.c.resolver Could not resolve host: Kein DNS-Datensatz des angeforderten Typs für »«
  253. apollo13 that is not an error, just a warning
  254. int apollo13, i checked out 8ea39cff and it works
  255. apollo13 can you increase the debug level and recheck? because I also have that warning and it works just fine…
  256. int apollo13, how can i increase it?
  257. apollo13 -v would be worth a try I think, otherwise look into -l
  258. int thx..
  259. int apollo13, you were right.. but the window closes after start and gajim is gone:
  260. lovetox hm int
  261. lovetox Could not resolve host: »
  262. lovetox why does your server not set this srv record?
  263. lovetox then gajim trys to connect to
  264. lovetox and gets a ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 61] Connection refused
  265. int lovetox, dig SRV
  266. lovetox a client will never request that record
  267. lovetox its for servers
  268. int lovetox, would surprise me if the SRV was wrong because we have about 50 users on this server
  269. lovetox its not wrong, you simply have none
  270. lovetox gajim works also without srv records
  271. int ok so check dig SRV
  272. lovetox but the connection was refused
  273. int yes because is the wrong server.. it has to use the server which the SRV points to (
  274. lovetox yes but the the domain could not be resolved
  275. lovetox 28.12.2017 15:34:31 (I) gajim.c.resolver Could not resolve host: »« kann vorübergehend nicht aufgelöst werden
  276. lovetox try again to restart gajim
  277. int lovetox i ve read this.. but it is resolvable.. and the problem only occurs in d3333ba9 and not in 8ea39cff
  278. int ok wait
  279. int lovetox, sorry, seems that i really had a DNS problem.. i m now on master :D
  280. int lovetox, hm but the error message is still there
  281. int 28.12.2017 16:05:01 (W) gajim.c.resolver Could not resolve host: Kein DNS-Datensatz des angeforderten Typs für »«
  282. apollo13 again, this is not an error
  283. apollo13 it is one way of discovering xmpp servers
  284. apollo13 it tries then and then falls back to the next
  285. int ok.. i got it :)
  286. int so seems like i have a local dns problem on my mac
  287. apollo13 see
  288. concerto lovetox: LMC bug hitting me again and again ._.
  289. concerto Every time, it _was_ my last message in the chat. And every time, I get the same message in the log - 12/28/17 20:45:53 (D) gajim.conversation_textview: Message correctiong not allowed 12/28/17 20:45:53 (D) gajim.conversation_textview: Message was not corrected !
  290. lovetox ok i try to reproduce it
  291. lovetox concerto, and this happens only in groupchat?
  292. concerto It seems so. I don't use private chat a lot, somehow, but I just sent someone a message in private and was able to correct it without issue.
  293. lovetox so the error shows up if you want to correct something
  294. lovetox not someone else wants to correct something
  295. lovetox what i could reproduce is the issue that ctrl+up does not show the message correction mode
  296. lovetox maybe this is related i look into it
  297. lovetox ahhh i think i found the bug concerto, solution is near
  298. concerto :D
  299. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *ccc69bc7* <> Fix LMC in Groupchats
  300. lovetox should be fixed concerto
  301. concerto lovetox: Thanks a lot ^^ I'll try it and report back tomorrow
  302. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *1d835fbf* <> Raise nbxmpp version
  303. bjoern Hi all, I joined this chat yesterday evening. Since then every time I start gajim I autojoin the chat and the chat window pops up. I already tried to disconnect from the room. This works even if I go offline and online again. But as soon as I restart gajim I autojoin this room again and the chat pop up again.
  304. bjoern Any idea why and what I could do against it?
  305. bjoern i'm running gajim 0.98.2
  306. bjoern I wouldn't mind to stay connected if the chat would be minimized to the roster by default (like the other group chats I autojon) but this also doesn't seems to happen for this room :(
  307. lovetox Gajim -> Bookmarks
  308. lovetox set your preferences for this MUC there
  309. lovetox bjoern,
  310. bjoern lovetox, thanks. I just tried it and it works... Now I also remember that I used the settings already in the past.
  311. lovetox but this is still a bug, if you join a chat the default should be that minimize is on
  312. lovetox i have to fix that
  313. bjoern I agree minimize by default makes more sense
  314. lovetox mimi89999, rom1dep : i start now working on moving the tabs to the left and make them scrollable :)
  315. rom1dep lovetox: wowh, that's awesome
  316. rom1dep don't hesitate to ping me with all the experimental stuff to come :)
  317. mimi89999 Same for me.
  318. bullgard4 [Debian unstable] I did '# apt dist-upgrade' and obtained OMEMO version 2.5.4. Description: "OMEMO is an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end encryption based on Axolotl and PEP. You need to install some dependencys, you can find install instructions for your system in the Github Wiki." There is an English grammar error in it: s/dependencys/dependencies/ . Please correct that. Thank you.
  319. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *6aaf7856* <> [omemo] Fix typo