Gajim - 2017-12-27

  1. lovetox my holiday continues until 2.1 :)
  2. bot scrdcow created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8823: <"A programming error has been detected">
  3. Citizen Zibb used i3 and now gajim craps itself every time i try to start on fedora
  4. Citizen Zibb using gajim stable
  5. nicoco Is MAM supposed to work with a prosody server? It works on Conversations but I don't get any archive when using Gajim. Should I turn on a setting I missed somewhere?
  6. rom1dep lovetox: your focusing changes did the trick, works fine on kde now
  7. rom1dep alt+a to switch to the tab with highest priority and smarter nick autocomplete would be great now :)
  8. nicoco Guys I saw your discussions about this focus things, coding GUIs looks like such a p*** in the a** I'm impressed and grateful :)
  9. rom1dep nicoco: honestly, to me this kind of quirks shouldn't be acceptable in a modern toolkit, but I said previously I would stop bashing Gtk.
  10. nicoco rom1dep: new years resolutions haven't started being effective yet ;)
  11. rom1dep :)
  12. lovetox nicoco, what version of gajim are you using?
  13. lovetox rom1dep, what do you mean with smarter nick autocomplete
  14. Asterix rom1dep: ctrl + tab goes to the next unread tab
  15. rom1dep lovetox: if I type lo<tab> I end-up with `loompb26[…]` and not `lovetox`. gajim could guess that you are the one I want to hl, by being active, or having HLed you earlier, that kind of things irssi/weechat do well :)
  16. nicoco lovetox, 0.16.8 from stretch-backports . Tried to download 0.16.9 and 1.0.0a2 but I don't understand how to build it (which is a shame because I pretend to be fluent in python, don't tell my boss)
  17. rom1dep Asterix: that's confusing
  18. Asterix nicoco: just run it. No need to compile anything. But be carefull. If you try 1.0.x you can't go back to 0.x
  19. lovetox nicoco, you need 1.0.0a2, and its in the debian experimental repos
  20. lovetox no need to build anything
  21. lovetox hm no i think its even in the debian unstable repos
  22. Asterix Yes it's in unstable
  23. nicoco Asterix, lovetox : so it is expected that I don't think anything MAM-related with 0.16.8 ? I'm a bit worried to break everything by installing a package from unstable but I took some days off so why not :)
  24. debacle nicoco, 1.0.0 is even in Debian testing now, so the most horrible bugs are already gone :~)
  25. lovetox not with prosody no
  26. Asterix 0.x supports mam:0. 1.0.x supports mam:1 and mam:2
  27. debacle 1.0.0~alpha2 of course
  28. nicoco Thanks guys. I promise I tried to find the info somewhere else before asking here; I just suck. :) I might wait for 1.0.0 to hit stretch-backports before trying it, especially since GTK3 apps are barely readable (dark font on dark background) on my config right now for reasons I couldn't figure out yet.
  29. debacle 1.0.0~alpha2 is already in stretch-backports, but not yet installable, because it has to wait for python3-nbxmpp 0.6.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  30. nicoco debacle: apt-cache policy indeed agrees with you. I can wait,dDo not apologize! I don't mind MAMs too much but I'm trying to convince my friends to ditch whatsapp, facebook (and other crap) so I need to make XMPP look great. Message history is apparently a must have for a lot of people.
  31. nicoco bon j'ai pas trouvé
  32. nicoco il faut un couteau à huitres
  33. nicoco OOPS wrong chan sorry
  34. Link Mauve Hey, lovetox, Asterix, if you have any marketing material for Gajim, we can display that at 34c3 on the infobeamer.
  35. Link Mauve See for the rules.
  36. mimi89999 lovetox: How to get the ID of a stanza that I have in an obj?
  37. lovetox if its the messagereceivedevent
  38. lovetox obj.id_
  39. mimi89999_test 'MessageOutgoingEvent' object has no attribute 'id_'
  40. mimi89999_test lovetox
  41. lovetox its set in _build_message_stanza
  42. lovetox obj.stanza_id
  43. mimi89999_test stanza_id
  44. mimi89999_test Yes. Found it
  45. bot Bronko proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: integrate httpupload plugin into gajim core
  46. Stunkymonkey hey guys i never contributed to gajim before an registered myself to fork th project and make pull requests unfortunately i am not able to fork the project in any help/ideas?
  47. uplink My Gajim accepts unknown TLS certificates without questions. Is this intended? It warns on insecure onnections.
  48. Link Mauve uplink, you mean invalid ones or valid ones?
  49. uplink I mean valid ones not being included in the standard CAs
  50. uplink I drive an own CA and as far as I remember Gajim asked on the first connection for approval
  51. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *8ea39cff* <> Add 'active' chatstate to groupchat messages Fixes #8801
  52. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8801: <Send the <active/> chatstate in the same message as the body>
  53. uplink Link Mauve, Today I installed Gajim on a new computer (no Gajim before). And my self driven CA was accepted without questions.
  54. Link Mauve uplink, so any invalid certificate?
  55. uplink No it is valid, but self-driven
  56. uplink Problem is, that I can not recognise Man in the Middle attacks
  57. uplink because they also provide valid, but not approved certificates.
  58. uplink Link Mauve, "warn_when_insecure_ssl_connection" is true
  59. lovetox can you provide a test account on your server?
  60. lovetox Stunkymonkey: if you tell me your username i can allow forking
  61. lovetox or you register a new account on instaed of using github
  62. uplink Link Mauve, self-driven means I drive my own CA, which is not included in Browsers or Gajim
  63. lovetox uplink: can you provide a test account on your server
  64. uplink lovetox: yes, I send the credentials to you
  65. lovetox thx
  66. lovetox yes i dont get a prompt either
  67. lovetox i investigate, please keep the account available
  68. uplink lovetox, thanks I leave the account active
  69. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *abfe8658* <> Fix SSL verify Fixes #37 This commit was lost while migrating from mercurial to Git
  70. lovetox uplink, on what system are you?
  71. uplink Linux, Windows and Mac
  72. uplink and Android
  73. uplink The affected Gajim runs on Windows
  74. uplink I also suspected some kind of windows certificate store to cause the problem, but I could not track it down
  75. lovetox no it is a bug in our xmpp lib
  76. lovetox i fixed it
  77. lovetox are you using portable version?
  78. uplink Ahh cool, thanks, no i use the installer version only
  79. lovetox then try tomorrow to download the installer from here
  80. lovetox
  81. lovetox builds happen at 4 am
  82. uplink Thanks I try tomorrow and report back if I do not forget ;-)
  83. lovetox please use Gajim-Master
  84. lovetox not Gajim-0.16.9
  85. uplink ok, I'll do
  86. Stunkymonkey @ lovetox my username is: stunkymonkey
  87. debacle lovetox, does the SSL check verify a new nbxmpp release? 0.6.2?
  88. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *bd95b25f* <> Update Changelog *82fafe74* <> Prepare 0.6.2 release
  89. debacle Thanks! :~)
  90. bjoern Hi all, I have a question regarding the AntiSpam plugin and how it works.
  91. bjoern What happens if I'm logged in with multiple clients (e.g. gajim and conversations) will the plugin then only block the spam on my desktop but I will still get it on Conversations?
  92. bjoern or is it blocked for all clients?
  93. lovetox only in gajim
  94. lovetox if you want spam stopped on all devices, maybe talk to your server admin maybe he can install some spam mod on the server
  95. bjoern lovetox, thanks, that's what I expected.
  96. bjoern can you recommend some spam mod?
  97. lovetox i know on prosody server there is mod_firewall
  98. lovetox dont know about ejabbered
  99. bjoern thanks, I already heard about mod_firewall. I will have a look at it
  100. Stunkymonkey @lovetox can you please enable forking for the account stunkymonkey?
  101. lovetox should work now Stunkymonkey
  102. Stunkymonkey @lovetox thanks
  103. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  104. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Add support for XEP-0368
  105. jo-so Hi, I'm having a high resolution display with 280dpi and all icons look very small. I've looked at the code and IMO the whole icon size management needs a rewrite.
  106. jo-so Does anyone working on the icon management?
  107. lovetox yes i already did
  108. lovetox
  109. lovetox just have to rebase and finish it
  110. lovetox we had the option of animated gifs in the roster for notifications
  111. lovetox but gtk icon theme does not support that
  112. lovetox so this was stopping me
  113. Asterix nbxmpp-0.6.2 released
  114. Asterix available on pypi and our debian repos
  115. mimi89999 Scrollable tabs on the left also seem to require a complete refactor
  116. mimi89999 It would have to be a sidebar with a scrollable window.
  117. Asterix mimi89999, you mean tabs_position ACE option?
  118. jo-so lovetox: I've checked out your branch scale. It solves the problem with the tray icon, but the icons in the roster are still small.
  119. Asterix ha to make them scrollable ... yes
  120. Asterix but isn't it something that GTK should handle itself?
  121. lovetox hm jo-so, the issue with hi dpi was always that the icons get scaled up and look bad then
  122. lovetox i never heard that they were too small
  123. mimi89999 Asterix: Does not seem to be the case.
  124. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Refactor Iconsets and improvements for HiDPI
  125. Asterix mimi89999, indeed it's not ... but that should IMHO
  126. jo-so No, I don't see any scaling. For example, I've put a factor of 2 to all entries of `class AvatarSize`.
  127. mimi89999 Asterix: In gtk tabs, scrollable adds the 2 arrows.
  128. Asterix yep
  129. mimi89999 What idiot designed it to be like that?
  130. mimi89999 Scrollable = arrows
  131. mimi89999 😂
  132. Asterix and not mouse wheel to make it scroll :/
  133. Asterix and no mouse wheel to make it scroll :/
  134. mimi89999 👌
  135. lovetox did you correct that message Asterix?
  136. Asterix I tried :)
  137. jo-so lovetox: And the default tab width of 70 should be at least 210 to show something meaningful. With 70 I only see "g..."
  138. Asterix but firxt ctrl+up didn't activayed the correction
  139. Asterix I need to o 2 ctrl+up, which is a bug
  140. lovetox yeah someone else told me that recently
  141. lovetox jo-so what tab width are you talking about?
  142. Asterix GN
  143. jo-so lovetox: width_request of tab_label in message_window.ui
  144. lovetox i cant reproduce that
  145. lovetox nomatter how many chats i have open
  146. lovetox it always shows at least 10 letters
  147. lovetox you have the tabs at the top?
  148. lovetox jo-so how about the groupchat roster
  149. lovetox are the icons there also to small?
  150. lovetox jo-so, please use httpupload
  151. jo-so lovetox: Yes, they are small, too.
  152. lovetox jingle does not work on windows
  153. lovetox you can take a look at the code, but i dont see how i should set the icons differently
  154. lovetox i supply the scale factor
  155. lovetox hm
  156. lovetox so even the standard gtk icons are small
  157. lovetox maybe your scale factor is not supported by gtk
  158. lovetox is it above 2?
  159. lovetox and i guess the width is also a problem because of the scale
  160. lovetox 70 on a normal display is enough
  161. jo-so lovetox: Which scale factor?
  162. lovetox the factor everything has to be scaled up to show correctly on your display
  163. lovetox hm i think there is a configuration issue somewhere
  164. jo-so Yes, this factor 3.
  165. lovetox because even the top right icon is small and thats set by gtk itself
  166. lovetox the screenshot is from the checked out MR?
  167. jo-so AFAIK that's because I didn't install a high-dpi icon theme for gtk. I don't know, gtk would fix it by itself.
  168. lovetox the gtk adwaita standard theme
  169. lovetox can display in any resolution and size
  170. jo-so Yes, the screenshot is made from your scale branch
  171. lovetox i can give you a minimal example code
  172. lovetox jo-so, try running this
  173. lovetox
  174. lovetox can you do a screenshot how big the icon is here
  175. jo-so lovetox: This window has full screen size
  176. lovetox thats because of your window manager
  177. jo-so I've installed the icon theme Adwaita in the meantime, but nothing really changed.
  178. lovetox i did not set any size on the window
  179. jo-so I've set the window size to fullscreen.
  180. lovetox icon seem ok though
  181. lovetox can you do "export GDK_SCALE=3"
  182. lovetox then start gajim from console?
  183. jo-so I'll be back in a moment
  184. jo-so lovetox: This scales everything, including the fonts.
  185. lovetox hm wait i have another test
  186. lovetox
  187. lovetox jo-so, try this
  188. lovetox and tell me what it prints to your console
  189. jo-so BTW: say PHP error.
  190. jo-so lovetox: ('scale-factor:', 1)
  191. lovetox yeah then thats the cause of the problem
  192. jo-so But with GDK_SCALE everything gets scaled.
  193. lovetox yeah but icons depend on what get_scale_factor() reports
  194. lovetox dont know why this is incorrectly reported on your system
  195. lovetox are you using maybe wayland? or something out of the ordinary?
  196. jo-so No, I'm using X and awesome.
  197. lovetox can you test without awesome?
  198. jo-so Pure X?
  199. lovetox no i mean with another window manager
  200. lovetox but either way, i think this is a problem with gtk and awesome
  201. lovetox so maybe report the problem, with the minimal example i sent to you
  202. Citizen Zibb hello everyone
  203. jo-so lovetox: Thanks for your help. I'll look deeper into it. I found a commit for gdk that implements get_scale_factor as return 1.0 and only behaves differnt on OS X.
  204. lovetox that would be very weird
  205. lovetox as the documentation does not mention anything about this
  206. lovetox
  207. jo-so The eclipse people seem to have the same problem:
  208. jo-so I found a really scary workaround: GDK_SCALE=3 GDK_DPI_SCALE=.333 ./ This gives me big icons and normal fonts.