Gajim - 2017-12-26

  1. K Hi, how to install gajim otr? No appear here
  2. mimi89999 I don't see Gajim notifications on Wayland. Why?
  3. mimi89999 Ah, today Gajim is using 700MB RAM.
  4. lovetox K, what version of Gajim are you using
  5. mimi89999 0.98.2
  6. mimi89999 Latest default nightly package.
  7. lovetox mimi89999, not you :)
  8. mimi89999 😀
  9. mimi89999 K: Don't use OTR.
  10. abj61
  11. abj61 Lovetox strange but now it works as you can see, don't know what went wrong last time
  12. nicoco hey! 2 questions for you guys: will gajim 1.0.0 be in debian stable backports and does this plugin actually work for XEP-0333 chat markers? Thanks for the great work!
  13. lovetox no nicoco
  14. lovetox this plugin does not work
  15. nicoco good I asked before breaking everything :) thanks lovetox
  16. lovetox and about backports, maybe, as gajim needs a pretty high gtk version
  17. lovetox it probably cant be backported to very old debian releases
  18. lovetox in general i would recommend only to install plugins from the debian unstable repos or
  19. nicoco but but but... debian stable isn't THAT old ;)
  20. nicoco is this repo the one used by the plugin installer?
  21. lovetox yes, but plugin installer cant provide dependencys for you
  22. lovetox is backports not also for older versions?
  23. lovetox like jessy
  24. nicoco there are backports for old versions too, but I was asking for stretch (stable) backports. right now 0.16.8-3~bpo9+1 is available there
  25. nicoco thanks for the information
  26. lovetox then yes, once we release 1.0.0
  27. mimi89999 lovetox: 🙁
  28. mimi89999 lovetox: That plugin looked really nice...
  29. lovetox doing chatmarkers via plugin is unecessary complicated
  30. mimi89999 lovetox: Would be nice to have them...
  31. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>:
  32. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #241: <appindicator problem>
  33. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #251: <[appindicator] notifications not persent in indocator menu>
  34. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #243: <OMEMO: Key exchange fails, you need close gajim and start it again to work>
  35. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #236: <Omemo and keys not working!>
  36. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #242: <Source Code Syntax highlight - Import Error>
  37. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #205: <[OMEMO] Omemo icon in chat window not available>
  38. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #181: <OMEMO creates fatal error in Gajim when trying to open fingerprint window of group chat>
  39. mimi89999 lovetox: Why this plugin won't work?
  40. lovetox because its 2 years unmaintained and never did fully work in the first place
  41. mimi89999 Ah
  42. mimi89999 Gajim is at 800MB of RAM now. Almost as good as Firefox...
  43. lovetox and whats the running time mimi89999 ?
  44. mimi89999 lovetox: A day
  45. lovetox does it have that high of usage short after start?
  46. lovetox or is it growing over time
  47. mimi89999 lovetox: After start it is 400M
  48. mimi89999 It is growing over time then
  49. lovetox and how many chats do you join at start
  50. mimi89999 lovetox: A dozen conferences
  51. lovetox im joined in 8 on windows
  52. lovetox and have 110 MB and gajim is running since 4 hours
  53. lovetox do you have spell checking enabled?
  54. mimi89999 yes
  55. lovetox try to disable it
  56. lovetox and see if this changes something after a restart
  57. mimi89999 I am in 28 conferences
  58. lovetox thats more than a dozen :)
  59. lovetox i guess 400 is ok then
  60. lovetox i would be interested in something to compare to
  61. lovetox maybe you can try dino, and join 28 conferences there
  62. lovetox KDE just doesnt work in VM for me, i tried now kubuntu cant install that also
  63. rom1dep lovetox: no luck with virtualbox either?
  64. lovetox i try that now
  65. rom1dep did something change spellcheck-wise? it's disabled now
  66. rom1dep I think it now depends on gspell
  67. rom1dep used to be gtkspell or something before
  68. mimi89999 lovetox: I disabled automatic joining in some MUCs and RAM usage is only 350MB now.
  69. lovetox hm as i said i dont have anything to compare, is 400 MB much for 28 conferences?
  70. lovetox each conference has a roster, with avatars etc
  71. lovetox and its naturall that it grows, in each conference stuff gets written, maybe even pictures posted inline
  72. mimi89999 lovetox: Without spellcheck it is 131M
  73. lovetox there you go :)
  74. mimi89999 But why is spellcheck so expensive?
  75. lovetox because normally you have it on one textview attached
  76. lovetox but we have to attach it to 28 textviews
  77. lovetox maybe we should unload it if you switch away from the tab
  78. mimi89999 Can't you dynamically attach it?
  79. mimi89999 I joined my 28 rooms and it is 140 now
  80. bot Philipp Hörist created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8822: <Make Spellchecker use less memory>
  81. lovetox rom1dep, yeah with virtualbox it works
  82. rom1dep lovetox: _o/
  83. rom1dep lovetox: install the guestadditions, then
  84. rom1dep → extension pack
  85. mimi89999 lovetox: But I see you have `toggle_speller`
  86. pep. Does gajim support all of ibr? i.e. <email/> and also forms
  87. lovetox im not sure, gajim supports forms, and it supports for example captchas on IBR
  88. lovetox so the chance that is supports other elements is high
  89. lovetox omg in KDE you dont have a indication what windows is active Oo
  90. lovetox is this normal
  91. pep. lovetox: thanks
  92. rom1dep lovetox: the active window is the one with a blue mark
  93. rom1dep
  94. lovetox so i have to look into the taskbar to see what window is active Oo
  95. rom1dep lovetox: active is the one on the left, text editor is open in the background, mail is minimized
  96. rom1dep lovetox: what's the alternative? You can shade the "out of focus" windows if you like, tweaking kwin effects
  97. rom1dep but I don't like that
  98. lovetox why it does that per default for me if i have 2 applications open
  99. lovetox it just doesnt do it for two gajim windows
  100. rom1dep what is it doing by default?
  101. concerto Just joined the Gajim room from Gajim and am being pelted with *all* messages since ten days ago.
  102. lovetox yeah thats mam
  103. lovetox it focuses out the top bar in a window
  104. lovetox makes it light grey instead of dark grey
  105. concerto Also, corrected messages are randomly being sent as separate messages in an OMEMO MUC.
  106. lovetox you can see it with the serverinfo window
  107. lovetox concerto, yeah we dont correct on receiving history
  108. concerto lovetox: no, I mean that I type a message from Gajim, correct it, and it shows up as separate messages both in Gajim and in Conversations.
  109. concerto The typing box _did_ turn orange, and yet the message was sent as a new message.
  110. rom1dep lovetox: there is something strange with gajim's windows. I went into desktop effects, "Dim Inactive" is checked, so only the current/focused window should be outstanding. But none of gajim's window get dimmed (they are active all the time it seems)
  111. rom1dep maybe some weird stuff with CSD
  112. lovetox thats what i see also
  113. lovetox you just notice this now ?
  114. lovetox concerto, works for me
  115. lovetox can you reproduce it
  116. lovetox maybe your message was not the last
  117. mimi89999 lovetox: Looks like set_inline_spell_checking is set correctly
  118. concerto lovetox: 12/26/17 20:39:19 (D) gajim.conversation_textview: Message correctiong not allowed 12/26/17 20:39:19 (D) gajim.conversation_textview: Message was not corrected !
  119. lovetox seems your message was not the last in the chat
  120. concerto lovetox: it definitely was. And I just tried it again, same result.
  121. concerto lovetox: also, when I press C-up, sometimes I get the old message but the background isn't orange and I have to press it again to get it; at other times, it's orange on the first press.
  122. lovetox then you did press twice
  123. lovetox you can cycle through old messages
  124. rom1dep lovetox: I just notice this now because I used to multitask over several monitors and didn't like the dimming (basically makes it more painful to read anything but the currently active window), so I had disabled for a long time
  125. concerto lovetox: if I pressed it twice, why should pressing it again give the orange background? Orange background comes first, and goes away on the second press, right?
  126. lovetox yes
  127. concerto Expected behaviour - 1. first C-up - old message + orange background 2. second C-up - old message + white background What I've noticed happens sometimes - 1. first C-up - old message + white background 2. second C-up - old message + orange background
  128. lovetox never seen this
  129. concerto lovetox: seems to only happen in an OMEMO MUC
  130. lovetox rom1dep, seems to be a bug with kde
  131. lovetox grab_focus() does nothing
  132. lovetox i tested that in a minimal example
  133. rom1dep lovetox: grab_focus is a toolkit function?
  134. lovetox i will create a bug report on gnome
  135. lovetox yes
  136. lovetox so proably a gtk bug
  137. lovetox not kde
  138. rom1dep lovetox: are you runing fedora or kubuntu?
  139. lovetox kubuntu
  140. rom1dep which version of Gtk is this?
  141. lovetox 3.22.11
  142. rom1dep Ok
  143. rom1dep I seem to have 3.22.26 over here
  144. lovetox k, to be more precise
  145. lovetox grab focus works if i call it on a widget on an active window
  146. lovetox but it seems i cant activate another window
  147. rom1dep sounds indeed more like a tookit issue than a DE issue
  148. lovetox so i guess both are using X11
  149. lovetox not wayland
  150. mimi89999 lovetox: Looks like once we make a GtkTextView a GspellTextView, we can't do much
  151. mimi89999
  152. mimi89999 > it seems to have alot less problems
  153. mimi89999 Eugh....
  154. rom1dep lovetox: X11 still is the default in kdeland, indeed.
  155. lovetox hm seems not a gtk bug, something is wrong in gajim
  156. lovetox i think it has to do with the windows not getting inactive
  157. mimi89999 I think they are getting inactive
  158. mimi89999 spell_view.set_inline_spell_checking(activate)
  159. mimi89999 If it is an issue with Gajim, then always passing False to it should solve the issue?
  160. lovetox mimi89999, im talking about the issue rom1dep has
  161. mimi89999 Ah
  162. lovetox to have only one spellchecker instead of one for each chatcontrol
  163. lovetox refactoring is necessary, there will be no easy fix as passing one thing somewhere
  164. mimi89999 But that would mean having one GtkTextView
  165. lovetox no, just one spellchecker object, and you tell it constantly to check another textview
  166. lovetox depending on whats active
  167. mimi89999 lovetox: Is there a simple issue for me to start with?
  168. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8812: <Sending to gajim from another resource with carbon copies enabled duplicates the message.>
  169. lovetox no not really
  170. mimi89999 Chat markers are also complicated
  171. Holger $
  172. Holger Sorry.
  173. lovetox so rude Holger, we are talking
  174. lovetox mimi89999, not so complicated, just do it
  175. mimi89999 I guess not with a plugin 😃
  176. lovetox no :)
  177. mimi89999 (directly)
  178. lovetox rom1dep, yes it has to do with CSD
  179. lovetox if we use a gtk headerbar
  180. lovetox it seems the current theme for kde does not change the color if the window gets inactive
  181. lovetox i dont know what the default theme for KDE is
  182. lovetox rom1dep, do you know where i can do a bugreport regarding KDE Breeze
  183. lovetox ?
  184. rom1dep lovetox: which breeze?
  185. rom1dep there is the plasma theme, the windows decoration, the icon theme, the Qt5 style
  186. rom1dep probably a bunch others as well
  187. rom1dep what makes you think it's an issue with breeze?
  188. lovetox hm i dont know, i just have breeze selcted as desktop theme
  189. lovetox because i dont think gnome maintains a theme for KDE
  190. lovetox gnome has adwaita theme, what i see in KDE doesnt look like adwaita to me
  191. lovetox so they must have there own custom style added
  192. rom1dep lovetox: my gtk stuff looks like adwaita here
  193. rom1dep I mean, I'm not using a gtk-engine (whatever it's called) that tries to mimic kde style
  194. rom1dep I mean, I'm not using a gtk-engine (whatever it's called) that tries to mimic my kde style
  195. lovetox
  196. rom1dep lovetox: this is the window decoration
  197. lovetox yeah and? the also get styled by the theme
  198. rom1dep it's not showing on gajim's windows, but if I need it, I can alt+f3/more actions
  199. rom1dep I fail to see how that's relevant here
  200. lovetox
  201. lovetox somewhere is written that this bar is dark grey, with white text
  202. lovetox its certainly not gtk who does this
  203. lovetox thats the KDE style and they give all applications this style so it looks uniform
  204. lovetox whoever did this forgot that a headerbar should get another style (light grey) if the window is inactive
  205. rom1dep yeah, that's definitely not how it looks here
  206. rom1dep
  207. rom1dep so not a single one of these is shaded when in the background
  208. rom1dep bbl
  209. mimi89999 At what point in MessageReceivedEvent should I check that stanza to ba a chat marker?
  210. mimi89999 lovetox:
  211. lovetox really not important for now
  212. lovetox rom1dep, yeah the problem exists also with adwaita theme
  213. lovetox im not sure where we should report this..
  214. Israel Torres hey guys, I just sent a message to several people at the same time, and all of them use pidgin instead of gajim. Haven't checked with any of them, but it seems that the message I sent to them killed their xmpp clients, anybody has an idea of what's up with that?
  215. Israel Torres I'm aware it might be a problem exclusive to pidgin, but wanted to check with you all if you've seen something similar
  216. lovetox hm, a message should never kill a client
  217. lovetox if they have a traceback they should do a bug report
  218. Link Mauve /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/ Warning: g_string_free: assertion 'string != NULL' failed path, size, size, False)
  219. Link Mauve It’s recent.
  220. Link Mauve To abound in mimi89999’s way, everytime I open a new chat window, Gajim’s memory grows by ~8 MiB, everytime I close it it shrinks by ~2 MiB.
  221. Link Mauve Without any room open, just with one contact.
  222. mimi89999 Link Mauve: When you close, do you disconnect from the room?
  223. lovetox rom1dep, i found the problem
  224. lovetox it seems when the NewChat window is closed
  225. lovetox focus jumps back to the window that had focus when you pressed ctrl+n
  226. lovetox even if we focused anohter window before closing the NewChat window
  227. lovetox ...
  228. Link Mauve mimi89999, these are plain contacts, there is no room here.
  229. Link Mauve lovetox, is fixed fyi.
  230. lovetox ah nice
  231. Link Mauve lovetox, I was just making a demo of (Dino and) Gajim, especially its MAM MUC feature, but I couldn’t scroll up.
  232. lovetox yeah because that is not implemented
  233. Link Mauve Oh, I thought you did implement them.
  234. Link Mauve Sorry.
  235. lovetox omg, rom1dep working around this issue will not be pretty :/
  236. rom1dep lovetox: :/
  237. rom1dep not a top priority
  238. lovetox its not much work, just ugly
  239. rom1dep lovetox: in a nutshell, what is the issue?
  240. lovetox a window that is closed loses focus, and gtk gives the last focused window the new focus
  241. lovetox so i call focus on the new chat you want to see
  242. lovetox then destroy the NewChat dialog
  243. lovetox but calling focus results in a system call
  244. lovetox and this is asynchron
  245. lovetox and KDE needs some time until it really focuses the window
  246. lovetox and in that time gajim already called destroy on the NewChat dialog
  247. lovetox but destroy is also asnychron, but passes the currenctly focused window, which is not the window we want, because kde hasnt focused it yet
  248. lovetox then kde focuses it we get the focus in event
  249. lovetox and then destroy finally executes, and focuses back the wrong window
  250. lovetox really fucked up
  251. rom1dep you have to find a way to bring the newchat window at the top of the focus stack
  252. rom1dep I guess Gtk must have a focus manager or something?
  253. lovetox impossible i think, because gtk calls focus, and i think it then waits until the window manager tells it, i focused it
  254. lovetox seems this needs some miliseconds longer then my call to destroy
  255. lovetox my workaround is now, i call destroy on the dialog, from the focus-in event of the new chat window
  256. lovetox that way i can be sure the last focused window is in fact the window i want
  257. rom1dep i was about to propose to call grab_focus (or whatever it's called) as a listener of the find_chat disposed event
  258. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #213: <Client icons plugin doesn't have an icon for Pix-Art Messenger>
  259. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  260. lovetox there you go rom1dep
  261. rom1dep lovetox: 👍 I'll try
  262. Citizen Zibb hope everyone had a wonderful holiday
  263. Citizen Zibb now we get to look forward to the new year