Gajim - 2017-12-25

  1. rom1dep lovetox: goto anywhere/ctrl+n doesn't seem to be giving the focus to the activated tab, here, a bit disturbing :)
  2. bot b_b created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #251: <[appindicator] notifications not persent in indocator menu>
  3. b_b hi
  4. b_b issue created for lovetox
  5. b_b back without verbose option :p
  6. b_b me is realising that he's using an old version of appindocator plugin
  7. b_b v0.1.7
  8. b_b but v1.0.1 seems available on gitlab
  9. b_b haaa i may have to switch to gajim alpha 1 ?
  10. b_b for now i'm using nightly version which point to 0.16.9
  11. b_b i should switch from gajim-nightly to gajim package
  12. b_b going to try this
  13. b_b gir1.2-gtk-3.0 3.18.9-1ubuntu3.3
  14. b_b gajim 1.0 need >= 3.2
  15. bot b_b modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #251: <[appindicator] notifications not persent in indocator menu>
  16. b_b 'k, solved my problem
  17. lovetox rom1dep, it does for me
  18. lovetox how can a tab be activated if it doesnt get focus
  19. lovetox that you see a tab you have not seen before is proof that it got focus
  20. lovetox tuxict, why do you think it does not work, what exactly are you doing that fails
  21. rom1dep lovetox: easy, the new window comes to foreground, covers the previous chat window, but if I type, it keeps filling-in the other window
  22. lovetox in what mode are you?
  23. rom1dep lovetox: actually, I have MUCs in one window, and 1:1 in another window
  24. lovetox roster + one window for everything
  25. lovetox ah ok
  26. rom1dep and the problem arise when window switching
  27. lovetox let me try
  28. rom1dep (because as you said, it makes no sense if everyhting was in tabs)
  29. lovetox hm no still not able to reproduce it
  30. lovetox at least on windows
  31. rom1dep this is kwin
  32. lovetox you use windows also or?
  33. rom1dep kwin on linux/kde
  34. lovetox no i mean Windows the OS
  35. rom1dep you have to catch me during work hours for me to use windows 7
  36. rom1dep it's fedora/KDE otherwise
  37. lovetox hm let me try on my linux vm
  38. rom1dep may be WM-specific
  39. rom1dep that would be sad
  40. lovetox cant reproduce it on ubuntu 17.04
  41. lovetox hm maybe you can try at work next time
  42. lovetox then we certainly know if its wm specific or maybe some setting that fucks the behavior up
  43. rom1dep if it works on your windows, it should work on mine
  44. lovetox just to be sure, i tested, no windows open
  45. rom1dep the point is to have it to work on kde and other WMs if that doesn't bump the complexity too much
  46. lovetox then strg+n open single window
  47. lovetox then strg+n open groupchat
  48. rom1dep in my case, that does bring the desired window to the front, but the focus isn't passed to it
  49. lovetox is it inconvienient to disable your wm for a test?
  50. rom1dep how would I even have a window management if I disable my window manager?
  51. lovetox i guess there is some default window manager that is shipped with KDE?
  52. rom1dep yes, it is kwin
  53. lovetox so you mean this doesnt work on a standard fedora/KDE installation?
  54. rom1dep that's what I'm saying, indeed
  55. lovetox then i will download and test in VM :)
  56. rom1dep 👍
  57. rom1dep where is the code for that?
  58. rom1dep I can fiddle from my side
  59. lovetox new_chat_from_jid() is called
  60. lovetox for single windows
  61. lovetox and join_gc_minimal() for GC
  62. lovetox but newest fedora comes with gnome or?
  63. lovetox i download this hope thats it
  64. lovetox
  65. rom1dep fedora comes with whatever you want, there are several spins available
  66. rom1dep yup!
  67. rom1dep > `GLib.idle_add(ctrl.msg_textview.grab_focus)` I guess it should have worked… :/
  68. mimi89999 lovetox: Would it be possible to make the tab list on the left scrollable?
  69. lovetox yes its on my list
  70. lovetox rom1dep, maybe something other grabs focus back, i will install kde and test it
  71. bot Growl created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #252: <Error downloading omemo-encrypted file>
  72. lovetox hm no chance to get fedora installed in vmware
  73. lovetox sad
  74. doczkal lovetox, did you disable "secure boot" option? Not sure where you can find it in VMWare but Hyper-V has this option and I had better results with this option disabled. Not sure if it's default for VMWare, too.
  75. lovetox no i dont have this option, it boots into the live modus
  76. lovetox but if i click something it gets stuck
  77. lovetox im not sure if fedora is at fault or vmware
  78. rom1dep lovetox: maybe some guest additions or something to install?
  79. lovetox i dont understand the question
  80. rom1dep lovetox: VMware/virtualbox generally have some drivers and tooling to be installed on the VM to benefit from hardware support and acceleration (USB, OpenGL, ...). On virtualbox it's called "guest additions" IIRC