Gajim - 2017-12-21

  1. ivucica using gajim-0.15-alpha1-2899-g91ed375b9 from Nov30. Not sure which nbxmpp. It seems to send a disco#info query to a chatroom JID when joining it. It fails if the service doesn't support disco. This is the case for the Slack bridge. Thus, one cannot join a Slack-hosted chatroom. Is this expected?
  2. lovetox hm no ivucica, could you please tell us the exact error stanza you get back? then i will create an exception for that
  3. lovetox and its gajim-1.0.0-alpha :)
  4. ivucica <iq type="error" id="9779ffbf-ac9d-4609-b496-84209f83c069" from=""> <error type="cancel"> <service-unavailable xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/> <text xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas" xml:lang="en">Unrecognized request</text> </error> </iq>
  5. lovetox at least i hope, as gajim0.15 would be ancient
  6. ivucica well, ivucica@ivucica:~/gajim$ git describe --tags gajim-0.15-alpha1-2899-g91ed375b9
  7. ivucica alright, i haven't git pull --tags'd
  8. ivucica ivucica@ivucica:~/gajim$ git describe --tags gajim-1.0.0-alpha2-15-ged0e2dd82
  9. lovetox looks better :)
  10. ivucica though that seems to have pulled in a new commit too
  11. ivucica hope nothing breaks
  12. ivucica most of the times i pull in new stuff, *something* is broken
  13. ivucica on home machine, i am particularly hit by the gtk 3.20 requirement. at work i was surprised at how different gajim looked, and how it didn't display stuff due to the gtk theme i use not being fully correct.
  14. ivucica nothing i can complain about, honestly, but still irksome :)
  15. ivucica ok, restarting gajim to see if it broke
  16. lovetox =)
  17. zuglufttier Where exactly do the donations for gajim go? Is it one person?
  18. zuglufttier Or do all developers something from that?
  19. zuglufttier Or do all developers get something from that?
  20. zuglufttier I'm looking to spend some money :D
  21. zuglufttier Asterix, would that be you and lovetox?
  22. lovetox it goes to a account administered by asterix, and i guess the money goes paying the webserver
  23. Asterix zuglufttier: flattr and paybal accounts are mine. That helps me to pay server.
  24. zuglufttier OK, there you go ;)
  25. Asterix zuglufttier, Thanks a lot man!
  26. zuglufttier No, thank you :D
  27. ivucica so uh, one thing that often happens is that the MUC window for a groupchat served by Biboumi (IRC transport) component will open, but not contain any chat participants or enable the textbox
  28. ivucica hm nevermind, i think it's a biboumi bug
  29. ivucica i'm looking at the incoming presences after the roomjoin and i don't see anything interesting
  30. Asterix lovetox, it seems you remove the usage of gc_control_popup_menu.ui, right? You build the menu in code
  31. bot Valerio Mariani created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #250: <In Fedora 27, using the kstatudnotifieritem extension, the app indicator icon is transparent>
  32. rom1dep ivucica: sometimes it also takes me a while to join a large biboumi MUC
  33. ivucica it's not about size
  34. ivucica I think it's a misinteraction between biboumi and gajim. From playing today, it's possible that if a session never sends type="unavailable", the fulljid will remain associated with an IRC channel. Using "minimize on close" which actually means "stay in room when window is closed" may help hide the issue, too.
  35. ivucica When I sent the type="unavailable" manually that helped. There is a problem with Biboumi, but some misinteraction might be compounding the issue. Today was the first time I got *some* idea about what caused the issue, so it might not be a Gajim issue at all, or it might be a minor thing in Gajim. I'll reach out again if I figure out more.
  36. lovetox rom1dep, irc channels can have usually a lot more members than xmpp mucs, that could also be a factor why it takes longer
  37. rom1dep ivucica: FTR ally MUCs are minimize in close, but the same MUCs on conversations don't seem to be affected
  38. rom1dep lovetox: does gajim connects to the MUCs one at a time?
  39. lovetox hm we have only one connection to a server
  40. lovetox so there is no doing things at the same time
  41. ivucica Well, there sorta is. You can send multiple joins and independently wait for them to complete., or wait for a join to get a response back before moving on to the next one. I wouldn't expect an XMPP client (including Gajim) to do the latter, but one could be doing that. I mean, there is such a thing as 'join in progress' state, and you /could/ block on further joins as long as there is at least one join in progress.
  42. ivucica I think that's what rom1dep meant by 'one at a time'?
  43. rom1dep Yes
  44. rom1dep Indeed
  45. ivucica I don't think it would make any sense to do it in a blocking manner.
  46. ivucica A buggy MUC component (like in this case it seems Biboumi might be) could simply never respond with <presence/>s and other things that tell the client that a join is 'complete enough'.
  47. ivucica That would block every other join.
  48. louiz’ Of course, if you find out that biboumi is misbehaving, you’re welcome to report that bug and/or discuss that in ;)
  49. ivucica I would do that if I had proof :_)
  50. rom1dep louiz’: I've heard that the biboumi maintainer is a terrible person 😁
  51. ivucica (If you look carefully, I'm carefully phrasing it "maybe", "guess", "seems like" -- because I just don't know.)
  52. ivucica rom1dep, oh, that maintainer is indeed a terrible person, going around and fixing issues I previously reported...
  53. ivucica ...and answering my questions...
  54. ivucica ...someone should hold that maintainer accountable!
  55. ivucica Terrible, terrible human being.
  56. louiz’ hehe
  57. ivucica Seriously, today, while I was trying to confirm that Gajim is misbehaving in presence of valid traffic, I actually saw that it's not getting a response to a join presence sent to biboumi. But I have no proof of why.
  58. rom1dep ivucica: couldn't say it in a better way 😁
  59. ivucica Just a guess that it still thinks I'm joined in the channel.
  60. ivucica When I sent it type=unavailable and rejoined, all worked, so *shrug*
  61. ivucica I'll switch over to biboumi muc.
  62. ivucica Also, maintainer of Poezio is an even worse human being. Bring the gallows
  63. louiz’ Maybe it actually did NOT receive that unavailable presence
  64. ivucica Yes, I do fully expect there may have been a crash of ... something
  65. ivucica I'd expect Prosody to be the one to send type=unavailable? Don't servers have to do that? I don't actually know.
  66. ivucica Switching over to biboumi muc.
  67. rom1dep ivucica: ejabberd over here
  68. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *5e31aefe* <> [appindicator] Use better icons
  69. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *1e25d254* <> [appindicator] Use better icons Fixes #250
  70. bot Daniel proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ <>: OMEMO Make some more strings translatable
  71. bot Valerio Mariani closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #250: <In Fedora 27, using the kstatudnotifieritem extension, the app indicator icon is transparent>