Gajim - 2017-12-12

  1. rom1dep how can I query/retrive the MAM archive for a specific MUC?
  2. lovetox join it rom1dep
  3. rom1dep But I need moar
  4. lovetox if you want history before your first join, thats not possible right now
  5. rom1dep I have history as of December 5, I had joined before. I'd like to fill the void in the history log between then and now.
  6. lovetox and when does it start again after december 5?
  7. rom1dep > lovetox‎: and when does it start again after december 5? It starts today after I start again this client. Got myself stuck at work, I'll be back to that later
  8. lovetox hm i have no time today, but we can debug this tomorrow, maybe something with the requesting algo is wrong
  9. rom1dep FTR this is a biboumi MUC
  10. rom1dep (this month's master, so it has MAM)
  11. ivucica Small piece of probably "wontfix" feedback: dependence on Gtk 3.20 and PyGTK 3.20 makes someone using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS sad. :-(
  12. ivucica I ended up installing 16.04 gajim rather than using master branch like I used to.
  13. debacle ivucica, I run Debian stable at work at therefor have Gajim 0.16.8, while at home I run the latest master from experimental - no problem with that
  14. SaltyBones hm...just had gajim spike to 100 % cpu and stay there
  15. SaltyBones no obvious triggers except a shitty connection today
  16. lori35 Hi when you have two gajim accounts on the same Windows session, how to differentiate conversations in the logs.db ?
  17. Asterix In 0.16, not possible
  18. lori35 ok thanks. it was possible before or in the future ?
  19. Asterix Before, no. In the current master version, it is
  20. lori35 Ok thank you a lot
  21. ivucica debacle: not the point