Gajim - 2017-12-10

  1. ilmaisin hello
  2. ilmaisin i have a problem with prosody 0.10 and gajim: on gajim i won't see archived messages at all
  3. iiro with all due respect, this xmpp thing does not seem to be very well designed
  4. iiro even imap, that is very old and not a 100% perfect protocol by any means, has no problems whatsoever with multi-client support
  5. dwd iiro, \Recent
  6. dwd iiro, More usefully, what actual users want from multiple clients has radically changed in the past couple of decades.
  7. dwd iiro, One could, of course, say much the same about the \Recent flag in IMAP. This was intended to mean that only one client showed a message as "Recent", so users wouldn't be confused by multiple clients all showing a message as "Recent", whereas actually users now want all their devices to show the message as Recent so it's completely useless.
  8. iiro Well, i do not thnnk that users have wanted messages to disappear into thin air in any decade and that's pretty much what happens now for me
  9. rom1dep iiro: what happened? What makes you think messages disappeared? Which server are you using?
  10. mdosch iiro: are you using e2ee?
  11. Asterix iiro: look in history window. Synch'd messages are not shown in conversation window for the moment
  12. mimi89999
  13. mimi89999 lovetox: Almost 1G RAM...
  14. lovetox mimi89999, restart the client takes 3 seconds
  15. mimi89999 But why is Gajim eating RAM after running for a day?
  16. lovetox because of memory leaks
  17. lovetox iiro, also why do you think the protocol is at fault Oo
  18. lovetox my first guess would be the client
  19. iiro lovetox: because that silly resource thing makes it necessary to have multiple kludges like carbons and mam
  20. nico iiro, thats silly most servers come with that enabled as default
  21. lovetox what silly resource thing
  22. lovetox mam has absolutly nothing to do with resources
  23. nico I think he is complaing that when having more then 1 ressource carbons/ mam is essential to use.
  24. lovetox thats because is a IM protocol sometimes i want to interact with a special device, and not all of them
  25. lovetox protocol is certainly not perfect, but to compare it with IMAP is just wrong
  26. mimi89999 What memory leaks?
  27. lovetox mimi89999, if i knew where to find them i would fix them
  28. iiro mdosch: yes i have omemo installed but did not use it at that time
  29. iiro mdosch: i noticed that in the archive file the messages turn from plaintext into encrypted eventually
  30. pitchum lovetox, is there a way we can help you tracking down those memory leaks? with a debug option or something?
  31. lovetox maybe i phrased that wrong, the problem is not finding them, but its not on my priority list
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  34. lovetox__ .
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  36. lovetox int,
  37. lovetox check this theme out, looks good :)
  38. int lovetox: thx :)
  39. int lovetox, a lot of work, looks great
  40. lovetox not my work int
  41. lovetox i just shared this because someone told me
  42. lovetox can you send a screenshot, int, ?
  43. yvo Could you change the MUC title? On Smartphones I only see the "Welcome ..." and dont know which muc it is. Thx! :-)
  44. yvo Sth like: Gajim -- Welcome to the official room of Gajim.
  45. yvo lovetox,
  46. SouL Good idea: put the name of the project first
  47. SouL Correct :)
  48. yvo SouL :-)
  49. lovetox im a bit torn, so because you use a mobile client that only shows you the topic we sould change the topic
  50. SouL lovetox: I think it was more a suggestion than anything else
  51. lovetox how many chars are shown?
  52. lovetox still find it questionable to identify rooms with the topic
  53. SouL 'Gajim - Welcome to...' Is what is shown now.
  54. SouL lovetox: I completely agree
  55. SouL Somewhat understandable though
  56. lovetox i guess there is no solution that meets all use cases
  57. lovetox but a method to give mucs a custom name solves the few that are not working
  58. pep. Really that mobile client should use the room name instead of the topic
  59. pep. "Error> wait: The room is currently overactive, please try again later" :(
  60. lovetox it cant, because it auto creates rooms that look like that 123901dcmjjf03jrfj@...
  61. pep. hmm
  62. pep. What does it display then for these rooms? It allows the subject to be changed? Maybe it should also allow the name to be changed
  63. lovetox i think it shows the names of the participants
  64. lovetox if a subject is set, then the subject
  65. lovetox but yes there should be a easy rename groupchat option
  66. pep. let's see
  67. lovetox custom groupchat names can also be saved to the server with the bookmarks
  68. pep. lovetox, it displays "rr1iywtz6iej@..." by default
  69. pep. I can change the subject but that's it. I say what it allows to be changed here should be the name
  70. marc IIRC topic/subject is used because changes are sent to all participants
  71. marc Whereas the room name need to be queried explicitly
  72. pep. Yeah but they're not used for the same thing
  73. marc pep., yes, it's a workaround I think
  74. pep. yeah I get that :(
  75. pep. Still, then you get users asking for things like ^
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  79. int
  80. int lovetox, that was obvious to me :)
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