Gajim - 2017-12-07

  1. tyler wonders why there is no macos build
  2. tyler im following but seems pretty hacky
  3. Asterix Because nobody proposed that ... and the server doesn't have macOS to build that
  4. tyler nobody has asked for an osx build?
  5. tyler weird
  6. int i don't think it's weird.. maybe if someone's using a mac and needs xmpp, it's not a slim chance that it's a developer and using git anyway.. and a typical apple fanboy does not want beta software
  7. pitchum I've set 'print_status_in_muc' to 'none' but in some MUCs I still see join/leave messages is it a bug in Gajim or a special room config?
  8. pitchum for example in I still have join/leave messages
  9. int lovetox: idk if this is interesting: .. i just resized the window and moved it a bit
  10. Asterix pitchum: xml would help, and the config of the room too. In some room we can configure it to send normal messages when there is a status change. So it's not gajim showing it but room sending a message
  11. pitchum Asterix, here is a capture done with XML Console :
  12. pitchum I joined Movim MUC with another account as 'fake_pitchum'
  13. pitchum Asterix, problem solved, it was actually a custom setting in my bookmark, sorry
  14. pitchum by the way, it could be nice to have a button to show/hide these join/leave messages on demand
  15. zuglufttier Or not show them at all by default.
  16. pitchum I agree that by default these messages are unimportant, but sometimes it can be useful to know the time a person joined the chatroom before talking to her, then it would be nice to be able to toggle that piece of information on
  17. zuglufttier Which could also be written into the logs by default but not displayed in the normal view.
  18. pitchum yes, that would be enough since it is already easy to toggle these messages in log view