Gajim - 2017-12-05

  1. rom1dep
  2. rom1dep seriously, turning a 3 lines message into a paste? That seems a bit excessive.
  3. lovetox yes rom1dep, i have to search for a different missing avatar icon
  4. lovetox btw i have your jump to dialog finished, its here if you want to test
  5. lovetox
  6. rom1dep > btw i have your jump to dialog finished, its here if you want to test what is that? Which commit of this series are you referring to?
  7. rom1dep (I'll try to give this PR a shot today, anyways)
  8. lovetox its easiest to test the whole PR
  9. lovetox rom1dep
  10. lovetox press CTRL+N
  11. lovetox for the new dialog
  12. rom1dep oh, that's the goto anywhere kind of stuff?
  13. lovetox yes anywhere means any contact or groupchat
  14. rom1dep lovetox: and that jumps to already open contacts/groupchats, not only new ones?
  15. Asterix Yes
  16. bot sh2ka created an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8794: <Resource conflict dialog a>
  17. bot sh2ka modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8794: <Resource conflict dialog annoyance>
  18. int is it possible to disable certificate verification for viewing or downloading sent images? i always have to take my mobile with conversations to view images and files.. some server's certs are invalid or self signed.. there was a similar problem with httpupload, but now there's a new setting to disable cert verify
  19. lovetox not yet int
  20. lovetox your feature request i beeing considered :D
  21. concerto How does one configure an MUC in Gajim? ._.
  22. concerto I created it, but can't find anything to configure it.
  23. lovetox join groupchat ..
  24. lovetox titlebar menu
  25. lovetox Manage Room
  26. concerto lovetox: ah, thanks! Forgot about the 'overflow' menu.
  27. concerto lovetox: Will setting "Maximum number of history messages returned by room" to 0 give back the entire history to new members?
  28. lovetox i dont know, everything in the config window is a server setting
  29. lovetox so you should ask the server admin or dev
  30. concerto Okay, thanks :)
  31. int lovetox, possibly better to fix the server i know :D
  32. lovetox its not much work, i maybe add it today
  33. int (y)
  34. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8794: <Resource conflict dialog annoyance>
  35. firewrench hello
  36. firewrench I want to start with helping with the development of gajim, can someone give me some pointers?
  37. concerto Does Gajim not handle xmpp: URIs yet?
  38. concerto I'm trying to follow on - a "Launch application" dialog comes up, with the default being "Open URI using Gajim", and if I double-click that or click "Open link", nothing happens. Debian Stable, Cinnamon DE, gajim-default-nightly.
  39. zuglufttier firewrench, have a look at and start from there. Build the version git if you haven't already.
  40. zuglufttier firewrench, have a look at and start from there. Build the version from git if you haven't already.
  41. zuglufttier There are 481 open issues :D
  42. lovetox concerto, it does but it has to be activated and im not sure it does work currently
  43. concerto D:
  44. lovetox but i have a MR that fixes that
  45. lovetox i maybe merge it today
  46. lovetox so after that i welcome if you try it again
  47. firewrench zuglufttier, cool thanks
  48. concerto lovetox: thanks, can't wait to try 🙂
  49. lovetox yeah this xmpp uri handling will change your life !
  50. debacle lovetox: after the recent discussion about which images url_image_preview should show or not (currently only uploaded via httpupload), I wonder, whether users should be allowed to select between: [ ] all images, [ ] only uploaded via httpupload [ ] only encrypted (aesgcm was it?). The privacy problem (other users can get your IP) exist in all cases. Design problem of XEP-0363 :~( What do you think?
  51. concerto Speaking of HTTP Upload...clicking the link should open the file directly, why is there a confirmation dialog? :\
  52. debacle @concerto: Maybe it should be (optional!) even the other way around: Let the user get the URL *before* an image is shown and before the users IP address is "leaked".
  53. debacle We all want Jingle file transfer, right? :~)
  54. concerto debacle: huh? ._.
  55. debacle Hm, not sure. It seems that this is a direct transfer between two clients, i.e. the privacy problem remains?
  56. concerto And also re: HTTP Upload, encrypted images are opened via the correct program, but unencrypted images are opened in the browser! Ouch. Protocol-level issue, I'm guessing? (no way to distinguish between URL and HTTP Upload URL?)
  57. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 8 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  58. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: New JoinGroupchat/StartChat Dialog
  59. lovetox concerto, take a look at the url image preview config options
  60. lovetox also right click on the image
  61. lovetox to see more options
  62. concerto lovetox: uh-oh. URL Image Preview is installed but it's not listed under Plugins.
  63. lovetox i guess then it seems ok to open a link inside the browser as its your system default
  64. concerto lovetox: My system default is sxiv. I uploaded the same image to two MUCs yesterday, one encrypted and the other not. If I click on the link for the former in Gajim, it opens in sxiv; for the latter, it opens in the browser.
  65. lovetox because one is just opening a url
  66. lovetox the other one downloads an encrypted file and opens that with your system default for that file extension
  67. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8772: <location listener: replace Geoclue by GeoClue2>
  68. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  69. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Get location with GeoClue2
  70. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *aab307ce* <> Add geoclue to optional dependencys *f724359c* <> Raise required nbxmpp version
  71. int lovetox, wow a lot of changes :D
  72. lovetox test the new start chat dialog
  73. lovetox ctrl + N
  74. lovetox or on mac i believe super + N
  75. int lovetox, works, but i had to press super n multiple times:
  76. lovetox hm interesting it seems you have some invalid bookmark
  77. lovetox can you check the bookmark window
  78. lovetox and see if one of the jids is odd
  79. int i ve just removed a invalid irc channel
  80. int error is gone
  81. int lovetox, maybe you find some time to look into the ssl issue :D urllib.error.URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:777)>
  82. lovetox fir image preview?
  83. lovetox for image preview?
  84. int lovetox, it even does not work if i click the link
  85. lovetox because its encrypted?
  86. int lovetox, yes it s aesgcm but i thought the server's ssl cert is the problem?
  87. lovetox its kind of weird to disable https verification on a E2E encrypted link
  88. int lovetox, you r right :)
  89. int we have to fix the server
  90. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *9c91679a* <> [preview] Add option to disable https verification *6974e704* <> [preview] Update manifest.ini
  91. lovetox though i added it for you in preview, so at least unencrypted links should now work :)
  92. int lovetox, thx :)
  93. rom1dep lovetox: Am I reading correctly that the PR you linked me earlier has been merged?
  94. rom1dep looks like. Checking it out.
  95. lovetox yes
  96. rom1dep lovetox: damn, that's really good :)
  97. rom1dep good work there!
  98. lovetox 😊
  99. concerto lovetox: would supporting this help fix that problem above? (encrypted images opened by default image viewer, unencrypted images opened in browser) -
  100. lovetox it needs no help, you just have to get image preview installed
  101. lovetox a link will always open with a browser, everything else would be weird
  102. concerto lovetox: but wouldn't it be better to differentiate links from files sent via HTTP Upload?
  103. rom1dep lovetox: now if it could show a count of unread messages (if any), and order the entries by that, that might be too great :)
  104. lovetox concerto, we do, if you have image preview installed
  105. concerto I guess the question then is, why doesn't URL Image Preview show up in the installed plugins list even though the installed version is the same as the latest version ._.
  106. lovetox rom1dep, nah i will do it like dino with the chats and notifications, have a listbox at the side that shows active chats and notifications
  107. lovetox the start chat window is just the first step, so you dont have to use the roster anymore, only if you really want to do some rostermanagement stuff
  108. lovetox like deleting contacts, group stuff etc
  109. rom1dep you mean, for tabs?
  110. lovetox it will be exactly like the dino "tabs"
  111. rom1dep to me ctrl+n could become a great HUD. Having an unread count in there would help killing the backlog (assist for deciding which conv to open next), which is basically what I love the most form the old school (text) messengers (weechat & al)
  112. Holger Swift does that as well, FWIW. (IIRC with Alt+A.)
  113. rom1dep yep, alt+a is an all time classic
  114. lovetox but if you have all conversations in a listbox to your left, and the one that have notifications at the top
  115. lovetox you dont need to "open" ones
  116. lovetox then you only need to open new ones that are not yet in the list
  117. lovetox you only wish for this to show notifications because gajim does it now in a bad way, either you have to search for a message symbol in a long roster
  118. lovetox or switch through many tabs until you find the one with the message
  119. concerto lovetox: any idea why that might be so?
  120. lovetox start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG
  121. lovetox look for errors at startup
  122. rom1dep > you don't need to "open" ones The good thing with ctrl+n is that I don't have to think whether it's open or not, and I can fuzzy search in it. Making it the go-to for many future workflows
  123. lovetox yeah i also see that we can easily add other stuff, just for "knowing if i have a new message" i think i have a better idea in mind
  124. lovetox some options that are only reached over deep menus for example
  125. lovetox like xmlconsole etc
  126. lovetox server info
  127. lovetox could be convenient
  128. int is it possible to change the color of a contact if a new message is there? on macos i only see all open conversations in bold and a asterisk in front of it, this is a bit difficult to see if there's a new message.. sometimes i do not notice new messages even if i m writing in other conversations
  129. lovetox you mean in 1:1?
  130. lovetox not even bold for me, just a message symbol in the tab
  131. lovetox show_unread_tab_icon
  132. lovetox in ACE
  133. lovetox this draws a new message icon
  134. lovetox color is not configurable in 1:1
  135. lovetox only for MUC under style i think
  136. lovetox under Theme Manage
  137. int for MUCs it's not critical.. but I overlook a lot messages for hours because the only difference is the asterisk in front of the contact's name
  138. lovetox then use the show_unread_tab_icon option
  139. lovetox and im working on changing this soon so we dont use tabs anymore
  140. int sorry gajim terminated.. my message history is gone.. have to check history on another device ..
  141. lovetox bad sadly no idea where this came from
  142. int i closed some conversations
  143. int i activated show_unread_tab_icon and then the color of the contact's name changed for about a second.. then it turned back to black and again i can not see that there's a new message
  144. int the asterisk is now not before the contact's name but before "Gajim" on the top
  145. int and when two messages arrived in one conversations, the number is shown between brackets
  146. lovetox and there is a icon or not
  147. lovetox new message icon
  148. lovetox thats all i got for now :)
  149. lovetox color is not configurable, what you see in color changes are chatstates
  150. int Ah ic
  151. int I m looking forward to what comes :D