Gajim - 2017-12-04

  1. harumaki is there a way to make the pop up work for messages?
  2. harumaki i have notify_on_new_message on and pop it up for new events
  3. lovetox in groupchats?
  4. harumaki everywhere
  5. harumaki group chats and direct messages
  6. doczkal lovetox, is there an option to enable automatic end of OTR session when the remote side switches offline?
  7. Asterix harumaki: It doesn't pop up if a window is already opened. Is it your pb?
  8. lovetox doczkal, if it doesnt do this already, i dont think so
  9. harumaki even if it's opened it doesn't pop up
  10. harumaki err
  11. harumaki closed*
  12. harumaki i'll doublecheck to be sure
  13. harumaki it doesn't
  14. harumaki if it helps any, i'm using win 7
  15. Asterix harumaki: which version of Gajim?
  16. Asterix I can't help more, I don't have windows
  17. zak Just installed the new Gajim and unfortunately the PGP bug is still there :(
  18. lovetox did you create an issue?
  19. lovetox Asterix, did we not fix the problem just recently about pop up events
  20. lovetox So this should be in 0.16.9
  21. zak lovetox: I thought you already identified and fixed it back then when we talked about it.
  22. zak Will do that later then.
  23. lovetox what was the issue zak?
  24. zak Password is not accepted. Dialog pops up several times...
  25. zak (For PGP key)
  26. lovetox hm k i test this
  27. lovetox zak in the accounts window, titlebar menu
  28. lovetox do you have activated GPG Agent?
  29. zak lovetox: I need to check later, not home atm
  30. lovetox k ping me if you have time
  31. zak I'll do. Thanks!
  32. wiktor
  33. lovetox its not for omemo
  34. lovetox you can never force anything on your contacts device
  35. lovetox if you write a message encrypted or not, you have to be aware that message could be stored on the other end
  36. wiktor lovetox: so what is it for? OTR?
  37. lovetox this option is a leftover from an older E2E encryption where you could suggest to your contact what you want him to do, eg store or not store
  38. lovetox but you could never be sure that the client on the other end really did what he was saying
  39. wiktor okay, that's precisely what I want, suggest non-storing
  40. wiktor yes, I'm aware of that :) so this option does not work at all now?
  41. lovetox no
  42. lovetox at least not for omemo and otr
  43. lovetox if you use 0.16.8 you can use the old encryption scheme
  44. wiktor okay, thanks for clarification
  45. lovetox but it will only work with other gajim clients
  46. wiktor what's the "old encryption scheme"? pgp? something custom?
  47. lovetox
  48. lovetox at it has lots of drawbacks
  49. wiktor oh I see, thanks!
  50. lovetox no offline messages, no multiple device syncing
  51. wiktor no worries, I won't jump on it immidiately :) thanks a lot for very detailed info
  52. wiktor session negotiation looks good in xep-0116... logging parameters hmm
  53. lovetox i have a way easier solution for you
  54. lovetox you go to the chatwindow of the contact
  55. wiktor talking in person?
  56. lovetox click history
  57. lovetox and uncheck log conversation
  58. wiktor sounds good :)
  59. lovetox ask your chatpartner to do the same
  60. lovetox its not much different from the protocol, it also only makes the suggestion to the client
  61. lovetox so if you trust the impl of his client, you can trust also him to just uncheck the logging
  62. wiktor yes, that's what I was initially using but then I saw this option... :)
  63. lovetox hm yeah i would find it useful if omemo or any of the other encryptions would have some kind of negotiation
  64. lovetox but the problem is with negotiation come problems
  65. lovetox to negotiate something you have to be online at the same time
  66. wiktor exactly
  67. lovetox the question arises, does this only mean for the current conversations or for a longer time, etc
  68. lovetox things get complicated to implement fast
  69. lovetox so people kept it simple with newer encryptions
  70. wiktor actually at least in Gajim history is configurable... I don't see *no store* option in Conversations hmm
  71. lovetox the argument on mobile is probably
  72. lovetox that its easy to encrypt the whole storage
  73. wiktor yes, but my toy "threat model" requires destroying messages every now and then, not merely encrypting them, but it's a fine reasoning there
  74. lovetox but ask in conversations channel
  75. lovetox maybe someone find a easy solution for that
  76. wiktor oh, good idea!
  77. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: New JoinGroupchat/StartChat Dialog
  78. doczkal lovetox, unfortunately OTR sessions do not terminate if the remote part goes offline. This causes trouble if later I want to chat with that person from an other client because the remote part is then sending messages to the old session. New features like OMEMO do not work while there is a stale OTR session, too.
  79. mathieui doczkal, clients should terminate OTR sessions once they receive an unavailable presence
  80. doczkal maiheu, aparrently that's not the case. Maybe it's specific for connection to Pidgin users but all I receive is ‎'[11:54:08 PM] ‎[OTR] <Remote JABBER ID>/Home has ended his/her private conversation with you. You should do the same.'
  81. doczkal I can then terminate the session via menu but if I forget to do that (maybe because I am idle) I can't open a connection from another device
  82. harumaki lovetox: on 0.16.9 it still doesn't pop up in win 7
  83. lovetox do you talk about normal 1:1 messages?
  84. lovetox it does for me
  85. harumaki are there other options you need to turn on besides notify_on_new_message?
  86. lovetox preferences -> Notifications -> When new event is received -> Pop it up
  87. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Get location with GeoClue2
  88. harumaki the chat window pops up whenever i receive a message, is this right?
  89. lovetox if its closed yes
  90. zak Hi lovetox, I'm home now. GPG Agent is not activated for my account. But it asks nevertheless. After starting Gajim: First dialog: Gajim, then gpg agent, then 2x Gajim again asking for PGP passphrase.
  91. lovetox you are using 0.16.8?
  92. zak 0.16.9 since today.
  93. zak The problem appeared with 0.16.8, you wrote back then: lovetox: no, there is a bug here lovetox: i dont think gajim supplys the passphrase correctly to pgp, thats why on every message you get you are asked again
  94. lovetox hm but i pass it now
  95. lovetox are you on windows?
  96. zak no, linux debian
  97. lovetox what version of python-gnupg?
  98. lovetox and what version of gnupg
  99. zak gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.18
  100. zak libgcrypt 1.7.6-beta
  101. lovetox but python-gnupg?
  102. zak python-gnupg 0.3.9-1
  103. lovetox update that
  104. lovetox pip provides something newer
  105. zak You think that's the reason?
  106. lovetox i think the problems are because of new 2.1.18
  107. lovetox what you can also try is activating gpg-agent
  108. lovetox in account window
  109. lovetox when i have time i could test on linux
  110. lovetox windows build doesnt use gpg 2
  111. zak wait, I'll activate gpg-agent in Gajim
  112. zak Ok... now I get asked immediately by the agent for the passphrase. I enter it, but then it says it is wrong: "Ihre Passphrase ist falsch ... Sie haben Gajim für die Verwendung des OpenPGP-Agenten konfiguriert, aber es läuft kein OpenPGP-Agent oder er gab eine falsche Passphrase zurück. Sie wurden ohne Ihren GPG-Schlüssel verbunden"
  113. lovetox hm yeah i have to test this on linux if i have time
  114. zak No rush, thanks!
  115. lovetox its definitly because they changed stuff about password entry in gpg2
  116. zak If I can test something, just let me know.
  117. lovetox k thanks