Gajim - 2017-12-02

  1. bot Philipp HΓΆrist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: New JoinGroupchat/StartChat Dialog
  2. lovetox ivucica, you can download plugins from here
  3. lovetox put them into ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins
  4. ivucica lovetox: this is on an non-public variant of Debian.
  5. ivucica I'll look at that, many thanks. I hope the plugin manager will work for me again, too.
  6. lovetox it will you can download it also from that ftp
  7. lovetox its also a plugin itself
  8. ivucica Alright, will try on Monday. Thanks!
  9. concerto For some reason, a single message is not shown in the backlog for in an OMEMO MUC. The messages immediately before and after it are shown, and the message appears in the history. Logging in again doesn't fix it.
  10. pep. > Link Mauve> This one needs to be updated whenever the maintainer uploads a new revision, makepkg only uses the existing PKGBUILD. makepkg does the git pull for you as well
  11. bot Andrey Gursky updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ <>: [omemo] add support for jingle file transfer
  12. speed3456 Hi, I am new. If I write to the wrong place, please tell me. The xmpp server that I use restarted and Gajim seemingly failed to reconnect and even manually I was unable to connect, but I was able to log in after I restarted Gajim. Have you experienced this before? Maybe the problem was in the server. I am new to xmpp too. Gajim 0.16.8, Lubuntu
  13. kalkin speed3456: this should be a problem with gajim.
  14. kalkin Afaik
  15. lovetox hm depends on the error gajim gets
  16. lovetox normally reconnect should work fine, you can test this with just disabling your internet connection for some seconds
  17. lovetox but i actually dont know what happens if the server gracefully shuts down
  18. lovetox maybe reconnect is not triggered in that case
  19. lovetox hard to test without server
  20. mimi89999 Gajim is using 470 MB of RAM.
  21. mimi89999 That is quite a lot...
  22. nico 161MB in total on my side πŸ˜• do you have like 200 mucs open and like 200 stanzas/sec incoming?
  23. lovetox 161 is not much
  24. lovetox but gajim leaks in some places
  25. mimi89999 But 470
  26. nico I think that 160 to 200 mb are completly fine imho. from 300 upwords I start wondering πŸ˜• maybe plugins? I have some problems with clickable nicknames in the gajim-git version which used insane amounts of ram and cpu time
  27. lovetox are you saying it used lots of cpu when you clicked a name?
  28. lovetox reproduceable?
  29. nico on activating the plugin mucs are completly unusable with wierd erros popping up all the time until gajim finally just sigterms. simply not loading the plugin fixes the issue. I am not sure could be compiling error or just bug in my end but I can reproduce the sigterm when I activate it again at least I hope so πŸ˜€
  30. lovetox nico, about what plugin are you talking