Gajim - 2017-11-28

  1. nico hi 🙂 my Gajim broke down from one reboot to another. Now I get this weird traceback Logger gajim level set to 10 Logger nbxmpp level set to 20 Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 307, in <module> OpenSSL.rand.load_file(str(RNG_SEED)) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'load_file'
  2. Asterix nico: you updated to a new pyopenssl module. An issue is already opened
  3. nico damn that is really annoying I use Gajim daily is there any way to fix this shortterm?
  4. Asterix Downgrade pyopenssl
  5. Asterix That's the fastest way for the moment. I'll try to look at that today
  6. nico Asterix, I would love that. Gajim is my main communication platform 😀
  7. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *3dd35f5e* <> remove usage of OpenSSL.rand deprecated module. Fixes #8788
  8. Asterix nico: ^
  9. nico I need to use the git version to benefit from this patch right?
  10. Asterix You can patch it manually, it's easy
  11. Asterix Or wait tomorow's build
  12. nico Asterix, thats good to hear I am using arch linux hopefully they speed up the patch in the repo
  13. Link Mauve nico, in AUR I maintain the gajim-git package, which will give you master instead of 0.16.
  14. nico Link Mauve, is it stable though 😀
  15. Link Mauve What is your definition of stable?
  16. Link Mauve Debian’s or regular people’s?
  17. nico as a Debian Fanboy I would love to say Debian but I think thats out of any reachability 😀 I use Gajim as my main comms thats why it is that important to have a more or less stable client.
  18. Link Mauve nico, if it is Debian’s, then no way, wait at least two years.
  19. Link Mauve If regular people’s, I haven’t had any crash or anything, never lost any message, actually lost fewer messages since it now supports MAM in the expected way so you will get all of the ones you missed when you were offline in a MUC for example.
  20. nico does the git version support mam:2?
  21. ThibG it's already in Debian!
  22. ThibG (experimental)
  23. Asterix nico: yes
  24. nico Link Mauve, I dont see any plugins with the gajim-git version I am not even able to use omemo
  25. nico ahh ok found the problem all the plugins are not compatible with the master version. Thats a bummer
  26. zuglufttier nico, you can use `git clone -b gtk3`to get the needed plugins.
  27. SaltyBones nico, yeah, you have to install the plugin-manager from the repo and it will work again.
  28. zuglufttier The plugins should be located in ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins.
  29. zuglufttier But this is really not a nice solution...
  30. zuglufttier Or just download this file: It will contain the same but you don't have to use git.
  31. Asterix Indeed we need to make the migration work better
  32. zuglufttier Asterix, wouldn't it be enough to update the folder ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer to the most current version do all the magic?
  33. Asterix Yes that should be enough
  34. Asterix We need to test migration a lot before we release
  35. zuglufttier plugin_installer should always be a part of gajim, in my opinion. Without it, users will never know what's going on.
  36. nico ok it works again. thank you for helping me that fast 🙂
  37. SaltyBones lovetox, it is kind of hard to tell which tab one is currently looking at with the current UI. Probably not your fault but I thought you should know anyway. :)
  38. zuglufttier SaltyBones, this is looking ok with the normal adwaita theme.
  39. SaltyBones zuglufttier, I don't even know which theme I have.
  40. SaltyBones How do I check? :)
  41. zuglufttier Install lxappearance.
  42. SaltyBones I'm just running default ubuntu stuff..
  43. zuglufttier Oh, then you should find that somewhere in the settings...
  44. zuglufttier Another thing happens with a lot of open tabs: I just don't know what's going on in tabs that aren't visible.
  45. zuglufttier Also, I have no means of knowing whether someone wrote me a private message in a muc if the muc roster is hidden, which is the case by default.
  46. SaltyBones i ll just post a screenshot
  47. SaltyBones doesn't really matter what theme this is anyway :)
  48. SaltyBones it's the ubuntu default so it matters somewhat
  49. zuglufttier Yeah, that's a good idea.
  50. SaltyBones Hm...cannot paste images. :(
  51. zuglufttier Do you have the http_upload plugin installed?
  52. zuglufttier A normal paste will not work right now, I think.
  53. debacle paste would be nice
  54. SaltyBones
  55. SaltyBones quick!
  56. SaltyBones which is active!
  57. SaltyBones (it's ejabberd btw)
  58. zuglufttier SaltyBones, it's getting better if you open more tabs and ejabberd is hidden to the right or left. Or just make the window a bit smaller.
  59. zuglufttier But in the end, it's a problem of the theme that is used by Ubuntu.
  60. zuglufttier Anyway, this needs a workaround because we cannot assume that everyone is using the same theme.
  61. zuglufttier SaltyBones, in which version of Ubuntu are you?
  62. SaltyBones somebody recently suggested that we sort the roster by recently talked to
  63. SaltyBones I actually like the idea of doing that and dropping the tabs altogether
  64. zuglufttier Like Conversations and dino?
  65. SaltyBones but I guess it wouldn't work in detached chatwindow mode
  66. SaltyBones yeah
  67. zuglufttier I would be all for a single window mode only.
  68. vanitasvitae SaltyBones: why wouldnt it work i detached chatwindow mode?
  69. zuglufttier The need for a detached window mode is gone if you just can hide the roster.
  70. SaltyBones people™ won't like it ;)
  71. SaltyBones vanitasvitae, well, if you have a window with multiple chats but you need a different window to select which of these chats you can see that's kind of fucked up ;)
  72. vanitasvitae Isnt this the current solution too?
  73. vanitasvitae I mean, what does the sorting of the roster change?
  74. SaltyBones zuglufttier, and I think hidden roster on desktop is dubious because you don't get notifications about incoming messages as clearly
  75. SaltyBones vanitasvitae, my idea was to get rid of the tabs for different chats...
  76. SaltyBones which I think is okay if the roster is sorted by recent usage so it can be used for that functionality
  77. vanitasvitae Ah okay
  78. vanitasvitae I thought you just want to sort the roster :D
  79. vanitasvitae Now i get it. I aggree!
  80. SaltyBones on the other hand...if you can't have separate windows anymore you cannot do something like displaying all chats side by side to quickly check if something interesting is going on or to put public chats on one desktop and private ones on the other
  81. vanitasvitae I'd provide an option to split single chats out to a new window
  82. vanitasvitae So that you can right click on the chat, or go to a menu to do that
  83. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8788: <Gajim uses deprecated python module causing crash>
  84. lovetox Asterix we dont need migration, people should use distribution repos
  85. lovetox not plugin manager its as easy as that
  86. zuglufttier lovetox, I don't know any distribution that has all the plugins...
  87. zuglufttier And I'm not even looking at windows...
  88. lovetox the migration doesnt work because distributions dont distribute plugin manager
  89. lovetox which i understand
  90. zuglufttier Would it be problematic to integrate the plugin manager into gajim directly?
  91. lovetox if you wish to have a plugin in your distribution repo, i guess a email to the current gajim package maintainer is enough
  92. lovetox yes it would
  93. lovetox because some people would see it as a security problem
  94. lovetox distributing an application that can download and execute code without any supervision from the distribution
  95. lovetox its just people dont know that plugins are in there distribution repo
  96. lovetox we have many plugins in debian experimental thanks to debacle
  97. lovetox and the most important ones also on arch
  98. debacle you're welcome :~)
  99. debacle I would like to have plugin manager in Debian, but not active by default.
  100. debacle Before, it was active by default and we overdid by disabling it altogether.
  101. debacle We want to ship important plugins in Debian, esp. to get all dependencies right, so we have OMEMO, PGP, http_upload, url_image_preview and others.
  102. debacle But if someone likes to have whiteboard, they should be able to get it easily.
  103. lovetox yes dependencies are also a problem plugin manager cant solve
  104. zuglufttier Yes, those dependencies are aweful...
  105. debacle They are easy in distributions, because Debian, Arch etc. can just pull them in.
  106. zuglufttier debacle, plugin_manager installed but disabled by default would be pretty sane in my opinion.
  107. debacle zuglufttier, yes, I just need to get it right :~)
  108. zuglufttier But first, we have to wait for a release of the gtk3 branch.
  109. zuglufttier So that all dependencies of the plugins for omemo etc. are clear.
  110. debacle In 0.16.8 it works this way, as far as I know, but I broke it in the Gajim 0.16.11xy package :~(
  111. zuglufttier Is the arch maintainer here in this muc?
  112. debacle link mauve, we need you!
  113. lovetox on arch right now all plugins are just git pulls
  114. lovetox so why would you need plugin manager?
  115. zuglufttier If you install gajim-git, it's completely empty.
  116. zuglufttier You do not see any plugins and do not know what you're supposed to do.
  117. zuglufttier Also, image preview eg has no package.
  118. zuglufttier So, you still need the plugin manager. There's a lot of confusion about this... If the plugin manager is not needed at all, why is it there anyway? There should not be one right way and another that works in case the right one does not work.
  119. lovetox the plugin manager is needed for windows
  120. lovetox its not needed for linux, thats why it isnt packaged by maintainers
  121. nico As the guy who had this problem like 4 hours ago. Yes there needs to be a right way that is working all the time.
  122. lovetox the way is you have ton install the plugins from your distributions alongside with gajim
  123. nico lovetox: yeah Linux has a second way to accomplish it but as person who is completely new to the program it is extremely frustrating.
  124. nico Not needed != unnecessary
  125. lovetox yeah its a problem because its a big transition, its not just another version of gajim
  126. lovetox we can write a readme for upgrading
  127. zuglufttier In my opinion, there should be official plugins, like omemo, http_upload, image preview etc that every distribution *must* have. And for the rest: Whatever works.
  128. zuglufttier The official ones could be installed into the file system and unofficial ones would land in the home directory of the user.
  129. lovetox everything you are talking about its package maintainer stuff
  130. lovetox they can decide where what gets installed, and whats in the repos
  131. lovetox but i dont see a reason for a distinction between official and non official
  132. lovetox and debian has most plugins already
  133. zuglufttier But there are not even recommendations from the gajim maintainer available ;)
  134. lovetox its already the way you want it to be
  135. zuglufttier Not every package maintainer might knows what's important.
  136. lovetox get recommendations automatically installed?
  137. zuglufttier No, just official recommendations from the project gajim.
  138. zuglufttier A message to package maintainers. If you provice gajim, please make sure that certain plugins are installed, too.
  139. zuglufttier A message to package maintainers. If you provide gajim, please make sure that certain plugins are installed, too.
  140. zuglufttier Link Mauve, on Arch there could be a package group or a meta-package: It could consist of gajiim and some important plugins.
  141. Asterix We can't do that. Some pligins are distribution/OS specific
  142. Asterix The ubuntu thing, the window notification thing (that doesn't work since we changed windows installer)
  143. Asterix And even OMEMO, I think we don't follow spec exactly, so one could say to never install that
  144. debacle zuglufttier: I will think about a "gajim-all" package, which just depends on gajim and all plugins in Debian. Sounds useful!