Gajim - 2017-11-24

  1. mdosch lovetox: After your refactoring of the omemo plugin I had some problems in combination with prosodys trunk pep_plus and switched to pep. Now I reactivated it again and it's running smooth for three days now. So if you want to test pep_plus related stuff you can use your account on my server again.
  2. therob Hey. Has anybody a clue, when gajim release branch (windows portable) will be updated the next time (in order to support MAMv2 in my case? In Master branch it works already.) [On the other side: If I would figure out how to tell gajim master portable to speak german it would be OK as well. But I didn't figure it out yet... ]
  3. mdosch therob, german is overrated. I think sometimes I'd better switch my systems language to english to not have to translate menu items by myself when talking to the devs
  4. zuglufttier I set my systems to english all the time, so I never have to read bad translations...
  5. mdosch Yeah and you don't have a bad mix. In my gajims menu bar I see "Konten View Help" *sigh*
  6. mdosch But some people are really helpless if an application is in english and these people also don't report bugs so maybe I should stick with german and start reporting this kind of stuff. So far I only report real bugs and usability bugs and just ignore translation stuff.
  7. zuglufttier Me too...
  8. therob mdosch: OK, but than we (community) should help to translate, or not? I did for OMEMO Plugin, but can't see it now, because i get the master brunch not running in german.
  9. therob But what about ubdate time in release?
  10. zuglufttier There are no release dates.
  11. mdosch therob, you're right. I did some translations for ubuntu (long time ago), surespot and Sailfish. Maybe I should start translating Gajim but right now I rather test dev versions of prosody and gajim to find some bugs
  12. zuglufttier I think the master branch needs some more fixes for GTK3 and once these are in, a new release will come.
  13. mdosch master branch already looks pretty good in gnome3
  14. zuglufttier Yep, lovetox said it's about 95% done.
  15. SaltyBones I feel like I completed the German translation only half a year ago.
  16. SaltyBones And "View" and "Help" are untranslated? That's almost impossible.
  17. Asterix IIRC translations don't work correctly in master under win. That should work with linux
  18. Asterix A beta will be released soon. Masrer branch is quite ready for that
  19. andrey.g Strange, I see no "Edit" in main menu in gtk3 and thus no access to plugins.
  20. SaltyBones andrey.g, is it maybe in the top bar?
  21. SaltyBones currently there are three menus in some versions of gajim
  22. SaltyBones one at the top of the window
  23. SaltyBones one in the bar on the top
  24. SaltyBones and one in the three dashes button on the top right
  25. Asterix Yesx the gajim icon in title bar
  26. andrey.g SaltyBones‎, indeed, thanks. Oh, those gtk3 ugliness...
  27. andrey.g I vote this is a major bug: there should be either classic gtk2 menu or this new gtk3 icon/menu button, but not both.
  28. andrey.g Or if both, then they should be in sync (which is easy to forget).
  29. lovetox there ar not 3 menus
  30. lovetox there is the global menu where you find all the main gajim options
  31. lovetox also plugins is there, and i recall you asked the same question some days ago
  32. lovetox and then there is a menu per window, that only contains options for that specific window
  33. lovetox where else should it be?!
  34. lovetox or are you on one of the systems that dont have a global menu
  35. lovetox then it could be that the application menu is shown as a icon
  36. lovetox thats indeed not nice, i changed that for windows i have to change it for the linux distris that dont have global menu also
  37. lovetox maybe you can send me a screenshot how that looks now for you
  38. andrey.g
  39. andrey.g
  40. andrey.g So the main menu in main window should be actually a hamburger one?
  41. andrey.g BTW, chat window looks strange on MATE (gtk2).
  42. zuglufttier andrey.g, which GTK theme are you using?
  43. zuglufttier Try adwaita...
  44. andrey.g TraditionalOK from mate-themes. No, please, no adwaita.
  45. lovetox hm no thats not intended the way it is for you
  46. lovetox the little icon in the top left should never be there
  47. zuglufttier
  48. lovetox it should be a "Gajim" menu with the other menus
  49. lovetox ok you have this also zuglufttier
  50. lovetox what system are you two using?
  51. zuglufttier I'm on arch linux.
  52. lovetox and arch has no global menus?
  53. andrey.g I'm on Debian + MATE (gtk2).
  54. zuglufttier I use dwm, one of those very minimal window managers. I don't have any menus.
  55. andrey.g Those MacOS global menus...
  56. zuglufttier How is it supposed to look?
  57. lovetox
  58. johannes Is there a way to entirely disable dbus reliance of Gajim? It keeps complaining about that on OSX since there's obviously no dbus available there...
  59. lovetox whats the message you are getting
  60. lovetox i can indeed print it only on linux
  61. zuglufttier
  62. johannes see here:
  63. lovetox yeah i know zuglufttier thats not intended, its the gtk fallback if there is no global menu in the system
  64. johannes @lovetox
  65. zuglufttier lovetox, OK.
  66. lovetox but we can make it look like in my screenshot
  67. andrey.g this would be better
  68. lovetox should be fixed johannes
  69. lovetox now you only have the other 100 warnings in theconsole :)
  70. mdosch Asterix: > IIRC translations don't work correctly in master under win. That should work with linux I am using master on kinux
  71. johannes lovetox: that really did not go all that well...
  72. johannes ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '2+9322ed440594'
  73. johannes Looks like there’s something wrong with the patchset on some versioning stuff
  74. lovetox can you post the whole traceback
  75. johannes
  76. lovetox hm weird i dont get that error
  77. johannes lovetox: reversed this + __version__ += '+' + node.decode('utf-8').strip() back to + __version__ += ‘-‘ + node.decode('utf-8').strip() et voila starting Gajim
  78. lovetox yeah but we dont want to reverse this ^^
  79. lovetox ah found the mistake
  80. johannes also the GLib-GIO-CRITICAL messages still appear here
  81. lovetox could you try modifiny line 85 of
  82. johannes (gajim:5429): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_connection_signal_subscribe: assertion 'G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)' failed
  83. lovetox and make the - to a +
  84. johannes classic case of "nope"
  85. johannes still crashes
  86. lovetox hm also line 60
  87. lovetox then it starts working for me
  88. Asterix lovetox: debian + XFCE, I have the same gajim icon main menu too
  89. lovetox so johannes , i commited a fix
  90. lovetox about that other dbus error, the only idea i have is
  91. lovetox can you comment, lines 2909-2912 in
  92. lovetox and see if its still there
  93. lovetox network monitor should be cross platform so im suprised by that error message
  94. johannes lovetox: works
  95. lovetox andrey.g, zuglufttier
  96. lovetox could you run this code
  97. lovetox and tell me what it prints to your console
  98. andrey.g ./ PyGIWarning: Gtk was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded. from gi.repository import Gtk False
  99. lovetox good :)
  100. lovetox thanks
  101. therob SaltyBones: > I feel like I completed the German translation only half a year ago. Thats nice. But my problem just is, that I didn't figure out, how to start gajim (portable) in German on windows at all (I tried all the environmental variable tricks, but nothing works.) And I guess therefore I also don't see my translated omemo plugin... Any hints? I remembered lovetox told me, it will not work at all... Really no way? Some command line tricks while starting?
  102. lovetox therob, as Asterix said translation on windows is not working
  103. SaltyBones I don't care about translations. I think they're a bad choice.
  104. therob SaltyBones: OK. And you say nobody else should care about translations too?
  105. therob I started to give my non-techie mom gajim...but in English its quite hard for her... But since some translations DO exists, why not also using it if whished?
  106. therob And: will next release completely look like master branch? Especially the very tiny and unremarkable buttons in the composing window (emojis, httpupload, encryption, omemo)? They are that small, hard for me to even hit them in first try...
  107. lovetox this are normal 16px icons
  108. lovetox like they are everywhere
  109. lovetox first time i hear someone say they are to small
  110. lovetox then i guess the font in the chatwindow is also to small?=
  111. Robert no, text is fine...
  112. Robert i try a screenshot, master vs 16.8 ....
  113. Robert
  114. Robert compare the red / green arrows...
  115. lovetox look indeed small, but thats not the case for me
  116. Robert if this is only a problem at my Windows....MAYBE it could be related to some scaling settings in my windows maching which I maybe made some time ago because of my 15" but HD display...
  117. Robert but why that different for both applications?
  118. Robert and the nice omemo-fish is not anymore there :-(
  119. lovetox
  120. lovetox thats the sice i have
  121. lovetox its not different from 0.16
  122. Robert oh, wow..that looks indeed better.
  123. lovetox and im using also windows
  124. lovetox so i guess it has to do with your scaling
  125. Robert are both exe uses different scaling-engines, which windows 10 treats different?
  126. lovetox one is gtk2 the other gtk3
  127. lovetox so yes many things different
  128. lovetox just undo your window scaling settings and see if thats the cause
  129. Robert ok, but unfortunately i played alot around with them and first have to figure out which is which ... so nothing for now. but you have no recommendation for now, right?
  130. lovetox no sorry
  131. Robert OK... one more thing: It should just work to copy and paste the UserData folder between my v16.8-portable and master-portable, right? In principle that also worked. But after i restartet the master-portable some times, update the plugins, i was not anymore able to see the omemo plugin in plugin manager. It does not show up anymore (although in the update window the current version is display two times, at it should be for installed plugins) But I cant use it anymore.... Anything i do wrong?
  132. lovetox you can copy the userdata folder, and master should then update the plugins to work with master
  133. lovetox with omemo you could have run into a issue
  134. lovetox because we made the min version of omemo
  135. lovetox which was just pushed a few days ago
  136. lovetox but if you download master.exe today also the update of omemo plugin should work
  137. Robert ah, than i try the new master-portable...that would explain it!
  138. Robert good to now
  139. Robert thanks!
  140. Robert and you really killed the omemo-fish?!
  141. lovetox yes, because there are more than one encryption, we can not have a symbol for each, when you can only use one at a time
  142. lovetox this makes it hard to see whats activated and what not
  143. Robert ok. but i found it very practically to have the fish and directly find the
  144. lovetox also its not obvious that a fish has anything to do with encryption
  145. lovetox why would a user look there
  146. Robert thats true
  147. lovetox you can still see the fingerprints..
  148. lovetox just activated omemo
  149. Robert yeah, i know
  150. lovetox and click the shield button that appears
  151. lovetox but also that button im not happy with
  152. lovetox normally contact fingerprints should maybe in some contact info window
  153. lovetox or something like that
  154. Robert maybe a key symbol? and a really last thing for now: is there a way to complete start gajim-portable (master/release) to only run in info-bar of windows straight after start? I could only make it beeing minimized in task bar, but not ONLY as symbol in info bar after starting...
  155. lovetox hide_on_roster_x_button
  156. lovetox in ace
  157. lovetox we dont have a minimize at start
  158. therob ACE is what?
  159. targ Advance Configuration Editor
  160. therob Ah
  161. therob Thanks.
  162. therob And just this: it would be no way to include a setting in the ACE to simply choose a language-translation also under windows?
  163. ThibG heh, Gtk3 doesn't have the emoji picker for GtkTextView yet… only GtkEntry :/
  164. lovetox and even then it works only with emoji fonts
  165. lovetox which makes it not work on windows at all
  166. lovetox therob, its seems you think we dont want translation
  167. lovetox i can let you choose any language you want, that will not change the fact that it doesnt work
  168. lovetox and sadly we can not use a entry
  169. lovetox its just too limited
  170. lovetox supports no kind of formatting, no graphics can be input, not even multiline
  171. andrey.g Button?
  172. ThibG lovetox, yup, sure, it's an issue with Gtk3, not gajim
  173. ThibG I was just checking why the emoji picker was shown in some text entries but not in gajim's textview
  174. therob lovetox: kind of. But until now it was not clear to me that it is limited by gtk3 (and I don't know anything about it, just read the wiki article. Its just gtk is kind of old-style but has to be used to continue gajim?! ) ...
  175. therob lovetox: > with omemo you could have run into a issue because we made the min version of omemo Indeed, with newest master it works! Good work and thanks!
  176. yvo Why does gahim search via google by default? Qould be fine to have another default.
  177. yvo *would
  178. lovetox therob if gtk is at fault or we dont have enough knowledge to make it work, i dont know, can both be possible
  179. lovetox GTK is not something we have to keep around, its the GUI Framework, without it you would have no windows :)