Gajim - 2017-11-23

  1. zuglufttier I'm always getting an error like this: gajim.plugin_system.httpupload: XXXXXX does not provide maximum file size Although the server does supply this information, I just checked that in the xml console.
  2. zuglufttier I'm on master.
  3. lovetox yes please post the stanza
  4. zuglufttier
  5. lovetox mhm, seems server supports both httpupload namespaces
  6. lovetox i have to add :0 to the plugin
  7. lovetox ah i see
  8. lovetox hm no this shoud work..
  9. zuglufttier :D
  10. lovetox are you sure you are getting the error for that server?
  11. lovetox do you have more accounts in gajim added?
  12. zuglufttier Yes, I get that for another server as well. One is using ejabberd, the other one prosody.
  13. zuglufttier I have only one active account right now.
  14. lovetox i dont get that on
  15. lovetox and i dont see a difference in the stanzas
  16. lovetox hm except that you have 3rd form in there
  17. lovetox i think thats the issue
  18. lovetox i fix that in the plugin
  19. zuglufttier Excellent!
  20. lovetox ok pushed zuglufttier
  21. zuglufttier lovetox, looking good!
  22. Link Mauve Why did the bot stop sending messages about pushes, btw?
  23. lovetox no idea, asterix didnt have time until now to look into it
  24. Muelli what's the status of Gajim and Gtk3? At least GNU/Linux would benefit from a newer Gtk version. If only because HiDPI screens work much better (i.e. scaling).
  25. lovetox i didnt sabotage it !
  26. lovetox Muelli, we have a gtk3 branch
  27. lovetox but scaling does not work yet but its in the making
  28. Link Mauve lovetox, it quite does, actually.
  29. lovetox i did mean because of gajim
  30. lovetox not because of gtk3
  31. lovetox again its not that gtk3 magically can scale up anything
  32. Link Mauve There are a few icons that aren’t set to the correct size, but overall Gajim already looks much better on master than on stable.
  33. lovetox you have to tell it what scale a resource is
  34. lovetox Link Mauve, thats just wrong, most icons are not scaled up at all
  35. lovetox only the Gtk ones that are in the current chatwindow maybe 4 icons
  36. lovetox but we have many custom icons
  37. lovetox avatars etc
  38. pep. I heard gajim wasn't playing well with the gnome "dark" theme (master). Is it to be expected? Does it even depend on gajim? (or gtk3 only?)
  39. Link Mauve lovetox, sure.
  40. pep. I heard gajim wasn't playing well with the gnome "dark" theme (gajim master). Is it to be expected? Does it even depend on gajim? (or gtk3 only?)
  41. Link Mauve lovetox, but as a chat client, icons are somewhat secondary, text is a lot more important.
  42. Link Mauve Muelli, you can use the master branch to test.
  43. lovetox text of course is correctly scaled
  44. lovetox i have the MR nearly finished to scale 95% of everything
  45. lovetox just one thing missing that i have to add when i have time
  46. Link Mauve Muelli, there is a screenshot in this issue:
  47. Link Mauve lovetox, oh nice!
  48. lovetox
  49. pep. I'm not sure I see the scaling issue tbh :x
  50. lovetox do you have a HiDPI screen?
  51. pep. On that picture
  52. Link Mauve pep., look at every icon and avatar on this screenshot.
  53. pep.
  54. Link Mauve lovetox, I fake it when I’m testing.
  55. lovetox i did also :)
  56. lovetox but icons even look better on non hidpi for some reason ^^
  57. Link Mauve What do you mean?
  58. lovetox i dont know they just look sharper somehow
  59. lovetox because i refactored the way they are shown
  60. lovetox previously we loaded every picture from a path etc
  61. lovetox now they are all inside a GtkIconTheme
  62. lovetox btw pep, yes dark theme does not look great in some places
  63. pep. k
  64. marc How can I use gajim-remote from git root directory, I get an error that the gajim module isn't found?
  65. marc -> without installing gajim
  66. bonsai Sup
  67. bonsai I've got a question
  68. lovetox please ask your question
  69. lep no, i was nearly done reading it via long-distance mind-reading
  70. pep. I should practice that someday
  71. pep. That seems like a useful skill
  72. doczkal lovetox, lep you are funny but it was the same thing that came to my mind too
  73. doczkal s/same/first
  74. doczkal oh I should leave now
  75. dwd His question was, "How do I stay online long enough to ask a question?"
  76. pep. dwd, there should be some kind of FAQ, I feel this question goes unanswered too often :)
  77. marc lovetox, any idea why gajim-remote doesn't find my running gajim instance?
  78. lovetox nope sorry never used it
  79. lovetox im a windows person :)
  80. andrey.g marc‎, open ACE and enable remote_control, then restart Gajim. If it was enabled, then no idea.
  81. marc andrey.g, what's ACE?
  82. andrey.g Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Advanced Configuration Editor
  83. marc andrey.g, okay, will try it, thanks
  84. marc andrey.g, thanks, now it works!
  85. marc hm, gajim-remote is used to handle URIs and not enabled by default
  86. marc that's a fail..
  87. marc lovetox, gajim-remote is not available on windows?
  88. lovetox no does its thing with dbus
  89. lovetox also i wouldnt know what to do with it on windows
  90. marc handle URIs ;)
  91. lovetox im not sure im following, can you tell me an example
  92. Link Mauve lovetox, the user clicks on a xmpp:some-muc@server?join link in their web browser, the web browser asks them which client they prefer to use, they choose Gajim, and then nothing happens.
  93. marc Link Mauve, exactly
  94. Link Mauve That’s part of why I want to replace gajim-remote with GApplication’s command-line handler.
  95. marc Link Mauve, does it works on Windows then?
  96. lovetox yes thats what i mean, if i want to add this i would not do this with some remote thing
  97. lovetox yes marc
  98. Link Mauve marc, no idea, it’s been a decade since I last used Gajim on this OS.
  99. Link Mauve lovetox, how does it do that?
  100. marc I never used Gajim on Windows :)
  101. lovetox you can pass everything by command line to gajim
  102. Link Mauve Is there any point to gajim-remote then, nowadays?
  103. lovetox i dont know what it does, i never looked at it
  104. lovetox its probably not much work to catch the open signal in gtk application
  105. lovetox and act on the uri
  106. lovetox actually probably no work at all
  107. marc lovetox, but uri handling doesn't work at the moment via the gajim command-line
  108. lovetox yes i know
  109. lovetox as i said it has to be added
  110. lovetox then there is no need for gajim remote
  111. marc Yep, okay
  112. lovetox maybe im doing this in a few days
  113. lovetox depends on how much time i have
  114. lovetox but i dont think its a lot of work