Gajim - 2017-11-22

  1. rom1dep is there a way to enable spellcheck on windows?
  2. rom1dep Appears to be grayed-out from settings, but is shown as available from help/features
  3. ThibG debacle: same except I see a white flag and a rainbow in gajim…
  4. lovetox rom1dep, not right now, i have to add the deps to the windows build
  5. lovetox thats because the rainbow flag is missing from the emojis in gajim
  6. ThibG Yeah, that kind of things is why I'm not sure emojis should be handled by gajim itself. On the other hand, Gtk3/system rendering of emoji is still very new and not widely available, so… :/
  7. lovetox em you can just set in the preferences that you want to use a font instead
  8. lovetox and GTK does no emoji rendering
  9. lovetox it just uses a system font, like any other app
  10. lovetox if that happens to support emojis then you will see some
  11. ThibG hm, where do I set that in the preferences? Can't find it
  12. lovetox peference -> emoticons
  13. ThibG oh, right, thanks!
  14. ThibG works as intended, now
  15. lovetox though that also doesnt mean you see all emojis
  16. lovetox just the ones supported currently by the font
  17. ThibG yeah, sure
  18. lovetox sadly on windows emoji fonts are not a thing
  19. lovetox though i think its possible now with windows10 in some limited way
  20. Kyoken hi. I made a plugin for integration with the ubuntu dock. I want to push it to the repository
  21. Asterix Yeah, nice. Just create an account on and add a merge request for the gajim-plugins repos
  22. Kyoken I made an account, but how do I fork the repo? It says "you have reached your project limit"
  23. rom1dep same ol' restriction
  24. rom1dep Kyoken: wait for a project admin to give you permissions
  25. lovetox username Kyoken
  26. lovetox ?
  27. Kyoken yes
  28. Asterix Kyoken: now you can
  29. Asterix You didn't create an account, you connected with external auth
  30. Kyoken ok. thanks
  31. Kyoken I thought the account is created automaticly this way
  32. Asterix No, they are tagged as external, and external accounts can't fork
  33. Asterix Someone uses ubuntu here?
  34. dwd Asterix, Yup.
  35. dwd Asterix, I use a (relatively) fresh install of 17.04.
  36. Asterix dwd, nice. Could you have a look at this new plugin?
  37. dwd Asterix, Ah... But I don't use Ubuntu's dock thing - I use Cinnamon unfortunately. (Well, fortunately for me).
  38. Asterix lol
  39. Asterix ok no problem
  40. dwd Asterix, But his ini file looks a bit broken.
  41. Asterix yes, the max_gajim_version
  42. Asterix and min
  43. dwd Asterix, Ah, I meant the mix of "=" and ":".
  44. Asterix hmmm to be checked, but we have that in all ini files :)
  45. dwd Asterix, Code looks convincing enough, though, and closely matches the example: (clearly he's done a lot more error handling etc)
  46. Asterix ok nice. I'd like someone else than him to just run it before I merge, to be sure it works correctly.
  47. lovetox mom i can start up my ubuntu vm
  48. lovetox hm has some issues
  49. lovetox i will post it into the MR
  50. Asterix ok thanks
  51. Asterix what do you think is missing for a release of 1.0 alpha1?
  52. Asterix are there things that needs to be done before a first GTK3 release?
  53. Asterix I mean, I know lots of things could be nicer / updated, but what do we really need to do / fix before a 1.0 release?
  54. lovetox compile a list what does not work comparing to gtk2
  55. lovetox so users can decide if thats important to them
  56. lovetox otherwise i dont think anything crucial does not work
  57. Asterix I think we'll have more feedback about this list with a alpha release
  58. Asterix maybe we should also release a 0.16.9 ... there are a few commits / fixes in 0.16 branch
  59. Link Mauve Uh, Ubuntu dropped Unity support, is it really useful to merge that only for old releases?
  60. Link Mauve The latest one is using GNOME, and there is no sign of them going back.
  61. Link Mauve Asterix, an alpha would be the first step imo, from which important regressions can be listed.
  62. Kyoken for the gnome they are using a new dock which integrates into gnome-shell, and they keeped old API
  63. Kyoken
  64. anotheragency "Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, made a decision recently…" uh oh
  65. ssweeny the dock in ubuntu's shell session uses the same API
  66. ssweeny it's actually merged into the Dash-to-Dock extension
  67. Link Mauve On connection:
  68. Link Mauve Oh nvm, my nbxmpp wasn’t up to date.
  69. Link Mauve Sorry.
  70. Link Mauve Although (gajim:22677): Gtk-WARNING **: Don't know color ''