Gajim - 2017-11-21

  1. lovetox someday
  2. lovetox also im not sure that will be working like you wish it to, MUCs do not have to save chatmarkers in MAM
  3. lovetox also for groupchat like that this would mean an archive of thousands of chatmarkers
  4. lovetox that = gajim
  5. lovetox think about if everyone would support chatmarkers, for 1 message there would be 100 chatmarkers
  6. lovetox ok not every message has to be acknowledge with a chatmarker, say we have for every third a chatmarker, means a third, so for 1 message 33 chatmarkers in a room with 100 people
  7. lovetox means if i want the last 50 messages i have to download 1650 messages
  8. lovetox so yeah nice idea for a groupchat with 3 people, otherwise ...
  9. rom1dep andrey.g, ah, no, I was speaking of which allows to use git repos through hg, assuming (wrongly) that the codebase you were talking about was managed by git.
  10. rom1dep By the way, I'm trying gajim (master) on windows, for the first time. All these UX reworks and stuff make it still look alien, but not ugly at all 😊
  11. rom1dep If I'm opening a 1:1 window for the first time, I'm not getting (not even a short) MAM backlog, is it intended?
  12. pitchum Asterix: thanks for the quick fix
  13. rom1dep Gtk seems incapable of composing accents. ̂+e yields ̂e instead of ê. Awesome toolkit.
  14. lovetox rom1dep, you mean inside the chatwindow, or do you not see it in the history window as well
  15. rom1dep lovetox, neither, I have no backlog in the chatwindow, and ctrl+h takes me to an empty history
  16. lovetox then check the serverinfo window
  17. lovetox if mam has a green check mark
  18. rom1dep yep it does
  19. lovetox also are you sure you have history at the last 7 days wir that contact?
  20. lovetox gajim only requests 7 days on first start
  21. lovetox can you check with any other contact if the same problem exists
  22. rom1dep yes, I have history from 12h ago
  23. lovetox and this is first install?
  24. rom1dep yes
  25. lovetox ok go to account-> advanced-> history sync
  26. lovetox and see if it downloads anything
  27. lovetox you are not talking about omemo encrypted logs?
  28. rom1dep I asked to pull one month worth of logs, maybe there should be a one-week/3 days option as well, because I'm in for 5k messages now
  29. rom1dep and no, I made sure this chat isn't omemo encrypted
  30. rom1dep seems to be going by batches of 30, quite slow
  31. lovetox yes
  32. lovetox on wndows our network stuff is really slow
  33. lovetox and prosody only allows for 30 at a time
  34. lovetox and most of these 5000 messages are probably not messages
  35. rom1dep ok, so, now I have stuff in ctrl+h
  36. rom1dep and if I close + reopen the 1:1 chat window, I see that recent history
  37. rom1dep it's just too bad that I had to trigger it manually
  38. lovetox thats weird
  39. lovetox it should pull 7 days at start
  40. lovetox but i will test this again
  41. rom1dep lovetox: this server is crippled by bad IO performance, when I had MAM stored in sqlite I often was erring on timeouts, but now that it's on postgres it's quite rare. I'll look into the server logs after work and check if eventually that's the culprit. But how does it work on gajim's side, is it a single mam request for everything's 7d history, or is it fetched on a per-conversation basis?
  42. lovetox no everything of the last 7 days
  43. lovetox but it could well be that i missed something since the new commits
  44. lovetox i test this today then tell you :)
  45. rom1dep 👍
  46. lovetox rom1dep, next project will be making the conversations into a list beside the chatwindow like other desktop messengers do (dino / telegram / whatsapp)
  47. mdosch Wow gajim development is really speeding now
  48. mimi89999 Could you please make theming optional, do that system theme is used by default?
  49. lovetox what do you mean, gajim has no theme, it uses whatever gtk theme is the default on your system
  50. zuglufttier I think he means, that gajim will resort to its own theme settings, aka Style in the preferences.
  51. lovetox i dont think so, because thats optional
  52. rom1dep lovetox: as long as it's not preventing from having more than one window, and not forcing to mix groupchats and 1:1 chats, that can only be better!
  53. rom1dep (but at the end of the day, the gajim killer feature could be a goto anywhere)
  54. rom1dep lovetox: any idea about my broken accents?
  55. lovetox hm no, have to look at it at home
  56. lovetox but i have no clue about french, proably Asterix is better suited to test this
  57. lovetox but i dont think Gajim does restrict any symbols inside the input box
  58. lovetox does work copying them there?
  59. rom1dep yes, codepoints render fine, so do emojis, it's just that the input method doesn't seem to understand characters composition, if I press an accentuated stroke, it's inserted right away, instead of waiting for the next one and then combine both.
  60. bronko rom1dep: works for me: é è ê î (master from tonight, Win7)
  61. rom1dep bronko: master from tonight, Win7 as well. What is your system's locale?
  62. bronko where can i check that in win7 ?
  63. bronko keyboard is 'DE'
  64. rom1dep ok
  65. Link Mauve rom1dep, in the message where you complained about missing composition, I see composition properly.
  66. rom1dep ‎[10:26:03] ‎rom1dep‎: Gtk seems incapable of composing accents. ̂+e yields ̂e instead of ê. Awesome toolkit. ← Link Mauve: that one?
  67. Asterix rom1dep: yes it's only a keyboard thing
  68. Link Mauve rom1dep, yes, I see both as “ê”.
  69. rom1dep Link Mauve: can't be, if I copy/paste that line into word, it ends-up with two separate codepoints. Maybe your OS reconstructs it as a single glyph, but it's not as such in the data model, and it's not behaving consistently on windows (apparently)
  70. Link Mauve rom1dep, ah, you mean yours is doing NFD instead of NFC?
  71. Link Mauve The specification says both should be rendered the same way.
  72. rom1dep Link Mauve: hold on, I need to restart for http-upload to be loaded, it seems
  73. Link Mauve Is this relevant to NFD normalisation?
  74. rom1dep I can't load a screenshot of the rendering, because I can't load http-upload on this build. Whatever, I thought you would like to see it rendered from the user's side. Whatever the spec says, it's not rendering as it should.
  75. rom1dep And maybe I'm missing some log there, because I don't see how you came to mentionning themes.
  76. rom1dep Link Mauve: lovetox: ← FYI
  77. lovetox but i also cant produce that if i hit ^ and then "e" it does ê
  78. lovetox and you can consult
  79. lovetox if you think you are missing something
  80. rom1dep lovetox: does it do that on W7 as well? gajim is the only app I ever used on this machine which couldn't compse ̂ and e properly.
  81. lovetox i am only on W7
  82. lovetox maybe its the font?
  83. lovetox whats your default font
  84. rom1dep > ‎[18:36:18] ‎lovetox‎: and you can consult sweet. MAM apparently did some weirdness, because upon rejoin, gajim showed mimi's message from 5 hours earlier on top of the backlog, despite me having posted since then… awkward.
  85. lovetox hm thats indeed weird
  86. rom1dep lovetox: I didn't tweak the font, I can't even tell you which font that is because I don't know how to configure it
  87. lovetox peference -> style
  88. lovetox i have checked Use system default
  89. rom1dep same here
  90. lovetox but at some point that worked ok?
  91. lovetox its just now that you noticed?
  92. rom1dep at least the messages order looks fine from the history window. Do the recent MAM changes assume mam:2? My server doesn't support that, yet
  93. lovetox no mam:1 is also ok
  94. rom1dep lovetox: I started using gajim on windows only a few hours ago
  95. lovetox W7?
  96. rom1dep yes
  97. lovetox try to set a different font in gajim under style
  98. lovetox i want to see if that solves the issue
  99. rom1dep Linux is my main driver. There, and everywhere else, when I press' ̂', nothing happens, and only when I press 'e', it composes them into a 'ê'. But gajim on windows, unlike gajim on linux, is prompt to inserting a ̂'' as soon as I press the stroke. That's why I think there is a weirdness with Gtk and its input handling.
  100. rom1dep same if I select another font. It really is the input handling. By the way, the "use system default" checkbox is broken
  101. dwd rom1dep, Oh, that's odd. I can type cômpósìng discriticals normally on Gajim, just like anything else.
  102. lovetox yeah it does not switch back i know
  103. Link Mauve The font can’t have any incidence on input method.
  104. lovetox but windows keyboard layout settings maybe
  105. lovetox you have french layout selected in windows?
  106. rom1dep I switched to english, I don't seem to be able to compose accentuated characters either
  107. lovetox how is the language exactly called
  108. lovetox United States English?
  109. rom1dep English (United States)
  110. Link Mauve The language also has no influence on the input method.
  111. Link Mauve What you are looking for is your input method.
  112. dwd Link Mauve, You're saying the input method selection controls the input method?
  113. Link Mauve Turns out, yes. :D
  114. dwd Link Mauve, No idea why they made this stuff so complex. ;-)
  115. lovetox the keyboard layout has a influence
  116. lovetox some keyboard layouts in windows doesnt support accents
  117. lovetox one tip i found is using the international version of English US
  118. lovetox others say its a malware ^^
  119. lovetox if you google cant type accents in windows, it seems something that happened to many people
  120. rom1dep is there any other Gtk3 app I could test?
  121. lovetox rom1dep, we all use the same app, it works for everyone including windows users, stop thinking its a GTK problem
  122. rom1dep lovetox: what if it's a Gtk problem on my machine?
  123. lovetox believe me french people also use and code on gtk, i think they would have noticed if they cant type accents
  124. lovetox impossible rom1dep thats not linux
  125. lovetox same files are distributed to everyone on windows
  126. lovetox pidgin is gtk
  127. lovetox although i dont know if its gtk3
  128. rom1dep some logic is flawed somewhere. No other app, not even swift, suffers from the same issue on this machine.
  129. rom1dep pidgin is Gtk2 or 3?
  130. lovetox i dont know
  131. lovetox if you have the problem in no other app, its indeed indication it has something to do with gtk
  132. lovetox but i have absolutly no idea what that could be, as we use exactly the same settings and files
  133. lovetox gajim is even executed in a kind of own enviroment, it does not depend on other programms installed on your machine
  134. rom1dep does pypy provide wheels for Gtk3 ?
  135. lovetox no
  136. rom1dep 🤦‍♂
  137. rom1dep does pypi provide wheels for Gtk3 ?
  138. rom1dep oh, LMC doesn't take LM-1 anymore?
  139. lovetox it does
  140. lovetox it does..
  141. lovetox if you click more then once uparrow
  142. lovetox it cycles through old messages
  143. lovetox not correcting them
  144. lovetox you can se by the color of the input box
  145. rom1dep it indeed does cycles through all of them, and indeed only the last one colors the input box with a yellowish background
  146. lovetox im not exactly sure when to use this
  147. lovetox but someone though sometime ago its useful for something ^^
  148. rom1dep so I guess it's a desired behaviour to correct only the last one and repeat any older message?
  149. lovetox its called last message correction
  150. lovetox even if gajim would let you correct it, other clients would not show it as a correction
  151. lovetox so makes no sense to do it
  152. rom1dep I had assumed that LMC can be abused to correct any message, and then it's up to the clients to either correct higher-up in the history or just show it as a repeated message
  153. lovetox yeah it can
  154. lovetox but why should i prey on implementation bugs of other clients?
  155. lovetox if i know almost all other clients only show the last message correction, why should i give my users the feeling they can correct anything
  156. rom1dep I'm not saying it doesn't make sense
  157. rom1dep I'm just surprised, because I thought gajim was letting me correct everything in the past
  158. lovetox that would be news to me
  159. Asterix Non it never allwed that
  160. rom1dep J'avais cru
  161. ThibG testing out emoji in Gtk3 and gajim… 🏳️‍🌈
  162. ThibG Gtk3 handles it correctly, but *not* gajim, which shows two separate emoji rather than doing the ligature thing
  163. lovetox what should that show
  164. ThibG
  165. ThibG I'm not sure rolling your own emoji parsing is a good idea
  166. ThibG but it's still pretty new in Gtk3 anyway :/
  167. debacle ThibG, in Gajim master from Debian experimental, I see a flag with six colors of the rainbow. In dino-im from Debian experimental, too. I have the package "fonts-noto-color-emoji" installed, which delivers the emojis.