Gajim - 2017-11-19

  1. philw
  2. 7usr7local If I enter a hostname of a webserver into Gajim while composing a message, it got prefixed with http:// That is quite disturbing, wenn chatting about file paths on a webserver containing virtual hosts, e.g. in the text /var/www/ shows up while the http:// was not typed. Is this a bug of a feature? Can it be disabled? Is this by some plugin? (Speaking of Gajim 0.16.8)
  3. mdosch test /var/www/
  4. mdosch seems to be fixed in gajim master
  5. mdosch 7usr7local, ^
  6. 7usr7local Ah, seems to be a display feature, "http://" shows not up in Conversation.
  7. 7usr7local mdosch: Thanks. BTW: is "master" going to be 0.16.9 or 1.x (gtk3) ?
  8. Asterix 1.0
  9. 7usr7local Thanks. Is there any further (bugfix) release planned for 0.x ?
  10. lovetox depends on how long we need to release master, but we are hopefully near
  11. 7usr7local Great, thanks!
  12. andrey.g I see there have been bug-fix updates in plugins but only for gtk3. What about gtk2?
  13. lovetox what bug fixes are you talking about
  14. lovetox and yeah we working on getting gtk3 to release, i will not put anymore time into gtk2 except its something super critical that makes it unuseable
  15. andrey.g [omemo] Query devices if we have none [omemo] Fix activating groupchat [omemo] Ignore 'Local' account and some for httpupload. But I don't yet know, how critical they are.
  16. andrey.g > i will not put anymore time into gtk2 Is there already some announcement, that gajim 0.16.8 along with plugins is frozen and only critical bugs will be fixed?
  17. lovetox andrey.g, this problems are not in gtk2
  18. lovetox i fix things in the plugins because i refactor much code in gajim gtk3 which breaks the plugins
  19. lovetox no there is no announcement, and its not like we dont allow for bugfixes, its just that i dont do some
  20. lovetox and i see no "critical" issues open for any plugins
  21. andrey.g OK, thanks.
  22. lovetox on the project are currently 1 1/2 developers
  23. lovetox its just not possible to maintain two different branches
  24. Asterix new visible func merged
  25. Asterix that should fix the roster bug
  26. Asterix testers, please check that all contact / groupchats / metacontacts / transports / groups are correctly shown in roster
  27. ThibG Asterix, metacontacts, offline / active contacts work
  28. ThibG don't have any transport or groupchat in my roster right now
  29. de-facto luv the new hiding and re-showing of the muc userlist with the arrow, looks neat! :)
  30. johannes Asterix: Looks like the fix for works fine here. Great :D
  31. johannes There are a few Gtk-Warnings left.
  32. johannes Also, where do I get the current plugin manager for the Gtk3 branch?
  33. johannes Other than that things look quite nice meanwhile. Various keyboard shortcuts are still weird / unexpected and the window is Gtk3 / Linux themed like the default Gtk3 theme.
  34. johannes Is there a way to set platform dependent shortcuts for functions?
  35. johannes there are the remaining warnings
  36. lovetox johannes, that are warnings that we have only on mac
  37. lovetox i didnt find out why and because i see no layout issues, my motivation to search for the reason is low
  38. lovetox warnings in gtk are sometimes just warnings
  39. lovetox if you could open an issue, which shortcuts are not working or not MAC like, then i can come back to it once i refactor shortcut code
  40. johannes lovetox: that's something I can do. If the warnings can be ignored, that's good.
  41. lovetox about windows not looking native, its something i have to think about, the windows can not be shown native if we use widgets in the titlebar
  42. lovetox now on some systems there is a global menu, so the menu from titlebar could go there
  43. lovetox and windows look native again
  44. lovetox but on some other systems there is no global menu, sad that we have to write system dependend code
  45. johannes Re Shortcuts:
  46. johannes The menubar already appears in the OSX menubar area, so that's fine. There's a hamburger menu for context features remaining and custom window decorations, i.e. minimize, maximize, close
  47. johannes and window title
  48. johannes also, the omemo plugin complains about "11/19/2017 19:20:42 (E) gajim.plugin_system.omemo No module named 'Crypto'" although the Python pycrypto, cryptography and crypto modules are installed
  49. Asterix Py3 version ?
  50. johannes Asterix: The stuff runs on Py 3.6 currently, yes
  51. lovetox hm weird
  52. lovetox i guess open a py3 console
  53. lovetox and try to import Crypto
  54. lovetox also i dont know what the "crypto" module is that you have installed
  55. lovetox hopefully it doesnt use the same namespace as pycrypto
  56. lovetox MAM for MUCs is merged
  57. lovetox let the bug reports begin :)
  58. andrey.g It seems that will be the killer of 0.16.8. Thanks! P.S. Was your girlfriend out of city this weekend? :)
  59. lovetox yeah i had some time this weekend :) but now its over :/
  60. lovetox seems i already found the first bug ^^
  61. andrey.g :) Minor issue: if server returns "<feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:0'/>", gajim reports in Server Info, that XEP-0313 is not supported. I guess gajim expects now a higher version, thus to avoid unnecessary questions/bug reports it would be nice if Server Info would mention the minimal required version.
  62. lovetox does your server only support 0?
  63. lovetox i thought such servers dont exist
  64. lovetox but yeah i could add that should not be hard
  65. andrey.g This is my local prosody 0.9.12 with mam for small tests. It's not that old, should it have :1?
  66. lovetox yes, to my knowledge the community module supports 1
  67. lovetox did you not update it for a very long time?
  68. lovetox prosody 0.10 supports only 2
  69. lovetox gajim master supports 1 and 2
  70. andrey.g prosody-modules 20170123.
  71. lovetox hm not that old i guess
  72. lovetox but on the other hand i dont know when prosody started to support it
  73. andrey.g Looking into mercurial... 20.02.2017 XEP-0313 v0.5 (mam:1) and v0.6 (mam:2).