Gajim - 2017-10-29

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *04904140* <> Fix saving MUC-PMs If the JID is not in the DB we need a type to insert
  2. lovetox mimi89999, the code that writes to the DB knows about carbons and does it correctly
  3. lovetox but the code that writes to the private message control is not aware of carbons
  4. lovetox i dont think i will fix this soon, this is only noticeable if you have the private message window open while you are chatting on another device
  5. lovetox or maybe i will, i have to think about how to do this best
  6. lovetox the time i invested in MUC PMs is too damn high
  7. zuglufttier lovetox, the icons are looking nice now, good work! I think those for the plugins are not updated yet.
  8. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  9. viq hah, gajim-master reliably crashes for me with "show offline contacts"
  10. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *06e4c2c4* <> Display carbons in MUC-PMs correctly
  11. lovetox should work now mimi89999
  12. thomas lovetox, are you planning to integrate omemo and http upload directly into gajim?
  13. thomas I think OMEMO and http upload / preview shouldn't be plugins since they are fundamental nowadays
  14. lovetox httpupload yes, omemo not in the near future, too many dependencys and not everybody uses omemo, also i can be included by package maintainers if this is a need
  15. lovetox also omemo as a plugin is easier to maintain, because we dont have to make releases of gajim if i want something to fix
  16. lovetox hm but right now i have other priorities, i try to fix that roster bug, so we can do a finally a release of gajim master
  17. thomas I see, just because every plugin makes usage of Gajim / XMPP more complicated for end users
  18. lovetox hm .. on linux its just installing another package, i dont see why this is so complicated
  19. thomas lovetox, probably you don't have contact to real _end users_ :D
  20. thomas The other thing is that encryption should be available by default. Otherwise, we have a situation like "Hey, let's use XMPP, that's better then WhatsApp etc. but if you want to use encryption you need a plugin"
  21. mdosch Maybe it is possible to include the plugin in the default install. So end users don't need to manually install it and you can still maintain it is plugin
  22. thomas Yes, for example
  23. mdosch as a plugin
  24. lovetox as i said, package maintainers can at any point decide to make a plugin package recommended
  25. lovetox or required
  26. thomas Yeah, but that's hard to "enforce" for every distro
  27. mdosch btw, as speaking of plugins: The image preview plugin shows the preview and the url. Is it possible to only show the image (and open the url by clicking)? Would be a better UI i think. If you want to know where it is hosted you could show the url in the tooltip by mouse over
  28. thomas Especially if OMEMO will be possible without presence subscription I don't see any reason not to use it for end users
  29. lovetox yeah mdosch of course, making image preview better is currently very low on my list of things to do
  30. mdosch I think there is no need to rush as this is only an cosmetic issue
  31. mimi89999 lovetox: MUC PM? Will test again.
  32. lovetox viq, try to set in the advanced config editor, show_self_contact = never
  33. Marzanna Gajim (GTK3 version) consumes too much CPU when I type. Is anyone experiencing this issue?
  34. lovetox do you have spell checking enabled?
  35. Marzanna lovetox, yes
  36. lovetox then try to disable it
  37. Marzanna lovetox, thanks. That helped
  38. Marzanna But now I'm helpless egainst spelling mistakes
  39. thomas :D
  40. viq Indeed disabling showing of self contact helped with gajim crashing with show offline contacts
  41. lovetox its a bug, i work on it right now
  42. viq Next step is to figure out what I need to do and where to get MAM working between gajim, conversations and prosody
  43. viq lovetox, thanks
  44. lovetox it should work without you doing something
  45. lovetox you can look under account -> advanced -> server info
  46. lovetox if gajim recognizes that mam is available
  47. viq It does, but non-master gajim understands only mam v1, whereas conversations by default prefers mam v2
  48. viq therefore so far I was using
  49. viq hm, gajim-master doesn't show up in system tray (gnome)
  50. mimi89999 viq: Wayland?
  51. viq aye
  52. mimi89999 viq: You have topicons?
  53. viq yes, I do
  54. mimi89999 Aye? What does that mean?
  55. viq uhm, sorry, yes.
  56. viq ( )
  57. mimi89999 env GDK_BACKEND=x11 gajim
  58. mimi89999 viq: Try that.
  59. viq yeah, that worked, thanks!
  60. viq hm, it seems like it's conversations that's not writing to MAM? Disconnect on conversations, write on gajim, reconnect conversations - conversations see the message. Disconnect gajim, write on conversations, reconnect gajim - gajim doesn't see the message in history
  61. viq Therefore taking this to their channel
  62. mimi89999 viq: What version of MAM does your server support (visible in server details)
  63. viq account -> server info? It doesn't say there
  64. mimi89999 It should.
  65. mimi89999 Go over MAM with the cursor.
  66. viq ah
  67. viq urn:xmpp:mam:2
  68. lovetox viq
  69. lovetox you have to enable it in conversations
  70. lovetox account details, then something about archiving preferences
  71. lovetox should be on "always"
  72. viq I have that set in gajim, I don't see it in conversations
  73. lovetox hm should be enough to set it on one client
  74. lovetox its fro the account not for the client
  75. viq nods
  76. lovetox are you keeping the chatwindow open in gajim on reconnect?
  77. lovetox gajim pulls MAM, but never writes it to the active window
  78. lovetox you have to close the window and reopen
  79. viq Yes, and I was checking in history, not in the conversation window
  80. viq It didn't even occur to me they could appear in conversation window ;)
  81. viq Or, well, I accepted that they don't
  82. lovetox go to the accounts window
  83. lovetox click on the acc -> general
  84. lovetox is Server Message Archive enabled?
  85. viq in conversations, or gajim?
  86. lovetox gajim
  87. viq ungh, where is that on master?
  88. lovetox global menu
  89. lovetox Gajim
  90. lovetox -> accounts
  91. viq aah, need to click on the account
  92. viq yes, Server Message Archive is enabled
  93. lovetox are you writing encrypted?
  94. viq Hm?
  95. lovetox encryption
  96. lovetox do you use it
  97. lovetox OMEMO, PGP
  98. lovetox make sure its disabled in conversation
  99. mimi89999 OTR...
  100. lovetox the lock symbol inside the chatwindow of conversations
  101. viq Ah. Yes, OMEMO, I believe I told the clients to log even encrypted conversations
  102. lovetox turn it off
  103. viq Though I'll check, brb
  104. lovetox and try again
  105. viq Sigh. So gajim knows how to log encrypted messages, conversations doesn't.
  106. lovetox viq you misunderstanding the whole thing
  107. lovetox log messages does not mean on the server
  108. lovetox it means on harddisk
  109. lovetox the server does not differentiate between encrypted or not
  110. lovetox so are you saying it works now unencrypted?
  111. viq yeah, an unencrypted message sent by conversations while gajim was offline is visible in history on gajim
  112. lovetox ok, so MAM is working
  113. lovetox now to enryption
  114. lovetox i guess you use OMEMO?
  115. viq Yes
  116. lovetox a message encrypted with OMEMO, is always encrypted to a specific device, all others that are not included cant decrypt, even if they get the message through MAM
  117. lovetox so you have to make sure that your messages are also encrypted to your own other devices
  118. lovetox in this case Gajim
  119. viq and now that I think about it it could be part of the issue, as the gajim-git doesn't seem to be aware of it, that I can see
  120. lovetox there should be fingerprints in conversations, account details
  121. lovetox and you should look that all of them are trusted
  122. viq yeah, IIRC I had that on the 0.16.8, trying to find how to get to any kind of OMEMO settings on gajim-git
  123. lovetox do you have the OMEMO plugin isntalled in gajim?
  124. viq I'm on archlinux, I installed the gajim-plugin-omemo package. Though gajim settings -> plugins shows absolutely nothing
  125. viq nothing installed, only thing available is "install from zip"
  126. SABer @lovetox TOP support as always ;)
  127. SABer 10/10
  128. SABer (Y)
  129. lovetox :)
  130. lovetox viq its the wrong package, its the package for gajim 0.16.8
  131. mimi89999 lovetox: I preferred when the message field was bigger. It solved the new line and previous not visible issue...
  132. lovetox i dont think it solved the issue
  133. lovetox it just masked it, because its only visible on every second new line
  134. lovetox probably you never wrote that long messages
  135. lovetox so whats the right package let me see
  136. mimi89999 No. Never wrote that long...
  137. mimi89999 3 line message in IM... 😀
  138. lovetox
  139. lovetox viq
  140. viq ACK, thank you
  141. mimi89999 Looks like the convention in IM (from observation) for long messages is to newline them in random places when the maximum number of chars fitting in a line is exceeded...
  142. lovetox i do that also but i dont know why
  143. mimi89999 Strange
  144. viq what are the green vs grey fingerprints in omemo configuration window?
  145. viq I have 4 fingerprints in there, all have trust:true, two are green and two are grey
  146. lovetox grey are inactive fingerprints, previously used by some device but now not active anymore
  147. viq ...I should have at least 4 *active* devices, 2 gajim and 2 conversations
  148. viq or, well, 1 gajim is not logged in right now, but I have 2 conversations logged in right now
  149. lovetox did you upgrade from 0.16.8
  150. viq yes
  151. lovetox hm your fingerprint should be visible on the devices
  152. lovetox just compare them and find out which of them are grey
  153. lovetox then try and restart that device
  154. lovetox i could also be that you are missing keys
  155. lovetox and these grey keys are really old ones
  156. lovetox you should come online with each device and see if new keys come
  157. viq I have in front of me 2 conversations and 1 gajim, and plugins -> omemo configuration shows 2 active fingerprints...
  158. lovetox hm yeah
  159. lovetox its ok or`?
  160. lovetox if that 1 gajim is the gajim you are looking at the fingerprints
  161. lovetox it will only show fingerprints of other devices not of your own in that window
  162. lovetox so 2 fingerprints for 2 conversations devices
  163. viq ok, now I can see what's what now that I know how to get fingerprints off of conversations
  164. viq OK, so: gajim doesn't list own fingerprint. Fingerprints of both conversations are known and active. All 3 devices trust the other two, and I did not have to change that. So, history sync should work?
  165. viq Ah, right, let me try now that I have omemo working in gajim
  166. viq ...and now it shows up
  167. viq lovetox, so just to confirm - I need to stay on git versions of nbxmpp and gajim for this to work, correct?
  168. lovetox did you install gajim from git?
  169. lovetox there is a arch package for the master branch also
  170. viq
  171. lovetox and yes if you want to use mam:2 you have to use that package
  172. lovetox yeah just stay on that package, its maintained
  173. viq OK, thank you. Is there a reasonably easy way to use it on windows as well?
  174. lovetox yes
  175. lovetox
  176. lovetox there you can install omemo from within gajim -> plugins
  177. viq Awesome, thank you!
  178. viq lovetox, thank you for your great patience, help and explanations. As someone already said, <3
  179. lovetox 😊
  180. ThibG hm
  181. ThibG for some reason I can receive messages in one MUC but not send any (from gajim)
  182. ThibG sending from another client works
  183. ThibG oh, everything went back into order after some lag
  184. cippaciong lovetox, is it normal that using omemo, if I don't use gajim for some time (a couple of days for example), I don't get the backlog of messages sent in that time span using Conversations?
  185. lovetox no of course not
  186. lovetox so is it broken in general or does it work if you test it now
  187. cippaciong Sometimes it happens that I get the history of messages up to some moment in the time span but not for the whole period
  188. cippaciong >so is it broken in general or does it work if you test it now It happened right now but it's a problem I'm having since quite a long time
  189. cippaciong Could it be a server side error as well?
  190. lovetox dont think so
  191. lovetox whats you mam storage time?
  192. cippaciong How do I know? 😅
  193. lovetox i thought you have your own server
  194. lovetox i mean how long are messages stored in mam
  195. lovetox cippaciong, are we talking about 1:1 or MUC?
  196. cippaciong I have my own server, I'll do my google
  197. cippaciong 1:1
  198. cippaciong lovetox,
  199. cippaciong Of which parameter are you talking about? default?
  200. lovetox yes
  201. lovetox but its not in there hm
  202. cippaciong I don't have any option explicitly set in my conf file so I should assume is "never" in my case
  203. lovetox hm ok start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG in the future and log to some file
  204. lovetox if it happens again we can look if there were errors
  205. cippaciong 👍
  206. cippaciong Thanks :)
  207. lovetox the value "default" handles if a mam history is kept
  208. lovetox you should probably set it to "always" because otherwise your users have to activate mam specifically
  209. cippaciong Ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks again
  210. lovetox i dont think thats the problem here, but nevertheless its better to have it at "always"
  211. debacle Wow, Gajim starts to look so... modern! :~)
  212. lovetox still a long way debacle :)
  213. lovetox but on the bright side i think i found the roster bug, so we will have a release in the near future
  214. debacle When I start Gajim, I get a lot (twenty, thirty) notifications, that I have to click away.
  215. debacle When I start Gajim, I get a lot (twenty, thirty) notifications, that I have to click away.
  216. debacle (Oops: I accidently was in message correction mode.)
  217. debacle I tried to get rid of the notifications, but so far without success.
  218. lovetox messages?
  219. lovetox a bug that i also have to fix, if it doesnt go away, look into Logs.db
  220. lovetox and empty the unread_messages table
  221. debacle I even removed logs.db, but it didn't help.
  222. debacle my server doesn't support HTTP upload yet, can I send you a screenshot privately by whatever Gajim supports? :~)
  223. lovetox i dont think that will work, i use windows and its broken there
  224. lovetox you can send it per mail
  225. Link Mauve 29/10/17 18:49:20 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an even handler: <bound method ConnectionArchive313._nec_mam_decrypted_message_received of <gajim.common.connection.Connection object at 0x7f9f041c32e8>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 136, in _nec_mam_decrypted_message_received message=obj.msgtxt) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 1111, in insert_into_logs jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid, kind=kind) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 313, in get_jid_id 'Unable to insert new JID because type is missing') ValueError: Unable to insert new JID because type is missing
  226. Link Mauve Not sure with which event.
  227. Link Mauve I just connected, and then received two files from a friend.
  228. lovetox link mauve this should be fixed
  229. lovetox yesterday
  230. themute Hello! Could anyone please help me locate the usual place where history is kept in Debian Stretch? My system crashed, and I'm trying to save the files that I wasn't on time to backup with the LiveCD help, but can't seem to find the logs anywhere.
  231. lovetox ~/.local/share/gajim
  232. lovetox ~/.config/gajim
  233. themute Oh my, thank you so much! I got them now. :) Somehow even searching the whole system only found one wrong folder.
  234. lsg lovetox, problem with the sound was reproduced?
  235. lsg Gajim, KDE.
  236. lovetox ah no sorry didnt have time, could you please add a issue so i dont forget
  237. lsg lovetox, It seems in another GTK application, too, there is no sound. Perhaps this is a system problem.
  238. lsg lovetox, what backend does Gajim use?
  239. lovetox
  240. lovetox there is advanced config setting called "soundplayer"
  241. lovetox you can set a other programm there
  242. lovetox it will then execute : executable path_to_soundfile
  243. lsg paplay file.wav sounded.