Gajim - 2017-10-27

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *970d6f8c* <> New style for ChatControl - Move ActionBar into HeaderMenu - Make Design of ChatControl look cleaner - Hide the Roster in Groupchats per default - Add Button to hide/show Roster in Groupchats - Move Groupchat topic into popover - Display Avatars on the right side of the ChatControl and status on the left - Add a default Avatar for contacts that have none *3c103315* <> Refactor Speller *347f0a8a* <> Merge branch 'newdesign' into 'master' New Style for Chat Windows See merge request gajim/gajim!144
  2. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *b03b51a2* <> [tictactoe] Adapt to new ChatControl design *64c0f590* <> [tictactoe] Update manifest.ini
  3. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *e31f891f* <> [lengthnotifier] Adapt to new ChatControl design *a4b62296* <> [lengthnotifier] Update manifest.ini
  4. sedna Test
  5. doczkal sedna: pong!
  6. doczkal sedna: Huge delay. But bettter late then never...
  7. sedna Yes ;)
  8. rom1dep lovetox: checked-out the UI refresh, so far I like it :)
  9. cippaciong Link Mauve, after the commits lovetox pushed yesterday gtkspell3 should be added to the dependencies of gajim-git
  10. cippaciong otherwise you run into this error: fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /) Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set). Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 227, in do_activate from gajim.gui_interface import Interface File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 62, in <module> from gajim import gtkgui_helpers File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 87, in <module> from gajim import dialogs File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 45, in <module> from gajim import gtkspell File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 24, in <module> gi.require_version('GtkSpell', '3.0') File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gi/", line 130, in require_version raise ValueError('Namespace %s not available' % namespace) ValueError: Namespace GtkSpell not available
  11. rom1dep in one to one chats, how can I list the contact's resources with the UI revamp ?
  12. mightyBroccoli hi can someone tell me where I can find out if Gajim supports mam:2 and carbons:2?
  13. mightyBroccoli or better can someone tell me if Gajim supports those two ?
  14. rom1dep mightyBroccoli: grepping the code seems to indicate that mam:2 and carbons:2 are supported (gajim/common/
  15. mightyBroccoli in the latest git source right? And in the latest stable release?
  16. mightyBroccoli Asterix, can you help?
  17. rom1dep I'd adventure a mam:0 and carbons:2 for the gajim_0.16 branch
  18. mightyBroccoli at least carbons:2, I think mam:2 will be released with 0.17 ?
  19. rom1dep if current master becomes 0.17, in all likelihood that will be the case
  20. rom1dep maybe if you care/know about these things, you'd be better off using the master branch anyways?
  21. mightyBroccoli no it is more about my other users. I was willing to switch prosodys carbons community module for the core one. Which just supports the latest version carbons:2. I just dont want my users to notice
  22. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *40547c4d* <> Fix import error
  23. lovetox cippaciong, that was a error of mine, that import of gtkspell does not have to be mandatory
  24. cippaciong lovetox, I thoutght so for a while :)
  25. cippaciong I think it should be considered as an optional dependency then
  26. lovetox mightyBroccoli, carbons:2 is supported also by stable
  27. lovetox stable also supports up to mam:1
  28. lovetox git master supports mam:2
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *12783e03* <> Catch require_version ValueError *87b65401* <> Fix height of MessageTextView in some cases
  30. lovetox i fixed all these things, then i squased them and lost some commits...
  31. lovetox sometimes git uses me, instead of me using git
  32. lovetox somone in here had a HiDPI display, who was that :) ?
  33. zuglufttier I'm one of those ;)
  34. lovetox ah good i have a patch prepared to make the icons more sharp, i push this today, maybe you can give feedback
  35. zuglufttier Will do!
  36. zuglufttier lovetox, wouldn't it make more sense to use the icons supplied by gtk everywhere in gajim instead of relying on own icons?
  37. zuglufttier Because the gtk icons for the emojies and font settings are sharp already for me.
  38. lovetox and the encryption lock?
  39. lovetox using a gtk icon does not make it automatically sharp on hidpi, it has to be set in a certain way
  40. lovetox we use only 12 custom icons or so
  41. lovetox thats mostly the status of the contact
  42. zuglufttier
  43. zuglufttier Use a font for that?
  44. lovetox but not everyone has installed a font that can display that?
  45. zuglufttier Isn't it possible to ship a font with the program? Something like noto sans.
  46. lovetox i think you see a problem where there is none
  47. lovetox only because we currently set our icons in a way that does not work with hidpi does not mean we have not use icons at all anymore and ship a font
  48. lovetox i just fix the way the icons are set :)
  49. zuglufttier Oh, that's fine for me. I just thought that it would give gajim a more streamlined ui, more in line with the used window manager.
  50. lovetox
  51. lovetox you can try that, only the roster is not fixed
  52. lovetox but everything else should be working correctly now
  53. ThibG oh, that new design is actually pretty cool
  54. ThibG not too sure about the lack of visual separator between the room JID and the text, though
  55. lovetox hm yeah i thought about that
  56. lovetox maybe also a separator like with the messagebox and the text?
  57. ThibG yup
  58. ThibG having both the “sandwhich menu” button and a toolbar is weird
  59. ThibG (single window setup)
  60. zuglufttier lovetox, how can I check out that merge request with git?
  61. lovetox in the merge request there is a button
  62. lovetox checkout branch
  63. lovetox it tells you how
  64. lovetox ThibG, what toolbar?
  65. lovetox you mean beside the message text box
  66. ThibG “Accounts”, “View”, “Help”
  67. ThibG menu bar* sorry
  68. lovetox thats a application menu, is it not global for you?
  69. lovetox is it inside the window?
  70. lovetox the burger menu is for chatwindow options
  71. lovetox i guess i could add this menu into the global menu
  72. lovetox i never thought about it
  73. zuglufttier lovetox, avatars are looking nice now!
  74. zuglufttier And the status icons.
  75. zuglufttier I think you found the right solution ;)
  76. zuglufttier I have a small wish for the ui: Would it be possible to "scroll" through the open chat tabs if you hover over the tabs?
  77. zuglufttier Same wish for the emoji tabs.
  78. lovetox yeah i look into it, many people have that wish :)
  79. rom1dep > lovetox‎: sometimes git uses me, instead of me using git Didn't gajim use to be on mercurial? > ‎zuglufttier‎: Use a font for that? The only thing that makes it sound reasonable is that the unreasonable web people have taken over.
  80. lovetox it used to be yes, but something like gitlab is missing for mercurial
  81. rom1dep ther's kallithea that helps with merge requests, but it doens't have all the CI/issue tracking stuff
  82. rom1dep or that facebook thing
  83. rom1dep phabricator
  84. rom1dep supports git and hg
  85. lovetox i think gitlab is the right choice now for the future, i dont think anything else will be able to compete, they got so much funding now
  86. rom1dep phabricator may have more features, but is even less user friendly
  87. lovetox to be honest we maybe use 5% of the features gitlab provides
  88. lovetox basically pipelines and the issue tracker
  89. lovetox probably all you need for a small project like this
  90. rom1dep I don't really like gitlab, it's become so bulky that I can't host one anymore, for not much in return. But I can see the appeal of integrated CI
  91. zuglufttier I'm looking into gitlab for something at work as well. Usability is most important for that...
  92. rom1dep oh, and you like the usability of gitlab ?
  93. zuglufttier Non tech users. We mainly need the issue management.
  94. rom1dep I've come to love redmine, as unhype as it is
  95. rom1dep I can bend it to whatever crazy workflow I need, and get absolute noobs, non-techies to use it
  96. rom1dep (out of the sole realm of software development)
  97. zuglufttier There are a lot of tools out there... Gitlab would provide everything for us right out of the box, just start creating issues and I'm done with it.
  98. ThibG lovetox, a rather big issue with this redesign is the absence of markers for scrolling
  99. lovetox what are markers for scrolling
  100. ThibG without the dotted lines, I can't know whether I'm seeing the latest messages unless I'm actually trying to scroll
  101. lovetox you see it because the scrollbar is not at the bottom or not?
  102. ThibG that's why I said “unless I'm actively trying to scroll”: the scrollbar is not shown when you are not actively scrolling
  103. lovetox hm k, i dont want to separators, the one that is now there, and then a second one with a dotted line
  104. lovetox maybe its worth to always show the scrollbar?
  105. ThibG hm, maybe, not too sure
  106. zuglufttier lovetox, Conversations does it like this: Show the scrollbar for a second if some is typing or a new message is coming.
  107. zuglufttier I think that's a good solution.
  108. lovetox hm seems rather complicated ^^, of course in conversations it isnt because there is always only one chat on the screen
  109. zuglufttier True...
  110. lovetox ah i will try some things, and show you :)
  111. ThibG thanks!
  112. zuglufttier I'd love to see something for input bar like this:
  113. zuglufttier
  114. zuglufttier Then a seperator wouldn't be needed anymore.
  115. ThibG Different background color?
  116. zuglufttier Yes, and the line above the input bar could be removed altogether.
  117. zuglufttier I'm not a big fan of those :D
  118. zuglufttier If you can use a color instead.
  119. ThibG +1
  120. zuglufttier Could be done for the roster as well.
  121. lovetox the dotted lines are only necessary because gtk thought hiding the scrollbar is nice
  122. lovetox if i look at images of other chat applications, i dont see anyone doing this
  123. lovetox desktop chat applications
  124. ThibG dino
  125. ThibG anyway it's pretty standard behavior in Gtk3 stuff
  126. lovetox because its gtk3
  127. lovetox is there a package for dino on some linux distri?
  128. lovetox last time i needed 30 minutes to get it running
  129. ThibG huh, not sure
  130. ThibG Anyway, I think dino's UI is really nice, but it has quite a lot of bugs and a few important missing features :(
  131. vanitasvitae lovetox dino is available in Archlinux's AUR
  132. lovetox thats the fate of every programm, you start out with a clean easy UI, then you add, add, add, add
  133. lovetox nice, vanitasvitae then i have to install a arch vm
  134. lovetox :)
  135. zuglufttier Dino and gajim should merge their efforts!
  136. zuglufttier But dino's ui is really nice, that's true.
  137. zuglufttier The package in aur is called dino-git.
  138. vanitasvitae the thing that prevents me from actively using dino is, that it quits whe you close the window (no tray support)
  139. zuglufttier I don't need a tray icon... Also, no OMEMO support in MUCs.
  140. vanitasvitae zuglufttier, which is strange, since OMEMO in MUC is pretty straight forward
  141. ThibG zuglufttier, didn't that change recently?
  142. zuglufttier Yep... I don't know. Also it's missing a roster and doesn't show statuses. But those thing are unnecessary for me anyway nowadays.
  143. ThibG “Move encryption menu into ChatInput, PGP support for MUCs” ah, not sure about OMEMO
  144. zuglufttier ThibG, I'd see it if it worked 😉
  145. ThibG vanitasvitae, there is no tray support in gajim either :p
  146. lovetox there is, just your desktop does not support trays
  147. lovetox or depends on some tray api that is used only for that one desktop
  148. ThibG even in master?
  149. lovetox yes, gtk3 supports a status icon
  150. lovetox but some desktops like gnome dont show it anymore
  151. lovetox you need extra gnome addons to bring it back
  152. ThibG last time I checked, hexchat had a tray icon but not gajim master
  153. ThibG (but now I've moved to a version of GNOME that doesn't have a tray at all)
  154. lovetox i agree tray icons are generelly not needed if you have a dock
  155. zuglufttier Tray support will die sooner or later, I guess.
  156. lovetox we minimize into the dock
  157. lovetox and notifications are delivered over the system notification api
  158. vanitasvitae I dislike minimizing into dock
  159. vanitasvitae I'd rather have gajim staying active "inivisible"
  160. vanitasvitae so that you can bring it back by clicking on the launcher again
  161. zuglufttier I just use different workspaces for that...
  162. lovetox this should work already
  163. zuglufttier No need to minimize anything at all.
  164. lovetox but i dont really see whats the difference
  165. lovetox is the dock not hidden anyway?
  166. lovetox at least in ubuntu and gnome it is
  167. ThibG the main difference to me is that in overview mode and alt-tab you still have the window showing up
  168. lovetox i will add a advanced config option so you can choose if minimize or hide
  169. vanitasvitae iirc gajim often asks if you want to start a new instance when clicking the launcher while gajim is running
  170. lovetox thats 0.16.8
  171. lovetox it should not do this in master
  172. vanitasvitae ok
  173. pitchum please don't remove systray icon support from gajim, I find it really useful in XFCE (yeah I'm an oldschool guy)
  174. mdosch Deactivating systrays is the first thing I do. 😀 Seems like this is really a like it or hate it thing.
  175. mdosch But as long as it's a config it's ok but there are programs bringing a systray which you can't disable and when you think you closed it it's just minimized. Drives me to the wall.
  176. ThibG “and when you think you closed it it's just minimized” are you describing gajim master
  177. mdosch No, you can disable systray and close_to_minimize in gajim. At least in the debian builds, so I am fine with gajim.
  178. mdosch debian nightly builds of course
  179. vanitasvitae currently gajim doesn't opens up when it is minimized to tray and i click on the launcher icon
  180. vanitasvitae there should really be one standard on all desktops...
  181. vanitasvitae I really like how gajim now hides muc members on the right side :)
  182. lovetox hm ture it doesnt open up
  183. lovetox but it also doesnt start a second instance
  184. mimi89999 lovetox: Oh, you merged new_design.
  185. lovetox it should make the window present
  186. mimi89999 Thanks
  187. dwd Odd case, but when Gajim cannot complete a MUC join, then a Disconnect doesn't send an unavailable presence. Not even sure if that's a bug, but it does mean there's some odd cases where things get into a stuck state.
  188. lovetox what do you mean, cant complete
  189. lovetox if gajim does think its not joined, of course it will not send unavailable
  190. dwd lovetox, Yeah, but there's a case when it started joining but never sees it complete, which you get if the MUC doesn't support rejoins (ie, where the client thinks its joining bu the server thinks it's joined already).
  191. Link Mauve “08:12:57 cippaciong> Link Mauve, after the commits lovetox pushed yesterday gtkspell3 should be added to the dependencies of gajim-git”, imo he should make it optional instead.
  192. lovetox already fixed..
  193. cippaciong > I think it should be considered as an optional dependency then
  194. Link Mauve lovetox, sorry, I was scrolled far away.