Gajim - 2017-10-26

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  2. zuglufttier Regarding gtk3:
  3. zuglufttier Or is this even something else?
  4. Asterix I use that myself. But that should work without that
  5. zuglufttier It won't be helping in the case of crippled window managers, I just tried that ;)
  6. fucci What are the causes of "Server-to-server connection failed: connecting failed: connection timeout" ? Half my contact list on xmpp has this
  7. doczkal Improperly configuration of ssl/tls maybe?
  8. doczkal fucci: how many different servers are affected?
  9. doczkal If half your contacts use the same server the result is expected bI would say
  10. doczkal -b
  11. Stefan Spühler Has anyone managed to run gajim with a lot of contacts (3k+)? If i login to this account it freezes completely.
  12. Stefan Spühler fucci, looks like a server problem. You should check the server logs or contact the administrator if it's not yours.
  13. pitchum Stefan Spühler, I don't have 3k contacts but sometimes gajim freezes while retrieving lots of messages from MAM maybe you'll just have to wait a lot the first time
  14. pitchum you can check that with XML console
  15. Stefan Spühler pitchum, Ok i'll try that.
  16. bauruine pitchum, ok it works now. takes about 4 minutes to start but after that it looks ok.
  17. concerto .o(There are 3k+ people using Jabber? 😉)
  18. doczkal concerto, certainly yes. But yeah I am wondering aswell. I have just over 20 contacts....
  19. zuglufttier 50 regular users and a few million spammers :D
  20. bauruine i use it to connect to our company hipchat. (
  21. zuglufttier Oh, alright, haven't thought about that... Makes sense. There should be more users with that problem: Use xmpp, connect your ldap with 20.000 users.
  22. zuglufttier While searching for this, I found this list: Nice for spammers.
  23. bauruine zuglufttier, they look like spammer jids.
  24. doczkal 34 addresses are from Worth to mention is included ...
  25. lovetox Stefan Spühler, Gajim is certainly not equiped to handle 3k contacts
  26. lovetox for that we would have to rework the roster
  27. lovetox with 3 k contacts stuff like groups or even showing the roster at all makes less sense
  28. lovetox probably there should only a way to add contacts to some favourite roster
  29. doczkal lovetox, with more contacts more groups ... with more groups better structure in writing to "People interessted in certain topics"
  30. doczkal I think groups make perfect sense with more users
  31. lovetox yes but it makes no sense to show all 3k contacts in one view
  32. lovetox i would have a list of all contacts in the background, and you can search this list and add contacts to a "favourite contacts" view
  33. lovetox then you could sort them into groups etc see avatars etc
  34. lovetox but it makes no sense to render 3k contacts if you use 20
  35. zuglufttier True, cisco jabber does it this way, if connected to our ldap system. You can just search the directory for the people you need and those appear in your roster.
  36. doczkal well that's a server setting I guess. I remember times where used to have a public addressbook. You could search and find everyone registered to
  37. lovetox no its not a server thing
  38. lovetox of course the server could have a way to search on the server inside the register
  39. lovetox but it could also just give me the list with the 3k people
  40. lovetox thats not much data to transfer
  41. lovetox right now i render all 3k contacts with avatars status nicks etc
  42. lovetox but thats not a must
  43. lovetox it makes only sense if you have a small roster
  44. doczkal What happens if you add all 3k people in to your contact list in cisco jabber? You'll receive status updates for all of them right?
  45. doczkal But you don't have to have them in your roster because the ldap connection allows you to search for them whenever needed
  46. lovetox yeah you are right if i tink about it its probably better to not have them in your xmpp roster
  47. lovetox is there a xep for something like that?
  48. lsg lovetox, pep avavars are not shown?
  49. lovetox depends on the version of gajim
  50. lovetox rom1dep, because you often spoke about the notebook tabs of gtk
  51. lovetox can you make a screenshot about a application where it looks like you want it to?
  52. rom1dep lovetox: make it a goto anywhere and I'll fall in love
  53. lovetox i dont know what you mean by that
  54. rom1dep Or otherwise a multi row tab
  55. lsg >depends on the version of gajim Gajim 0.16.8
  56. lovetox lsg: no
  57. cippaciong lovetox, are you planning to chenge the style of tabs?
  58. lsg in which version - yes? lovetox
  59. lovetox master branch, on what system are you?
  60. lovetox cippaciong, if someone can show me some screenshot of something that it should resemble maybe
  61. lsg lovetox, i? fedora 26.
  62. lovetox hm we have no package there. then you have to install from source
  63. lovetox
  64. cippaciong lovetox, personally, I like this kind of style:
  65. lovetox yeah but that lacks groups
  66. cippaciong Telegram Desktop uses the same layout
  67. cippaciong > yeah but that lacks groups what do you mean?
  68. rom1dep lovetox: ok, back with a keyboard. Well, goto anywhere is the name of head-up command line which that became popular in text some editors (sublime, vscode, idea, …). So, if you can map to some shortcut a something overlay window that would let me type and fuzzy match the name, the jid, the nick, the topic of some contact/room, and jump to it when I press enter, that's all I need to manage a long roster/bookmarks
  69. lovetox ah sorry thought you meant the roster
  70. lovetox yeah cippaciong thats already possible
  71. lovetox make tabs to the left
  72. lovetox and activate show avatar in tabs
  73. lovetox mimi89999, uses that layout
  74. rom1dep lovetox: but no, tabs to the left is crap
  75. rom1dep because they are too big
  76. rom1dep and they don't scroll
  77. lovetox scroll can be added
  78. lovetox and the dino screenshot is way bigger
  79. lovetox i mean there are 10 rows max
  80. rom1dep I guess dino would at least provide scroll bars when it gets too long
  81. lovetox rom1dep, yes such a goto anywhere is certainly doable
  82. rom1dep that's okay
  83. lovetox or i do it like dino hmmm
  84. rom1dep "tabs on the side" are still tabs at the end, I hope it can be made nicer than having to click on some tiny arrows to discover what is out of screen
  85. lovetox again rom1dep scrolling is just a matter of catching the scroll event and calling the downbutton method
  86. lovetox i will add this once i have time
  87. rom1dep sounds hackish
  88. rom1dep because of mousewheel, offsets, absolute positions touch/trackpads
  89. lovetox how do you think scrolling works, you catch a mous event, and call whatever you want it to do
  90. rom1dep scrolling works well when you drop the controls in a container that is scrollable and let the toolkit hand the specifics of the hardware
  91. rom1dep generally not so well when you catch events and do it manually
  92. rom1dep I mean, if you know for sure it will be good UX, I'm not forbidding you
  93. rom1dep but when Gtk3 first introduced natural+smooth scrolling, it had some surprises
  94. lovetox of course there is no natural support for smooth scrolling, but why would you need that, you dont have that in the roster also, you never complained about the hacky scrolling
  95. rom1dep like inconsistent scrolling speeds across apps, or not getting the proper wheel emulation (one event → one click and you end up at the end of the scrolling area before you could even see it move)
  96. rom1dep I'm not sayig that I need something specific, or fancy, I'm saying going there is a can of worms
  97. rom1dep is multi-rows an option eventually?
  98. lovetox multi row seems not doable easily, something like dino, is proably a days work
  99. lovetox and if i have listbox at left like dino
  100. lovetox search is also easy
  101. lovetox first i merge the design improves for the chatwindow, then i look at making the tabs a list
  102. rom1dep dino is also different in the sense that it has no contacts list on the right, maybe the horizontal screen estate can suffer from two, simultaneously shown, scrolling panes on both sides
  103. lovetox yes but new chatwindow design, roster is hidden
  104. rom1dep oh
  105. rom1dep can you invoke it at least?
  106. rom1dep as a floating panel of some sort?
  107. lovetox of course
  108. cippaciong lovetox, nice :)
  109. lovetox but its hideable and not there as default
  110. rom1dep hideable as, there is a thicker border that hides a collapse/show button?
  111. lovetox
  112. cippaciong I'm curious now , what are the other improvements for the chatwindow?
  113. lovetox if you click the right top arrow, roster will show
  114. rom1dep looks very reasonable
  115. rom1dep I'm not sure I'd like to have the roster there (as shown on the left)
  116. lovetox thats the one window mode
  117. rom1dep ok
  118. lovetox that has nothing to with chatwindow design
  119. lovetox you can change that like you want it to
  120. rom1dep 👍
  121. lovetox but also in this mode ctrl+R
  122. lovetox hides the roster
  123. lovetox :)
  124. cippaciong lovetox, would you be interested in having a new, modern icon set?
  125. lovetox of course
  126. lovetox you mean for status
  127. lovetox online, offline, etc
  128. cippaciong I mean an icon set covering as many icons as possible
  129. lovetox hm, thats not needed, we only need icons for stuff that gtk doesnt cover
  130. cippaciong I'm not that great as a designer but I have some Inskape rudiments and I can give it a try
  131. lovetox for everything else there are gtk icon themes
  132. cippaciong if you give my a list of icons you need I can try
  133. lovetox everything that is in here
  134. lovetox
  135. rom1dep lovetox: also, why no smooth (pixel perfect) scrolling?
  136. cippaciong lovetox, 👍
  137. lovetox you mean totally smooth like webbrowsers have it?
  138. rom1dep like gtk has it, like in evince & al
  139. rom1dep (it took a while for browsers to have it, I actually contributed some patches so that firefox on Gtk3 has it)
  140. rom1dep (it took a while for browsers to have it, I actually contributed some patches so that firefox on Gtk3 can have it)
  141. lovetox i find the scrolling the textview actually not smooth at all and i just wonder why this is
  142. lovetox it should support that per default in my opinion
  143. rom1dep oh wait, it's there, my bad. It's just that my distro sets GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS to disable it
  144. lovetox i have to look into it
  145. rom1dep because of a Gtk3 bug which prevents scrolling events to reach unfocused windows, IIRC
  146. rom1dep
  147. lovetox but this seems to be another issue
  148. lovetox this talks about scrolling not working at all
  149. lovetox i just mean it could be smoother
  150. rom1dep yes, the workaround of setting GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS basically disables pixel-perfect scrolling, because it's set globally it was disabled in my case, disabling it now makes scrolling in gajim be smooth, false alert
  151. lovetox hm then i have to test that also
  152. mdosch In a MUC I don't see a participants avatar in the list but when retrieving information via right click "information" I see the avatar. So it seems Gajim is able to receive it but not showing it.
  153. mdosch Is this a known problem, works as expected or a bug?
  154. lovetox works as expected
  155. lovetox a contact that has a avatar published
  156. lovetox but does not announced it
  157. lovetox so on join we dont know he has a avatar
  158. lovetox but when clicking information we send a request to get all informations, and then we get the avatar
  159. lovetox its to expensive to request all vcards from all contacts at join of a muc, and this would be bad design
  160. lovetox so a contact has to tell us that he has an avatar, only then we request the vcard
  161. mdosch ok thx
  162. fucci Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 161, in group_toggled_cb File "src\", line 113, in remove_group File "src\", line 974, in remove_contact_from_groups File "src\common\", line 611, in update_contact AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setItem'
  163. fucci While moving contacts from group to group
  164. lovetox yeah relogin and try again
  165. mdosch anyone using gajim over tor? I never succeeded in that. Neither when trying to connect to normal server ip nor when trying to connect to onion address
  166. mdosch When connection failed now I got this: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 273, in on_open_event dict_['type_']) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 1664, in handle_event session=session) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 2033, in new_chat fjid = contact.jid AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'jid'
  167. mdosch gajim-default-nightly/unstable,unstable,unstable,now 20171023-1
  168. lovetox hm did you add the tor proxy under proxys in the account settings?
  169. mdosch yep. socks5 localhost 9050
  170. lovetox connect with -v
  171. lovetox and look for errors
  172. mdosch ok, thx will try
  173. mdosch I thought as long as I use as username I don't need any special setup in prosody. Maybe I am wrong?
  174. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>: