Gajim - 2017-10-24

  1. debacle Does an apparmor profile exist for Gajim? I found only one for Pidgin:
  2. lovetox what is that
  3. debacle apparmor is a framework/toolset to restrict what a program is allowed to do. The profile says what it can do and what not - however I'm not able to decrypt its syntax :~(
  4. debacle it is mainly used by S.u.S.E. and Ubuntu Linux, but I hope it will become more popular in Debian and other Linux distros, too.
  5. debacle this way security related bugs will have less effect
  6. rom1dep Yet another grsec, selinux
  7. fucci Hello everyone! I'm having an issue with my one of my XMPP accounts in Gajim, I was wondering how Windows password storage works in Gajim version 0.16.7 I need to recover my XMPP account password so I can port over to my new XMPP account Love Gajim btw, best XMPP client I've used.
  8. megakush hello
  9. concerto megakush: नमस्कार
  10. zuglufttier fucci, can you still login using gajim? If that's possible, just change the password and don't worry about recovery...
  11. lovetox fucci, 0.16.7 should use the windows storage vault, maybe there is software or a way to read out the windows password storage vault if you forgot your password
  12. lovetox if its not in there, it also could be in plaintext in %APPDATA%/Gajim/config
  13. lovetox and last there is also the way zuglufttier described, in the account options you have on the first page the option to change your password
  14. lovetox just type in a new password and this should work
  15. mimi89999 lovetox: I have pep to vcard on my server...
  16. mimi89999 I will check the issue...
  17. lovetox we can do together in the evening, i will see if the same thing occurs with your account
  18. fucci Okay so it's not currently plaintext, but the config mentions winvault
  19. fucci so now I've just gotta find out where that is stored and how to access it?
  20. lovetox just search under programms for "windows vault" in your language
  21. lovetox its also in the system preferences
  22. lovetox but from my experience passwords there are masked
  23. lovetox you have to google how to access them, if gajim can any other programm should also
  24. lovetox easiest is probably the change password options in the account window
  25. fucci unfortunately I don't know why my password isn't working via xmpp login
  26. fucci I'm basically trying to figure out what my password ISNT
  27. fucci and what it might be from there
  28. fucci because if I used a password manager for it, or some sort of password I usually wouldn't have used (before I started using a password manager)
  29. fucci then I know it's a lost account
  30. fucci I literally just want to import my contacts without doing it manually
  31. fucci xD
  32. zuglufttier fucci, ask the administrator of the xmpp server if he can help you. He could, after all, set a new password for the account, if you could prove somehow that the account belongs to you.
  33. fucci See that was my original thought, but I forgot doesn't allow for password recovery of XMPP accounts
  34. fucci at least as much as I've looked
  35. fucci I might contact him on twitter
  36. mimi89999 lovetox: You want me to look at the pep to vcard avatar plugin?
  37. fucci Might have solved the problem, checking now
  38. isAAAc hi all,
  39. isAAAc i'm on windows @ work , and would d/l the pluggin zip to install it on my client, it doesn't work by itself
  40. isAAAc could someone give me the url of the zip to d/l it and install from a zip file in the gajim client please ?
  41. isAAAc (i restart my client, brb)
  42. isAAAc (back)
  43. isAAAc the pluggin installer configuration url is set to
  44. isAAAc perhaps is this url wrong ?
  45. zuglufttier isAAAc, can you open that site in a browser?
  46. isAAAc yep
  47. isAAAc in filezilla too
  48. lovetox which version are you using?
  49. isAAAc but i can't find the whole zip archive for pluggins
  50. isAAAc Gajim 0.16.8
  51. lovetox and you say the plugin installer doesnt work?
  52. lovetox whats the error?
  53. isAAAc just "download error" when i start
  54. fucci zuglufttier & lovetox - I just ended up manually moving contacts -- took fucking ages
  55. fucci thanks for the help anyways :)
  56. isAAAc and i have no pluggin listed in the ui
  57. zuglufttier fucci, no worries!
  58. isAAAc plugin installer version 0.12.2
  59. lovetox one moment
  60. fucci I'm also experiencing a lot of this "Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: connection timeout" Only for some of my contacts
  61. lovetox hm do you use the portable version isAAc?
  62. fucci And then also "Server-to-server connection failed: not-authorized (Your server's certificate is invalid, expired, or not trusted by *********) "
  63. isAAAc humm ok
  64. isAAAc d/l the right now
  65. lovetox fucci report it to your server admin
  66. lovetox the server certificate is expired
  67. fucci It shouldn't be lol
  68. fucci it's riseup
  69. fucci not some piddly xmpp server
  70. isAAAc Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 1493, in on_dialog_response File "src\", line 4866, in on_ok File "src\plugins\", line 305, in _try_install TypeError: GtkListStore.append() takes at most 1 argument (2 given)
  71. lovetox isAAAc first go to the gajim install dir
  72. lovetox look for the "plugins" folder and delete the plugin installer from there
  73. isAAAc ok done
  74. lovetox now look at %APPDATA%/Gajim/plugins
  75. lovetox is there also a plugin installer?
  76. isAAAc nope, i just went to d/l it
  77. lovetox then place it there
  78. lovetox and restart
  79. lovetox gajim
  80. lovetox but extract the zip of course
  81. isAAAc ok, restarting client, brb
  82. isAAAc bk
  83. isAAAc same trouble :/
  84. lovetox the same backtrace?
  85. lovetox or download errir
  86. isAAAc download error
  87. lovetox but that means the plugin work good
  88. isAAAc damn
  89. lovetox i have to debug this later, meanwhile you can download the plugin you want from the same url
  90. lovetox
  91. lovetox and place it in the %APPDATA%/Gajim/plugins
  92. isAAAc yep i'll d/l the whole folder manually to the pluggin installer folder ?
  93. isAAAc ok
  94. lovetox just the plugin you want, download the zip and place it inside the folder
  95. isAAAc and i need to restart ?
  96. lovetox From where did you install gajim?
  97. lovetox yes restart
  98. isAAAc i can't remember from where :/
  99. isAAAc to far away in my fish memory
  100. isAAAc ^^
  101. isAAAc <restarting, brb>
  102. lovetox and are you sure it says 0.16.8 under Help -> About
  103. isAAAc bk
  104. isAAAc still nothing
  105. isAAAc :(
  106. lovetox i think you dont have 0.16.8
  107. isAAAc perhaps should i reinstall the client ?
  108. lovetox yes from
  109. isAAAc ok, i'l ldo that right now
  110. isAAAc thx for your help lovetox ;)
  111. isAAAc yes it was the portable version from this site
  112. isAAAc i'll try with the non-portable version
  113. lovetox but then we placed stuff in the wrong folders the whole time if you used protable...
  114. lovetox if you download the portable and delete your gajim folder before, and install the portable to a location it should work without any problems
  115. isAAAc ok
  116. Asterix Ee should add "portable" in help -> about
  117. isAAAc reinstalling, brb :)
  118. Asterix Or just add "-p"
  119. isAAAc damn, i have the exact same trouble with the non-portable version
  120. isAAAc humm, perhaps is it because i use a socks tunnel ?
  121. isAAAc trying to unzip the plugin zip manualy in the in new plugin folder
  122. fucci Is there a way to separate group xmpp chats from the main chat window where I communicate with individuals?
  123. Asterix Yes, in pref you can have one window per type
  124. Asterix isAAAc: it is indeed possible that plugin installer don't use the proxy...
  125. isAAAc fucking m$ windows, it works perfectly on linux
  126. isAAAc fucking hell, i'm damned
  127. isAAAc it really doesn't work
  128. isAAAc i think the trouble is the proxy @ work wich locking the connexion, and the plugin installer wich doesn't use my own proxy wich bypass the work's proxy
  129. isAAAc i'm @ home atm, booting on my m$ partition, i don't have any trouble with plugins
  130. isAAAc when i d/l the plugins by ftp, i should put them @ wrong place in plugin floder
  131. isAAAc i'll have a look on my home path how it's organised
  132. isAAAc the is only plugin_installer in the plugins folder
  133. isAAAc =-O
  134. isAAAc gtg back to work place, i'll reconnect from there
  135. isAAAc +
  136. isAAAc bk @ work
  137. lovetox isAAAc, it depends when you use portable all plugins are in your installpath/UserData/plugins
  138. lovetox if you use installed version all plugins are in %APPDATA%/Gajim/Plugins
  139. lovetox hm if someone sent me private messages just now, the client im on seems to not support that
  140. isAAAc oh ok
  141. isAAAc i was asking if you're french
  142. lovetox no
  143. lovetox im not
  144. lovetox im on conversejs webclient right now
  145. isAAAc ok
  146. isAAAc well , my app (portable) is on this path : C:\Users\gfvl1076\Gajim
  147. isAAAc plugin installer : C:\Users\gfvl1076\Gajim\plugins\plugin_installer
  148. isAAAc installed natively version is 0.12.4, and doesn't update at stratup (msg : download error)
  149. lovetox Do you have a Gajim/UserData folder?
  150. lovetox yeah i think we tracked down that the plugin installer doesnt work with a proxy, so we cant fix this
  151. lovetox but you know where to download plugins and you should put them into UserData\plugins
  152. isAAAc when i try to install from a zip , it says the plugin still exist and ask me if i want to replace it, but i still have a "download error" message oO
  153. lovetox you dont need to install from a zip
  154. lovetox just download the zip extract it to UserData\plugins
  155. lovetox and restart
  156. isAAAc ok
  157. lovetox The Download error will not go away
  158. lovetox the plugin cant circumvent the firwall from your company it seems
  159. lovetox nothing we can do about it right now
  160. isAAAc ok i have in the plugins path
  161. isAAAc i restart
  162. lovetox it should be extracted
  163. lovetox not a zip
  164. lovetox it must be a omemo folder
  165. isAAAc ok
  166. lovetox thats all the plugininstaller does, download a zip extract it to that folder, nothing more
  167. isAAAc done
  168. isAAAc i restart
  169. isAAAc lovetox, ok, i shouldn't be awake enough this morning, it works :x
  170. lovetox ok nice :) have to go bye
  171. isAAAc thx a lot ^^ (for your patience)
  172. Link Mauve debacle: from what I’ve heard around at DebConf and at work, Flatpak seems like a much more promising way of sandboxing processes.
  173. debacle Link Mauve: Well, flatpak has advantages and disadvantages. It is certainly an option for users to use. AppArmor is for the people - like me - who do not use flatpak.
  174. mimi89999 hello
  175. mimi89999 I noticed an issue.
  176. mimi89999 When contact has:
  177. mimi89999 Déconnecté(e) Available
  178. mimi89999 As status, he shows as unavailable
  179. mimi89999 lovetox:
  180. lovetox can you screenshot that
  181. mimi89999
  182. mimi89999 lovetox: Here you are. I had to blur my roster and my contact JID.
  183. lovetox hm maybe you opened the profile window before he was going offline?
  184. lovetox the stats in the profile window are not updated
  185. mimi89999 lovetox: I opened it when he was marked as offline.
  186. mimi89999 lovetox: He is actually online.
  187. lovetox what does Deconnecte mean
  188. mimi89999 Disconnected.
  189. mimi89999 Why doesn't everybody speak French?
  190. lovetox i could have guessed but i wanted to be sure before drawing conclusions
  191. lovetox so he shows in the roster as offline?
  192. lovetox but when you query his profile it says available?
  193. lovetox you are aware that this is not one status
  194. mimi89999 lovetox: In what way should I query him?
  195. lovetox its the status for each of his resources
  196. lovetox he has a phone resource and anohter resource
  197. lovetox one seems disconnected, the other available
  198. lovetox i see nothing wrong with that, except you tell me he shows as offline in your roster
  199. mimi89999 lovetox: I know. He has Gajim and Conversations. He is disconnected form Gajim, but connected in Conversations.
  200. lovetox so the problem is the roster?
  201. mimi89999 lovetox: Yes. If any resource is available, he should show as available in roster.
  202. lovetox he should, but thats impossible to debug now, this can have so many reasons
  203. lovetox either his server did not send us a presence, or we somewhere lost the status
  204. lovetox tell me if you see this more often
  205. mimi89999 lovetox: I am having that issue very often.
  206. lovetox i never saw that issue like ever
  207. lovetox so offline contacts write you?
  208. lovetox are you sure you have full presence subscription
  209. lovetox maybe this happens only with some contacts
  210. lovetox ?
  211. mimi89999 lovetox: Yes. I have offline contacts writing to me.
  212. mimi89999 lovetox: I believe we have subscription as we have OMEMO and I see his status in details.
  213. lovetox i would have to do a debug build and add debug output to track the presences
  214. lovetox to see what we actually get from the server
  215. lovetox are you on a stable connection?
  216. mimi89999 lovetox: Isn't there a flag I could add to Gajim?
  217. lovetox hm but that should not matter with streammanagement
  218. lovetox yeah to get alot of unrelated debug output
  219. lovetox but not to get ONLY presences
  220. mimi89999 lovetox: Yes. I am connected by cable to the same router my raspberrypi server is connected to.
  221. lovetox to be honest my first guess would be your server as cause
  222. lovetox as you run prosody trunk or?
  223. mimi89999 lovetox: I do. My contact also.
  224. mimi89999 lovetox: I can't
  225. mimi89999 To blame Prosody, I will have to give Zash some proof.
  226. mimi89999 It is not easy to blame Prosody...
  227. lovetox nah der are multiple issues regarding presence problems
  228. mimi89999 Where?
  229. lovetox prosody tracker
  230. mimi89999 lovetox: So why do I see him as available in details?
  231. mdosch I didn't experience this problem running trunk
  232. lovetox no idea really, needs lot of time to debug, never experienced it
  233. lovetox but for example i cant add a contact on without trying 20 times to request subscription and relogin
  234. lovetox so some problems with presences exist either in gajim or prosody
  235. lovetox but i had no time until now to look into it
  236. lovetox i bet its one thing that they added in trunk, that now breaks compatibility with gajim
  237. mimi89999 What did they add?
  238. lovetox i dont know
  239. lovetox but something changed, because i dont have problems with the stable prosody
  240. lovetox i think they did refactor the presence code
  241. mdosch lovetox, you have an test account on I could add for testing?
  242. lovetox yeah
  243. mdosch works flawless
  244. lovetox indeed
  245. mdosch one time requested subscription and received it...
  246. mdosch Latest prosody trunk...
  247. lovetox but maybe only between prosody and prosody
  248. lovetox can you add my ejabbered acc
  249. lovetox one moment
  250. lovetox do
  251. mdosch same
  252. lovetox remove please
  253. lovetox i try to add you
  254. mdosch mimi89999, maybe some module you have running?
  255. lovetox hm did you get my subscription request?
  256. mdosch nope
  257. mdosch :-/
  258. lovetox did you remove me?
  259. mdosch yes
  260. lovetox are you using gajim now for the adding?
  261. mdosch yes
  262. lovetox k i try again
  263. lovetox sent
  264. mdosch there is a conversations phone in the other room. should i disconnect?
  265. lovetox no
  266. mdosch nothing received
  267. lovetox ok try you now to add my
  268. mdosch instantly...
  269. lovetox what isntantly i did not get anything
  270. mdosch you instantly appeared online in my roster
  271. lovetox yeah because your server did not register that i removed you from mine
  272. lovetox but im not sure its prosody or gajim, but something is broken right now
  273. mdosch but gajim showed me the popup i got removed and asked me to also remove you. After clicking ok you disappeared from my roster. So gajim seems to realize it.
  274. lovetox then i dont get why i dont get another sub request...
  275. mdosch gajim-default-nightly/unstable,unstable,unstable,now 20171023-1 all
  276. lovetox ah i have to look at the stanza flow when i have time
  277. lovetox i did not ever change anything regarding presences
  278. mdosch i remove you, let's see if this makes a difference
  279. mdosch removed
  280. lovetox me to
  281. mdosch now i'll try adding you again
  282. mdosch authorized instantly again
  283. lovetox i did not receive anything lol
  284. mdosch ^^
  285. lovetox like not even in xml console
  286. lovetox just nothing
  287. mdosch weird
  288. lovetox but funny that it worked the first time flawless
  289. lovetox i guess not many people remove there contact to readd them often
  290. mdosch yep, never did
  291. lovetox so if this only happens when you often remove/readd
  292. mimi89999 I went to eat dinner and so much was told...
  293. mimi89999 A tl;dr?
  294. lovetox tldr something is broken :)
  295. mdosch 😁
  296. mimi89999 Really? I didn't notice...
  297. lovetox but my priority is now finishing the new design branch
  298. lovetox then i can take a look at this issue
  299. mimi89999 OK
  300. mimi89999 lovetox: I have 2 issues to report.
  301. mdosch lovetox, now i see you appeared in "not in roster" or whatever it is called in english
  302. mdosch Nicht in der Kontaktliste
  303. lovetox yeah extremly late
  304. mdosch your account
  305. lovetox i experienced that as well
  306. mimi89999 1. Sometimes,when I open the members sidebar, my conversation window goes dark for some time.
  307. mimi89999 Is that known?
  308. lovetox new design branch?
  309. mdosch removing you makes you instantly appear again
  310. mimi89999 lovetox: yes
  311. lovetox what is the memberssidebar
  312. lovetox the gc roster?
  313. mimi89999 lovetox: In MUCs, on the right, the memberlist
  314. lovetox you open it, and what goes dark?
  315. lovetox dark like pitch black?
  316. mdosch lovetox, when i filter for presence in xml console I only see incoming (incoming and outcoming activated)
  317. lovetox mdosch really i dont even know how a sub flow should look like in theory, i have to read into the RFC
  318. lovetox then i can look at it
  319. lovetox i never touched the sub code unitl now
  320. mimi89999 lovetox: I am not fast enough to screenshot
  321. lovetox screencast?
  322. mdosch ctrl alt shift r
  323. mdosch as you are using gnome shell
  324. mimi89999
  325. mimi89999 lovetox:
  326. lovetox ah k, and i guess it goes away after you scroll
  327. lovetox or resize?
  328. mimi89999 lovetox: Or even click
  329. mimi89999 😀
  330. lovetox yeah textview is shitty on resizes and this happens, maybe i can trigger a redraw or something to hide that
  331. lovetox but i see you messagetextbox
  332. lovetox is bigger then it should be
  333. lovetox i just wanted to fix that
  334. lovetox what was the 2. issue?
  335. mimi89999 lovetox: Textbox
  336. mimi89999 But another issue
  337. mimi89999
  338. mimi89999 lovetox:
  339. ThibG hm, something that somehow works with X11 but not Wayland (same version of GNOME): gajim remembering to maximize the main window on startup
  340. lovetox ah thanks mimi89999 i fix this
  341. mimi89999 ThibG: On Wayland I don't have icons.
  342. ThibG icons?
  343. mimi89999 ThibG: In window list
  344. mimi89999 lovetox: You want me to do more debugging?
  345. lovetox i want you to report all bugs yes please :)
  346. mimi89999 lovetox: In room config, the member and admins lists should be higher, so I can see more than 2 when scrolling.
  347. lovetox yes
  348. mimi89999 Currently it is to small...
  349. mimi89999 lovetox: The conference list on the left should be scrollable.
  350. ThibG mimi89999, I don't think I have this issue
  351. ThibG anyway, I reverted to X11 because gnome-shell is still a very unreliable wayland compositor
  352. mimi89999 True