Gajim - 2017-10-23

  1. jfc Hello!
  2. jfc I am having an issue with Gajim under Arch Linux.
  3. jfc What dependencies are required to enable audio/video chat?
  4. jfc I can't seem to find the package python-farstream
  5. lovetox jfc its probably not there anymore too old
  6. jfc So this needs to be patched to support gobject bindings?
  7. lovetox if you talk about 0.16.8 i dont think we will fix this
  8. lovetox you can get master branch from here
  9. lovetox
  10. lovetox there the dependency is farstream-0.2
  11. lovetox which should be available
  12. lovetox but i would not expect too much, its a not maintained feature
  13. jfc so audio/video doesn't work very well?
  14. lovetox some reported they made it work, but its miles away from something like skype
  15. lovetox if you want to try a audio/video xmpp client, i heard jitsi does a good job
  16. woffs Hi. Does MAM in MUC work with 0.16.8?
  17. woffs I mean, should it work? It seems not to do in my case.
  18. rom1dep I don't think it works at all
  19. rom1dep OTOH I think it pulls MAM in the background (when it manages to do so…) so you can ctrl+h and have a history (even if you won't know whether it's done catching up)
  20. woffs it seems that it does not, unfortunately, in case of MUC
  21. Asterix Muc mam is not implemented
  22. lovetox rom1dep except you didnt start gajim a year, a MAM catchup takes 2 seconds
  23. rom1dep lovetox: it happened to me more than once that I had to restart gajim for actually having the history showing up.
  24. lovetox restart? you just have to close the window and reopen it
  25. lovetox what should a restart solve?
  26. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  27. rom1dep lovetox: no, I actually had to quit and start gajim over, before doing that I didn't have all the history
  28. concerto My friend who is using Gajim on Windows says it is uninstallable o.O
  29. concerto i.e. it doesn't show up in the add/remove programs thing in the control panel thing
  30. concerto (I haven't used Windows in >10 years, and it probably shows. :>)
  31. mimi89999 concerto: Probably he has the 'portable' version.
  32. concerto mimi89999: oh. probably my fault. How does one uninstall it, then?
  33. mimi89999 concerto: You just remove the exe?
  34. concerto Hm...okay, I'll try that when I next have their laptop around. Thanks!
  35. concerto Can Windows packages of Gajim update automatically or anything?
  36. mimi89999 No clue.
  37. lovetox remove the folder on the portable thats it, nothing is registered on the system
  38. lovetox with the normal installer it should show up but i never tried it
  39. mimi89999 I am a Debian GNU/Linux user.
  40. lovetox concerto i dont think we can do this, for this we probably need to have a windows universal application
  41. lovetox and i think we need to use microsoft languages for that
  42. lovetox not python
  43. concerto lovetox: you mean for automatic updates, or for being listed in Add/Remove Programs?
  44. lovetox for automatic updates
  45. concerto aw, drat :(
  46. concerto lovetox: not even with this? ._.
  47. lovetox interesting thanks
  48. concerto yay :D
  49. zuglufttier "Esky, is again unmaintained. I would reccomend trying pyinstaller and pyupdater It seems to be the king." From:
  50. zuglufttier The alternative project seems to be very active.
  51. lovetox yeah pyupdate seems nice