Gajim - 2017-10-18

  1. debacle lovetox: thanks, just uploaded gajim-rostertweaks 1.0.0 to debian/experimental
  2. pep. I've got a user reporting gajim sucking all CPU, anybody else experienced this? :x
  3. pep. I'll try and ask for more details.
  4. debacle pep.: version?
  5. debacle OS?
  6. pep. debian sid, master (or close to) iirc
  7. Link Mauve pep., Sid only contains the 0.16 branch.
  8. pep. Link Mauve, packaged itself
  9. pep. Link Mauve, packaged himself
  10. pep. it's jordi after all :)
  11. Link Mauve Ah right. ^^
  12. Link Mauve Why is him not using the package in Experimental?
  13. pep. ask him
  14. pep. I'll ask him to give more details anyway
  15. debacle I uploaded a new 0.16.11* to debian/experimental yesterday, btw.
  16. debacle Any feedback welcome!
  17. zuglufttier I tried rostertweaks with gajim from git. Working quite nicely. What was the key combination for the menu again? :D
  18. lovetox zuglufttier, look at the plugin config dialog
  19. zuglufttier I checked the option to disable the menu...
  20. zuglufttier Ah, it's ctrl-m.
  21. ThibG I had no crash or Gtk3 GtkTree warning ever since I added my always-show-groups hack