Gajim - 2017-10-16

  1. lovetox no there are no plans currently
  2. lovetox deprecated just means its not recommended to implement in new clients, not that everybody should drop support immediatly
  3. lovetox also the the Invisible Command XEP that is part of replacing privacy lists is not implemented by any server
  4. lovetox if Inivisble Command would se an implementation somewhere, we could probably get rid of privacylists for good
  5. Nothing4You The brew osx instructions seem to be outdated for py3 master
  6. Nothing4You I'm getting an AttributeError module locale has no attribute bindtextdomain
  7. Nothing4You In the Gajim wiki
  8. r3pek Hey guys!
  9. r3pek any way to control the Auth method used by Gajim?
  10. r3pek it looks like it only tries the first available method instead of all
  11. r3pek but i really don't know the protocol to know how it should behave in this matter
  12. Asterix If server annouce support for it, I see no reason for it to fail ...
  13. r3pek well.... me neither :)
  14. r3pek i'm just comparing the behaviour of Gajim/Pidgin
  15. r3pek pidgin tries the next auth available. Gajim fails on the first one.
  16. Asterix I don't know what rfc says about that ...
  17. r3pek you know what's the rfc number?
  18. r3pek 6120 maybe?
  19. Asterix Yes probably
  20. r3pek yeah found it
  21. r3pek point 6.4.5
  22. r3pek "If the initiating entity attempts a reasonable number of retries with the same SASL mechanism and all attempts fail, it MAY fall back to the next mechanism in its ordered list by sending a new <auth/>"
  23. r3pek not mandatory
  24. r3pek I opened an issue, want to comment anything in there about this?
  25. Asterix On nbxmpp project
  26. Link Mauve r3pek, why would it fail, btw?
  27. Link Mauve What mechanism is that?
  28. r3pek Link Mauve, it's failing on DIGEST-MD5, and works with Login
  29. Link Mauve Ow, why is your server still exposing this one?
  30. r3pek not my server :(
  31. Link Mauve Report that issue to your admin.
  32. r3pek hummmm ok then
  33. Link Mauve r3pek, they could move the working mechanism first, for example.
  34. r3pek don't even know what server they're using (software), but i'll try to get in contact with someone
  35. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *f2347224* <> Correctly pass authentication mechs to nbxmpp
  36. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *7a98ebac* <> Correctly pass authentication mechs to nbxmpp
  37. r3pek can someone confirm me that gajim still depends on farstream 0.1 for video/audio?
  38. Asterix Gajim 0.16.x, yes. Gajim master, no. But even with it, it's a long time I haven't tested it ...
  39. r3pek yeah..... just found bug 8720
  40. r3pek :-/
  41. r3pek oh well.... guess i'm gonna w8 until 0.17 is out to test this
  42. r3pek is it planned already?
  43. r3pek no pressure.... really just curious
  44. lovetox no we have no one to maintain it or that is interested enough to make it work again
  45. r3pek gajim or the audio/video part? :)
  46. lovetox audio/video
  47. r3pek strange how not that many ppl use it
  48. Zash probably a case of a loud minority that want it :)
  49. concerto So, today's nightly crashy to the point of unusability for anyone else? o.o
  50. concerto Master branch nightly, I mean.
  51. r3pek oh well
  52. r3pek i'll take a look at the code when the next version is released
  53. r3pek maybe i'll pick it
  54. lovetox concerto with what error
  55. Link Mauve r3pek, it’d be better to have a look before the release. ^^'
  56. concerto lovetox:
  57. concerto The one at the end is when I tried to quit, before that was either on start or when I tried to login.
  58. lovetox maybe disable some plugins
  59. lovetox this seems to be cause by one
  60. r3pek Link Mauve, maybe i'll look around
  61. r3pek ;)
  62. concerto lovetox: oh, and when I start Gajim - - I'm not automatically logged in or asked for my password (as usually happens) - when I change status to Available to login, I just see my own JID (I do have the option for that enabled), and nobody else's.
  63. Nothing4You does anyone of the devs use gajim on osx?
  64. Nothing4You just wondering because they might know what i'm missing to use gajim master with brew
  65. Link Mauve Nothing4You, no, but what is the error message?
  66. Nothing4You i posted it here earlier today
  67. Nothing4You AttributeError: module locale has no attribute bindtextdomain
  68. Nothing4You don't have the exact error at hand currently
  69. Link Mauve Ah, sounds like gettext.
  70. Nothing4You won't have it until tomorrow, i only use osx at work
  71. Nothing4You is the guide i used
  72. Nothing4You with brew, py3, master
  73. Link Mauve Seems weird not to have gettext though.
  74. Nothing4You well
  75. Nothing4You the guide explicitly installs it
  76. Link Mauve Try just uncommenting that line and see what happens, most likely you won’t have translations.
  77. Nothing4You and links it
  78. Nothing4You btw
  79. Nothing4You gajim gitlab is broken :(
  80. Nothing4You has a "history" button that links to which is 404
  81. lovetox Nothing4You, that site is not 404 for me
  82. Nothing4You maybe it requires login?
  83. Nothing4You in which case it's probably a gitlab bug
  84. int Also 404 here
  85. lovetox and yeah gettext on macosx is missing bindtextdomain, i think i read thate somewhere
  86. Nothing4You by not checking for auth / redirecting to login to show the button
  87. lovetox let me look how we solve this
  88. int Lovetox: that is why i cannot Use gajim Any longer
  89. Nothing4You even a regular user can't see the history when logged in
  90. Link Mauve lovetox, fyi, locale.bindtextdomain isn’t listed in the module’s documentation.
  91. Link Mauve It’s guarded by a #ifdef HAVE_LIBINTL_H
  92. Link Mauve So if you build Python without libidn support, you won’t have it.
  93. lovetox yeah it calls the C lib
  94. Zash Does the OS X libc have all that?
  95. int Is there any workaround i can try for this bindtextdomain problem?
  96. lovetox you can comment line 79 in
  97. lovetox and tell me afterwards if translation still works
  98. int thank you :D works.. online with gajim now.. finally
  99. lovetox but translation should not work i think
  100. int lovetox: dunno never used that.. do you mean selecting another language für gajim ui?
  101. lovetox you cant select another language it should show in your system default langauage
  102. int lovetox, nope, it shows in english but my system default is german
  103. lovetox and it was always like that i guess
  104. int lovetox, not sure.. mompls
  105. lovetox could you try this patch
  106. lovetox
  107. lovetox no sorry thats wrong
  108. int ok.. :)
  109. Link Mauve lovetox, highly unlikely it will support that, you need to declare the function mapping in ctypes before you can use it.
  110. int has some problems? php error was encountered..
  111. lovetox
  112. lovetox Link Mauve, i found that on stackoverflow
  113. lovetox so for someone it once worked
  114. Link Mauve Uh, weird.
  115. lovetox ah int let it be, i try this tomorrow on my own mac
  116. lovetox i got to sleep have a good night