Gajim - 2017-10-14

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 5 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *e79af35e* <> Refactor store_bookmarks() - Add logging - Move Node building code into own methods *149522dc* <> ServerInfo: Add PubSub discovery *ac281533* <> Get Pubsub bookmarks also if PEP is supported *dd4a8005* <> Discover PublishOptions also if PubSub is not discovered PEP supports a subset of PubSub and can also support publish options *fcf15fca* <> Bookmarks: Remove invalid publish option
  2. debacle What is GooCanvas used for in Gajim? (
  3. Link Mauve debacle, the whiteboard plugin.
  4. debacle Thanks!
  5. debacle When I try to initiate an audio session on Gajim master, I get:
  6. debacle Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 799, in on_audio_button_toggled self.on_jingle_button_toggled(widget, 'audio') File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 785, in on_jingle_button_toggled 'start_' + jingle_type)( File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/common/", line 127, in start_audio jingle.add_content('voice', JingleAudio(jingle)) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/common/", line 338, in __init__ JingleRTPContent.__init__(self, session, 'audio', transport) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/common/", line 46, in __init__ JingleContent.__init__(self, session, transport) TypeError: __init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'senders'
  7. Link Mauve debacle, sounds like a bug, could you open an issue please?
  8. debacle video session: same result
  9. debacle OK, will do! (Tomorrow...)
  10. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *c6fc9081* <> Catch exception when closing window Fixes #8761
  11. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *2b0ab5e9* <> Fix syntax error
  12. concerto Is there any way I can 1. have Gajim convert text emojis to graphic emojis in the message itself (so even other clients see it the same way) and 2. convert emojis as one types, so one knows what will be converted to what, and so that one can enter emojis without having to use the mouse? (maybe there can be some way to just type the emoji name and have autocompletion to select it?)
  13. concerto Is there any way one can 1. have Gajim convert text emojis to graphic emojis in the message itself (so even other clients see it the same way) and 2. convert emojis as one types, so one knows what will be converted to what, and so that one can enter emojis without having to use the mouse? (maybe there can be some way to just type the emoji name and have autocompletion to select it?)
  14. Vincent Hello, quick question, do we have possibility to add a room list this one on our contact list in Gajim ?
  15. concerto I don't understand what that means o_o
  16. ThibG So, I've just tried the development version of gajim and… I'm not too fond of the UI. But above all, it started to constantly crash, now.
  17. ThibG Gtk:ERROR:../../../../gtk/gtkrbtree.c:471:_gtk_rbtree_insert_after: assertion failed: (_gtk_rbtree_is_nil (tree->root)) Abandon (core dumped)
  18. lovetox ThibG, yeah a nasty roster bug, thats stopping us from releasing gajim
  19. lovetox sometimes it helps if you deactivate the account and reactivate
  20. lovetox concerto, you want to send emojis as images inline with text
  21. debacle I'm lucky, so far I did not suffer from this bug.
  22. ThibG it indeed did help
  23. lovetox that is not a good idea, and there is no standard for doing that
  24. mdosch >‎[15:19:36] ‎lovetox‎: ThibG, yeah a nasty roster bug, thats stopping us from releasing gajim Never experienced a bug with my roster. Where is the bugreport? I'd like to see what exactly happens. Maybe I just didn't realize this bug as I wasn't looking for it
  25. lovetox mdosch, it crashes your gajim i think you would have noticed
  26. concerto lovetox: text emoji are already converted to graphical emoji, but it only appears that way for Gajim users - I'm suggesting making it consistent no matter who is reading, or on which client.
  27. lovetox ThibG, do you use metacontacts?
  28. ThibG lovetox, yeah I think, I'd have to check
  29. mdosch lovetox, ok that would be pretty obvious
  30. lovetox yeah that will raise you chances for it happening
  31. Asterix I deactivated them (a return True at the begining of the event generation) else I can't start Gajim 90% of the time
  32. ThibG lovetox, yeah, they are kind of not shown, btw
  33. concerto lovetox: text to graphical emoji conversion is non-trivial, of course (we discussed it before :) ), but atleast the ones that are already converted...and then there's the keyboard-based graphical emoji insertion idea.
  34. lovetox you can already use string smilies that are converted
  35. lovetox you just have to add to the list
  36. Asterix I also did a screencast of a way to repro the bug 100% of the time
  37. lovetox of course autocompletion needs a bit more
  38. lovetox yeah Asterix please upload
  39. concerto lovetox: > you just have to add to the list what's this? o.o
  40. lovetox
  41. lovetox just add your string beside the unicode symbol that it should replace
  42. lovetox and for your idea to send images inline with the message
  43. Asterix lovetox: I don't knowwhere it is :) I already sent you a long time ago
  44. lovetox ah then i know it, i thought you did another one
  45. lovetox concerto, you need a standard for that
  46. lovetox one that a client has to implement
  47. lovetox and why would he not just replace the unicode symbols with some emoticon theme ?
  48. lovetox or dont replace them at all and install a font on the system that can draw these unicode symbols
  49. ThibG Another issue I have is that the roster is kinda “hard” to bring up. E.g., there is no entry in the main menu to bring it up.
  50. ThibG The behavior to have it never close is a bit annoying too…
  51. ThibG Except I have found a way to close it (Esc), but then I don't know how to bring it up again.
  52. concerto lovetox: I think I wasn't clear - when I wrote text emojis I meant things like ": )", and when I wrote graphical emoji I meant things like "🙂"
  53. lovetox ThibG, on what system are you?
  54. ThibG lovetox, GNOME 3 (Wayland) from Debian testing
  55. lovetox i understood you concerto
  56. concerto lovetox: right now, ": )" (without the space) is replaced by 🙂 , but only for Gajim. I'm suggesting that Gajim modify this in the message, so that one can type : ) but *all* clients will get 🙂
  57. lovetox there is no standard for that concerto
  58. lovetox and also not everyone wants that
  59. Asterix concerto: you can understand that I want to use my own theme for emoticons and not yours
  60. lovetox i guess you could probably use xhtml for that, but you have no guarantee that this is supported by the other client
  61. lovetox conversations for examples does not support xhtml
  62. concerto lovetox: does there need to be? It's easy enough to enter emojis on phones, so it's only needed on desktop clients. And it makes it easier to enter emoji on desktops, so it's most likely useful for more people than not. And of course, it should be possible to disable it - then typing ":<no space>)" should just send that. Asterix: I'm saying replace ":<no space>)" in the user's message with <:slight_smile: emoji, however they've configured to display it>. Why would it affect emoji themes?
  63. concerto lovetox: does there need to be? It's easy enough to enter emojis on phones, so it's only needed on desktop clients. And it makes it easier to enter emoji on desktops, so it's most likely useful for more people than not. And of course, it should be possible to disable it - then typing ":<no space>)" should just send that. Asterix: I'm saying replace ":<no space>)" in the user's message with <:slight_smile: emoji>. Wouldn't it appear for the recipient however the recipient has configured it? Why would it affect emoji themes?
  64. concerto (...yikes.)
  65. lovetox so you dont want to send images
  66. lovetox you just want to replace the text with another text
  67. lovetox this of course can be done
  68. Asterix acronyms plugin
  69. lovetox im not seeing a big reason to do so though as ":)" every human in the world know what that is instead :lightsmile: means nothing to me
  70. Asterix I think he means the unicode char for this emoticons
  71. concerto Asterix: yeah
  72. lovetox as i said this can already be done in the emoticon
  73. lovetox just add :lightsmile: beside the unicode char that you want to replace
  74. lovetox ah stop
  75. lovetox 2 different things getting here mixed
  76. lovetox 1. is that gajim translates :lightsmile: to a unicode char and send it
  77. lovetox that can not be done right now, but yeah good idea
  78. Asterix this can be done with acronyms plugin
  79. lovetox ah good
  80. lovetox and 2. is your sentence "convert text emojis to graphic emojis in the message itself"
  81. lovetox what does that mean graphic emoji in the message itself?
  82. lovetox sound to me as you want to send pictures
  83. lovetox Asterix, acronym plugin is i believe one of the test plguins?
  84. lovetox its not in the main repo or
  85. Asterix maybe yes ...
  86. Asterix then maybe we should move it there?
  87. concerto lovetox: I type ":<nospace>)". It's quite clear that this one will be converted into :slight_smile: Unicode emoji, but it may not be clear for other emojis. One can't know until one sends it. So I'm suggesting that just as I type ":<nospace>)", it is changed into :slight_smile:.
  88. concerto (Within the compose area, and without sending the message.)
  89. lovetox no we dont translate it to unicode
  90. lovetox if you send ": )"
  91. concerto Yeah, I know.
  92. lovetox this is only in gajim you can disable this behaviour, you contact will get what ever you type we dont replace anything in the message
  93. concerto I'm suggesting translate it into Unicode, and make the conversion visible to the user as one types, instead of waiting for the message to be sent.
  94. concerto I'm suggesting translate it into Unicode, and make the conversion happen right away as one types, instead of waiting for the message to be sent.
  95. nico xD I am always getting notified when someone types unicode 😀 as my name is part of unicode 😀
  96. lovetox yeah i upload the acronym plugin then you can test if this is what you want
  97. lovetox nico by gajim?
  98. nico nope dino ☺
  99. concerto lol
  100. lovetox so change it, thats not really wanted behaviour or
  101. lovetox at least if you are a dino dev :)
  102. nico I will open a issue for that ☺
  103. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *55c3cf78* <> Add AcronymExpanderPlugin
  104. concerto lovetox: cool, thanks!
  105. concerto I'll give it a try
  106. lovetox there is a file in that plugins folder
  107. lovetox there you can add the acronyms
  108. lovetox then just type it into the message box and hit SPACE key
  109. concerto lovetox: wow, that's a pretty neat plugin :D
  110. lovetox it misses a UI where you can add the acronyms
  111. concerto Do I need to restart Gajim to make it re-read the acronym file?
  112. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *5aeed6c7* <> Remove AcronymExpanderPlugin Moved to the gajim-plugins repository
  113. lovetox concerto, i think it is enough if you activate/deactivate the plugin
  114. concerto I tried didn't :(
  115. concerto oh, I think I missed a comma
  116. lovetox hm does this work for you?
  117. concerto lovetox: I disabled/enabled, I restarted, no luck. This is what I had added - `":)": "🙂",`
  118. lovetox yeah one moment it does not seem to read the file
  119. concerto (I can expand the other acronyms, but not these.)
  120. lovetox concerto, you have to add it like that
  121. lovetox ":smile:": "\U0001f923"
  122. lovetox aso for the autocompletion
  123. ThibG hm, so, yeah, I downgraded gajim, removed my metacontacts, and the roster is much more stable now
  124. mimi89999 14/10/2017 15:40:57 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an even handler: <bound method GroupchatControl._nec_gc_message_received of <gajim.groupchat_control.GroupchatControl object at 0x7f16f3de0a20>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/", line 1130, in _nec_gc_message_received correct_id=obj.correct_id, msg_stanza_id=obj.id_) File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/", line 1268, in print_conversation correct_id=correct_id, msg_stanza_id=msg_stanza_id, encrypted=encrypted) File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/", line 942, in print_conversation_line encrypted=encrypted) File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/", line 1187, in print_conversation_line buffer_.insert(iter_, ' ') File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gi/overrides/", line 717, in insert Gtk.TextBuffer.insert(self, iter, text, length) TypeError: Argument 1 does not allow None as a value
  125. mimi89999 Why am I getting that?
  126. Asterix Because iter is none
  127. mimi89999 Really? 😛
  128. lovetox i have no idea mimi89999 it would be interesting if you catch it live
  129. lovetox and maybe see what was causing it
  130. mimi89999 Can you send a stanza with an empty body in the MUC?
  131. Link Mauve Of course.
  132. mimi89999 done?
  133. Link Mauve Ah, you want one?
  134. lovetox thats not the problem mimi89999
  135. Link Mauve
  136. Link Mauve mimi89999, here, done.
  137. Link Mauve
  138. mimi89999 Please correct it now
  139. Link Mauve Hmm, not sure I can.
  140. Link Mauve Oh well.
  141. mimi89999 lovetox: What is the problem?
  142. Link Mauve corrected
  143. Link Mauve Heh, poezio considered it like a new message, since it didn’t display the previous one. :)
  144. lovetox hm now you are thinking about if this could be a problem somehow
  145. mimi89999 and a message corrected to nothing?
  146. Link Mauve
  147. Link Mauve
  148. Link Mauve Here.
  149. Link Mauve poezio didn’t change it, I wonder what the behaviour should be, but definitely not this one.
  150. Link Mauve
  151. Link Mauve mimi89999, do you see anything in Gajim?
  152. mimi89999 No issues
  153. Link Mauve What did you see?
  154. mimi89999
  155. Link Mauve Please fix your Content-Type…
  156. Link Mauve How many times did we have to tell you already? /o\
  157. Link Mauve mimi89999, so there actually were issues, such as the absence of correction…
  158. mimi89999 Link Mauve: No errors
  159. mimi89999 Link Mauve: I can't. I don't touch that PHP.
  160. Link Mauve But you just have to update…
  161. mimi89999 Hmm
  162. mimi89999 In my log I see hours before:
  163. mimi89999 We've already setup a session for this V3 message, letting bundled message fall through... 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xa7 in position 2: invalid start byte
  164. mimi89999 Link Mauve: Update to what?
  165. Link Mauve To the latest prosody-modules, I guess?
  166. mimi89999 Link Mauve:
  167. mimi89999 Link Mauve: Nothing new
  168. bgbcvbvc dutch people here?
  169. bgbcvbvc dutch people here?
  170. bgbcvbvc m
  171. Link Mauve Hmm, I’ve seen someone post an updated version the other day.
  172. mimi89999 bgbcvbvc: Maybe. Why are you asking?
  173. mimi89999 Link Mauve: I don't see anything else.
  174. Link Mauve Yes, Nothing4You.
  175. Link Mauve Just ask him to upstream his stuff.
  176. mimi89999 But you have a link?
  177. Link Mauve No.
  178. lovetox thats a omemo error you can ignore it
  179. mimi89999 Link Mauve: I won't use the built in HTTP upload as it was causing Prosody to hang or crash sometimes.
  180. mimi89999 lovetox: OK. Thanks.
  181. Link Mauve Oh is it?
  182. mimi89999 You know what was causing it?
  183. Link Mauve Related to #981?
  184. Link Mauve ’cause that’s my current pain point.
  185. mimi89999 Link Mauve: Is that happening when many people are uploading large files?
  186. Link Mauve No idea.
  187. mimi89999 Try
  188. Link Mauve Not in production.
  189. mimi89999 Link Mauve: In my case Prosody started consuming all memory and was getting killed my LMC
  190. Link Mauve Ah, then that’s a totally different issue.
  191. Link Mauve And you were warned, you changed an internal limit knowingly.
  192. concerto lovetox: I just can't get it to work :(
  193. mimi89999 10M was quite small
  194. Link Mauve It’s way more than enough.
  195. mimi89999 Users were complaining that they couldn't send videos in Conv, but in other apps they could.
  196. lovetox concerto remove the plugin config in .local/share/gajim/pluginconfig
  197. lovetox or not its in .config/gajim maybe
  198. concerto lovetox: I added these two ":smile:": "\U0001f923", ":)": "\U0001F642", and then tried to type ": )" and ":smile:"
  199. lovetox where do you add this?
  200. lovetox in what path
  201. concerto lovetox: ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander/acronyms
  202. lovetox yeah thats wrong
  203. lovetox add it to ~/.config/gajim/plugin....
  204. mimi89999 Link Mauve: Now they can upload long videos (several mins) in very high quality.
  205. concerto lovetox: still no change
  206. concerto lovetox: I added them to ~/.config/gajim/pluginsconfig/acronyms_expander , still no change
  207. lovetox yeah the plugin loads weirdly sometimes not
  208. lovetox what you can do is set them in code
  209. lovetox ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander/
  210. lovetox here in the py file, pretty in the top
  211. lovetox after that delete ~/.config/gajim/pluginsconfig/acronyms_expander
  212. ThibG this Gtk3 issue is really weird
  213. mdosch what is gajim checking for xep-0060 in "server info"?
  214. mdosch
  215. mdosch Afair I always had everything checked successful except xep-0016
  216. mdosch And I am running prosody trunk with the new mod_pep_plus (that lovetox already debugged yesterday)
  217. ThibG hm, I think there is some mismatch between modelfilter and model iters in the roster window stuff
  218. ThibG nevermind
  219. ThibG So, some observations: it only crashes in lines 1299-1301 of
  220. ThibG but even without those crashes, the roster view is messed up, it doesn't show all the contacts it should
  221. Asterix Show offline / hide offline makes it back ok
  222. ThibG indeed
  223. Asterix This is the only main bug that prevent a gtk3 release
  224. lovetox mdosch thats pubsub
  225. ThibG I'm trying to make sense out of it, but so far I really can't 😕
  226. lovetox you dont need it, you have PEP
  227. lovetox PEP is a subset of PubSub
  228. mdosch Ok, I just wondered as 3x failed was new to me. It was only 1 failed as prosody 0.10 switched to mod_blocklist and deprecetad 0016
  229. lovetox dont treat it like a compliance check it isnt
  230. lovetox it is here so i can ask users what there server supports, and can debug accordingly
  231. mdosch alright, thanks for clarification
  232. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *16ad6080* <> Minimize Roster correctly on ESC Fixes #8765
  233. ThibG hm, the Gtk3 bug might have to do with the code for filtering groups
  234. ThibG If I unconditionally return True for groups without doing the processing, everything works
  235. lovetox yes thats also what we suspect
  236. lovetox can you tell me where exactly you return true?
  237. ThibG 1673
  238. ThibG I'm playing around to try to find what breaks exactly
  239. ThibG I suspect there are side-effects or something like that but couldn't find it so far
  240. lovetox sure its 1673?
  241. lovetox
  242. lovetox you mean you just always show all groups
  243. ThibG yes
  244. lovetox but we do that if show offline contacts is enabled
  245. ThibG always hiding all groups is not really interesting either, but it doesn't show any ill effect
  246. lovetox still the bug can happen
  247. lovetox i believe at least
  248. lovetox are you using transports?
  249. ThibG no
  250. lovetox are you using more than one account?
  251. ThibG not enabled
  252. ThibG hm, no side-effect involved, if I always show all groups, even executing all the filter code (just changing the default “return False” to “return True”), I don't have any issue… hm…
  253. lovetox but you dont have to change code for that
  254. lovetox the option show offline contacts does exactly that
  255. lovetox it returns always true
  256. lovetox maybe you could use that option a while and see if any crashes or problems happen
  257. lovetox there is the chance that more than one thing is broken
  258. ThibG yeah indeed
  259. Asterix lovetox: do you still have the screencast I did to show it to ThibG? I don't find it anymore
  260. lovetox one moment i look for it
  261. lovetox didnt look on your server ^^
  262. lovetox
  263. lovetox was it that one though?
  264. lovetox yeah i think
  265. Asterix yep
  266. ThibG so far I'm not having any issue with “Show Offline Contacts”, although I think I had issues even with it earlier?
  267. Asterix when offline contacts are shown, it's ok. The problem on the video if when a contact come online, and it's the first online in the group, so both the group and the contact should be shown
  268. lovetox Asterix i can reproduce it like in the video but only when show_self_contact = when_other_resource
  269. lovetox if show_self_contact = always it works
  270. lovetox thats the weird thing here, i think self contact fucks everything else up
  271. lovetox and i think i now why
  272. Asterix I haven't checked, but if it's true, then indeed it's weird. The behaviour is completly unrelated to self contact
  273. lovetox when i looked, only if self contact = always, we actually create a contact Object for ourself
  274. lovetox if self_contact = when_other_resource
  275. lovetox we dont create a contact object, and just add a row to the roster
  276. lovetox and i think from that moment on some method in the roster depends that Contacts and Rows in roster is actually the same
  277. lovetox and because of that the iters dont match anymore or something like that
  278. Asterix I don't think it's possible to add a row without a contact ...
  279. lovetox yeah this seemed wrong to me also
  280. lovetox but i show you the part, one moment
  281. Asterix and in the video self_contact is not shown, not needed, and that should not change the behaviour
  282. Asterix I can't look carefully now, working on somthing else
  283. Asterix sorry
  284. ThibG I have set self_contact = when_other_resource, hidden offline contacts, but modified the code to display every group. Let's see how it turns out.
  285. lovetox you need another resource of yourself of course thats online
  286. Asterix I didn't in the vodeo
  287. Asterix I didn't in the video
  288. lovetox rapid killing gajim and restarting, will do that also
  289. ThibG lovetox, had two other resources running, now they stopped, didn't change anything yet
  290. Muelli is there a way to open the next "new" message? I used to double click the "tray" icon. But that's gone with the new GNOME :-
  291. Muelli is there a way to open the next "new" message? I used to double click the "tray" icon. But that's gone with the new GNOME :-/
  292. lovetox Muelli, what version of gajim are you using?
  293. Muelli option --version not recognized hrmpf
  294. lovetox help menu
  295. Muelli 0.16.8-3
  296. Muelli according to apt-cache policy gajim
  297. lovetox what distri are you using?
  298. Muelli it's whatever Ubuntu ships
  299. Asterix gajim-remote show_next_pending_event
  300. lovetox then install the appindicator plugin
  301. Asterix or sth like that
  302. ThibG lovetox, well, killing/quitting gajim doesn't do the trick because it doesn't seem to properly log off and I have smacks enabled :p
  303. lovetox then you have the icon again
  304. Muelli "It seems Gajim is not running" wat?
  305. Muelli it'd be nice if it told me why it thinks that
  306. Asterix becasue he was not able to find it via dbus
  307. Muelli yeah, I'm looking with d-feet. I don't find anything for "gajim"
  308. Asterix Muelli: you need to enable that in ACE. look for remote_control
  309. Muelli Asterix: should that apply to the running instance though?
  310. Asterix no I don't think so. dbus object is created on startup
  311. Muelli fair enough. I found my message meanwhile. -.- Of course, only at the end of my 177+2412 item long roster >.<
  312. lovetox yeah it seems it really has to do with the group draw method
  313. ThibG Yeah, my workaround (never filter groups out) seems to work so far, I have no idea why
  314. ThibG (Regardless of the “show offline contacts” and show_self_contact settings)
  315. ThibG I also tried to tackle a longtime issue I had with gajim but I failed: when quitting, the session is not properly closed (leading to lingering Smacks sessions)
  316. ThibG But nbxmpp is reports sending the </stream:stream> so I don't know :/
  317. ThibG (Maybe it is buffered but not actually sent over the network?)
  318. lovetox thats probably easier to debug with server logs
  319. lovetox i think i have that problem aslo
  320. lovetox with prosody at least
  321. ThibG Yeah, I'll enable prosody debug logs tomorrow…
  322. lovetox i think the roster problem is a combination of some things
  323. lovetox thats why its so hard to debug
  324. lovetox but at least i can reproduce it now 100% of the time
  325. lovetox so it should be doable
  326. Zash What's the deal with pubsub in server info? The code seems to be checking the bare domain?
  327. ThibG But it's definitely an issue with gajim's shutdown process: I don't have the issue with Conversations, and actually going offline manually in gajim before shutting down also works
  328. lovetox Zash, i guess this is wrong
  329. lovetox but on ejabbered it works
  330. lovetox but im not sure i totally undertstand this
  331. lovetox i want to know if i have pubsub on my bare jid
  332. lovetox because thats what i use
  333. lovetox when i query bookmarks
  334. Zash lovetox: cheking the bare jid does make more sense than the bare *server* jid then
  335. lovetox ok so i looked again, we query the hostname, like
  336. lovetox and this should contain a <feature var='>
  337. lovetox or not?
  338. Zash Are you talking pubsub to the hostname?
  339. lovetox no, i guess not, but i was looking at that
  340. lovetox
  341. lovetox and they query the server
  342. lovetox Zash, whats the problem
  343. Zash I think that XEP is wrong
  344. lovetox i just tested this on which runs prosody
  345. lovetox and it announces on the hostname pubsub
  346. Zash I think is what you should look at
  347. lovetox hm we have a own row for pep
  348. lovetox and im sure its discovered
  349. Zash At some point during the evolution of XMPP, people realized that the entity you talk some protocol should be the one that advertises the feature
  350. Zash First versions of MAM also had the feature on the host
  351. Zash So I'd say that's a case of 223 being wrong.
  352. Zash And probably 222 too
  353. Zash Both of those are also informational XEPs, not standards track, whatever the distinction was.
  354. Zash lovetox: Shouldn't it say XEP-0223 instead of XEP-0060 then?
  355. lovetox so you are saying i should query my own bare jid
  356. Zash I'm saying someone should write to the standards list and say that it's probably wrong
  357. Zash If you check the parts about publish-options, that violates what xep 60 says now
  358. Zash I wrote a post about that yesterday or something
  359. lovetox yes i saw that
  360. lovetox ok i look into it to get this right
  361. lovetox but why does then announce on the hostname <feature var=''/>
  362. lovetox it runs a fairley current version i think Zash
  363. Zash I have no idea
  364. Zash Probably because mod_pep (the older, simpler one) does
  365. Zash It probably shouldn't do that