Gajim - 2017-10-13

  1. marek Asterix: dwd: I could isolate the problem disconnecting the account. it was an omemo encrypted message from "conversations-client". it had two <key rid> tags in the header of the encrypted part.
  2. zuglufttier Does anybody know why I get this warning? "(W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo OMEMO message does not contain our device key"
  3. zuglufttier Is it because one of several devices from a contact does not have my keys or is a problem on my side?
  4. marek zuglufttier: they don't have your key - you might have a new device or new key?
  5. zuglufttier New installation of gajim, so yes.
  6. zuglufttier Thanks, marek!
  7. marek every installation has unique keys, both communications partners need to exchange them before the new message is generated
  8. marek you're welcome :)
  9. lovetox Link Mauve, are underscores allowed in domain names for MUCs?
  10. lovetox like
  11. lovetox my initial feeling was yes, but gajim doesnt allow it right now, and maybe i missing something
  12. mathieui why not?
  13. Link Mauve lovetox, libidn says nope.
  14. Link Mauve >>> stringprep.idna("a_a.domain.tld") Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "/home/linkmauve/dev/slixmpp/slixmpp/", line 99, in idna raise StringprepError slixmpp.stringprep.StringprepError
  15. mathieui ha, in domain names
  16. lovetox th
  17. lovetox thx
  18. mdosch Is there a known bug that makes gajim ignore auto-join for mucs? gajim-default-nightly/unstable,unstable,unstable,now 20171013-1
  19. mdosch Three mucs which have autojoin enabled long time are auto-joined but I set the flag for other mucs too, restarted and nothing changed
  20. mdosch Am running prosody trunk with ne pep_plus, maybe that's the reason? Is auojoin stored on pep or local?
  21. lovetox this could be the reason
  22. lovetox let me look
  23. mdosch I could provide you an test account on my server if you want look at the debug console
  24. lovetox yeah please
  25. mdosch lovetox, I send you an invitation as pm
  26. lovetox thx already added the account
  27. lovetox quick test seems to work
  28. lovetox are you sying that gajim joins some bookmarks but not all?
  29. lovetox can you look into the bookmark window if for the mucs in question even after the restart the auto join flag is set
  30. mdosch it disappeared for the newly set, for the old ones it is still present (they are also auto-joined)
  31. lovetox interesting so the storing on the server doesnt work
  32. lovetox this is probably a mix out of old bookmarks in private storage
  33. lovetox and new ones on pep
  34. lovetox let me look into it
  35. mimi89999 lovetox: In what commit you moved the OMEMO padlock?
  36. lovetox mimi you cant move the httpupload button
  37. lovetox because its not in gajim code
  38. lovetox the plugin adds it
  39. lovetox the padlock button is not plugin code
  40. lovetox its gajim core code
  41. lovetox you can modify the httpupload add_button() method
  42. lovetox and search in chatcontrol.ui for some box where you can add it to with code
  43. lovetox the one that httpupload now uses does not exist in the new code
  44. mimi89999 I want to modify the plugin...
  45. mimi89999 Same way as you moved padlock in Gajim.
  46. lovetox did you read what i just said?
  47. lovetox the padlock button is a UI element of Gajim, you can move it.
  48. lovetox httpupload button is NOT
  49. lovetox its dynamically generated by the plugin, when you start
  50. lovetox look at the add_button() method
  51. lovetox there we get a box out of chatcontrol.ui
  52. lovetox and add a button to it
  53. zuglufttier What this mean, in a moderated MUC: "xxxxxx has been kicked: None"
  54. mimi89999 Ah
  55. zuglufttier could
  56. lovetox that box doesnt exist anymore, so look into chatcontrol.ui for another box
  57. lovetox zuglufttier, was kicked, but no reason
  58. zuglufttier lovetox, in any case? No other possibility like a faulty client?
  59. lovetox kicked does not necessarily mean by another user
  60. lovetox a MUC can also kick someone for various reasons
  61. mdosch Or server policy (mod_firewall)
  62. lovetox the MUC only tells us the user was kicked
  63. lovetox and gives us not reason in text for it
  64. lovetox that we can show, so None
  65. lovetox why the server did this we can not know
  66. zuglufttier OK, thanks for the clarification.
  67. lovetox mimi89999, just exchange actions_hbox
  68. lovetox with "hbox" line 149
  69. lovetox at least this works for 1:1
  70. lovetox should also work for group
  71. mimi89999 lovetox: Doesn't work...
  72. lovetox for me it works
  73. lovetox what is the error you get?
  74. mimi89999 File "/home/michel/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 155, in add_button actions_hbox.add(button)
  75. lovetox i dont see an error
  76. lovetox this line
  77. lovetox actions_hbox = chat_control.xml.get_object('actions_hbox')
  78. lovetox make to
  79. lovetox actions_hbox = chat_control.xml.get_object('hbox')
  80. mimi89999 I know
  81. mimi89999 > actions_hbox = chat_control.xml.get_object('hbox')
  82. lovetox mdosch do you use conversations with that acc?
  83. mdosch yes I do
  84. lovetox ok i probably know whats the problem
  85. lovetox you added the bookmarks originally probably with conversations
  86. lovetox which stores in pep
  87. lovetox i have to look at the code that fuses private storage and pep
  88. mdosch I really don't know which bookmark I added with which client
  89. mdosch It's mixed I guess
  90. lovetox i know whats the problem
  91. lovetox gajim downloads bookmarks from pep
  92. mdosch That's quite fast
  93. lovetox but stores in private storage
  94. lovetox and the one in pep overwrite the one in private storage on receive
  95. lovetox thats why you cant set the flag
  96. mdosch Haha, it is like putting food in the fridge, later looking in the oven and wonder why there is no food in 😁
  97. lovetox :D
  98. lovetox the question is why does gajim store in private storage
  99. lovetox it should use pep, when its possible
  100. lovetox i have to investigate this
  101. mdosch May also be a prosody bug, remember I use mod_pep_plus from trunk
  102. mdosch Meaning I am running trunk and use the included mod_pep_plus and not the community module
  103. lovetox let me guess a prosody
  104. mdosch yes
  105. lovetox no i think i know the problem
  106. lovetox prosody does not support persistent items
  107. lovetox means if you restart the server, all your bookmarks are gone
  108. lovetox thats why gajim decides not so store bookmarks there
  109. mdosch no, supporting persistence is the new feature in trunk
  110. mdosch
  111. mimi89999 lovetox: I made exactly that change. Are you sure this should work?
  112. lovetox hm then it could be that gajims recognition of this is wrong
  113. lovetox mimi89999, post me an error
  114. lovetox you just posted me a line of code
  115. mimi89999 13/10/2017 17:36:20 (W) gajim.plugin_system Error executing <bound method HTTPUploadPlugin.connect_with_chat_control of <httpupload.httpupload.HTTPUploadPlugin object at 0x7fc6b9749c18>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/plugins/", line 406, in _handle_all_gui_extension_points_with_plugin handler(*gui_extension_point_args) File "/home/michel/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 111, in connect_with_chat_control self.get_interface(account).add_button(chat_control) File "/home/michel/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 155, in add_button hbox.add(button) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'add'
  116. lovetox hbox.add(button)
  117. lovetox what is that
  118. lovetox i did not say to change that
  119. lovetox only one line
  120. lovetox [17:33:17] ‎lovetox‎: actions_hbox = chat_control.xml.get_object('actions_hbox') ‎[17:33:22] ‎lovetox‎: make to ‎[17:33:29] ‎lovetox‎: actions_hbox = chat_control.xml.get_object('hbox')
  121. lovetox not all occurences of action_hbox
  122. mimi89999 I did that, but then I also changed the name of the var to see if the actually got reloaded.
  123. lovetox then you have to post me the whole method
  124. lovetox so i can look at it
  125. lovetox if you changed more
  126. mimi89999 def add_button(self, chat_control): jid = img = Gtk.Image() img.set_from_file(self.plugin.local_file_path('httpupload.png')) hbox = chat_control.xml.get_object('hbox') button = Gtk.Button(label=None, stock=None, use_underline=True) button.set_property('can-focus', False) button.set_image(img) button.set_relief(Gtk.ReliefStyle.NONE) hbox.add(button) self.controls[jid] = button id_ = button.connect( 'clicked', self.on_file_button_clicked, chat_control) chat_control.handlers[id_] = button self.set_button_state(self.enabled, button)
  127. mimi89999 Changing only what you saud resulted in:
  128. mimi89999 13/10/2017 17:46:35 (W) gajim.plugin_system Error executing <bound method HTTPUploadPlugin.connect_with_chat_control of <httpupload.httpupload.HTTPUploadPlugin object at 0x7fc6b9749c18>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/plugins/", line 406, in _handle_all_gui_extension_points_with_plugin handler(*gui_extension_point_args) File "/home/michel/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 111, in connect_with_chat_control self.get_interface(account).add_button(chat_control) File "/home/michel/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 155, in add_button actions_hbox.add(button)
  129. mimi89999 lovetox: That should be the same.
  130. lovetox put a print(action_hbox) after we get the object
  131. lovetox i dont see why this should not work
  132. lovetox actions``
  133. mimi89999 In my case `print(hbox)`
  134. lovetox yes
  135. azarus Is there a way to request a plugin?
  136. mimi89999 lovetox: Nothing gets printed in my terminal...
  137. lovetox so put a print with some text anywhere else
  138. mimi89999 I added `print("Hello mimi")`, but that also doesn't get printed...
  139. lovetox is the plugin activated?
  140. lovetox maybe you working on a plugin file that is not actually loaded by your installation
  141. mimi89999 Yes
  142. mimi89999 lovetox: It is what I thought, but then I changed that name and the name was different in the error.
  143. lovetox are you restarting gajim
  144. lovetox ?
  145. lovetox or do you just deactivate / reactivate
  146. mimi89999 Just reactivated...
  147. mimi89999 But the name changed, so that should be enough...
  148. lovetox yeah try restarting
  149. lovetox just fo fun
  150. mimi89999 OK. See you...
  151. mimi89999 lovetox: I see it
  152. mimi89999 I also see
  153. mimi89999 Hello mimi <Gtk.Box object at 0x7fcfc827c900 (GtkBox at 0x563567e019b0)>
  154. lovetox yeah so it works now?
  155. mimi89999 Yes
  156. lovetox glade that we finished this
  157. mimi89999 Why did a reload change the name then?
  158. lovetox i have no idea, thats python module loading mumbo jumbo, you have to be a master of python to know whats happening there
  159. lovetox probably something gets not recompiled
  160. mimi89999 So all this time when I was reloading a module, my issues could have actually been fixed, but it was not reloaded properly?
  161. mimi89999
  162. lovetox yes, python did reload but seem to kept some things from the old stuff
  163. lovetox i would not say that python is at fault
  164. mimi89999 Disabling it does not actually disable it.
  165. lovetox probably i am not understanding pythons module code enough to do it right
  166. mimi89999 disabled/enable 9 times.
  167. lovetox oh yeah mom
  168. mimi89999 See you back... Restarting. Yay!
  169. lovetox look at disconnect_from_chat_control
  170. lovetox i think you can solve this yourself
  171. lovetox modsch, your server doesnt announce'
  172. lovetox thats the reason why gajim does not store there
  173. lovetox if gajim should depend on that i have to inverstigate
  174. mimi89999 lovetox: Solved it. Much better now. Had to restart Gajim for the change...
  175. mimi89999 Thanks for your help.
  176. mimi89999 So strange that plugins get only half reloaded...
  177. mdosch lovetox: will ask in prosody muc
  178. lovetox no
  179. lovetox mdosch i think i found out
  180. lovetox give me a minute
  181. lovetox its not about persistence
  182. mimi89999 lovetox: I have another issue.
  183. mimi89999 You want more debugging?
  184. lovetox just tell
  185. mimi89999 When I change language for autocorrect, the "write a message" text gets underlined as if it was wrong.
  186. lovetox ha nice yeah didnt think of that
  187. lovetox i add it to the TODO of the MR thanks
  188. lovetox mdosch
  189. lovetox its like that, persistent storage is not enough
  190. lovetox a pubsub service has to support publish-options
  191. lovetox because only then we can set a access model for the node where the bookmarks are stored
  192. lovetox if a service does not offer this, we have no access model and your data are world readable
  193. lovetox which is not good for bookmarks
  194. mdosch lovetox: so it means I need to set up a pubsub component as well?
  195. lovetox no you have already pubsub running on your server
  196. lovetox but it does not support publish options as it seems
  197. lovetox so gajim cant make the bookmarks "private" so it does not publish there
  198. lovetox and conversations should not do this also
  199. mdosch lovetox: maybe pep plus and pubsub share a lot of code according to zash
  200. lovetox pep is only a subset of pubsub
  201. mdosch I'm not a programmer so what should I tell to prosody?
  202. lovetox i dont think prosodys pubsub component does not support publish options
  203. lovetox i think prosodys pubsub component does not support publish options
  204. lovetox either ask if publish options will come soon
  205. lovetox if not, we have to clear your bookmarks from pep
  206. mdosch It's still bleeding edge so I guess they will appreciate every bugreport 😃
  207. lovetox and you should not save bookmarks with conversations
  208. mdosch OK thx
  209. lovetox
  210. mdosch Will clean it up later
  211. lovetox once your bookmarks are cleared from pep, storing should again work
  212. lovetox but i would ask inputmice why and if conversations doesnt follow the security conisderations of 0223
  213. lovetox of course another client could also responsible for the storing, if you used any else
  214. mdosch No, only gajim and conv
  215. lovetox mdosch, can you look at the xml console when starting, and looking for the pep event that serves the bookmarks
  216. lovetox and post it to me
  217. mdosch I only see presence stuff from a user called pep. and some pep strings in encoded or decrypted payload...
  218. pep. mdosch, that's me
  219. mdosch I thought you renamed to pep+
  220. mdosch ;)
  221. pep. on prosody only :)
  222. pep. I really need to fix that highlighting, that's annoying, it's not the right community to be called pep
  223. mdosch I can imagine
  224. lovetox haha
  225. mimi89999 pep.: There are always issues with PEP 😂
  226. lovetox mdosch
  227. lovetox
  228. lovetox can you update that on your server?
  229. mdosch will do
  230. mdosch lovetox, done
  231. lovetox thx
  232. lovetox ok mdosch now you can easily delete the bookmarks from pep
  233. lovetox just right click your account row
  234. lovetox personal Events -> Configure
  235. lovetox then select the bookmarks node
  236. lovetox and click delete
  237. lovetox there is no feedback if it was ok just close the window reopen
  238. lovetox then try to save again the auto join flag
  239. mdosch I am on nightly default master. I don't find it, are the menus different?
  240. mdosch Also some points are english and some are german ^^
  241. mdosch Ah, you mean right click on account not the accounts item in the menu bar
  242. mdosch sorry for me being stupid
  243. lovetox correct
  244. mdosch Ther is no bookmark node so seems my cleaning on file system level was successful ^^
  245. mdosch I just skip this step
  246. mdosch whooohooo I auto-joined this muc
  247. mdosch meaning it works
  248. mdosch mod_pep_plus: Advertise nodes with the correct JID (missed in ec605946e597) (thanks lovetox) Thank you so much for doing the investigating for this issue 😉
  249. lovetox that patch just made it possible to get rid of the pep bookmarks in easy way without doing it in the server db
  250. lovetox the initial issue is a client that published bookmarks to pep
  251. lovetox did you maybe use a old version of gajim recently?
  252. mdosch Btw, by not finding the right option instantly I again realized that all the options/functions are too much distributed in gajim. There is the menu bar, right clicking on server name and the options in gnome3 menu bar
  253. mdosch >‎[20:20:03] ‎lovetox‎: did you maybe use a old version of gajim recently? No, always use your default-nightly debian repo. Maybe it got fucked up by my bot that is also in mucs (don't know if it uses bookmarks, I rather thinks it just manually joins the mucs from the config file) or by starting dino one time. But I was sure I started dino when I was not yet using pep_plus
  254. lovetox pep plus supports some new things
  255. lovetox but publishing to pubsub was possible before
  256. mdosch Ok, so then it might have been dino as otherwise I only use gajim and conversations. It is still in development so there might be heavy bugs
  257. mdosch lovetox, you want me to delete your account or you want to keep it for maybe more prosody trunk issues to come?
  258. lovetox yeah i want to keep it
  259. lovetox i looked at dino it seems not at fault
  260. lovetox i dont see that it uses pubsub
  261. mdosch ok, than i don't really know what I did...
  262. mdosch >‎[20:27:14] ‎lovetox‎: yeah i want to keep it All right. Fyi: My server supports almost all required xeps for conversations compatibility suite, only xmpp-over-tls and the new OMEMO-called stuff are missing
  263. mdosch So quite okay for a hobbyist like me 😀
  264. lovetox nice :)
  265. lovetox mdosch, but did this now solve your problem
  266. lovetox ?
  267. lovetox because from code in gajim bookmarks should have never been requested anyway
  268. mdosch lovetox, I set a new auto-join on an existing bookmark, closed and reopened gajim and it was automatically opened. So yes, it seems like my issue is fixed
  269. mdosch I'll try again as there are some more mucs i want to auto-join
  270. lovetox thats bad, because this means there is something happening i dont understand :/
  271. lovetox good for you though :D
  272. mdosch yep, it is confirmed it works now
  273. mdosch sorry for you if it keeps your mind busy