Gajim - 2017-10-11

  1. nico is there an eta when the next gajim major release is?
  2. pep. I think you'll get the generic answer
  3. marek I have one account using "gajim (0.16.6)" and "conversations (newest)". The setting "synchronize logs with server" for that in gajim lets gajim disconnect that account. The conversation is OMEMO encrypted. The server is ejabberd 17.08. How can I debug this?
  4. nico Can I configure Gajim somewhere to make drag and drop http upload?
  5. Asterix marek: I don't understand your problem exactly
  6. Asterix nico: no I don't think so
  7. nico Asterix, why is that? isnt http upload the better way of sending images? would be way more convenient to just drag and drop images onto the chat to send them
  8. Asterix it's a plugin, and the DND thing use the internal code, so normal file send
  9. Asterix we have to modify Gajim so it can forward that to http upload
  10. Asterix we have to modify Gajim so it can forward that to http upload plugin
  11. Asterix but then plugin has to inform Gajim is he was able to send (in case the server don't support that)
  12. dwd Asterix, Is there any guideline for what should be in a plugin and what should be in core?
  13. Asterix not really
  14. Asterix it's up to our mood ;)
  15. dwd Asterix, Fair enough. :-)
  16. dwd nico, One issue with the UX you propose is that there are currently three ways to send a file, and it's not clear which you might mean by dragging and dropping. It would probably vary between groupchat and 1:1 as well.
  17. Asterix which 3 ways?
  18. Asterix internal FT, http upload and ??
  19. Asterix maybe OMEMO plugin one day?
  20. dwd Asterix, I was thinking SI, JingleFT and HTTP upload.
  21. Asterix SI and Jinfle FT are the same: internal
  22. dwd Asterix, But then I remembered I've been asked to knock up another one, so...
  23. Asterix we use one or the other depending on contact's support
  24. dwd Asterix, Yes, they're semantically equivalent so that makes sense.
  25. Asterix but yes, one day OMEMO could handle FT, but that would be on top of ont of the 2 others
  26. Asterix but we can imagine a new way to do things in the future.
  27. dwd Asterix, Paul's working hard on that one, indeed.
  28. Asterix but for that we can imagine plugin config options "handle 1:1 FT" and "handle GC FT"
  29. Asterix so FT requests will be passed to one plugin, then the other, and finaly to the internal code, and the first one why feel sending the file sends it
  30. dwd Asterix, While you're here, is there any way to force a disconnect? I'm looking to test '198 resumption, and the alternative is playing around with firewalling rules.
  31. Asterix ifdown ifup?
  32. Asterix dwd: while you're here, you implement a few time ago (7 years) seclabel in Gajim. Do you still use it?
  33. dwd Asterix, Ah! I tried, and it's not working, so I was going to fix it. I have an open source implementation of the server-side, now, so it's a little easier to test.
  34. Asterix is there a prosody module I can install to test?
  35. dwd Asterix, Not Prosody, no - I've done it for Openfire.
  36. Asterix lovetox is working on a new UI for message window / GC window, and he'd like to be able to test this kind of things
  37. dwd Asterix, OK, I'll try to remember to spin up a server configured like this for lovetox.
  38. dwd Asterix, Also, I was having some thoughts on refreshing the UI there, so I'll talk to him on that as well.
  39. Asterix
  40. dwd Asterix, Oh. So yes, but I think that's not been maintained at all.
  41. Asterix Updated 4 years ago
  42. Asterix indeed ...
  43. Asterix if you can provide an account to lovetox, wonderfull, else I'll try to install that plugin
  44. dwd Asterix, Whereas this: puts labelling as a concept into Openfire Core, and this: then puts NATO-standard labelling in.
  45. Asterix ok nice
  46. dwd Asterix, So I'll put up an Openfire with Surevine's various patches applied - that'll support things like TOTP, labelling, and other stuff. But I'll need to get TOTP working in Gajim before enabling that in the server for you guys.
  47. Asterix is there a XEP for that?
  48. dwd Asterix, TOTP? Well, yes, but only on my hard disk. This week, hopefully.
  49. Asterix
  50. Asterix it speaks about totp
  51. Asterix XEP-0388 too
  52. dwd Asterix, Yes, I've based my design on XEP-0388. It was one of the main drivers for 388 anyway.
  53. dwd Asterix, I've got '388 support written, BTW. It just doesn't yet handle tasks, so it's a bit useless.
  54. wiktor Hello, is it possible to set Gajim to scale incoming images (XHTML-IM) to fit the chat window? Currently they are 1:1 and if they are big only a fragment is visible... Thanks in advance!
  55. marek Asterix: I don't know why gajim is disconnectig my account when trying to "synchronize logs with server". Don't know how to get logs / debug information of gajim.
  56. dwd marek, Open the XML Console for the account.
  57. marek dwd: I did, the messages are fine. after 10s gajim restarts the negotiation
  58. dwd marek, Have you, then, tried running Gajim with debug/verbose flags? (I forget which it uses)
  59. marek oh, didn't know about that. i'll try it, thanks
  60. lovetox dwd, yes please, a account would be great, its impossible to maintain this otherwise
  61. lovetox wiktor, do you use the image preview plugin?
  62. wiktor lovetox: yes I do
  63. wiktor But the image I was asking comes from XHTML IM
  64. lovetox im not sure that matters
  65. lovetox did you try to reduce the size in the plugin config of url image preview
  66. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *c2b17b28* <> fix debian installation guide
  67. wiktor lovetox: nope, was not aware there is a config there... But I will check, thanks!
  68. dwd lovetox, If you have a public branch of your UX work, BTW, I'd love to see it. Also, I'll have a server up by the end of the week (or just reconfig my personal one) - that work for you?
  69. dwd lovetox, I can fix the existing code as well, though. I think, anyway.
  70. Asterix dwd:, but it's WIP
  71. Asterix oups no
  72. Asterix dwd:, but it's WIP