Gajim - 2017-10-06

  1. Stephen Thanks
  2. dwd Hi folks. Is there an idiot's guide for going from git clone to running code for Gajim on Ubuntu?
  3. lovetox yeah the readme
  4. lovetox actually one thing is missing, you start gajim with ./
  5. dwd lovetox, I fear I may be too much of an idiot. How does one manage development versions of both python-nbxmpp and gajim? Just pip install . in both working directories all the time?
  6. lovetox you dont have to install anything
  7. lovetox just git clone
  8. lovetox cd gajim
  9. lovetox ./
  10. dwd lovetox, But if I want to work on both low-level XMPPish things and Gajim, I'll need to clone both gajim and python-nbxmpp, right?
  11. dwd lovetox, Can I avoid installing either?
  12. lovetox you never have to install gajim
  13. lovetox but you must install nbxmpp
  14. lovetox just python install, inside the nbxmpp dir
  15. dwd lovetox, OK. Can I make that install somewhere it won't interfere with an installed Gajim, then?
  16. lovetox nbxmpp?
  17. lovetox no
  18. dwd (I told you I wanted the idiot's guide :)
  19. lovetox i mean there are things like virtual envs and stuff
  20. lovetox its probably doable but i dont have that knowledge
  21. lovetox so google virtualenv, its probably what you are looking for
  22. Link Mauve dwd, I don’t install nbxmpp either, I clone it in another directory and set PYTHONPATH=/path/to/the/parent/of/nbxmpp.
  23. lovetox its not about installing, he wants to use 2 versions at the same time on his machine
  24. Link Mauve Since it isn’t installed, Gajim will error out if you forgot the env var, which prevents you from forgetting about it.
  25. Link Mauve No.
  26. Link Mauve He wants to use one version of each of Gajim and nbxmpp.
  27. Link Mauve AFAIK.
  28. dwd Link Mauve, Nah, I use installed-from-packages Gajim day-to-day. My usual attempts at getting a build environment for Gajim have ended in an unusable Gajim from the build, and having to reinstall from packages.
  29. dwd Link Mauve, I was going to hack out a SASL2/TOTP implementation, you see.
  30. Link Mauve Yeah, hence my suggestion to not install the python3 version at all.
  31. Link Mauve Oh!
  32. Link Mauve Great. :)
  33. lovetox if he sets pythonpath to nbxmpp, it will not find the usual packages or?
  34. lovetox or is this an additional search location
  35. Link Mauve It’s an additional one.
  36. Link Mauve It inserts it at the very beginning of sys.path.
  37. dwd Link Mauve, That'd do, then.
  38. Link Mauve By parent, I mean the directory you cloned.
  39. Link Mauve The Python package is one level deeper.
  40. dwd Link Mauve, Now I'm confused - this doesn't use git submodules, does it? So python-nbxmpp dir is wherever I cloned (in my case, ~/src/)
  41. Link Mauve Nope, it doesn’t.
  42. Link Mauve In which case, PYTHONPATH=$HOME/src/python-nbxmpp ./
  43. dwd Link Mauve, Oh, but I can use ../python-nbxmpp/build/lib/ so we're fine.
  44. Link Mauve You don’t need to build it, AFAIK.
  45. Link Mauve nbxmpp doesn’t have any non-Python module, AFAIK.
  46. lovetox yes, you dont need to build or install anything for developing