Gajim - 2017-09-30

  1. pep. The fact that gajim checks for an SRV record for a stun server, is it in a xep somewhere?
  2. rom1dep as stupid as it sounds, I think I need a "Jump anywhere" kind of shortcut/menu (see Idea, sublime, vscode, jupyter notebook, …) for gajim. That'd be a killer for my tabs current nightmare story (that, or Gtk to fix tabbing, spacing, … and I don't have faith in that).
  3. wiktor rom1dep: jump anywhere ♥
  4. lovetox pep its for
  5. pep. Yeah I guessed it was for jingle, I just wonder if the "looking for SRV record" is also standard
  6. lovetox no idea to be honest
  7. pep. apparently
  8. pep.
  9. lovetox ah good to know
  10. mimi89999 30/09/2017 16:44:22 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an even handler: <bound method PrivateChatControl._nec_update_avatar of <gajim.groupchat_control.PrivateChatControl object at 0x7fd11fc75588>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/home/michel/git/gajim/gajim/", line 250, in _nec_update_avatar if obj.jid != self.gc_contact.get_full_jid(): AttributeError: 'UpdateGCAvatarEvent' object has no attribute 'jid'
  11. mimi89999 lovetox:
  12. lovetox ups, thanks
  13. lovetox should be fixed
  14. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *ab23757f* <> Use curl for Windows build instead of wget wget seems to be broken currently on appveyor
  15. Nothing4You i just updated to the lastest git, is it a known bug that notifications don't disappear automatically currently?
  16. Nothing4You arch linux, wayland gnome currently
  17. lovetox no thats just gnome
  18. lovetox you have to dismiss notifications in gnome
  19. Nothing4You that's pretty annoying
  20. Nothing4You it wasn't that way before i updated
  21. lovetox yes because we didnt use gnome notifications before
  22. lovetox but if you find this annoying, you will have a problem with almost everything that issues notifcations in gnome
  23. lovetox maybe there are settings in gnome to make it less annoying for you
  24. Nothing4You all i can do is disabling them pretty much
  25. Link Mauve Oh nice, you use GNotification all the time nowadays? \o/
  26. Nothing4You Link Mauve, i sent you a diff on aur gajim-git
  27. Nothing4You your PKGBUILD doesn't work anymore
  28. Link Mauve Oh, thanks.
  29. lovetox probably because we switched to setuptools Link Mauve
  30. Nothing4You yes
  31. Link Mauve I didn’t have any Internet while on holidays.
  32. Nothing4You it's still using autogen
  33. Link Mauve Oh, I already had a fix for that, let me have a look at yours.
  34. Link Mauve I was just waiting for the merge.
  35. andrey.g Can I tell Gajim to join bookmarked MUCs not in parallel but one after another and with a small delay inbetween?
  36. Nothing4You why would you want that?
  37. lovetox no andrey.g
  38. andrey.g I noticed, that since this Thursday the server sometimes starts to reset the connection. Over and over again. Until I close all tabs, disconnect and start joining manually each at a time, then it is OK.
  39. Nothing4You that's a weird server
  40. Link Mauve lovetox, “/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/setuptools/ UserWarning: The version specified ('0.16.11.ab23757f09a8') is an invalid version, this may not work as expected with newer versions of setuptools, pip, and PyPI. Please see PEP 440 for more details.”
  41. Link Mauve Nothing4You, your patch will fail if $pkgdir contains any whitespace, you need to escape it with double-quotes.
  42. Nothing4You oh right
  43. Link Mauve I’ll push my version in the meantime.
  44. Link Mauve But thanks!
  45. Nothing4You that's what i get from copying the stuff from other random PKGBUILDs :(
  46. lovetox andrey.g, how many rooms do you join?
  47. Link Mauve Nothing4You, you also forgot to add python-setuptools to the depends.
  48. Link Mauve lovetox, do you still depend on intltool?
  49. Link Mauve README says so, I’ll keep it.
  50. lovetox README was not updated to my knowledge
  51. Nothing4You didn't know it was required
  52. Link Mauve Nothing4You, Gajim switched to setuptools for its installation.
  53. lovetox i dont think we depend on anything then setuptools and gettext for translations
  54. Nothing4You only spent like 5 min on the "fix"
  55. lovetox i update the readme today
  56. Link Mauve Nothing4You, there, pushed, thanks for the notice!
  57. Nothing4You thanks
  58. andrey.g I join 13 rooms. Oh, 13 :) If I autojoin only 2, then it is also OK.
  59. lovetox yeah its a know problem
  60. lovetox i think its streammanagement
  61. lovetox if we dont ack regulary the messages we get from the server it disconnects
  62. lovetox we try to ack every message, but its seems the server sends so much, that it doesnt let us send the acks in time
  63. lovetox thats a problem in the nbxmpp socket stuff
  64. lovetox hard to fix for me
  65. andrey.g It can kick me in just about 30-40 secs.
  66. andrey.g Is there any bug report for this? Good to know, that it is a known issue.
  67. lovetox no there is no bug report yet for it
  68. lovetox feel free to make one
  69. lovetox one way to circumvent the problem is setting the limit on the server higher of allowed unacked messages
  70. andrey.g How long is this already known?
  71. lovetox you are the second person that reports it :)
  72. lovetox i guess not that many people join that much big rooms
  73. lovetox i guess not that many people join that many big rooms
  74. andrey.g Recently in a poezio MUC I've learned people have 100+ opened MUCs, though I don't know details.
  75. Link Mauve Hi, yes I do.
  76. andrey.g If I'm only the second one, lovetox, you have good memory, thanks!
  77. Link Mauve Although only 81 currently.
  78. andrey.g Link Mauve and are they all also opened concurrently?
  79. Link Mauve Yes, poezio sends a join presence to each of them, and then receives the presences.
  80. lovetox andrey.g, it shouldnt matter if you join them at once or not
  81. Link Mauve I don’t have that particular issue because I run poezio on my server, so the link is perfect and I don’t need the Stream Management overhead.
  82. Link Mauve Yes, you should just ack stanzas on time.
  83. lovetox but Link Mauve does that not make things slower, because you have to write to the socket after each stanza?
  84. lovetox and in that time you cant receive
  85. lovetox at least this was my basic understanding
  86. andrey.g lovetox‎, I supposed, joining once at a time would limit in a natural way the number of incoming messages, otherwise server sends them all to fast for me.
  87. Link Mauve lovetox, hmm, I think you are mixing many things here.
  88. andrey.g lovetox‎, I supposed, joining once at a time would limit in a natural way the number of incoming messages, otherwise server sends them all too fast for me.
  89. Link Mauve Whenever the server is asking for an ack, you should answer it, and possibly flush your outgoing end of the socket.
  90. Link Mauve But both directions are totally independent.
  91. andrey.g Interestingly, would OOB (out of the band) feature help in this case...
  92. lovetox Link Mauve, we ack every message, we are not waiting for the server ot ask for it, but it seems we dont flush on every ack then
  93. lovetox ah i think the fix is easier then i thought
  94. lovetox andrey.g do you want to test a fix?
  95. andrey.g Yes :) though I'm not sure I will be able to report results today.
  96. lovetox ok, search your nbxmpp package, line 107
  97. lovetox change: self._owner.Connection.send(ack, False)
  98. lovetox to: self._owner.Connection.send(ack, True)
  99. andrey.g self._owner.Connection.send(resume, now=True) now :) lovetox, thanks.
  100. Nothing4You i'm trying to set up spectrum2 with prosody with gajim, should that be showing up in "discover services"?
  101. Link Mauve If the Spectrum2 domain is a direct subdomain of your user server.
  102. Nothing4You it isn't
  103. Link Mauve If it’s not, you’ll have to tell Prosody to add it to the disco#items.
  104. Nothing4You ok, i'll have to look that up
  105. Link Mauve Or specify the Spectrum2 domain in the discover services address.
  106. Nothing4You that doesn't seem to work
  107. lovetox andrey.g does it work?
  108. Nothing4You i have added Component "hangouts.xmpp.domain.tld" to prosody, however, when i try to use service discovery on hangouts.xmpp.domain.tld gajim tells me the service is not browsable
  109. Nothing4You type of service does not contain any items to browse
  110. andrey.g I've got already ECONNRESET, but Gajim has recovered from it and I'm still there :) Let's see, how it will behave. I'll be reporting...
  111. lovetox of course it will recover from it, it just starts a new connection
  112. lovetox but the reset should not happen
  113. lovetox andrey.g stop
  114. lovetox are you sure you modified the correct line
  115. lovetox it has nothing to do with resume
  116. lovetox its about this method in
  117. lovetox def send_ack(self, disp, stanza): ack = Acks() ack.buildAnswer(self.in_h) self._owner.Connection.send(ack, False)
  118. Nothing4You Link Mauve
  119. Link Mauve Yes?
  120. Nothing4You read what i wrote?
  121. andrey.g You're right, I've looked at one place but after I've scrolled I've placed it wrong in resume_request() instead of send_ack(). Good, next try.
  122. Link Mauve Ok.
  123. Link Mauve (Sorry, I just came back from holidays, I’m doing a ton of things in parallel.)
  124. Nothing4You no problem :)
  125. Nothing4You btw i'm missing the "manage group chats" menu item
  126. Nothing4You iirc it used to be next to join group chat on the accounts menu
  127. lovetox its now the bookmarks menu
  128. lovetox in the global menu
  129. Nothing4You ah
  130. andrey.g After I've started Gajim I've got 6 rejoins. Then I turned the account offline, waited a little bit and turned it online. Let's see now...