Gajim - 2017-09-28

  1. philw isAAAc, with what client are you joined here?
  2. philw it seems like your client advertises an avatar, but when i download your vcard there is no avatar in there
  3. isAAAc philw, i use gajim
  4. philw weird, maybe you should set your avatar again in the profile
  5. mimi89999 lovetox: Did you update the PEP avatar branch?
  6. lovetox hm yeah i worked on it further
  7. lovetox actually i have to fix just one weird thing, and then i think its ready to be merged
  8. concerto o/
  9. concerto lovetox, hola :) Any luck with the "playback" bug?
  10. lovetox hm i thought about it, i dont believe its connected to mam
  11. lovetox or else more people would see this
  12. lovetox and we simply dont notify on mammessages ever
  13. lovetox hm first it would be interesting what messages you see
  14. lovetox only your own? or a full conversations
  15. lovetox how old are these messages? are they only from the time you were offline
  16. lovetox maybe log with -v
  17. lovetox and send me the log once it happens
  18. mdosch lovetox are you doing a monologue right now or am I missing messages?
  19. lovetox i answerd concerto ‎[18:25:27] ‎concerto‎: lovetox, hola :) Any luck with the "playback" bug?
  20. lovetox yeah but since then i was the only one who wrote :)
  21. mdosch Ah ok, then everything is ok. I just wondered if I am missing messages.
  22. concerto lovetox, they're only the ones others have sent - they don't have messages I sent. They're from the time I was offline (but I haven't been able to make sure, because it happens so uncommonly.) Is `-l DEBUG` not sufficient?
  23. concerto lol mdosch
  24. mdosch btw, what is the "playback" bug?
  25. concerto mdosch, sometimes, when I log in to Gajim, the messages people sent to me in the time I was offline are sent to me. The UI notifies me about them as though they are new messages (unread counter in tabs, new message icon in the contacts list, etc), even though I've read or responded to them in other clients.
  26. concerto By the way, two questions - 1. is there a build of Gajim master branch for my poor friends on Windows?
  27. concerto By the way, two questions - 1. is there a build of Gajim master branch for my poor friends on Windows? 2. sometimes corrected messages show up twice (e.g. in the history 'preview' when one opens a tab after logging in, and in the history window); is this intended behaviour?
  28. Asterix 1. Yes : 2. Yes ... a corrected message is indeed a new message received. And we don't store enough info un database to know which message it corrects, so we save both
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *5794b040* <> Replace deprecated Gtk.Image.*_from_stock() *646ace53* <> Merge branch 'replaceDeprecated' into 'master' Replace deprecated Gtk.Image.set_from_stock() See merge request !137
  30. lovetox concerto, that looks like a bug i indeed fixed a time ago, i have to prepare a debug build where we catch these messages
  31. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *d564acac* <> [whiteboard] Port to Py3 / GTK3
  32. lovetox concerto, are you sure they are maybe valid notifications
  33. lovetox if you receive a message in gajim, and you dont klick on the notification
  34. lovetox and later you turn off gajim without looking at that notification
  35. lovetox it will show up on the next start
  36. mdosch wtf, I am getting "not authorized" when trying to http_upload
  37. mdosch apt list -a gajim-default-nightly Auflistung... Fertig gajim-default-nightly/unstable,unstable,unstable,now 20170926-2 all [installiert]
  38. mdosch Don't see anything in prosody 0.10 log
  39. mdosch hmm
  40. lovetox probably a problem with the http server
  41. mdosch Conversations works
  42. lovetox i would not look in gajim for the problem, uploading to a url we got from the server is pretty simple stuff
  43. lovetox maybe file to big?
  44. mdosch And nothing in my server logs
  45. lovetox look at the xml console and post me what you see
  46. mdosch Screenshot 366kB
  47. mdosch ok
  48. lovetox ah
  49. lovetox what extension does the file have?
  50. lovetox try a textfile to test
  51. lovetox prosody has some mime filtering going on
  52. mdosch something weird...
  53. mdosch <!-- Outgoing Do 28 Sep 2017 23:06:28 CEST --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" from="" type="get" to="" id="de24ed68-0501-4ea5-9947-6aa1b6d8b823"> <request xmlns="urn:xmpp:http:upload"> <filename>sums.png</filename> <size>366230</size> <content-type>image/png</content-type> </request> </iq>
  54. mdosch but is not my server
  55. mdosch my http upload should go to
  56. lovetox i need to see everyting, before and afterwards
  57. mdosch can I pm?
  58. lovetox yeah
  59. mdosch thx
  60. lovetox ha ok yeah zom doesnt let us obviously
  61. lovetox do you have an account there?
  62. mdosch but why zom?
  63. mdosch I have for testing. But I am not logged into zom in gajim
  64. mdosch I only have my test account in my roster as contact
  65. mdosch I am only logged in at
  66. lovetox ok mom
  67. lovetox <iq from='yoru jid' id='step_01' to='' type='get'> <query xmlns=''/> </iq>
  68. lovetox send this in the xml console
  69. lovetox to your server
  70. lovetox tell me what it says
  71. mdosch <iq from='' id='step_01' to='' type='get'> <query xmlns=''/> </iq> <!-- Incoming Do 28 Sep 2017 23:15:38 CEST --> <iq id='step_01' type='result' to='' from=''> <query xmlns=''> <item jid=''/> <item jid=''/> </query> </iq> <!-- Incoming Do 28 Sep 2017 23:15:38 CEST --> <r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:3'/> <!-- Outgoing Do 28 Sep 2017 23:15:38 CEST --> <a xmlns="urn:xmpp:sm:3" h="4837" />
  72. lovetox hm seems to be correct
  73. lovetox restart gajim and see if the same problem occurs again
  74. mdosch yep. is for http upload and for muc
  75. mdosch will do
  76. mdosch works now...
  77. mdosch hmm, I don't believe in restarts when bugs occur but this time it helps...
  78. mdosch weird
  79. mdosch thx for your support
  80. lovetox no thats a bug
  81. lovetox i think i know why it happens
  82. lovetox thanks for report
  83. mdosch you're welcome