Gajim - 2017-09-20

  1. pep. hmm, I'm not getting the "forgotten password" email from gitlab
  2. pep. when quitting
  3. pep. what's the required version for pyopenssl? I have 17.3.0 installed and gajim reports it doesn't find PyOpenSSL and can't generate entropy. It seems to be looking for a 'rand' module in there that doesn't exist (anymore?)
  4. pep. I think I'll have to retype my messages tomorrow, lovetox and asterix are not here :(
  5. pep. Ok, I didn't get the email because I don't have any account. probably a GitLab bug though, it reports that my username is already taken, until I fiddle with it a bit and then it correctly says "only alphanumeric characters only"
  6. tempman04 lovetox, >tempman04, files? +
  7. tempman04 Asterix >tempman04: logs.db ? It would be enough?
  8. LordVan hi
  9. LordVan anyone else having gajim crash when trying to add a new account on windows ? (0.16.8 - just installed last friday)
  10. rom1dep gajim may be asking to unlock the keyring as many times as there are accounts
  11. LordVan no it just crashes
  12. LordVan with that nice windoze dialogue that gajim.exe crashed
  13. LordVan and then the usual windows is searching for reason or whatever it says exactly
  14. LordVan not sure is there a way to debug without replacing it with a debug build?=
  15. lovetox LordVan, i can test this in the evening
  16. lovetox but we have no reports for a issue like that since release o 0.16.8
  17. LordVan ok ;) just ping me here or directly if i forget to join the chatroom
  18. LordVan btw
  19. LordVan that reminds me
  20. LordVan for some reason gajim keeps forgetting which chatrooms i want auto-joined
  21. LordVan but i haven't tested this with 0.16.8 yet
  22. LordVan lemme try now if it remembers this time
  23. lovetox did you try the portable version?
  24. lovetox pep, once im home i check your acc
  25. lovetox about pyopenssl
  26. lovetox this is a wrong error text
  27. lovetox pyopenssl is found and used, only the rand module not
  28. lovetox which is only needed for a old e2e encryption
  29. lovetox that you probably not using
  30. LordVan hmm no i haven'T tried the portable version yet
  31. LordVan also for some reason joining chatlogs takes ages sometimes
  32. lovetox yeah windows version is really slow, i try to fix that with the upcoming 1.0
  33. lovetox the only reason for it crashing i can think of is either a IO Error of some kind
  34. lovetox which the portable should not have probably
  35. lovetox or a problem with adding an account on that specific server
  36. lovetox or does it happen with all servers?
  37. pep. lovetox, my account is good thanks, I was doing it wrong
  38. pep. lovetox, I created issues for all the above
  39. LordVan only treid it on one server tbh
  40. LordVan i was making a test account on
  41. lovetox pep: yeah i saw, all these issues are easy fixable :) i look into it tonight
  42. b_b hi
  43. pep. lovetox, nice :)
  44. b_b anybody have heard about a problem with the appindicator integration plugin ?
  45. b_b i've been there a week or two ago to talk about this
  46. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *6f2442f6* <> Improve strings for translation
  47. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *ab60bcbe* <> PyOpenSSL removed rand module. Stop using it. Fixes #8731
  48. pep. yay, I'm happy to have caused this commit :P
  49. pep. Asterix, in #8733, what do you mean by transport?
  50. pep. Also I am quite sure I didn't update while using Gajim
  51. Asterix Icq, irc, ...
  52. pep. Asterix, right, then no, I don't use any
  53. pep. I'll reply on the ticket
  54. pep. Asterix, #8734, that's why I asked if it was possible to implement 0380, instead of hacking a body into the message :( (Even if it's commong practice it's just to support clients that don't support the xeps)
  55. Asterix Yes yes, one day ...
  56. pep. :)
  57. pep. Just flag it "one day", it's fine by me
  58. Asterix pep., about #8733, something strange happend when you closed Gajim it seems. But if you can't repro, hard fo us to guess what happend ...
  59. pep. Asterix, yeah I understand
  60. Asterix I'll close it, but don't hesitate to reopen if you see it again
  61. pep. sure, thanks
  62. Asterix And xep-380 doesn't support our E2E implementation nor OMEMO
  63. pep. Asterix, well apparently conversations sends "eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl"
  64. pep. Link Mauve, ^ maybe the XEP should be updated? Or there's a different place where these are referenced?
  65. Link Mauve Hmm, why?
  66. pep. why what
  67. Link Mauve Why would it need to be updated?
  68. Asterix if the XEP doesn't contain all E2E methods, it's quite useless
  69. Link Mauve It lists a few known mechanisms which don’t need any name, anything else will require it.
  70. Link Mauve The list isn’t exhaustive, every encryption mechanism is supported.
  71. Link Mauve Is that not explicit enough?
  72. pep. hmm right, you just put the namespace used in <encrypted/> anyway
  73. Asterix I don't understand the 2.3 paragraph very well ...
  74. Asterix ha ok after 3 read I have it
  75. Asterix I send the ns and a name attribute
  76. Link Mauve Hum, there is no 2.3. ^^'
  77. Asterix 3.2
  78. Link Mauve I’ll try to reword it for the next version then.
  79. Asterix but ehile I think about that, Gajim just have to implement the receiving part. The sending part is for plugins (omemo, otr, gpg. e2e plugins)
  80. Asterix but while I think about that, Gajim just have to implement the receiving part. The sending part is for plugins (omemo, otr, gpg. e2e plugins)
  81. Asterix and if we receive a stanza with both a body and a <encruption> element ...
  82. Asterix we should display both I guess .... that will be redundant to receiver
  83. Asterix I think sender should not include a body with the <Encryption> element, no?
  84. Asterix but then for clients that don't support this XEP, nothing will be shown ...
  85. Asterix in the example 2, it seems the body part is ignored ... is it good?
  86. pep. I think you should only display the <encryption> thing if you don't understand the encrypted message. the XEP does not say though, but it clearly says "since older clients not supporting this protocol [..]"
  87. Link Mauve Asterix, no, you shouldn’t render the body, only your localised message for an unknown encryption.
  88. Link Mauve I thought I wrote a paragraph about that but only in the i18n considerations, I will also note that for the next version.
  89. Link Mauve Asterix, the sender SHOULD include a body though, for clients which don’t support 0380.
  90. Link Mauve See the second business rule.
  91. Asterix ok then we ignore it if we support the XEP
  92. Link Mauve Yes.
  93. Asterix ignoring a body sounds strange to me ... we don't know what's inside, maybe the unencrypted message (ok that's stupid ... but that could ...
  94. Link Mauve Sorry, I was assuming the sender wasn’t braindead. :p
  95. Link Mauve Maybe I should add a business rule, “the sender MUST NOT be braindead”.
  96. Asterix that could be something else "please contact your help desk" or anything else
  97. Link Mauve I will add a paragraph about that, thanks. :)
  98. Asterix yeah, but you really want to tell to ignore the body ..
  99. Link Mauve Section 5 says that, but not explicitly enough.
  100. Asterix yeah, but what I'm not satisfied with is the "safely" word ...
  101. Asterix you may loose information by ignoring it
  102. Link Mauve Gibberish?
  103. Link Mauve What other kind of information could you get there?
  104. Asterix in a closed environment, a message saying that you're supposed to have that encryption method available, so contact help desk for client upgrade maybe?
  105. mimi89999 What is it all about?
  106. Link Mauve Asterix, in such an environment, the client will be patched to provide this information.
  107. Link Mauve In Gajim, you could for example prompt the user to enable a plugin.
  108. Link Mauve mimi89999, XEP-0380 support in Gajim.
  109. Asterix that could be "if you can't read, come to my desk to talk"
  110. Link Mauve You can’t do that with e.g. OTR, though.
  111. Asterix I don't know OTR, but you can with all others
  112. Link Mauve In the vast majority of cases, the emitter won’t be able to use a custom message anyway.
  113. Link Mauve OTR works by putting the encrypted data inside the body itself.
  114. Asterix yeah ok
  115. Asterix but I could allow to put a custom body in Gajim if I want
  116. pep. :/
  117. Asterix anyway you understand what I mean. body could contain information that you ask to drop ...
  118. Link Mauve Asterix, you really shouldn’t make Gajim’s UI more bloated than it already is.
  119. mimi89999 No more OTR!
  120. Link Mauve Especially with that kind of useless information.
  121. Asterix that's not the subject
  122. Asterix s/I could/Conversation dev could/
  123. Link Mauve I understand theoretically why someone could want to do that in a specific deployment, but I would tell them the same thing, it’s not a good idea.
  124. Link Mauve In a controlled environment you control the recipients’ clients by definition, you can already deploy the plugins you want them to have, you can change the source code or localisation to put a different default message in the body, etc.
  125. Link Mauve You can even disable 0380 if you want.
  126. Link Mauve It’s not something the XEP should handle, though.
  127. Asterix except if everybody use the proposed internal client and I use Gajim. Anyway, you don't agree that body could contain information, so subject close
  128. pep. Asterix, then you should be aware of policies if you want to do it differently. We have a wiki for that here (that could be a bit more maintained)
  129. lovetox i think the idea of the xep is to just give a client that does not have a particular decryption capability the information that something is encrypted
  130. lovetox a body message maybe gives the user this information if he reads it, but the client cant know
  131. lovetox so the devs cant act on such messages, they have to treat it like everything else
  132. lovetox except of course the devs test for various tags used in encryptions, but this is probably more a work around then a good behaviour
  133. lovetox so for example if you get a omemo message, and conversations uses xep 0380, we could show the body message, but also a information that gajim has a plugin that can be installed
  134. Link Mauve lovetox, exactly, the purpose is to add the semantics about “this message is encrypted, you don’t need to care about how since you don’t know”.
  135. concerto Now when someone sends an image via HTTP Upload, I can't click the image to open it with my image viewer. I can only click the link, and it opens in my browser o_O
  136. lovetox was it encrypted
  137. mimi89999 lovetox:
  138. lovetox yeah i saw that
  139. lovetox but this works only if you have a colored emoji font on your system
  140. lovetox which many people just dont have
  141. mimi89999 You saw it in real? In what distro?
  142. lovetox windows
  143. lovetox this is just a panel that has all unicode emojis as text init
  144. lovetox if you dont have a font that supports that you will see nothing
  145. lovetox probably gnome distributes the font so it works for them
  146. lovetox but if you use the gtk framework to distribute to many distributions you cant really have that as default
  147. mimi89999 I wonder what font they got. The emojis look Android O 8.0...
  148. lovetox there are not many colored emoji fonts around
  149. lovetox one is noto
  150. mdosch Why am I getting this when I deactivated file transfer proxies in gajim? Does it come from some service disco stuff in background? > > ‎[18:41:09] ‎‎: Establishing a secure connection from to failed. Certificate hash: 756db7e6e03fcf439aed323ad7ca466b146d96c9. This certificate is invalid for
  151. mimi89999 lovetox: Any news on the PEP branch?
  152. lovetox im working on it :)
  153. lovetox mdosch i dont find that error in the gajim code base
  154. lovetox so it probably is some error we get on doing something hmm
  155. mdosch No it is coming from prosody, but I wonder why there was a query to the proxy when I told gajim to not use them
  156. mdosch I joined a muc there from gajim, so I think conversations was not involved
  157. mdosch Or maybe it's prosody quering all services when having a s2s. I don't know... just wonder
  158. lovetox so you are on
  159. lovetox why would gajim have the proxy of
  160. lovetox gajim only saves the proxie of the server it is connected to
  161. mdosch yes
  162. lovetox so
  163. mdosch ok, so it is probably prosody doing something in the background :)
  164. lovetox i believe so
  165. lovetox also your server is not involved in proxy file transfer
  166. lovetox its p2p
  167. lovetox the client connects to the proxy
  168. lovetox not client -> server -> proxy
  169. lovetox but why prosody would need to connect to it hm no idea
  170. mdosch me neither
  171. mdosch maybe it checks all services against the cert
  172. Asterix lovetox, gajim also have a list of proxies it can use. it's a per accoutn option
  173. int 7usr7local qrcode does not work... actually i m trying to find out how to install python-qrcode on Sierra because brew cannot find it
  174. lovetox int, pip3 install qrcode
  175. int lovetox, thx :)
  176. int 7usr7local, lovetox installing qrcode worked, but the omemo configure window does not show a qrcode.. just a small "failed" icon
  177. lovetox anything in the console?
  178. int lovetox, (gajim:8136): Gtk-WARNING **: Invalid icon size 0
  179. lovetox hmmm
  180. int lovetox, ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PIL'
  181. lovetox eh
  182. int lovetox, seems to have something to do with qrcode lib?
  183. lovetox you need to install pillow
  184. 7usr7local int, lovetox: had that with macports on Yosemite as well.
  185. lovetox try installing pillow
  186. lovetox i think i catch that error wrong
  187. lovetox i thought qrcode does not work at all without pillow
  188. int lovetox, 7usr7local great, it works now with pillow!
  189. int 7usr7local, qrcode is shown now
  190. int 7usr7local, macports has py27-Pillow (4.2.1) for you
  191. 7usr7local Oh, it works with me, I just had the same error before installing py-pil
  192. concerto lovetox, can I increase the input area font size? Preferably by just increasing the font size in the preferences? (Doesn't work that way, right now - only increases the chat window font size.)
  193. lovetox hm probably with css, wait i look if we can reach it
  194. concerto (gajim-default-nightly)
  195. lovetox concerto you wish that the input has the same size as you choose in prefs for the rest
  196. lovetox did i understand that correctly?
  197. concerto lovetox, yeah
  198. Asterix that souds logical, I agree
  199. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *f50f22c4* <> Use custom font for MessageTextView
  200. lovetox there concerto
  201. rom1dep Great support, very response, much commits. Can't wait for MAM in MUCs backlogs and join/part toggle 😉
  202. lovetox 😁
  203. concerto lovetox: thanks! 😃