Gajim - 2017-09-18

  1. lovetox test
  2. doczkal lovetox: pong
  3. alain.lefevre Hi all! I try to use audio and video calls on FreeBSD. python-farstream was not installed as a dependancy so I installed (got it from a rpm that I unpacked) with the other libraries in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/. It is now listed in the python2.7 console with help('modules'). I rebuilt gajim just in case. But in gajim, help > features, audio/video is still unchecked. How can I see what's the problem?
  4. alain.lefevre Is there some test to run?
  5. lovetox alain.lefevre, it uses
  6. lovetox how you can get this installed on FreeBSD i dont know
  7. lovetox there is the master branch of gajim
  8. lovetox that uses farstream 1.0
  9. lovetox mimi89999, what format does your avatar have?
  10. mimi89999 lovetox: webp
  11. alain.lefevre lovetox:thanks! I will try that.
  12. lovetox mimi89999, i have a branch where pubsub avatars are now supported
  13. lovetox reading, not setting them
  14. mimi89999 lovetox: Thanks. Will allow to see Conversations avatars...
  15. mimi89999 Where is that branch?
  16. lovetox i do a MR today i notify you
  17. lovetox then you can test
  18. lovetox its a bit sad that conversations doesnt support avatars in muc at all
  19. lovetox right now there is really no benefit at all setting your avatar from conversations
  20. mimi89999 lovetox: No, but some use Conversations as only client and I would like to see their avatars...
  21. lovetox yeah yeah i understand
  22. 7usr7local lovetox: You asked me regarding avatars yesterday - I am online with gajim and converstions in parallel. Seeing my own avatar in the gajim paricipants list.
  23. lovetox yeah, thanks, i didnt understand something, but it came to me afterwards
  24. mdosch lovetox: > its a bit sad that conversations doesnt support avatars in muc at all I don't understand what you mean as I see some avatars here in conversations
  25. lovetox i didnt meant displaying, as other clients use the vcard xep to announce there avatars, conversations probably requests them and displays them
  26. lovetox but if you have only conversations, you dont announce in a muc to other participants that you have an avatar
  27. lovetox because conversations stores a avatar in a place where only people can get it that you have in your roster
  28. lovetox so it makes no sense to send this information to a public muc
  29. lovetox so conversations can read and display avatars that others announce, but doesnt announce itself to other clients
  30. mdosch OK, I see
  31. mimi89999 lovetox: I can test your branch if you want.
  32. lovetox yeah as i said i do a MR, and you can test before we merge
  33. lovetox i have to fix some things before
  34. mimi89999 lovetox: What happens if user has both avatars?
  35. lovetox i hope he has the same picture
  36. lovetox then nothing happens
  37. lovetox if he has not, probably the one on pep is used, as the infromation about the pep avatar arrives later then the one from vcard
  38. mimi89999 lovetox: OK. Are avatars cached?
  39. lovetox on harddisk yeah
  40. concerto o/
  41. concerto URL image preview seems to have stopped working, all of a sudden o.o' (gajim-default-nightly)
  42. concerto URL image preview seems to have stopped working, all of a sudden o.o' (gajim-default-nightly, 0.16.11-cf61eac08642)
  43. rom1dep Any plan to implement a shortcut for showing/hiding the presence logs?
  44. lovetox you men join/parts in a muc?
  45. rom1dep Yep
  46. rom1dep There is a per-room switch
  47. rom1dep But something on demand would be great
  48. rom1dep Kinda kills my mood for backlog
  49. lovetox should actually not be that hard i try to test this
  50. lovetox concerto, did it ever work?
  51. lovetox its not the same like in 0.16.8
  52. rom1dep If you default to alt+= many weechat users will fall in love
  53. concerto lovetox: it was working a day or two ago, if memory serves
  54. rom1dep (to you, or gajim)
  55. concerto rom1dep: * with 🙂
  56. rom1dep concerto: how can you know?
  57. concerto rom1dep: ?
  58. rom1dep to/with
  59. pep. rom1dep, he meant "with you"*
  60. pep. ah you got that part :P
  61. concerto Experience 😃
  62. checcoman Hi! I would like to setup the gajim triggers plugin with MUC events, I tried different options but it doesn't seem to work.... some help? (:
  63. checcoman (gajim packages from Debian Buster repository)
  64. checcoman In particular, I'm interested in activating a trigger whenever I receive a message in a MUC. I made different conditions by specifing "when: receive a message" and "for: contacts/groups/everybody". Unfortunately the triggers doesn't work but I don't understand why.
  65. checcoman The other options: "when I'm in: all status"; "and I: don't have a window/tab opened"; "launch command: <my command>".
  66. concerto lovetox: didn't see any messages in the log (-l DEBUG)
  67. lovetox checcoman, hm maybe Asterix can help you, never used that plugin
  68. concerto (from url image preview, other than the ones when it loads)
  69. concerto lovetox: I see. Also, is there any way to auto-download files?
  70. lovetox what do you have set in config for max file size
  71. lovetox maybe the images are to big
  72. lovetox hm k that option is not in gtk3 i see
  73. lovetox this plugin is really not compareable to the one we use in 0.16.8
  74. lovetox i dont think this even supports https
  75. checcoman thanks lovetox, I will wait for Asterix then
  76. concerto lovetox, oh, I thought you meant to write to me and accidentally pinged checcoman :)
  77. concerto lovetox, what setting is it? (auto downloading) I can't seem to find it.
  78. concerto lovetox, what setting is it? (auto download file size) I can't seem to find it.
  79. lovetox no it is not there only in 0.16.8
  80. lovetox check if it works with non https links
  81. Asterix checcoman, Hi
  82. Asterix ha too late
  83. concerto lovetox, it even worked with HTTPS o.o
  84. concerto lovetox, I just tried - it even works with HTTPS o.o
  85. lovetox so it works?
  86. concerto I wonder why those sent over HTTP Upload didn't work, then.
  87. lovetox yeah i noticed that
  88. concerto Works with HTTP, too.../o\
  89. checcoman Asterix, hi
  90. Asterix yes .. tell me what you wante to do, how you did it so I can test here
  91. checcoman Asterix, ok thanks! So, simple case: launch a command when a message (for everyone) is received in a certain MUC.
  92. cippaciong lovetox, the new emoji panel is slick :)
  93. cippaciong As someone who uses emojis quite a lot I'm loving it
  94. lovetox :)
  95. checcoman I made the following conditions in the triggers configuration: 1) when: receive a message; for: group(s) <MUC name>; when I'm in: all status; and I: don't have a window/tab opened; launch command: <my command here>
  96. cippaciong In case you need a reference for users asking for it, I uploaded the omemo-gtk3 PKGBUILD to AUR
  97. cippaciong
  98. Asterix Groups is group in roster
  99. checcoman Ahà, I thought I missed something...
  100. Asterix Isn't there groupchat in this combobox?
  101. checcoman "groupchat participants"
  102. Asterix This will probably only match one participant ... I have to check ...
  103. checcoman it suggests a comma separated list
  104. Asterix You ca write all participants ....
  105. checcoman I'll try it!
  106. lovetox thanks cippaciong
  107. checcoman Asterix, well to make it simple I just set: when: receive a message; for: everybody. The trigger works whenever I receive a message in a 1v1 chat but not in a MUC.
  108. cippaciong lovetox, :)
  109. Asterix checcoman, hmm ok. I'll look into that then.
  110. checcoman thank you Asterix
  111. checcoman Asterix, to be clear: I would like to activate the trigger whenever someone but no me send any message in a given MUC.
  112. Asterix but nor me ... I don't think it's easily doable ...
  113. Asterix but not me ... I don't think it's easily doable ...
  114. checcoman well even it is me that sends the message would be ok (: lets say: whenever any message is received in a given MUC