Gajim - 2017-09-17

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  2. alain.lefevre Hi all! Is there a way to make an video (or just audio) call from windows? Because currently the icon is greyed. This is probably the question you answer very often but it's written on the main page that version 0.14 can do it but the FAQ says it's not possible? So what's possible? Is there a development version to test? Anyway, thanks for this nice software that I just discover!
  3. lovetox hm on linux it works, i dont think on windows, either way this is a feature not developed anymore right now, even if it worked, i doubt it would satisfy you.
  4. alain.lefevre Ok, thanks for the answer. It is not developed anymore?
  5. alain.lefevre On windows
  6. Nothing4You is there a way to get a gajim tray icon on gnome-wayland?
  7. lovetox alain.lefevre, gajim is developed, but not audio/video calls
  8. lovetox Nothing4You, no Gnome doesnt want Tray icons anymore
  9. pep. Nothing4You, that's a gnome issue
  10. Nothing4You i see
  11. Nothing4You how come i still have tray icons from other applications though?
  12. alain.lefevre lovetox, ok thanks
  13. pep. hmm, lovetox, "From GNOME 3.26, we are therefore planning not to show status icons in GNOME Shell by default.", means that it should still be possible right?
  14. pep. Are you doing anything in particular currently to display this tray icon?
  15. lovetox we use the status icon api
  16. pep. k
  17. lovetox if it is not showing thats maybe in gnome settings
  18. lovetox maybe thats the "by default"
  19. pep. But if he's able to see others, I would suspect it's enabled
  20. Nothing4You quiterss and jetbrains toolbox were enabled by default
  21. pep. Or maybe they're "doing it the wrong way", or that could also mean gnome broke something?
  22. Nothing4You i'm using a recent git build of gajim btw in case that matters
  23. pep. and gnome?
  24. Nothing4You latest stable i guess since i'm using arch linux
  25. Nothing4You 3.24.3
  26. pep. k
  27. lovetox did you ionstall the top icons extension as suggested in the blog post?
  28. pep. Are you running gnome-shell/wayland?
  29. pep. Or still X11?
  30. Nothing4You wayland
  31. Nothing4You which icons extension?
  32. pep. Read the blog post
  33. Nothing4You btw my other tray icons aren't in the top
  34. pep. yeah, I see where they are, just like in that picture on the blogpost
  35. Nothing4You yeah
  36. Nothing4You installing the extension now
  37. Nothing4You didn't help
  38. Nothing4You now my other tray icons were moved but gajims tray icon still doesn't show up
  39. Nothing4You tray icon in advanced gajim settings is set to always
  40. lovetox here on gnome ubuntu
  41. lovetox the icon is shown in a panel that is in the left corner bottom
  42. lovetox you have to go with the mouse there then it slides out
  43. Nothing4You yeah that's what i had before i installed that extension
  44. Nothing4You but gajim wasn't in there
  45. Nothing4You other applications where
  46. Nothing4You *were
  47. lovetox maybe they cut support i dont know
  48. lovetox im not in the mood to install x linux distris and see how everything works there
  49. Nothing4You understandable
  50. Nothing4You i wouldn't use gnome if it wasn't the only thing i got working so far either
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  52. doczkal Nothing4You: what did you try and why did it not work?
  53. Nothing4You i'm using gnome-wayland
  54. Nothing4You and i don't get a tray icon for gajim
  55. Nothing4You other applications work with tray icons like quiterss, jetbrains-toolbox
  56. doczkal Nothing4You: i mean your 'I wouldn't use gnome...'
  57. Nothing4You oh
  58. Nothing4You well
  59. Nothing4You i need to use wayland because xorg doesn't have per screen dpi
  60. Nothing4You so my options are already limited
  61. Nothing4You i tried to use orbital as WM and it just doesn't work
  62. Nothing4You starting it freezes my screen
  63. doczkal Hmm Ok. So your machine is quite new, right?
  64. Nothing4You mostly, yeah
  65. Nothing4You the oldest part is probably the gpu, a gtx 750ti
  66. Nothing4You nvidia and wayland don't work that well
  67. Nothing4You proprietary drivers have shit performance
  68. pep. kde? If you want a full DE. I haven't use it in years though. I use sway and it works (well, mostly.. but other issues)
  69. Nothing4You i don't want a full DE, just a WM
  70. doczkal Does not tell me something. Mine is three years old and the cheapest one that has cuda...
  71. Nothing4You and preferrably something light
  72. pep. try sway? :/
  73. Nothing4You isn't that tiling?
  74. pep. yes
  75. Nothing4You i don't want tiling :(
  76. pep. Ah
  77. Nothing4You ideally something similar to fluxbox
  78. pep. Ok, can't help you then
  79. doczkal Damn, i would suggest i3 but that's tiling as well
  80. pep. i3 is an X11 application
  81. pep. sway is a ~clone for wayland
  82. Nothing4You i've never used a tiling wm but i don't think i'd be happy if my windows wouldn't be as flexible as they are now
  83. pep. Everyone their preferences :)
  84. Nothing4You yeah
  85. pep. You can still say "This window is floating", but by default you don't have to worry about them, that's what I like
  86. Nothing4You until i have enough monitors to show all my windows next to each other i probably want all my windows floating
  87. pep. I don't show all of them next to each other
  88. Nothing4You very few of my windows always stay on the same position
  89. pep. I would get crazy pretty quickly
  90. Nothing4You having differently sized screens makes me do that
  91. Nothing4You fullhd/4k
  92. Nothing4You so i drag them to the 4k screen when needed
  93. pep. Well that's wrong, I move my windows as well.
  94. pep. Yeah, my windows take whatever room they can get
  95. pep. Unless I change the layout (honestly I don't do it that much)
  96. Nothing4You i guess i could give it a try
  97. Nothing4You i don't want gnome anyways
  98. Nothing4You pep., does that have some kind of tray?
  99. pep. no
  100. pep. But you can have standalone trays
  101. pep. You can also do that on gnome probably
  102. Nothing4You standalone trays?
  103. Nothing4You i3bar by default provides a system tray area where programs such as NetworkManager, VLC, Pidgin, etc. can place little icons.
  104. Nothing4You wouldn't that be builtin?
  105. Nothing4You eh
  106. Nothing4You
  107. Nothing4You no tray icons
  108. Nothing4You it definitely will take some getting used to with the focus changing from mouse movement
  109. pep. Nothing4You, you just have to not rely on the mouse :)
  110. Nothing4You is there a way to disable auto switching via mouse?
  111. Nothing4You so it only switches on click or keyboard?
  112. Nothing4You found it
  113. pep. what is it btw? My mouse is mostly hanging around I'm used to not using it, but that might be nice to have
  114. Nothing4You focus_follows_mouse yes|no
  115. Nothing4You
  116. pep. thanks
  117. Nothing4You mouse_warping sounds useful aswell below that
  118. pep. That's by default in sway iirc
  119. Nothing4You its on by default
  120. Nothing4You gotta fix mz kezboard lazout -_-
  121. pep. :)
  122. Nothing4You seems to only be configurable via env var
  123. Nothing4You which means sway restart
  124. pep. yep
  125. pep. XKB_DEFAULT_*
  126. pep. I use _LAYOUT and _VARIANT
  127. Nothing4You how do i set that focus mouse thing?
  128. Nothing4You whats the full line i need in sway config_
  129. Nothing4You ?
  130. Nothing4You nvm
  131. Nothing4You must have had a typo
  132. Nothing4You works now
  133. pep. :)
  134. Nothing4You oh
  135. Nothing4You hm
  136. Nothing4You that doesnt appear to affect cross output
  137. Nothing4You only same screen
  138. Nothing4You also is there a way to save the layout_
  139. Nothing4You e.g. limit certain windows to only use a specific amount of space?
  140. pep. lovetox, you use gajim to join programming@? Does it do CSI?
  141. pep. Ah, apparently you use conversations as well. Maybe I should try deactivate CSI then. apparently that could be a reason for the kicks in that room
  142. lovetox i dont use conversations
  143. lovetox nad Gajim does not support CSI
  144. Nothing4You what's CSI?
  145. lovetox a special unit that investigates homocides in Miami
  146. lovetox something smartphones uses to reduce traffic when chatting with xmpp
  147. Nothing4You sounds useful
  148. Nothing4You pep., is there no clipboard in sway?
  149. pep. yes there is, not the middle one though, depending on your applications
  150. pep. yes there is, not the middle click one though, depending on your applications
  151. Nothing4You i was trying to ^C/^V
  152. Nothing4You from gajim to firefox
  153. pep. from what to what?
  154. pep. k
  155. Nothing4You didn't work
  156. pep. worksforme
  157. Nothing4You :(
  158. Nothing4You weird
  159. Nothing4You now it works
  160. rom1dep herf, the new accounts UX… so gnomish
  161. singpolyma Hello! Any chance I could get my permissions on tweaked so I'm allowed to have two projects? Currently I cannot fork gajim-plugins because I already have a gajim fork :)
  162. pep. heh I didn't know allowed community members to have their own projects
  163. pep. Is this on purpose?
  164. singpolyma pep.: well, it's not really an "own project" just a fork to make MRs work
  165. pep. yeah but still
  166. pep. They could give you access to the repo but not allowed to modify certain branches and create your own from there. I wonder if gitlab supports taking MRs from the outside, like sending patches.
  167. Asterix I delete non-clone projects. Yes I give you access of course
  168. philw pep i dont think you can configure gitlab the way you just said
  169. philw there is no per branch access
  170. philw only project
  171. pep. philw, no per branch, but you can restrict branch modifications
  172. philw hm no i didnt find that setting
  173. pep. Settings -> Repository -> Protected Branches
  174. philw that does not mean you can modify it
  175. pep. Same for tags
  176. Asterix singpolyma: you can't have a clone, you're an external user. And you have 2 accounts. Which ome do you want to use ?
  177. philw that only means you can not force push
  178. pep. philw, -force
  179. philw ?
  180. singpolyma Asterix: I have two accounts? I think I only use the one where I log in with github
  181. philw protected does not mean no modifications
  182. pep. yes it does
  183. philw protected means no force push
  184. pep. no
  185. singpolyma This is my current gajim fork:
  186. lovetox hm seems to be true
  187. lovetox then again how would that workflow look like
  188. lovetox everybody creates its own branch?
  189. pep. philw, screenshot incoming
  190. lovetox yeah i read it in the docs
  191. lovetox philw is my other device
  192. pep. oh
  193. rom1dep > everybody creates its own branch? Sounds crazy
  194. pep. right, that's why I was wondering if it was possible for gitlab to take patches
  195. rom1dep Considering that every decent dvcs does hardlinking, I don't see how it's a good thing to prevent authenticated users from forking and request-merging their changes
  196. pep. rom1dep, well I'm not the one managing this gitlab instance, but I would more be worried about maintaining it with all with users, having to be careful they don't create stuff etc.. or having a bot doing that for us, that's more dev etc.
  197. rom1dep What kind of stuff are you afraid your users would create?
  198. pep. Is sign-up enabled?
  199. rom1dep Seems much easier to manage the repositories and users at a same level, instead of, say, protecting branches and having to GC the whole namespace everytime you kick someone out
  200. pep. rom1dep, yeah sure, that was not a good idea. still I thought this instance was only for gajim use and not users (even only working on gajim)
  201. rom1dep pep.: then it depends on how your project wants to interact with your community, and how painful you want the review process to become…
  202. pep. Can you "link" multiple gitlab instances?
  203. rom1dep I don't know much about gitlab, but I don't really see the point…
  204. pep. We have a similar issue at work, just trying to figure out how to fix it. For now the answer is "don't allow community members on the instance"
  205. pep. and push every project that requires this to other platforms like or github or whatever
  206. rom1dep let people create forks for themselves, it doesn't create more data on the server than what is already there + the new changesets (thanks hardlinks) + database metadata
  207. lovetox gajim is not such a popular project that it would be hard to maintain the view users that want to contribute
  208. rom1dep if it grows, the problem will become less about managing contributors than having the required manpower to review their patches on time. So if you're hooked (and used) to the gitlab way of handling things, it's smarter to make as much as that workflow happen through it (as compared to patches on MLs for instance)
  209. pep. rom1dep, ok, maybe I mixed my use case a bit too much to the discussion
  210. rom1dep I'm of zero relevance there, not even a contributor :) , just stating that having many users forking a same repo has close to no bad impact on the server load and maintenance (which is what a self-hosted project may be worried about)
  211. lovetox 7usr7local, what client do you use
  212. lovetox conversations is see
  213. 7usr7local And gajim
  214. lovetox i see you set profile entries
  215. lovetox did you do this with gajim?
  216. 7usr7local I did what?
  217. lovetox set you name in your profile
  218. 7usr7local Ah. Well, I tried both but someout I ended up to be twice in chatrooms, so I tried to set it everywhere back to default
  219. 7usr7local Well, no. Now I am talking about Nickname.
  220. 7usr7local Which one are you refering to?
  221. lovetox is alright i wondered why i didnt get your avatar, but now i know
  222. 7usr7local Can I do something about it?
  223. lovetox because you are not online with gajim right now, so you are not announcing the avtar in groupchat, conversations is not capable to do it in groupchat
  224. lovetox ok im out, have a good night
  225. 7usr7local This is gajim 0.16.7 on Linux am right now typing in.
  226. mimi89999 lovetox: you to