Gajim - 2017-09-16

  1. florian that worked for me thx to lovetox
  2. 7usr7local lovetox: Either I don't have a clue on how to edit a gitlab wiki ... or I'am missing rights ... ... or both. 😉
  3. mimi89999 :)
  4. mimi89999 :-)
  5. mimi89999
  6. mimi89999 Much better now!
  7. lovetox 7usr7local, you cant thats why i wrote, write it down so I can add it :)
  8. 7usr7local You did? Oh ;-)
  9. mimi89999 lovetox: My warnings won't be flowers anymore... Yay
  10. lovetox what warnings
  11. mimi89999 (w)
  12. lovetox thats not a flower for me
  13. mimi89999 (W)
  14. lovetox also not, we dont have this as a smilie
  15. mimi89999 You used to then...
  16. mimi89999 Ah, it was still in stable...
  17. lovetox yeah in 0.16.8 i think
  18. mimi89999 But pasted code won't start getting emoticons at random places...
  19. doczkal It's a flower for me, but what should it be?
  20. doczkal oh I see (w) is a flower :o
  21. doczkal well because of this. emoticons is often the first thing I try to switch off ...
  22. debacle There seems to be a UI problem with 0.16.8 on Wayland:
  23. debacle I'm not using Wayland (yet), but after Fedora and others switched to it as default, more and more users might be affected
  24. debacle lovetox: I see a flower, but it looks in need of water (w)
  25. lovetox debacle, we use the gtk API to do things, if it does them not correctly not much we can do
  26. mimi89999 When I tried Wayland, Gajim was missing it's icons in windows...
  27. debacle lovetox: the bug report contains a hint about which API function is problematic: "gajim is doing: <halfline> self.systray_context_menu.popup(None, None, None, event_button, <halfline> event_time)" and "You should probably use one of the gtk_menu_popup_at_ variants, which do not have this problem"
  28. debacle The nice thing about GTK+ API functions is, that there are so many to chose from :~)
  29. lovetox debacle, can you test a patch?
  30. 7usr7local Yes you did - sorry.
  31. 7usr7local Sorry, that was to lovetox
  32. debacle lovetox, not sure, because I did not yet tried to run Wayland. But I can ask the bug reporter, Julian Andres Klode. He is an experienced developer and knows how to apply and test patches, too.
  33. lovetox i have a problem
  34. lovetox it seems like he is refering to the GTK3 API
  35. lovetox i cannot find anything else then popup in the GTK2 API
  36. lovetox
  37. debacle ah, OK. In that case the bug has to stay open until the next big release, right?
  38. lovetox i guess until we release the gtk3 version
  39. debacle OK, I will comment that on the bug report
  40. lovetox thanks
  41. cippaciong lovetox, is there any git tag for gajim 0.17?
  42. lovetox there is no gajim 0.17
  43. cippaciong you mean not yet?
  44. lovetox you mean you want a git tag for master?
  45. lovetox or for some kind of nightly?
  46. cippaciong I wouldn't say I want it, just wondering if there is anything like that
  47. cippaciong Yeah, something like nightly or beta releases
  48. lovetox a nightly is build in the night, we would have to create a git tag every night
  49. lovetox which is not really what this was intended for i think
  50. cippaciong yeah, I wouldn't do that as well
  51. cippaciong Well, don't worry anyway I was just curious
  52. cippaciong I've made the aur package for omemo but I'm still not quite sure what name I should give it
  53. cippaciong gajim-plugin-omemo-gtk3 maybe?
  54. cippaciong Or gajim017-plugin-omemo
  55. cippaciong That's the reason why I was asking
  56. lovetox when gtk3 version is released we will call it 1.0
  57. lovetox to get away from thius 0.x
  58. lovetox hm but right now gtk3 seems better maybe
  59. cippaciong I think I'll stick to gajim-plugin-omemo-gtk3 then. Maybe I'll ask Link Mauve as well since he is the maintainer for gajim-git
  60. lovetox yeah do as you like :)
  61. doczkal lovetox, does 1.0 have a better OMEMO integration? I would like to promote gajim further. But downside is the 'not so easy' OMEMO integration
  62. lovetox in my opinion yes doczkal
  63. cippaciong The gtk3 version of the plugin is still written in python2 right?
  64. lovetox no
  65. lovetox python3
  66. cippaciong oh
  67. cippaciong even better then
  68. cippaciong I will change the dependencies then
  69. lovetox doczkal, in 1.0 its as easy as it gets, one encryption button where you select omemo, and start writing a message
  70. cippaciong can I remove python-future from the dependencies?
  71. lovetox yes
  72. doczkal lovetox, sounds great - maybe I can convince more people if the UI is moving forward to a more appealing UI - which is unfortunately the second downside :(
  73. cippaciong "python-qrcode" "python-setuptools" "python-cryptography" "python-axolotl"
  74. lovetox im working on it, but im only one person, and i do this in my freetime, so dont expact mircacles soon :)
  75. cippaciong this would be the list of dependencies, anything missing/redundant?
  76. doczkal for me UI is low priority and I would never drop a software because of the UI ... And I like the simple and easy to navigate UI of gajim ....
  77. lovetox cippaciong, sound good to me
  78. cippaciong great thanks
  79. cippaciong last question
  80. cippaciong
  81. cippaciong Have you erver seen this problem before?
  82. lovetox what is the probem, the icon?
  83. doczkal which problem?
  84. cippaciong the icon
  85. lovetox it seems your system doesnt use gtk stock icons
  86. cippaciong Is the only flaw in the ui since moving to gtk3
  87. lovetox maybe you installed some icon theme
  88. cippaciong yes, I've got my icon theme but this looks strange
  89. lovetox its a downward arrow also for me
  90. lovetox yeah i agree its probably not the best icon for a send button
  91. lovetox on the other hand, i play with the thought to remove it all together, is anyone clicking that ever ^^
  92. cippaciong I'm not arguing the icon itself but the fact that is not displayed properly
  93. cippaciong It should be circular
  94. cippaciong but the upper part is cut
  95. lovetox do you have this with any other icons aswell?
  96. doczkal lovetox, maybe someone with a touchscreen will miss the button ...
  97. cippaciong >do you have this with any other icons aswell?
  98. cippaciong do you mean other icon sets?
  99. lovetox no other icons you see in gajim
  100. cippaciong They're fine
  101. cippaciong
  102. lovetox hm i can check the icon theme maybe something is wrong, what are you using?
  103. cippaciong numix
  104. cippaciong
  105. cippaciong These are the same icons in Thunar, my file manager
  106. cippaciong lovetox nvm, it's the icon itself that is made that way
  107. cippaciong
  108. lovetox i just found out
  109. lovetox =)
  110. concerto lovetox, o/
  111. concerto gajim-default-nightly on Debian Stretch; Someone sent me a whisper in an OMEMO MUC, and I get "I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that. Find more information on" =\ It was received correctly in Conversations, I *do* have OMEMO installed and set up, and I do trust the FP of the sender.
  112. concerto lovetox, oh, and I'm able to send whispers in that MUC correctly. It's only happening for received whispers.
  113. lovetox i doubt that
  114. lovetox as the omemo plugin does not allow encrypted whispers
  115. lovetox so yes whispers work but they are not encrypted
  116. concerto yeah, I just noticed that it doesn't permit me to encrypt them. Whispers which I sent from Conversations show up in Gajim correctly.
  117. lovetox you have to have everyone in your roster anyway
  118. concerto ?
  119. lovetox what do you gain from whispering someone when you have him in your roster
  120. lovetox or is conversations showing whispers in a grouchat in your single conversations
  121. lovetox gajim should open the single chat window when you want to whiper someone that you have in your roster
  122. concerto In Conversations whispers are sent in the same MUC window.
  123. lovetox yeah but not in the single chat window with that jid
  124. lovetox so you will have your history with that person scattered over multiple mucs etc
  125. lovetox if you knwo a person and have him in your roster, dont whisper in a muc, just write him a single message
  126. concerto lovetox, the problem here is that I like to be able to see the history. And the way Conversations displays whispers means you can separate contexts.
  127. concerto e.g. I have a person in my contacts, and also in three different encrypted MUCs.
  128. concerto when we chat 1-on-1, it's personal; when we whisper in other MUCs it's regarding the subjects of the MUCs.
  129. lovetox yeah thats not a good design
  130. lovetox maybe for a chat with 3 people
  131. lovetox i dont want to search my conversations with muc members inside all the muc history
  132. concerto it's polarizing...some like it and find it very useful, others don't. (there was a GH issue about it,)
  133. concerto lovetox, one could say it makes things easier to find - everything re: the MUCs topic is in the MUC history.
  134. lovetox but its not, if you have a conversations with 30-40 lines, and these lines are scattered over a active that had 100 lines in the same time
  135. lovetox but its not, if you have a conversations with 30-40 lines, and these lines are scattered over an active MUC that had 100 lines in the same time
  136. lovetox but i get it you dont have so much space and dont want to switch often windows, on a smartphone
  137. lovetox and for small conversations with 3-4 people in private chats i guess it works
  138. lovetox anonymous chats are a pain in the ass
  139. concerto hm, there's that, too...and yeah, most of these MUCs have few members (encrypted -> need to add them)
  140. lovetox i try to make encryption work for the plugin, should not be too hard
  141. lovetox :)
  142. concerto thanks :D
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