Gajim - 2017-09-13

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  2. 7usr7local Hi guys ... this is magic. I came here to ask the very question about join/left notifications in muc ... and it was answered in the history lines gajim pulled from the server ...
  3. SouL Beautiful :D
  4. rom1dep But no MAM 😢
  5. lovetox someday rom1dep, its actually not very far away and hard to implement in gajim, most things are in place
  6. lovetox i need a weekend where my girlfriend is away :)
  7. rom1dep lovetox: IIUC, it's basically combining a sufficiently robust message deduplication and incremental MAM querying
  8. lovetox we have both things already, its really a matter of 2 hours work
  9. debacle lovetox: Shall we start crowdfunding for a holiday weekend for your girlfriend?
  10. rom1dep sounds great
  11. lovetox haha :D
  12. Holger Can my wife join?
  13. lovetox 🤣
  14. SouL Haha
  15. concerto o/
  16. debacle In fact, this might be generally a good idea: Instead of crowdfunding developers, crowdfund their respective non-hacking partners, children, cats etc. so that developers can hack without interruption.
  17. concerto lmao
  18. concerto Don't forget tax agents, landlords, bosses, and pangs of hunger, either. :>
  19. concerto lovetox, can :<space>o please be and :O be ?
  20. concerto lovetox, can : o please be and : O be ?
  21. lovetox :o
  22. concerto rofl
  23. lovetox :O
  24. lovetox hm..
  25. lovetox i dont know if i can differentiate between captial letters
  26. lovetox 😮 😯
  27. concerto :D
  28. mimi89999 I like Unicode emotions in Gajim nightly.
  29. lovetox no we can not do this with the current code, you have to decide for one concerto
  30. lovetox hm or maybe just let me try to fix that code
  31. concerto Also, :> would be well-suited to 😀
  32. mimi89999 😮😯
  33. mimi89999 Looks nice...
  34. lovetox i dont really like the blobs
  35. lovetox but its the only thing i found where the graphics did have a license we can use
  36. mimi89999 Where did you find them?
  37. concerto lovetox, blobs?
  38. lovetox are the emoticons not called like that?
  39. lovetox google called them blobs or something like that
  40. lovetox
  41. concerto hm...
  42. lovetox when google releases the new emoticons i think i will switch
  43. lovetox ah they already did
  44. lovetox i should get on this, high priority
  45. lovetox new emoticons will rise the girl factor of gajim
  46. zak lovetox‎: You mean the WAF
  47. 7usr7local LOL. I read "Unicorn emotions". Either I follow to many startup entrepreneurs or to many girls on twitter :-D
  48. zak
  49. mimi89999 > lovetox‎: when google releases the new emoticons i think i will switch DON'T
  50. mimi89999 > ‎lovetox‎: new emoticons will rise the girl factor of gajim What?
  51. lovetox no worrys im not going to make the others away, its just adding another emoji atlas to gajim to choose from
  52. concerto lovetox, mimi89999, what new emoticons? o_o
  53. concerto oh, the link?
  54. lovetox google redesigned their emoticons
  55. ssweeny of course no one who doesn't have a Pixel will have those yet
  56. concerto I agree with mimi89999 and the article. Dont, just don'.t
  57. concerto I agree with mimi89999 and the article. Dont, just don't.
  58. lovetox problem is, they removed the old design
  59. lovetox this means new emojis will not be added
  60. mimi89999 :-(
  61. ssweeny Nobody liked the blobs until they went away
  62. mimi89999 ssweeny: They weren't great, but what they did in Oreo is 10x worse!
  63. ssweeny Not sure I agree with that
  64. ssweeny I think they just look like everyone else's now, which is actually probably good
  65. ssweeny Then you can send one and have a reasonably good idea what it will look like on the other end
  66. int I still have the problem under macos with bringing focus to my messages window.. gajim has no reachable icon and if you have some open windows i have to minimize each until i reach the gajim messages winfow.. is it maybe a lack of knowledge? i m new to macos
  67. lovetox is it not in the dock?
  68. lovetox like any other open application?
  69. int no.. we discussed about this some time ago but i lived with it in the meantime ;-)
  70. int im starting it with python3 launch,.sh
  71. lovetox let me look on my mac
  72. int thx :)
  73. lovetox i see gajim in the dock
  74. lovetox if i click on the icon in the dock, the roster opens
  75. lovetox but you want message windows?
  76. lovetox if i minimize the message window
  77. lovetox it goes to the minimized windows in the doc
  78. int yes.. but roster also does not show up.
  79. lovetox beside my trash bin
  80. int yes that works.. but if you leave it open it is hidden under a lot of windows
  81. lovetox preferences -> use single window for everything
  82. int my terminal, putty etc all show up next to the trash
  83. lovetox after that a click on the dock main app icon should bring everything up
  84. int aaah thank you that works!
  85. mimi89999 lovetox: Mozilla (baby) emojis also suit us...
  86. lovetox dont understand what you mean
  87. mimi89999 lovetox: For other emoji fonts..
  88. lovetox if i google that i get one baby emoji
  89. 7usr7local int: What about the "show all windows" from the right-click menu of the docker icon?
  90. 7usr7local in case you prefer not to use a single window.
  91. mimi89999
  92. mimi89999 lovetox:
  93. int 7usr7local thx, this also works..
  94. lovetox mimi89999, this is font
  95. lovetox would it not suffice to just install it
  96. lovetox ?
  97. 7usr7local int: btw, do you have omemo working with gajim on OS X? Last time I tried with macports, some phython libs were missing.
  98. lovetox you can set gajim to not use the system font to display emojis
  99. int 7usr7local works perfectly.. which libs are missing?
  100. lovetox *use the system font
  101. lovetox i mean
  102. 7usr7local int: It's been some time ago, I need to check. Maybe they're there in the meantime. Are you using gajim from macports? I found only some docs based on brew.
  103. lovetox 7usr7local, i dont think this has anything to do with macports
  104. lovetox if you can install python via macports
  105. lovetox you should be able to use all python libs
  106. lovetox and install all python libs via pip
  107. lovetox brew is only used to install gtk3 and python
  108. 7usr7local lovetox: Well, ok, I was looking for libs provided by macports.
  109. lovetox what difference would that make?
  110. int 7usr7local i m using daily builds.. with git
  111. 7usr7local lovetox: I don't know :-) I just found the brew/pip documentation yesterday, didn't have time to investigate futher. It looked like beeing wotht a try ... but as time is short, I am happy about your confirmation that it should work either way.
  112. lovetox
  113. 7usr7local lovetox: Yeah, that's the doc I was talking about.
  114. mimi89999 lovetox: Since you wanted to embed more fonts in Gajim, I gave suggestions.
  115. lovetox fonts dont have to be embedded
  116. lovetox fonts are installed on your system
  117. lovetox the google icons are pngs
  118. lovetox compiled to a atlas which gajim picks from and displays
  119. lovetox has nothing to do with a font
  120. 7usr7local int, lovetox: Thanks for your feedback. The difference is mainly in time and effort to get it running :-)
  121. lovetox i can tell you i followed the guide a few weeks ago on a current macbook, and it works as expected
  122. lovetox if you want to use omemo, you just install the packages via pip from the omemo wiki addtionally
  123. 7usr7local lovetox: As far as possible, I try to avoid using two packages systems in parallel (here; ports and pip. Othere cases e.g. are deb (or rpm) and cpan for Perl on Linux)
  124. 7usr7local lovetox: But don't worry, I'll give it a try :-)
  125. silentstrike hello, guys
  126. lovetox hi
  127. silentstrike I don't know why but my spell check doesn't work
  128. silentstrike I installed libgtkspell-dev , but without success
  129. silentstrike I'm using linux mint 17
  130. lovetox help -> features
  131. lovetox is spell checker active?
  132. silentstrike yes, is Available
  133. lovetox you are using gajim 0.16.8?
  134. silentstrike yes
  135. silentstrike how can I start int in debug mode, or somehting to see
  136. lovetox you did activate under preferences "highlight missspelled words"
  137. silentstrike ohhh
  138. silentstrike this it was
  139. silentstrike not it works perfectly, Thank you!
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  141. lovetox concerto, in my effort to fix the really important problems in gajim, i incorporated your suggestions
  142. concerto thank you so much, lovetox :)
  143. concerto .o(was that sarcasm? ._.')
  144. lovetox noooo 😁
  145. lovetox no for real when i made the emojis, i was to tired to find correct unicode emojis for string emojis
  146. lovetox so i didnt really take the time to do think about this :)
  147. lovetox i guess this line needs fixing aswell
  148. lovetox ('u2639.png', [u'\u2639', ':-/', ':/', ':-\\', ':\\', ':-S', ':S', ':-[', ':['])
  149. concerto heh, cool :)
  150. lovetox
  151. silentstrike tnx again for help, you are doing a great job guys! Keep it UP!
  152. silentstrike I love this jabber client
  153. lovetox thx
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  155. lsg tor proxy, http upload load via tor?
  156. mimi89999 Why the ONLY?
  157. Asterix because one of the previous dev don't want or greater
  158. Asterix and his code is still there (optparser)
  159. mimi89999 Is it possible to disable automatic showing of emojis for 'codes' like :)
  160. mimi89999 And only show them for Unicode?
  161. mimi89999 Asterix: There isn't anything greater then GPLv3 anyway...
  162. Asterix yes. but gpl 3 or greate means we'll automatically switch to v4 when it will exist
  163. mimi89999 I expect the FSF to make GPLv4 even better then v3, but...
  164. mimi89999 v2+ is interesting...