Gajim - 2017-09-11

  1. Nahuel Hello
  2. Nahuel Does it exist a url preview plugin for gajim ?
  3. Nahuel a plugin that show, for example the opengraph datas in chatbox ?
  4. Asterix there is a url image preview yes, just open the plugins window and go in available tab to see them
  5. Nahuel But it's only if someones shares an image, not for urls like newspaper articles, isn't it ?
  6. Asterix what's the type of newspaper article?
  7. Asterix html?
  8. Asterix pdf?
  9. Nahuel html
  10. Asterix then no, we don't show HTML pages in chat window.
  11. Nahuel I mean, I'm looking for an url preview, like url previews, or twitter cards
  12. Nahuel And, then, is there a doc to write plugins ?
  13. Nahuel I couldn't find one
  14. Asterix the maine one is looking at other plugins
  15. Nahuel ok, and how to test the plugin ? Have I to restart gajim after each change ?
  16. Nahuel Or there is a way to reload the plugin
  17. Asterix I think de-activate it and re-activate should work. Never tested though
  18. Nahuel okay, thanks, i think i'll try to write my own plugin ;-)
  19. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *3c31574c* <> Unittest: replace deprecated functions *40770843* <> test_pluginmanager: fix imports *64cfc5ea* <> Merge branch 'tests' into 'master' Test: fix some warnings and errors See merge request !131
  20. Asterix nice. Don't hesitate to do a merge request on after that!
  21. Nahuel of course
  22. wiktor Is there an option in Gajim to start all MUCs in "minimized" state? (meaning not a tab just an entry on roster), currently I need to enable "Minimize on close" on all of them and close them manually after I log in
  23. Asterix if you have them in bookmarks, then yes
  24. wiktor Minimize on autojoin I persume?
  25. wiktor works great, thanks!
  26. Asterix yes
  27. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *eca11d24* <> fix plugins_translate script
  28. Asterix nathan: plugins translation are available on Plugin is not updated automatically. Hard to guess when a new version should be pushed. So just tell me when it's done or when you update translation and I'll release a new version
  29. stp wiktor: Where can I find the Minimize on autojoin option?
  30. wiktor stp, Actions > Join Group Chat > Manage bookmarks
  31. stp wiktor: oh wow, I never would have found that window because of bad German translation of that menu item. Thanks for letting me know!
  32. wiktor stp, haha, on my end it's also partially english partially translated, but this option is really cool, makes Gajim more Conversations-like :)
  33. Asterix Fix that on
  34. rom1dep shouldn't each and every bookmark be edited so this option is selected? Doesn't seem too convenient
  35. stp Asterix: I did that already. :-)
  36. Asterix stp: thanks
  37. Asterix rom1dep: isn't it proposed when you create tje bookmark ?
  38. rom1dep Asterix: well if you have 30 bookmarks it'd be great to have a global switch, or make this as an option in the tabs management setting
  39. Asterix It's stored per room on server
  40. rom1dep the way the client deals with laying out bookmarks is a bookmark property on the server? TIL.
  41. stp What does a spinning star symbol in my roster mean?
  42. Nothing4You can i migrate from gajim on windows to gajim on linux by just copying %appdata%\Gajim to ~/.config/gajim?
  43. Nothing4You the files and folders created from a first start of an unconfigured gajim have different cases - Config on windows vs config on linux - should i rename all paths to be full lowercase?
  44. Nothing4You some stuff also seems to be in ~/.local/share/gajim
  45. gandogar Hello, is it possible to use messenger 'Gajim' on windows phone?
  46. mimi89999 gandogar: I doubt that.
  47. gandogar Hm, not good. Is there another messenger supportung omemo on windows phone?
  48. Link Mauve gandogar, I don’t know any software for that platform, it seems pretty hostile to developers tbh.
  49. Holger The only Windows Phone client I know is <>. They don't support OMEMO (only OTR, which I'd recommend against), and the traffic goes through their proxy.
  50. gandogar Ok, no really solution on windows phone. I have to tell my friend to change his phone ... 😉.
  51. Holger That might be a good idea anyway :-)
  52. stp gandogar: IIRC there are some Windows phones where Android can be flashed onto, maybe he's lucky.
  53. gandogar Hm, I am not sure ... I think his next phone will not be a windows phone.
  54. rom1dep there is no chance his next phone will be a windows phone, they've been discontinued
  55. Holger Nobody bought it, because there was no usable XMPP client.
  56. gandogar What about win10, is that not a os for mobile phones? I don't know about it, because I am using only linux distributions now for about four years.
  57. lovetox no gandogar windows is a very niche mobile os
  58. lovetox its usable if you have a clear definied purpose that will not change for some years, and the software you need for that purpose is available, everything else is a high risk
  59. gandogar It seems there is no messenger supporting omemo, so win 10 is no solution. By the way I asked for a friend who is using a phone with windows ( I don't know the version).
  60. Nothing4You still looking to find out how to easily move my gajim on windows to a linux machine
  61. lovetox what version are you using on windows?
  62. lovetox Nothing4You,
  63. Nothing4You 0.16.11
  64. Nothing4You gtk3 build
  65. Nothing4You 0.16.11 gtk3 git build from yesterday on linux
  66. Nothing4You lovetox
  67. lovetox then just copy "Config" (file), "Logs.db", and the "omemo_yourjid.db"
  68. lovetox the dbs go into .local/share/gajim, the Config file into .config/gajim
  69. lovetox but maybe you have to rename the conifg
  70. lovetox just add a account on linux first and see where and how it creates these dbs
  71. Nothing4You ok
  72. lovetox actually what do you want to transfer anyway?
  73. Nothing4You everything
  74. Nothing4You settings, accounts, logs
  75. lovetox but i dont get it, logs are in MAM storage
  76. lovetox and adding a account is a 10 second thing
  77. lovetox why the need to transfer it
  78. Nothing4You not all logs are in mam because e.g. otr
  79. lovetox true
  80. lovetox yeah then try what i suggested
  81. lovetox but i would reinstall plugins
  82. lovetox dont think its necessary to transfer them
  83. Nothing4You yeah makes sense for plugins
  84. Nothing4You as long as their configs are kept
  85. Nothing4You are plugin configs inside /the/ config file?
  86. lovetox no they are in a folder called "pluginsconfig"
  87. Nothing4You ok, thanks
  88. Nothing4You back in a minute, trying now
  89. lovetox i just looked, you have to uncapitalize the file names
  90. lovetox logs.db
  91. Nothing4You Hm
  92. Nothing4You Now Gajim isn't starting anymore
  93. Nothing4You Telling me something about a remote error
  94. Nothing4You From secret service
  95. lovetox do you want to post it?
  96. lovetox ah i know
  97. Nothing4You I'm on my phone right now
  98. lovetox go into the config file look for password
  99. lovetox and delete whats in front of it
  100. lovetox it probably says winvault
  101. Nothing4You Yeah
  102. Nothing4You winvault:
  103. lovetox yeah make it only "password=
  104. Nothing4You Ok
  105. Nothing4You What's that password for? Account login?
  106. lovetox yes
  107. lovetox but you should not write it into the file
  108. lovetox gajim will store it in your system keychain
  109. Nothing4You Ok
  110. Nothing4You looks good
  111. lovetox oh did you use otr?
  112. Nothing4You where?
  113. lovetox in gajim
  114. Nothing4You yes
  115. lovetox then there is more to copy
  116. Nothing4You yeah
  117. lovetox look for server.fpr and server.key3
  118. Nothing4You the fpr and .key3
  119. Nothing4You yeah
  120. Nothing4You already copied
  121. lovetox kk
  122. Nothing4You although now i'll have fun getting the plugins back into gajim
  123. Nothing4You no plugin manager coming with my gajim install
  124. Nothing4You and packages not in aur
  125. lovetox you used otr on gajim 16.11?
  126. lovetox i was under the impression this didnt work
  127. Nothing4You last time i used it was before i upgraded
  128. Nothing4You i don't use it that often
  129. lovetox it will not work
  130. Nothing4You ok
  131. lovetox hm so where from did you install gajim
  132. lovetox from aur?
  133. Nothing4You
  134. Nothing4You yeah
  135. lovetox so for which plugin are you looking?
  136. lovetox for omemo there is a aur package, though i dont know if for gtk3 version
  137. Nothing4You i installed the omemo package
  138. Nothing4You i just noticed the other plugins appearently also disappeared when i upgraded
  139. Nothing4You probably don't even need them if i don't notice them missing
  140. lovetox because you need different plugins for gtk3
  141. lovetox
  142. lovetox download this and put it into the plugins folder
  143. lovetox then you should see the plugin installer
  144. lovetox btw i dont think the omemo package you downloaded is for 0.16.11
  145. lovetox at least i dont find a package on aur for that
  146. Nothing4You nope it isn't
  147. Nothing4You not showing up in the plugins
  148. lovetox yeah install it via plugin installer and install
  149. lovetox python3-axolotl
  150. lovetox before
  151. lovetox cippaciong, could you make a package for aur for the gtk3 version of the omemo plugin?
  152. Nothing4You where is the plugin folder? .config or .local?
  153. lovetox .local share gajim plugins
  154. Nothing4You ok, got the plugin manager now
  155. Nothing4You are the plugins available via plugin manager already gtk3 compatible or does it at least check during install?
  156. Nothing4You since otr is listed there i guess it doesn't check before install
  157. Nothing4You also i really need to get some keyring
  158. Nothing4You right now gajim doesn't save any passwords
  159. lovetox otr doesnt work but the rest is the correct plugins
  160. lovetox even though you selected save passwords?
  161. Nothing4You yes
  162. lovetox thats odd, is gir1.2-secret-1 installed
  163. lovetox i dont know the aur equivalent of that
  164. Nothing4You nothing with gir in its name is installed
  165. lovetox it seems missing from the gajim package
  166. lovetox Link Mauve
  167. lovetox hm though the package says KSecretService
  168. Nothing4You gajim-git has the optional dependency gnome-keyring: to store passwords encrypted in GNOME Keyring [installed]
  169. Nothing4You which i just installed, wasn't there before
  170. lovetox ah k then it should work now
  171. Nothing4You i had checked save passwords and it didn't save any
  172. Nothing4You not even complain
  173. lovetox Link Mauve, would that not be something better to depend on in the package rather then optional
  174. lovetox Nothing4You, hm yeah thats a bug it should fall back to storing it in the config file
  175. Nothing4You i guess it's optional because it also has the optional dependency kded: to store passwords encrypted in KSecretService
  176. lovetox ah i guess there are different keyrings
  177. Nothing4You since i use neither gnome nor kde i guess there isn't much difference for me
  178. lovetox you should install this optional dep also python-crypto (python-pycryptodome) (
  179. Nothing4You just installed crypto
  180. Nothing4You what's cryptodome?
  181. Link Mauve lovetox, yes?
  182. lovetox ah no not cryptodome sorry
  183. lovetox dont install that
  184. lovetox Link Mauve, i guess its ok, i didnt know you could install multiple secret service providers
  185. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s libsecret which provides that stuff.
  186. Link Mauve And it’s required by gajim-git.
  187. Link Mauve gnome-keyring is just optional.
  188. lovetox but only with libsecret it will not work or?
  189. lovetox you need a keyring or?
  190. Link Mauve Yes.
  191. lovetox Link Mauve, i found this
  192. lovetox python-crypto (python-pycryptodome) (optional) – support for E2E encryption
  193. Link Mauve Either gnome-keyring, or kwallet, or some other implementation of the Secret dbus protocol.
  194. lovetox ah its a or cryptodome, i understand
  195. lovetox hm no actually everything seem right with the package, thanks
  196. Nothing4You
  197. Nothing4You so supposedly gajim was storing in plaintext and people disliked it
  198. Nothing4You and now it's not storing them at all :D
  199. lovetox its a security feature
  200. lovetox :D
  201. Nothing4You at least it's working now after setting up a keyring
  202. Nothing4You one step closer to being able to switch from linux vm on windows to windows vm on linux
  203. lovetox =)
  204. lovetox did you get an exception
  205. lovetox when not having a keyring installed?
  206. Nothing4You uh
  207. Nothing4You didn't check
  208. Nothing4You was launching it through fluxbox
  209. Nothing4You wtf
  210. Nothing4You ‎[07:23:03 PM] ‎error while sending not terminal ( The room is currently overactive, please try again later )
  211. lovetox kk, its odd i just visited the code and this should not happen
  212. lovetox thats a muc spam protection
  213. Nothing4You i see
  214. Nothing4You btw one thing that is annoying me a lot in the gtk3 version is that closing the buddylist window only minimizes it
  215. Nothing4You as in not to tray
  216. lovetox hm yeah i should make a option for that
  217. lovetox but it has to be the default because not everyone has a tray
  218. cippaciong lovetox, not right now but in the next days for sure
  219. lovetox thanks :)
  220. Asterix There is an option. Minimize on close or something like that
  221. totoman1441 hello guys