Gajim - 2017-09-10

  1. azarus Is there a way to show the roster when one doesn't have a tray icon?
  2. Link Mauve azarus, you can set trayicon to never in the advanced configuration.
  3. azarus Yup. But how can one open the roster again when you can't click the tray icon?
  4. Link Mauve If you’re on master, you can maybe run `gajim` again.
  5. Link Mauve If you’re not and you have the remote commands enabled, try `gajim-remote show-roster` or something.
  6. Link Mauve If you’re not and you have the remote commands enabled, try `gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance`.
  7. azarus Tried that, can't detect the running gajim, sadly.
  8. Link Mauve You probably haven’t enabled it then.
  9. Link Mauve It’s some option somewhere, don’t remember which.
  10. azarus Okay, I'll look into it. Thanks!
  11. Link Mauve You’re welcome. :)
  12. Link Mauve I hope we’ll manage to merge gajim-remote into gajim itself before the next version.
  13. azarus Yup, that'd be handy.
  14. lovetox azarus, do you not have a dock with your applications?
  15. azarus lovetox, the try icon doesn't work in my wayland window manager
  16. lovetox im not talking about tray
  17. azarus lovetox, the tray icon doesn't work in my wayland window manager
  18. lovetox where does a application go when you minimize it?
  19. azarus Neither do I have a way of minimizing windows.
  20. azarus I only close them
  21. lovetox and how do you bring them back if you close them?
  22. azarus I don't...? What should I be minimizing anyway?
  23. lovetox i dont get your problem
  24. lovetox you are closing gajim, then complaining that it is not running Oo
  25. azarus It's running. In the background.
  26. lovetox oh so you want to actually close it
  27. azarus Nope. Reopen the window after closing it.
  28. lovetox you just told me, that you are not minimizing stuff on your system
  29. lovetox when you make something go away into the background and bring it back
  30. lovetox thats minimizing to mee
  31. azarus Ehh. Clicking on the tray icon effectively closes the window and reopens it. I'm looking for a way to do that without the icon.
  32. Link Mauve azarus, there is a Gajim plugin for gnome-shell IIRC.
  33. azarus the window = the roster
  34. Link Mauve Which might be better for your use-case.
  35. azarus Don't have systemd, so no gnome for me.
  36. lovetox so what happens if you execut gajim on the terminal?
  37. azarus It complains about another running gajim
  38. lovetox are you using 0.16.8?
  39. azarus Yes
  40. lovetox then the only way i think is with gajim remote
  41. lovetox but no idea how that works
  42. lovetox with master, just executing gajim should bring it to front
  43. azarus That'd be great.
  44. azarus Hm... Will I lose anything if I upgrade, like settings or OMEMO keys?
  45. lovetox no
  46. lovetox but you cant go back, so make a backup maybe
  47. azarus Where does gajim save user stuff?
  48. azarus ~/.config/gajim?
  49. lovetox yes and .local/share/gajim
  50. azarus Thank you!
  51. lovetox when you run master, you need all dependencys in python3
  52. lovetox or if you are debian based, you can use the nightly package
  53. azarus I have the dependencies, I always build everything for python2 and 3
  54. azarus Aww. Seems gajim needs python 3.5, and I have 3.4.
  55. azarus Aww. Seems gajim master needs python 3.5, and I have 3.4.
  56. lovetox damn again
  57. lovetox what does it complain about
  58. lovetox azarus,
  59. azarus Yup? It just requires 3.5. It's my task to install it now.
  60. lovetox no tell me what it complains about please
  61. lovetox it was not the goal to make gajim depend on 3.5
  62. azarus I'll get you a traceback, I just need some time.
  63. azarus lovetox, can't even run ./
  64. azarus It **needs** 3.5
  65. Link Mauve Ugh, this pastebin doesn’t support HTTPS. :|
  66. Link Mauve Something like will.
  67. lovetox true it seems the configure file wants 3.5
  68. lovetox i see no reason why that is
  69. lovetox hm i think about it tomorrow
  70. lovetox gn8
  71. azarus I might try to do it now.
  72. azarus Link Mauve,
  73. azarus Now with https :p
  74. Link Mauve Indeed.
  75. Link Mauve It makes sense to s/3.5/3.4/ in the and redo `autoreconf -fi`, and report any issue you find.
  76. Link Mauve (I would personally just update Python, it’s very fast to build.)
  77. azarus Ehhh. Not easy on some distros.
  78. azarus The only pythons that are stable on gentoo are 2.7.13 and 3.4. Let's not depend on unstable stuff.
  79. azarus Of course, the amount of gentoo users is small, but still.
  80. azarus Okay, it seems to build... fingers crossed.
  81. azarus Link Mauve,
  82. Link Mauve azarus, oh, you need the latest nbxmpp.
  83. Link Mauve The master version.
  84. azarus And many, many more errors.
  85. azarus But it's 10 to 3 AM and I need some sleep.
  86. azarus ... I actually do have python 3.6.1 installed as well, but Gajim explicitly wants 3.5 it seems.
  87. Link Mauve No, it works fine with 3.6 and 3.7.
  88. azarus There's a lot of experimenting to be done here, I'll look into it tomorrow.
  89. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  90. azarus Although I'll try s/3.5/3.6 before I sleep.
  91. azarus checking for a Python interpreter with version >= 3.6... none
  92. azarus Hehe. I have python3.6 in my PATH.
  93. rom1dep Bosh appears to be completely broken on master
  94. Asterix Ha it's a long time I haven't tested it ...
  95. nathan Can plugin translations be put on Pootle, too?
  96. Asterix nathan: yes I should setup that and auto update the plugin translation plugin
  97. nathan Asterix: great, I'll keep an eye out when it's done