Gajim - 2017-09-09

  1. mimi89999 lovetox, SABer: webp avatars already work in nightly...
  2. mimi89999 The issue is missing PEP
  3. SABer niiice!!
  4. SABer please keep up the good work. gajim rocks (Y)
  5. rom1dep > lovetox, SABer: webp avatars already work in nightly... Of gajim?
  6. mdosch If I use the functionality "send a single message" and send to a JID which is not in my roster (no presence subscription) will I get a feedback if this message is arrived or at least if this JID exists?
  7. vanitasvitae mdosch: sounds like a question a spammer would ask :D
  8. mdosch got me
  9. mdosch no, kidding
  10. vanitasvitae I *think* the server should send back some error
  11. mdosch I just send a message to someone who probably gets a lot of messages and said don't send me presence subscriptions, just send me the message. And on my first attempt I used a wrong JID, but I didn't get an error so I wonder if I haven't realized it by myself I would have thought he doesn't even care to answer
  12. mdosch Ok, so the wrong JID i entered might still be an existing one. Could be...
  13. vanitasvitae You could try it by sending a message to
  14. mdosch Hmm, fire and forget, no indication that doesn't exist
  15. mdosch (without looking into the console)
  16. lovetox mdosch, i dont think a server tells you if a JID exists
  17. lovetox but this would be someone to ask in the server support channel
  18. lovetox also you dont need to use Send a Single Message
  19. lovetox this is a special mode thats not really meant for normal chatting
  20. lovetox just use "Start a Chat
  21. Link Mauve lovetox, no, this is defined by the specification, you will receive a service-unavailable back in that case.
  22. lovetox then you would see this error if you would use Start Chat
  23. Link Mauve Nothing to do with a particular server implementation.
  24. lovetox on single message i dont think we display errors
  25. Link Mauve lovetox, it would make sense to make it so, though.
  26. lovetox ok thanks :)
  27. mdosch lovetox, thx, i thought this function is the appropriate one for sending a message to a contact not on your roster