Gajim - 2017-09-06

  1. uniqdom does python-nbxmpp support OTR? or do I have to implement or use another lib to handle OTR?
  2. uniqdom nvm. I see that gotr is needed, which depends on potr.
  3. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *16fcb3a3* <> fix typo
  4. mimi89999 Asterix: How did you catch that?
  5. Asterix Someone reported it in
  6. rom1dep does gajim has any support for xep 0202?
  7. XEP_Translator XEP-0202 (Standards Track, Final): Entity Time -
  8. Link Mauve rom1dep, IIRC behind an advanced option.
  9. Link Mauve (Don’t quote me on that.)
  10. rom1dep haha
  11. rom1dep but can't find it in ACE :(
  12. Link Mauve rom1dep, actually, you just have to right-click on a contact > information, and it’s “Contact time”.
  13. Link Mauve Speaking of which: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 498, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 661, in _vCardCB app.interface.save_avatar_files(frm, photo_decoded, puny_nick) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 2413, in save_avatar_files pixbuf = gtkgui_helpers.get_scaled_pixbuf(pixbuf, 'notification') File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim/", line 475, in get_scaled_pixbuf if width < 1 or height < 1: TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'int'
  14. Link Mauve Asterix, ^
  15. Link Mauve Happened when I loaded a contact’s information.
  16. rom1dep Link Mauve: but am I broadcasting my current TZ ?
  17. mimi89999 06/09/2017 18:51:43 (W) gajim.c.connection only bare JID available
  18. mimi89999 I am getting plenty of that.
  19. rom1dep srly, if you want traces I have tons of them :)
  20. rom1dep allow local system time information to be sent is ticked in advanced settings
  21. rom1dep I wonder what that's returning
  22. Link Mauve rom1dep, yes, but it’s wrong: Thu 07 Sep 2017 00:55:20 GMT
  23. rom1dep Link Mauve: it's actually correct
  24. Link Mauve It’s not GMT.
  25. rom1dep except GMT
  26. rom1dep yeah
  27. rom1dep which resource are you reading?
  28. Link Mauve <iq type='result' to='' from='' id='061e12ed-d8b8-4e03-ba37-f5ae88c22351' xml:lang='en'> <time xmlns='urn:xmpp:time'> <utc>2017-09-06T16:55:20.440Z</utc> <tzo>08:00</tzo> </time> </iq>
  29. Link Mauve Your answer is correct, it’s Gajim which doesn’t render it correctly.
  30. Link Mauve rom1dep, in MUC, you can’t address a specific resource without seeing the full JIDs.
  31. rom1dep Gajim shows jeu. 07 sept. 2017 00:56:40 CET for my other device, which is correct
  32. Link Mauve Ah, Conversations answers.
  33. Link Mauve rom1dep, most definitely not CET, it’s 7pm in CET currently.
  34. rom1dep oh, indeed, this is CST, not CET
  35. rom1dep new bug for Gajim, I guess
  36. Link Mauve Not CST either.
  37. Link Mauve It’s +08:00.
  38. Link Mauve (I wish people would stop talking in legacy timezone abbreviations, and instead use the numerical offset…)
  39. rom1dep bug for KDE's clock, then ?
  40. Link Mauve Oh, I didn’t know Algeria and Tunisia were the only two countries using CET all year long.
  41. rom1dep there are two CST
  42. Link Mauve Oh?
  43. Link Mauve CST is the American central time, also used by Mexico.
  44. rom1dep
  45. Link Mauve Oh…
  46. rom1dep this is a complete fuckup
  47. Link Mauve Another reason people should stop with these abbreviations.
  48. rom1dep I didn't know of that rabbit hole
  49. rom1dep let's run from it
  50. Link Mauve ^^
  51. Link Mauve Report them an issue asking for numerical timezone. ^^
  52. rom1dep but numerical tz are not correct/indicative either
  53. Link Mauve In which way?
  54. Zash DST?
  55. rom1dep it changes over time
  56. rom1dep and sometimes it's more important to know the country than the time offset
  57. Zash Timezones are pain.
  58. rom1dep like if I was staying here the whole year, you could see me at +6 or +7, depending on the EU winter/summer time
  59. rom1dep which could give a false impression that I'm roaming in Japan or something
  60. Link Mauve Don’t worry, soon I won’t be in the EU anymore!
  61. Link Mauve rom1dep, uh, but CST apparently doesn’t have any DST.
  62. Link Mauve Why would it be changing?
  63. rom1dep it'd be fixed from GMT, but not from your CEST
  64. Zash Timezones are sometimes updated
  65. rom1dep Link Mauve: which TZ are you moving to?
  66. Link Mauve rom1dep, I’m still in BST, have been living there for two whole half years.
  67. Link Mauve (The other two half years I was in GMT.)
  68. Link Mauve (Not to be confused with UTC.)
  69. Zash I miss .Beat
  70. Link Mauve Zash, yes, I have a tzinfo package in my distribution. ^^
  71. rom1dep haha, fair enough :)
  72. Link Mauve halves* btw.
  73. lovetox mimi89999, thats what i was looking for, then indeed gajim is responsible for missing carbon messages
  74. lovetox the question that i now have to answer is why it happens that the full jid that i save after the bind event gets lost
  75. mimi89999 :-(
  76. lovetox do you see it still after restarting gajim?
  77. lovetox or does it happen only after some time?
  78. mimi89999 lovetox‎: Only after some time...
  79. lovetox probably after a connection loss or standby?
  80. mimi89999 Don't know
  81. mimi89999 But now I am getting it every several sec.
  82. lovetox maybe you could look for it in the next days, i think we can solve this rather fast, i will make tests
  83. lovetox it hast to be on reconnect, as i never loss connection so i dont run into this myself
  84. lovetox just reproduced it, its after reconnect when you lost connection
  85. mimi89999 But why does it happen on a reconnect?
  86. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *1a0b7ee1* <> Dont lose own JID from bind _registered_name is None on a smacks resume. Gajim creates on every connection attempt a new nbxmpp.NonBlockingClient instance. This is why _registered_name is None when we go through a smacks resume, because there is no bind event, and the new NonBlockingClient instance has no knowledge of the previous successful bind.
  87. lovetox should be fixed mimi89999
  88. lovetox concerto,
  89. concerto lovetox: yeah, yesterday it happened after I disconnected as you recommended. But I didn't get the bare JID message.
  90. concerto (I may have been on the older nightly, though.)
  91. mimi89999 lovetox‎: bot message linking to a commit in a pastebin is strange
  92. azarus How can one set the default browser used by Gajim when clicking links?
  93. concerto azarus: shouldn't that be an OS-side thing?
  94. azarus concerto, well, do you mean with xdg?
  95. concerto (I was going to say "Welcome to Linux default program configuration hell.")
  96. azarus Hehe, yup. I'll configure it with xdg.
  97. concerto
  98. lovetox though you can configure it in gajim also
  99. lovetox under preferences last page i believe
  100. lovetox mimi89999, pastebin because it would be too much text