Gajim - 2017-09-05

  1. pep. How is the integration to gnome-shell? I've got a user complaining they don't get notifications. I have asked for more details
  2. mimi89999 pep.: Works for me.
  3. pep. mimi89999, any particular configuration?
  4. mimi89999 No
  5. mimi89999 pep.: Maybe he disabled something in settings.
  6. pep. mimi89999, what version btw? iirc that user is running master on sid
  7. uniqdom Hello, I would like to do a simple bot using python-nbxmpp. Until now I can send messages without problem using the example That example lack the receiving of messages. Can you point me the function to receive incomming messages?
  8. lovetox hm maybe look at
  9. lovetox you have to register handlers
  10. lovetox RegisterHandler()
  11. lovetox for certain namespaces, types, and the handler gets then called if you receive such a type/namespace
  12. lovetox for example, RegisterHandler('message', callback)
  13. uniqdom Thanks lovetox, I will try my best to achive that. Is there any chance that in the future, the example that is in python-nbxmpp could be extended?
  14. lovetox if you dont contribute that, i think chances are low, very few people use it. but you can always look at Gajim Source Code if you need pointers on how to use it
  15. uniqdom Ok thanks lovetox.
  16. lovetox uniqdom, if you look at the example
  17. lovetox you have a _event_dispatcher method
  18. lovetox this method is called on every stanza
  19. lovetox received
  20. lovetox just print the data arg, and you will see
  21. uniqdom :D
  22. uniqdom thanks :)
  23. cuc hm the example doesnt look at srv entries :/
  24. SaltyBones hm...for weeks now I've had problems with either of my clients, both gajim and conversations not receiving carbons
  25. SaltyBones does anybody have clue why those might be dropped?
  26. lovetox yes, are you using latest nightly?
  27. lovetox run it in console, it should print warnings when messages are dropped
  28. SaltyBones lovetox, no, this is some sort of problem in conjunction with the server
  29. SaltyBones the clients get dropped from the carbon list on the server :(
  30. lovetox are you sure, because i think we have a bug in gajim aswell
  31. SaltyBones :D
  32. SaltyBones I only checked for conversations once and it was indeed missing from the list on the server.
  33. lovetox output logs to a file or something and later look for warnings, dont set any debug log optons
  34. lovetox warnings should be displayed always
  35. SaltyBones But that doesn't tell me why this happens or what's wrong with gajim, I suppose.
  36. lovetox conversations not receiving carbons, cant be a bug in gajim though
  37. lovetox because its a negotiation between conversations and the server, gajim is not involved and cant do anything that would change what these two negotiate
  38. SaltyBones yeah, and I just have to update ejabberd but instead I'm complaining here
  39. SaltyBones ignore me x)
  40. rom1dep SaltyBones: which version of ejabberd?
  41. SaltyBones .04 iirc
  42. rom1dep then it's old news
  43. rom1dep 17.04 released with this ugly carbons bug, I ran it with 4 patches on top of it and 17.06 was clean. Running 17.08 now.
  44. rom1dep s/17.06/17.07, actually, .06 was flawed as well
  45. SaltyBones yes, yes, yes
  46. mdosch SaltyBones, lovetox: I also have in gajim nightly
  47. concerto me too :D
  48. concerto lovetox, I just tried again - what should the stanza for an encrypted message sent by me from Conversations look like?
  49. concerto lovetox, or should I be looking at the CLI output instead?
  50. lovetox concerto, just look at the gajim console with no debug options set
  51. lovetox do you see warnings?
  52. concerto lovetox: I restarted Gajim and now it's working 🤦
  53. lovetox yeah i know
  54. mimi89999 (gajim:10632): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to omemo+ui+FingerprintWindow 0x564a3926c350 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate?
  55. mimi89999 lovetox‎: I am getting that in the console when opening fingerprint windows...
  56. lovetox yeah, there are a million gtk warnings
  57. lovetox its not important if you dont see a layout issue
  58. lovetox concerto, run it a day with output to a file
  59. lovetox im looking for the warning "only bare JID available"
  60. concerto lovetox, okay. Just `gajim 2> ~/.gajim.log`?
  61. lovetox yes
  62. concerto Restarted again, and cannot replicate again.
  63. concerto (Restarted again, and cannot replicate again.)
  64. lovetox yeah let it run, maybe it has to do with stream management reconnects
  65. lovetox maybe drop the connection
  66. lovetox disable your wlan or something like that, if that happens regulary