Gajim - 2017-09-04

  1. ds how can I see if or which encryption is in use for this chat? (Gajim 0.16.8)
  2. rom1dep mimi89999: IIRC missing messages across devices in MUC PMs is "normal", or at least expected because something something fulljids, anonymous rooms and MIX will solve it
  3. rom1dep I love Gtk. Like, too much. The tabs management in gajim is so meh, that I was experimenting with putting scrollable = False in message_window.ui , hoping that it would span several tab rows. But no, that great toolkit instead fives me an extra-wide window that I cannot shrink, and still a single tabs row. It there by any chance any plan/ideas to improve tabs management?
  4. Asterix Gtk by itself doesn't handle that AFAIK. So it's not easy. I have to check for Gtk3 though.
  5. lovetox rom1dep, there are not tabrows in gtk
  6. lovetox you get scrollbars though left and right
  7. lovetox But i have no idea how we could improve this, most chatapplications dont allow for tabs
  8. lovetox btw swift with QT has the same behaviour ^^
  9. rom1dep That's what my googling brought out, unfortunately, plus Gtk default theme does a bad job at containing spacing limited in case of congestion. Maybe having detachable tabs and multiple windows could help
  10. lovetox we have that already, you can go to preferences and play with window modes
  11. rom1dep yeah, but I have much less scrolling to do in swift, and I don't end-up looking for my tab that much :/
  12. rom1dep oh, lemme try
  13. lovetox maybe group them by groups
  14. lovetox or window type
  15. lovetox so you have all groupchats in one window
  16. rom1dep yeah, I just chose that, by type, let's see if it helps
  17. rom1dep it'd be nice to have a ctrl+tab kind of overview window (à la intelliJ)
  18. Zash Do current DEs have per-application overwiew modes? Compiz had that, way when it was the thing.
  19. Zash Exposé-like thing
  20. stp If I understand the term "per-application overwiew modes" correctly than it's yes for KDE Plasma
  21. Zash This:
  22. Zash It had a mode where it'd only show windows from the current application, so with one window per chat, it was pretty nice.
  23. Zash 2007 holy cow
  24. mimi89999 And on top of that I have to reorder the tabs after every restart.
  25. Zash I've long been of the opinion that window tabs should be handled by the window manager, but the world went in the opposite direction :/
  26. rom1dep reminds me of how ubuntu messed-up with menus as soon as they attempted to hide them, and then how toolkits couldn't manage for years to agree on a common standard for tray icons, and notifications. Desktop sucks on linux
  27. mimi89999 rom1dep‎: I found a solution. I group conversations by type in windows (available in settings)
  28. rom1dep mimi89999: just chose that option, I have a fair bunch of discussions so it's far from perfect, but… still better
  29. concerto I find the current Gajim tabs decent...Esc to close, M-<number> to switch is enough for me...but I probably don't qualify for 'heavy user'.
  30. rom1dep concerto: not heavy user, but as soon as all the tabs can't be displayed on a single window, it's tricky to find your active tab
  31. concerto Oh, I use the 'all in one window' setup.
  32. Asterix ctrl+tab goes o the next tab that have unread messages
  33. rom1dep Gtk doesn't even give a clue as to I should scroll the tabs left or right
  34. concerto Asterix: nice, TIL
  35. rom1dep Asterix: should be alt+a, and ctrl+tab should go to the next tab (by index), and ctrl+shift+tab to the previous one
  36. Zash alt-a <3
  37. rom1dep minimalist CLI chat apps do a much better job at handling dozens of buffers
  38. Asterix rom1dep: deactivate the ACE option ctrl_tab_go_to_next_composing
  39. concerto rom1dep: really doesn't have to be that way (see Emacs)
  40. Asterix I don't know alt-a shortcut
  41. Zash irssi and swift use alt-a to go to next chat with activity
  42. rom1dep Asterix: it's a rather common shortcut, but my point is, ctrl+tab is inconsistent (state-dependant), hence impredictable and bad
  43. rom1dep > Zash‎: I've long been of the opinion that window tabs should be handled by the window manager Agreed, to some extent, but I wouldn't want my web browsing to go through the window manager
  44. mimi89999 rom1dep‎: The GNOME/GTK way is a list on the left like:
  45. Zash rom1dep: Why not?
  46. Asterix you can do that already
  47. Asterix tabs_position in ACE
  48. mimi89999 Dino is also doing like that:
  49. Asterix set tabs_position to left and you'll have that
  50. mimi89999 I just updated HTTP upload plugin:
  51. mimi89999 04/09/2017 09:45:07 (W) gajim.plugin_system.plugin_installer file_sharing/manifest.ini is missing mandatory fields {'version'}. Plugin not loaded.
  52. Asterix nothing related
  53. Asterix it's about an old unmaintainted plugin, file_sharing
  54. rom1dep Zash, because of scale, context and workflow I believe. Scale because I may have one or two orders of magnitude more web-tabs than file browser windows for instance, context because that would blur the lines between stuff I like to keep separate (like tab groups for work, private stuff, news, …), and some web browsers workflows would be hindered (like typing a tab name in the bar searches for it and jumps to it, while this would have to happen at the WM level and in a less powerful manner)
  55. rom1dep Asterix: how can I do that?
  56. rom1dep (tabs position)
  57. rom1dep WTH is ACE?
  58. mimi89999 Asterix‎: The list on the left should be scrollable and not have arrows at the bottom...
  59. mimi89999 rom1dep‎: ACE = Advanced Configuration Editor
  60. mimi89999 Asterix‎: The background color is also wrong...
  61. rom1dep mimi89999, where do I find that thing?
  62. mimi89999 rom1dep‎: Settings, advanced
  63. Zash rom1dep: It's not easy but I think it could be done by the WM. I use i3wm, it has lots of ways to group and arrange windows. Haven't quite mastered all the more advanced features yet tho.
  64. Asterix mimi89999: it's GTK, not us ... we don't choose color or scrollable. Or we don't use tabs but our own treeview. Way more complexe
  65. Zash Is there a way to hide the tabs entirely and use the roster as tab bar?
  66. lovetox thats a nice idea like polari does it, but not much different to tabs on the left or?
  67. mimi89999 > lovetox‎: thats a nice idea like polari does it, but not much different to tabs on the left or? The list on the left should be scrollable and not have arrows at the bottom...
  68. mimi89999 The background color is also wrong...
  69. lovetox but i think we could make the tabs also scrollable
  70. lovetox thats not hard
  71. lovetox but yeah a stackswitcher like polari uses seems more clean
  72. lovetox and the more modern way right now
  73. mimi89999 If it will be scrollable, that would be great
  74. mimi89999 Changing the background would make it way more clean.
  75. lovetox you mean on new message?
  76. rom1dep Zash: yeah one can implement grouping in the WM and make it handy, but the WM will never have as much metadata to play with as the browser, by its nature. While with the awesomebar you can query, filter depending on if your keyword represents a recent tab, a bookmarked page, a bookmark label, and so on
  77. mimi89999 lovetox‎: I mean the background of the list.
  78. rom1dep oh great, ACE's gc_refer_to_nick_char is with an obscure name the setting I was looking for many months ago
  79. lovetox yeah, i find settings in ACE i didnt know still after using and developing on it for a year ^^
  80. mimi89999 rom1dep‎: What is that setting for>
  81. mimi89999 Ah, I see
  82. rom1dep mimi89999: see, when I tab complate your name, I'm getting a `:` now, instead of a dumb `,` ;)
  83. mimi89999 rom1dep: Cool
  84. mimi89999 lovetox: Shouldn't that setting default be changed?
  85. lovetox why?
  86. mimi89999 Most people are using :
  87. rom1dep I second
  88. lovetox i dont understand, why do have to use ":" or "," you just tab an use whatever the application does
  89. lovetox it has no influence on the highlight
  90. lovetox its just a stylistic thing
  91. lovetox and using "," is grammatically more correct ^^
  92. rom1dep > its just a stylistic thing It seems most apps use ':', I find ',' awkward at times.
  93. concerto rom1dep, +1
  94. concerto once, in an MUC, writing from Gajim - <me> Alice, Bob and I [...]
  95. concerto once, in an MUC, writing from Gajim - <me> Alice, Bob and I will look into it. (spot the problem? ;) )
  96. rom1dep Exactly
  97. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *b5f5fdc1* <> Fix Layout in Synchronise Contacts Dialog
  98. azarus I can't get OMEMO to work on Gentoo, it says "Warning: You are missing Python-Axolotl or use an outdated version", even though Python-Axolotl is installed as my user. I can't install Python-Axolotl to / though, since I'd be risking system breakage.
  99. lovetox what version of gajim are you using azarus
  100. azarus 0.16.8
  101. azarus Freshly compiled.
  102. lovetox and from where do you install python axolotl?
  103. azarus pip
  104. lovetox what does pip -V say
  105. azarus pip 9.0.1 from /usr/lib64/python3.4/site-packages (python 3.4)
  106. lovetox see thats python3
  107. lovetox 0.16.8 is python2
  108. azarus Ah, thank you!
  109. lovetox try pip2
  110. azarus Is there a python3 gajim?
  111. concerto azarus: master branch
  112. azarus It works now, thank you!
  113. azarus Ah, interesting!
  114. concerto azarus: the gajim-default-nightly package (atleast in the Debian repos)
  115. azarus concerto: Well, I could emerge from the master branch...
  116. azarus Is it worth it?
  117. concerto azarus: well...there are new improvements...and new broken behavior too 😁
  118. azarus A lot of broken stuff? Like what?
  119. concerto azarus: (note that it also uses GTK3) For me - Lot of minor look and feel improvements MAM v2 works (which is all some servers support - main reason I switched) You can't Alt-<some letter> to open menus (ouch) Autotype from passwordsafe stopped working for me 😭
  120. concerto I've also experienced a carbons bug, not sure if that's a Gajim or a server issue.
  121. azarus Hmm... Undecided. I like my GTK2 themes :p
  122. azarus The main reason I'm using Gajim is OMEMO.
  123. concerto azarus: GTK does not like theming, I heard 😀
  124. concerto > The main reason I'm using Gajim is OMEMO. Ditto
  125. azarus OMEMO really is the most neat thing to happen to XMPP, /me thinks.
  126. azarus Shame no more clients support it.
  127. concerto I'm much more at home in Emacs than at the terminal or any conventional GUI.
  128. concerto azarus:
  129. azarus concerto: Much more at home in neovim or profanity, but hey :p
  130. concerto <- ex vimmer and terminal maniac
  131. azarus We need to make a terminal interface to Gajim :P
  132. concerto I used to use Wee?Chat...didn't like the lack of a full-featured Vim-like mode. Tried Emacs for the lulz, used ERC + Vim-like IRC experience ever 😃
  133. azarus Oh, I was always an irssi guy.
  134. concerto azarus: we need to maintain the Emacs XMPP client and add OMEMO to it 😢
  135. azarus Never used the Emacs XMPP client. How's it?
  136. azarus has only used spacemacs before
  137. concerto I've never used it either, to be honest...
  138. concerto Oh, like with IRC, there seem to be more than one Jabber clients for Emacs 😯
  139. concerto
  140. mimi89999 04/09/2017 22:21:20 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an even handler: <bound method GroupchatControl._nec_gc_message_received of <gajim.groupchat_control.GroupchatControl object at 0x7f319d7ea518>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 1113, in _nec_gc_message_received correct_id=obj.correct_id, msg_stanza_id=obj.id_) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 1251, in print_conversation correct_id=correct_id, msg_stanza_id=msg_stanza_id, encrypted=encrypted) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 946, in print_conversation_line encrypted=encrypted) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 1197, in print_conversation_line buffer_.insert_with_tags_by_name(iter_, '\n', 'eol') File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gi/overrides/", line 743, in insert_with_tags_by_name self.insert_with_tags(iter, text, *tag_objs) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gi/overrides/", line 720, in insert_with_tags start_offset = iter.get_offset() AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_offset'