Gajim - 2017-09-03

  1. concerto gajim-default-nightly is not receiving messages sent by me from another device. One-on-one chat only - MUCs are fine. Encrypted as well and unencrypted messages are affected.
  2. lovetox hm does your server show carbons support in the server info window
  3. concerto lovetox, it does
  4. concerto (
  5. lovetox can you look at the xml console, while you write a message from your other device
  6. lovetox to see if the message actually is routed by the server
  7. concerto lovetox, like this one? <!-- Incoming 2017-09-03T17:03:57 IST --> <message type='chat' to='myjid/Gajim' from='myjid'> <sent xmlns='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'> <forwarded xmlns='urn:xmpp:forward:0'> <message xmlns='jabber:client' type='chat' to='alicejid/phone' from='myjid/phone'> <displayed id='328f4ea6-7587-4875-acd2-671effb2d8b0' xmlns='urn:xmpp:chat-markers:0'/> <store xmlns='urn:xmpp:hints'/> </message> </forwarded> </sent> </message>
  8. lovetox yes
  9. lovetox so what is the problem exactly, you dont receive in gajim messages sent from your other client?
  10. lovetox and this stanza did you receive in gajim?
  11. lovetox yeah seems so, so do you als receive stanzas that contain a message?
  12. lovetox and are not displayed
  13. concerto lovetox, yes, and (if this stanza is for a message I sent from Conversations, then) no, I didn't.
  14. concerto lovetox, > so do you als[o] receive stanzas that contain a message? > and are not displayed I don't understand o.o
  15. lovetox concerto, thats not a message you posted with a body
  16. lovetox so no thats not the message you sent from conversations
  17. concerto lovetox, I couldn't find any stanzas containing anything I had written.
  18. lovetox yeah that seems to be the problem then
  19. lovetox i just tested on and have no problems with carbons
  20. lovetox but it seems weird that you receive chatmarkers, but not the message
  21. lovetox are you sure, please try again, just clear the console write one message, it should be instantly in the console
  22. concerto lovetox, I run gajim as "gajim -l DEBUG 2> file" ...and the file has a lot of entries like this - 2017-09-03 15:42:09 (I) gajim.c.connection_handlers_events: Received message from self: MYJID, message is dropped Is this normal?
  23. concerto lovetox, tried again, no stanza containing my message.
  24. lovetox are you writing yourself?
  25. concerto lovetox, no, to a contact, this time on
  26. lovetox 1. xml console shows all traffic before gajim does anything with it
  27. lovetox so if its not in xml console we never received it
  28. concerto damn :(
  29. lovetox 2. the message is dropped you should only see if you message yourself
  30. lovetox can you say for sure that the info message is printed the moment you send a message from conversations?
  31. lovetox also please tell the jid that is in the mesasge
  32. lovetox is it a full jid?
  33. lovetox Received message from self: MYJID
  34. concerto lovetox, there are faaar too many "message is dropped" lines than I have ever sent messages to myself o.o
  35. lovetox then reduce log output first
  36. lovetox start with -l gajim.c.connection_handlers_events=INFO
  37. lovetox 2. i would advice to output to console not file
  38. lovetox so you see what happens instantly
  39. lovetox 3. tell me the jid that is in that info message
  40. concerto lovetox, 3 - ""
  41. concerto lovetox, I'll try with "-l gajim.c.connection_handlers_events=INFO" later today, I've got to head out somewhere
  42. concerto (and #2 is handled by `tail -f file` ;) )
  43. lovetox k, yeah im interested to debug this
  44. lovetox in my mind the jid in the info message should never be a bare jid
  45. lovetox so something is wrong here
  46. lovetox so if you are back tell me, then we add some more debug output
  47. lovetox what nbxmpp version are you using would also be interesting
  48. mmlosh Question: Can I delete messages and auth requests from spammers without notifying them that I have seen them?
  49. mmlosh I noticed that gajim is loading vCards of the account used for spamming and I expect that there will be more ways to learn that I looked at the message
  50. lovetox hm do you think he stops spamming you when he thinks you dont read the messages?
  51. lovetox i can tell you thats not the case, as i didnt read my email spam for years, but still get it
  52. Zash I think there are a number of ways to learn that an account exists, unfortunately.
  53. Zash No idea if spammers actually care about that
  54. mimi89999 lovetox: Zash solved the leaking JID issue. Thanks for your help.
  55. mimi89999 lovetox‎: I have another issue with MUC PMs. If I send a MUC PM from Conversations, it won't show in Gajim, but if I send it from Gajim, it will show in Conversations.
  56. lovetox you mean to yourself?
  57. mimi89999 lovetox: The message was to another MUC member.
  58. lovetox so send me a muc pm with conversations
  59. mimi89999 lovetox: I mean I don't see messages I sent with Conversations in Gajim (my messages)
  60. lovetox only in PMs or in generel?
  61. mimi89999 Only PM. In general I see my messages in both clients.
  62. mmlosh lovetox, Zash I actually see a decline in XMPP spam when I am off for long time and increase after I see the first message
  63. mmlosh so, I belive they do use some kind of feedback
  64. lovetox you can try the AntiSpam Plugin
  65. mmlosh I'll save that for when it gets worse, I've been offline for a while and I got nothing
  66. mmlosh so either he figured out and stopped sending, or my server's owner detects and retroactively deletes spams. Pity I cannot know which one, though.
  67. concerto lovetox, I didn't get the "message dropped" message with `gajim -l gajim.c.connection_handlers_events=INFO 2> file`
  68. concerto wait a I'm getting the messages I sent!
  69. concerto what sorcery is this o.o
  70. lovetox hm yeah i suspect a problem with gajim
  71. lovetox it seems in some cirumstances we drop the messages
  72. lovetox what version of gajim are you using?
  73. lovetox nightly but how old?
  74. lovetox and what nbxmpp version
  75. concerto 0.16.11-30efd2228efb GTK+ Version: 3.22.18 PyGobject Version: 3.22.0 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.5.7
  76. concerto lovetox, I even got all the messages I didn't receive from earlier (all the ones sent by me from Conversations). n_n
  77. lovetox thats normal its because of MAM
  78. lovetox the problem is with live messages that are delivered with carbons
  79. lovetox hmm
  80. lovetox i will add more debug output to see why this happens
  81. concerto Cool, let me know if/when I can help. :)
  82. Asterix Hi
  83. Asterix lovetox, about translation, are GTK mo files installed with GTK?
  84. lovetox on windows?
  85. Asterix yes
  86. lovetox you mean the translation GTK provides itself?
  87. lovetox yes
  88. lovetox thats why standard buttons are translated often
  89. Asterix and it gtk/bin added to PATH? I did that in gtk2 version
  90. Asterix ha so GTK strings are also translated?
  91. lovetox yes
  92. Asterix so only our strings in UI files ....
  93. Asterix maybe the order we do things? we have to do the gettext things very early (before we import GTK or glade
  94. lovetox to be honest is a long time back when i tried to make it work, maybe if i take another stab at it it will work
  95. lovetox i know much more now :)
  96. lovetox yeah gtk standard buttons are translated fine
  97. lovetox with current code
  98. lovetox so i guess if we copy the gajim mo files to the same place where gtk has its mo files
  99. lovetox and dont add a custom path, maybe this works
  100. mimi89999 lovetox: Is my issue a known issue? Do you want the stanzas?
  101. lovetox mimi89999, i just tried and cant reproduce it
  102. lovetox what i see is messages have the wrong color
  103. lovetox but they arrive
  104. Zash wrong color?
  105. lovetox but it seems there is a bug with carbons sometimes, so i will add debug output so we can better debug this
  106. lovetox we have one color for outgoing messages and one for incoming
  107. lovetox in single chat
  108. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *8bc2ab09* <> Add more log output in case we drop carbons
  109. lovetox concerto, mimi89999 update to the newest gajim build tomorrow
  110. mimi89999 lovetox: OK
  111. mimi89999 lovetox: What did you change!
  112. mimi89999 ?
  113. lovetox if you miss messages, look at the console, a warning should be printed if gajim drops messages