Gajim - 2017-09-01

  1. rom1dep hi there, can someone help me with enabling spellchecking? It does show-up as "ticked"/enabled in the features list, but that's about it. This is a gtk3/dev checkout.
  2. mimi89999 rom1dep: Enable it in settings
  3. rom1dep "Highlight misspelled words", gosh, what a bad description… thanks mimi89999
  4. concerto gajim-default-nightly - in an OMEMO-enabled MUC, for each message I send, Gajim history shows me the message *and* an OMEMO incompatibility message ("I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that. Find more information on")
  5. concerto (This does not occur for messages sent by others.)
  6. concerto Also...I can't seem to be able to join the Conversations MUC? The messages pane and the members pane are both blank. o_o
  7. b_b hi
  8. b_b since a week or two i'm encountering a bug with appindicator plugin
  9. b_b verbose mode show this error when i recieve a message :
  10. b_b File "/home/bb/.local/share/gajim/plugins/appindicator_integration/", line 190, in on_event_added file_path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(jid) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_path_to_generic_or_avatar'
  11. b_b does anyone have heard about this ?
  12. andrey.g concerto> Also...I can't seem to be able to join the Conversations MUC I'm also now. rom1dep had also troubles.
  13. rom1dep andrey.g: @ejabberd_s2s_out:process_closed:155 Closing outbound s2s connection -> Stream closed by us: connection-timeout
  14. concerto andrey.g, crap, just when I needed help, too q_q
  15. concerto andrey.g, is this a problem, or gajim?
  16. andrey.g rom1dep‎, thanks for info! concerto‎, I fear it's not just Gajim problem. Perhaps, it is a ejabberd (particular version?) problem, since I can join from account on a prosody server.
  17. concerto Wait, what. I can't see anyone in the Conversations MUC when I log in from Conversations, either o_o
  18. concerto server problem after all.
  19. andrey.g concerto‎, let's switch to PM.
  20. lovetox concerto, andrey.g its not a gajim problem, its a problem with prosody servers
  21. lovetox my last info was, its known but nobody knows why it happens
  22. lovetox very annoying indeed
  23. andrey.g lovetox‎, why prosody? I see only ejabberd problems. And uses a custom patched one.
  24. andrey.g lovetox, thanks, that you've put forward this issue.
  25. lovetox i dont think siacs uses eajbbered
  26. lovetox or maybe it does, but your server is prosody
  27. lovetox that was what ive heard that its a problem with prosody hosted mucs
  28. lovetox btw many mucs have the problem
  29. andrey.g I guessed about ejabberd, since the new shiny XEP change related to OMEMO is only available on and the module is written on erlang (and still not upstreamed).
  30. lovetox i cant join xsf muc for ages
  31. lovetox i think and is not the same server
  32. lovetox but i could be wrong
  33. andrey.g Hm, indeed they must not be the same, though there would be much more admin effort needed to support both, though they are the most popular ones, thus it would be also not a bad idea.
  34. lovetox siacs does only host the muc i think
  35. lovetox and is privately maintained by inputmice
  36. concerto lovetox, any idea about this? > gajim-default-nightly - in an OMEMO-enabled MUC, for each message I send, Gajim history shows me the message *and* an OMEMO incompatibility message ("I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that. Find more information on") > ‎(This does not occur for messages sent by others.)
  37. lovetox instantly? if you send a message?
  38. lovetox you see this message
  39. concerto lovetox, this is from the MAM playback. I sent them from Conversations.
  40. concerto um, MAM or Carbons, whichever applies.
  41. lovetox so you dont see the message in gajim that you sent from conversations?
  42. lovetox it seems gajim cant decrypt the message and shows you the hint
  43. lovetox so you are logged in with 2 devices in the same MUCß
  44. lovetox concerto, just for info, you are still not able to join conversations muc?
  45. lovetox from your acc on
  46. lovetox andrey.g, you have the problems and an account on
  47. andrey.g Yes, and from an another account on a prosody server there are no problems.
  48. concerto lovetox, I do see them, but I also see that incompatibility message.
  49. lovetox but you are with 2 devices in the same muc?
  50. concerto lovetox, yeah
  51. lovetox ì never tested that
  52. lovetox can you create a issue?
  53. concerto lovetox, sure. Also, I'm running Gajim with -l DEBUG, would that help?
  54. concerto lovetox, sure. Also, I'm running Gajim with -l DEBUG, would the log file help?
  55. lovetox no not really, i think its a case that i didnt think about when i did the muc implementation
  56. lovetox so expect to find the problem easily myself
  57. lovetox i just need a reminder that when i have time that i think about it
  58. lovetox you could verify that it is a problem with multiple devices, if you leave the channel with your conversations client
  59. andrey.g When join from fails, I supposed it is safe to join from another account. You mean this has not been tested? Though I can see my 1st jid on I believe it is a zombie, it doesn't respond on get info (aka ping, I guess).
  60. lovetox no i just wanted to gather infos, that it is a problem that more then one server has
  61. lovetox not just conversations accounts
  62. andrey.g Ok. It's really weired, that even after ping my 1st jid gets kicked away neither by nor by I could only guess somewhere a connection timeout is set to 0 (forever)...
  63. andrey.g After every server reset (which is unfortunately not advertised in advance) all works perfectly again.
  64. lovetox
  65. lovetox maybe its that
  66. concerto lovetox, how is it that it worked fine in previous versions of Gajim? Is the main branch a complete rewrite? o_o
  67. lovetox not a complete rewrite but thats subtle things that could have changed
  68. andrey.g #871 sounds indeed pretty similar, nice finding! Crazy, that writing to dead s2sout doesn't fail and is not noticed. In C such thing would fail with EPIPE. But maybe it is due to "queued", i.e. it is not clear, whether there is an attempt to send it out (no debug message "sending"/"sent").
  69. lovetox i reported it to the prosody channel
  70. lovetox they are aware of it
  71. mrDoctorWho Hi everyone
  72. andrey.g lovetox, thanks. And aware since 5 month. But now, since you can reproduce it with the server, which is also accessible, hopefully it will go moving.
  73. mrDoctorWho When I plug out my ethernet cable, gajim obviously disconnects. But it doesn't try to connect again after I plug the cable back and what is even worse, if I try to do it manually, it ignores me
  74. lovetox system?
  75. mrDoctorWho fedora 26, kde5
  76. lovetox so you need some kind of network dbus service
  77. lovetox what are you using?
  78. mrDoctorWho network manager
  79. lovetox gajim supports that
  80. lovetox what version of gajim are you using?
  81. mrDoctorWho it might be my system problem, but why gajim refuses to recoonnect manually?
  82. mrDoctorWho 0.16.8
  83. mrDoctorWho sorry, I forgot I should mention that in the first place
  84. lovetox im pretty sure that should work with network manager
  85. lovetox you can look under Help -Features
  86. lovetox if it shows it as available
  87. mrDoctorWho yes, it says it's available
  88. lovetox can you check advanced config
  89. lovetox networkmanager_support
  90. lovetox if its activated
  91. lovetox and listen_to_network_manager
  92. mrDoctorWho activated
  93. lovetox can you check Account->General
  94. lovetox Sync account status with global status
  95. mrDoctorWho enabled
  96. lovetox hm can you try it again?
  97. lovetox just disable the network adapter
  98. lovetox after enabling wait for a few seconds until gajim reacts
  99. mrDoctorWho do you mean disconnect or stop the service?
  100. lovetox disconnect
  101. lovetox maybe you could monitor dbus, and send me the signal the network manager sends out over dbus when you are online again
  102. mrDoctorWho it does disconnect, but doesn't connect after
  103. mrDoctorWho it claims that account “has errors”
  104. mrDoctorWho now I ran gajim in the terminal and it does reconnect flawlessly
  105. lovetox hm interesting, i ran into similiar problems, then i implemented a 2 second timeout after receiving the signal from network manager
  106. lovetox because it seems he notifies us a second before the connection is really up
  107. mrDoctorWho 09/01/2017 21:01:18 (D) gajim.c.connection Connection to next host 09/01/2017 21:01:18 (I) gajim.c.connection >>>>>> Connecting to [], type = tls 09/01/2017 21:01:18 (I) nbxmpp.client_nb Disconnecting NBClient: Lookup failure for, hostname: - [Errno -2] Name or service not known
  108. lovetox yeah seems like the connection is not up
  109. lovetox and we try to connect
  110. lovetox if that happens, set gajim to status offline
  111. lovetox then back to online, as a work around, that should work
  112. Link Mauve rom1dep: whenever you find a bad description, please open an issue, people who are used to it won’t notice otherwise.
  113. Zash Whenever you get a popup, open an *new* issue. For each individual popup.
  114. mrDoctorWho lovetox, it doesn't seem to be right, when I set my status to “online”, it still claims that it's unable to resolve the domain name, but I'm connected atm
  115. mrDoctorWho connected to the internet*
  116. lovetox hm not much i can do here
  117. lovetox python address resolve reports the error
  118. lovetox this seems to be a problem in some way with your network
  119. lovetox or with the server ..
  120. lovetox so you are saying you have internet and can switch to offline, then to online, and it always reports the resolve error?
  121. lovetox so it really trys again to connect, but reports the same error
  122. lovetox concerto, i thought about it again, and it probably would be easier for me if you added debug output
  123. lovetox at the moment these messages appear
  124. marc lovetox, thanks for you feedback (httpupload)
  125. marc lovetox, what do you think. Should we use IEC units for the file size?
  126. marc lovetox, I would like to display the server name which does not provide "max-file-size". How can I access the server from the account?
  127. lovetox hi marc
  128. lovetox you mean in the log message? we usually use the account
  129. lovetox default the account is named after the server, even if the user renamed his account he will know to what server it belongs
  130. marc Okay, so I use "%s does not provide maximum file size" % account
  131. marc Right?
  132. lovetox yeah
  133. marc Okay
  134. lovetox for your question
  135. lovetox i thought about it, but the GLib documentation explicitly does say we should not do that for file sizes
  136. lovetox for whatever reason
  137. lovetox use IEC (base 1024) units with “KiB”-style suffixes. IEC units should only be used for reporting things with a strong “power of 2” basis, like RAM sizes or RAID stripe sizes. Network and storage sizes should be reported in the normal SI units.
  138. lovetox so i think we are good
  139. marc Hm, okay because 100 MiB file size limit is displayed as "104,xx MB"
  140. marc looks a bit ugly
  141. marc and somehow confusing
  142. marc but okay
  143. lovetox ah no i didnt think about that you are right :)
  144. lovetox then lets use it
  145. marc Okay
  146. lovetox i wondered anyway about that part in the documentation
  147. Link Mauve lovetox, uh, no, always use MiB etc. when you can, and you always can.
  148. Link Mauve It’s always what the user is expecting.
  149. lovetox yeah i thought so too, then i found that in the docs, but i guess they use this method for something completly different
  150. marc lovetox, pushed a new version
  151. marc hope this covers all your objections
  152. lovetox yeah nice looks good
  153. marc thanks
  154. lovetox i look around that i can test it tonight, and merge it over the weekend
  155. marc Nice
  156. mimi89999 What change?
  157. marc FYI, ejabberd does not provide file size information
  158. marc prosody does
  159. marc mimi89999,
  160. lovetox ah just tested, works nice
  161. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *9baa857a* <> [httpupload] Use 'max-file-size' value for error message If a file is too large, use the 'max-file-size' value to generate an error message rather than using the error message provided by the XMPP server. This enables easy i18n of the error message and a human-readable file size. *21f94126* <> [httpupload] Do not request upload slots for too large files *86aacfc3* <> Merge branch 'httpupload_max_file_size' into 'gtk3' [httpupload] Use 'max-file-size' information See merge request !44
  162. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *bdf13ef7* <> [httpupload] Update manifest.ini
  163. marc lovetox, this was quite fast, thanks for merging :)