Gajim - 2017-08-31

  1. lovetox de-facto: is your server
  2. lovetox or can you share an account on your server so i can see whats up
  3. nexus_VI Hi everyone! Wonderful XMPP client you have there. Although, recently I've had problems with sending malformed HTML (specifically: sent messages include non-escaped </br> tags) to other non-gajim users. Is this known, should I file a bug for this? May it be my fault?
  4. Link Mauve nexus_VI, uh, that shouldn’t be possible, their server should close their connection in that case.
  5. Link Mauve Could you open the XML console (Actions > Advanced > XML Console) and post the exact stanza you received?
  6. Link Mauve XMPP only has XHTML-IM support, which is a very restricted subset of XHTML, and doesn’t support any invalid XML.
  7. concerto o/
  8. concerto lovetox, any luck with the password manager autoype problem?
  9. lovetox ah didnt have time to try it sorry, maybe on the weekend
  10. concerto no probs :)
  11. nexus_VI thanks for the reply Link Mauve, i have sent a test message and pasted it: here is a screenshot from gmail interface, this is how the message looks:
  12. nexus_VI hope this information helps. let me know if you need any other info.
  13. Link Mauve Wut, you are sending HTML in the body itself, which is meant to be pure plain text.
  14. Link Mauve Your client is doing something very wrong.
  15. Link Mauve lovetox, ↑
  16. nexus_VI interesting, isn't it ... also, it occurs with various XMPP servers (, ejabberd here at my workplace, ...)
  17. nexus_VI i am using latest gajim 0.16.8
  18. Link Mauve Do you have some weird plugin enabled maybe?
  19. nexus_VI i have enabled: Flashing Keyboard (doing the numlock thingy) OTR Encryption Plugin Installer
  20. nexus_VI OTR was not used in this case
  21. Link Mauve The second one may be the issue, try disabling it.
  22. Link Mauve Disabling it entirely, not just for this chat.
  23. nexus_VI okay, did that, do i have to restart gajim?
  24. nexus_VI oh, no ... i didn't have to. instantly works now.
  25. nexus_VI good catch :-)
  26. nexus_VI further question, is there a replacement plugin, or no more OTR for me?
  27. Link Mauve No idea, OTR is a very bad protocol so that kind of bug is “expected”.
  28. Link Mauve Well, not in non-encrypted chats.
  29. Link Mauve And AFAIK there is no maintainer for this plugin.
  30. mimi89999 nexus_VI: Change to OMEMO
  31. nexus_VI hmm, yes, i've also had mixed feelings about this. on the other hand, i need to chat via gmail, and would prefer encryption :-(
  32. nexus_VI the non-encrypted chat made me think that couldn't be the problem. the quick help is very much appreciated though.
  33. mimi89999 1. DON'T use Gmail. 2. Don't use OTR
  34. mimi89999 Then XMPP is very nice
  35. mimi89999 nexus_VI: Really
  36. nexus_VI well, this is kind of the wrong place for this discussion i guess. i get your point, but i am kinda forced to gmail by some contacts - would love to avoid it generally.
  37. nexus_VI been using XMPP for many many years, gmail used to allow 3rd party XMPP servers to connect ... it's errr, "historical growth".
  38. mimi89999 nexus_VI: You really should change...
  39. mimi89999 nexus_VI: It will be a better UX for everybody.
  40. nexus_VI mimi89999, you mean myself? :-) i will read up on OMEMO, and how to enable usage with our ejabberd server here.
  41. nexus_VI well, good point as i said, i am an OSS advocate myself ... but you know how it is.
  42. mimi89999 nexus_VI: You only need PEP and pubsub
  43. mimi89999 nexus_VI: Nothing special
  44. nexus_VI i will enable mod_pep then, and try this :-) thanks everyone!
  45. Link Mauve nexus_VI, also remember that Google said that Google Talk will end last June, they haven’t stopped the servers but there is nothing preventing them from doing it.
  46. nexus_VI i hope they do so soon. this will force my un-educatable contacts away from there :-)
  47. Link Mauve You can do that pretty easily by stopping to use this service today.
  48. mimi89999 Link Mauve: I hope they will. It is tragic...
  49. nexus_VI yeah, i already tried that, effectively cutting any communication with them.
  50. nexus_VI uneducatable in the truest sense
  51. nexus_VI also, maybe i greatly overestimated my importance to those ppl :-)
  52. Link Mauve What makes you think they will actually switch once the service shuts down?
  53. Link Mauve Yeah, that’s probably it.
  54. nexus_VI just a hunch.
  55. Link Mauve I remember when I switched away from MSN for XMPP, many didn’t follow, it was a nice way to clean my connection to these people. :)
  56. mimi89999 nexus_VI: And how do you do s2s with them? They don't have TLS...
  57. nexus_VI s2s, as in server to server?
  58. nexus_VI they disabled that some time ago.
  59. mimi89999 Ah
  60. nexus_VI sorry, but i really feel you are barking up the wrong tree here ... i don't use gmail for anything, except maintaining contact to a few people i value personally. hosting my own email, own XMPP services, everything on my own debian installations for years ... i really get all the points here. the sooner i can stop using google services, the better. also, the problem which led me here was not gmail exclusive, it was just used for getting the necessary XML output. anyway, the help is very much appreciated. have a nice evening everyone (in central europe at least) :-)