Gajim - 2017-08-30

  1. concerto o/
  2. concerto Master branch, Debian Testing. Messages in MUC whispers (/chat <user>) are all shown as being sent from the recipient, even the ones which I sent.
  3. mimi89999 concerto: Check the default nightly
  4. concerto mimi89999, I'm running gajim-default-nightly
  5. concerto (isn't that the master branch?)
  6. concerto (I'm confused)
  7. mimi89999 It is
  8. rogers how can i debug why my gajim doesn't seem to like _xmpp-client srv records?
  9. Link Mauve rogers, when you use the `dig` command, does it show up?
  10. rogers uh, platform is windows
  11. Link Mauve There are tools to check that, such as
  12. rogers nslookup finds it, yes
  13. rogers that shows up correctly
  14. Link Mauve Hmm, in Help > Features, can you see the SRV resolving checked?
  15. rogers yes
  16. Link Mauve Try starting gajim with the -v option, maybe?
  17. rogers actually wait
  18. rogers let me check again with nslookup
  19. rogers i misread the response, let me try that again
  20. Link Mauve It shows up correctly in though.
  21. rogers not in nslookup though
  22. rogers dig on another machine also resolves correctly but my nslookup doesn't
  23. Link Mauve Uh, you may have a bug in your DNS.
  24. Link Mauve Some routers are known to have issues with SRV, but I thought they were super rare nowadays.
  25. rogers i'm not using my routers dns
  26. rogers that can't be it
  27. rogers i'm using some opennic server
  28. rogers as far as i understand this should be the correct commandline for looking it up via google dns on windows: nslookup -type=SRV
  29. Link Mauve Check that they correctly support it, for example by querying
  30. rogers that just tells me no srv records though
  31. Link Mauve Oh, maybe you forgot the last dot at the end?
  32. rogers hm
  33. rogers with and without dot it doesn't find the records via google dns for
  34. rogers with and without dot it finds using default dns
  35. rogers now it suddenly starts to resolve mine too
  36. rogers that's really weird
  37. Link Mauve Wut.
  38. Link Mauve Fun, I also don’t get any when I’m using Google’s DNS.
  39. Link Mauve No actually I misread, it’s working as expected.
  40. rogers when using gajim -v on windows, where do i get the verbose output?
  41. Link Mauve Uh, I have no idea. :/
  42. Link Mauve Maybe wait for lovetox, he’s a Windows user.
  43. rogers oh
  44. rogers i just found a gajim.log in my appdata
  45. rogers it's only 300mb
  46. rogers 30.08.2017 12:21:32 (D) gajim.c.resolver: resolve type=srv 30.08.2017 12:21:32 (D) gajim.c.resolver: Starting to resolve using <common.resolver.HostResolver instance at 0x04A90698> 30.08.2017 12:21:32 (D) gajim.c.resolver: Resolving result for [] 30.08.2017 12:21:32 (D) gajim.c.connection: Connection to next host 30.08.2017 12:21:32 (I) gajim.c.connection: >>>>>> Connecting to [], type = tls 30.08.2017 12:21:32 (I) nbxmpp.plugin: Plugging <nbxmpp.transports_nb.NonBlockingTCP object at 0x06B883D0> __INTO__ <nbxmpp.client_nb.NonBlockingClient object at 0x06B88CD0> 30.08.2017 12:21:33 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: NonBlockingTCP Connect :: About to connect to
  47. rogers somehow just doesn't get the srv record
  48. Link Mauve rogers, maybe try master, it is using GLib’s resolver now.
  49. rogers uh
  50. rogers now you're asking something
  51. rogers oh
  52. rogers automated daily windows builds
  53. rogers nevermind what i said
  54. rogers actually
  55. rogers not daily
  56. rogers but recent
  57. rogers newer than stable
  58. rogers Link Mauve, how do i know whether it is using glib?
  59. Link Mauve rogers, if you are running master, it is using gtk3 and such, so it is using its resolver.
  60. Link Mauve The change happened many months ago.
  61. rogers i tried
  62. rogers Gajim-0.16.8-2017-08-14.exe
  63. rogers info window still says gtk+ 2.24 though
  64. rogers so it probably isn't the right onw
  65. Link Mauve I can’t find where the actual nightly is, meh.
  66. rogers there doesn't seem to be a win nightly
  67. rogers links to Daily snapshot
  68. Link Mauve Ah yeah, you want the stupidly-named “default”.
  69. rogers gajim-default = win stuff?
  70. Link Mauve No idea.
  71. Link Mauve Default was the old name of master.
  72. rogers gajim-default seems to be the source code
  73. Link Mauve No idea then, wait for lovetox.
  74. rogers there he is
  75. Link Mauve lovetox, see the history.
  76. Link Mauve tl;dr: rogers is looking for the Windows nightly but we can’t find it anywhere.
  77. lovetox hm seems asterix script doesnt trigger the build anymore
  78. lovetox wait a moment he is online
  79. lovetox btw windows uses the Master as a name instead of the old "default"
  80. lovetox seems there was a problem, but it should be fixed rogers, please see tomorrow under the url
  81. lovetox
  82. lovetox there should be a Gajim-Master ...
  83. rogers holy shit
  84. rogers just built it myself from master
  85. rogers so different
  86. rogers and resolving works aswell
  87. rogers ui was much better on gtk2
  88. rogers suddenly all the stuff on my non-dpi-scaled screen is blurry
  89. lovetox i forgot its really easy to build self
  90. rogers "easy"
  91. rogers well
  92. rogers compared to other projects it is
  93. lovetox it just takes 10 minutes ^^
  94. lovetox and need 1 GB space ^^
  95. rogers and initial dev env setup
  96. rogers yeah
  97. lovetox what do you mean non-dpi
  98. lovetox do you have 2 screens?
  99. rogers 3
  100. rogers 1 of them 150% input scaling
  101. rogers 2 of them normal
  102. rogers i only use gajim on the normal ones
  103. lovetox hm yeah i cant say we did any optimizing for such setups
  104. lovetox so the normal ones are the high dpi ones?
  105. rogers no
  106. rogers normal are 100%
  107. rogers high dpi -> 150% input scaling
  108. lovetox ok so where is it blurry on the high dpi oneß
  109. rogers on the normal one
  110. lovetox can you do a screenshot
  111. rogers i'm not entirely sure whether it was already the case with gtk2 but i didn't notice it that much at least
  112. lovetox i dont have any problems here on a standard 24"
  113. rogers might be due to the changed font size
  114. lovetox whats blurry, icons or text?
  115. rogers text
  116. lovetox and you dont have the default font selected under preference -> style
  117. rogers system default
  118. lovetox please make a screenshot
  119. rogers TS for comparison
  120. rogers let me get a gtk2 portable for comparison
  121. lovetox
  122. lovetox thats what i see
  123. lovetox is it different to yours, i cant really tell
  124. lovetox yours looks a bit more blurry
  125. lovetox did you change the font size?
  126. lovetox ah yeah you already said so
  127. rogers it's set to system default
  128. lovetox maybe try to turn it back if that makes it better
  129. rogers i didn't change it
  130. lovetox what windows?
  131. lovetox your text seems different, then mine
  132. rogers 10
  133. lovetox can you try another font, if that makes it better?
  134. lovetox i have to go sorry, see you later
  135. rogers left gtk3 right gtk2
  136. rogers lovetox
  137. rogers
  138. rogers that's with both manually set to Sans Normal 10
  139. rogers for comparison on the high dpi screen
  140. rogers so it seems the behavior on gtk2 was to be blurry on the highdpi screen but not on the normal one
  141. rogers and that was flipped in the switch to gtk3
  142. Link Mauve rogers, hmm, that might be a GTK+ issue, here on Linux it will only be blurry when the window spans both a hidpi and a lowdpi monitors.
  143. Link Mauve As soon as the window is fully on a lowdpi monitor, it will be rendered as before.
  144. Link Mauve rogers, can you put it fully on the lowdpi monitor? Maybe there are shadows that span on the hidpi one and that’s causing GTK+ to render towards this one.
  145. rogers even when centered on the lowdpi it's blurry
  146. Link Mauve As in, disable fullscreen, and move it at the center of your screen.
  147. Link Mauve Ok, then I don’t know, maybe Windows doesn’t give this information to the application.
  148. Link Mauve I’ve never worked with this OS.
  149. rogers i know it's also a problem with C# and WPF applications can automatically adjust
  150. rogers so there certainly is /some/ way to figure it out
  151. Link Mauve Please report this issue upstream to GTK+ then.
  152. Link Mauve rogers, are you running the latest GTK+ version, btw?
  153. rogers 0.16.11 A GTK+ XMPP client GTK+ Version: 3.22.18 PyGobject Version: 3.24.1 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.5.
  154. rogers 7
  155. rogers just built an hour ago or so with the script from git
  156. Link Mauve Ok, 3.22.18 is the previous-to-last one, should be fine.
  157. Asterix Link Mauve: will you continue your gnotification patch? I mean keep the windows ugly notifications and add the click ability?
  158. Asterix or I do?
  159. Link Mauve Asterix, I’m at work currently, if you have some time please do so, you need to use GAction to expose the click ability.
  160. Asterix yes I see how to do that. Easy I think.
  161. Link Mauve I should have done multiple commits, sorry. :(
  162. Asterix Link Mauve: but as you deleted everything, I start from another branch
  163. Link Mauve But anyway, go for it, you can close my MR and modify my commit if you want.
  164. Link Mauve It was only a few GApplication/GNotification specifics in my branch anyway.
  165. Asterix Link Mauve: hmmm you removed the app.ged.register_event_handler('notification', ged.GUI2, self._nec_notification)
  166. Asterix so your notif really worked?
  167. Link Mauve It was, yes.
  168. Link Mauve What is that for?
  169. Asterix register to the notification event
  170. Link Mauve I saw e.g. connections errors, or people sending me a first message.
  171. Asterix and on notification event, show a notification
  172. Asterix and sign in / out ?
  173. Link Mauve I don’t have anyone doing that on my test account, so no idea.
  174. Asterix maybe we sometime use popup directly?
  175. Link Mauve Yes, most of the time I’d say.
  176. Asterix and sometime we use this event
  177. Asterix I'll check
  178. Link Mauve But if it’s wrong then we should remove direct calls to notify.popup and make them use that event instead.
  179. Asterix yes
  180. Asterix the event is triggered for received messages and presences
  181. Asterix and we indeed have notify.pop() calls
  182. Asterix we use notify.popup for subscription req, conneciton failed, gc invite, FT. So that's really strange you get popup for first message ...
  183. Asterix Link Mauve: do you know if GNotificatino will work under OSx?
  184. Link Mauve No idea.
  185. Link Mauve I mostly don’t use any non-free OS.
  186. Asterix I know ...
  187. Link Mauve And the only Apple computers I have were gifts, and can’t really run anything newer than OS 9.
  188. Link Mauve (And currently run Debian.)
  189. Asterix Link Mauve: hmmm adding notification.set_default_action(action) doesn't work. Or I do something wrong.
  190. Link Mauve Asterix, it should, do you see it in dbus-monitor?
  191. Asterix Link Mauve: only see that: signal time=1504101301.623898 sender=:1.81 -> destination=(null destination) serial=134 path=/org/freedesktop/Notifications; interface=org.freedesktop.Notifications; member=NotificationClosed uint32 25 uint32 2
  192. Asterix so no I don't see the lcick
  193. Asterix so no I don't see the click
  194. Link Mauve Do you see the action when sending the notification?
  195. Asterix yes: method call time=1504101298.813811 sender=:1.92 -> destination=org.freedesktop.Notifications serial=66 path=/org/freedesktop/Notifications; interface=org.freedesktop.Notifications; member=Notify string "" uint32 0 string "" string "New Message from Asterix" string "l" array [ string "default" string "" ] array [ dict entry( string "desktop-entry" variant string "org.gajim.Gajim.test" ) dict entry( string "urgency" variant byte 1 ) dict entry( string "image-path" variant string "/path_to/gajim-chat_msg_recv.png" ) ] int32 -1
  196. Asterix no action or anything
  197. Asterix is it supposed to be there?
  198. Asterix it works with add_button
  199. Asterix I have that in dbus-monitor when I use add_button: array [ string "app.ACCT-open-message({'jid': <'JID'>, 'account': <'ACCT'>, 'msg_type': <'chat'>})" string "open" ]
  200. Asterix et je comprends rien a la doc
  201. Asterix
  202. Asterix AttributeError: 'Notification' object has no attribute 'add_button_with_target_value'
  203. lovetox Asterix, because thats not the correct method
  204. lovetox looking a the GTK+ C documentation will not help you much
  205. lovetox
  206. lovetox its add_button_with_target
  207. lovetox also i think we should use set_default_action_and_target()
  208. lovetox i dont see the benefit of a button
  209. Asterix lovetox: because with add_button_with_target it works, and with set_default_action_and_target it doesn't
  210. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *6d3c1d97* <> add issue templates *30efd222* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' Add issue templates See merge request !127
  211. de-facto why would gajim not see carbons xep 280 although its activated on my prosody? Conversations sees it... Is there something missing i can add to prosody to make gajim accept xep 280?
  212. de-facto that is from advanced > server info
  213. lovetox de-facto, server info shows red x?
  214. lovetox what version of carbons are you using?
  215. lovetox gajim supports carbons:2
  216. lovetox if its not in serverinfo this means your server does not advertise carbons:2
  217. lovetox you can test this easily with inserting into xml console :
  218. de-facto ok i did query my server and it responded with ... <feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'/> ...
  219. de-facto yet XEP 280 Message Carbons got a red X for some reason i am trying to understand
  220. de-facto Gajim 0.16.11-b7efb3604ed3 <-> Prosody 0.10 nightly build 410 (2017-08-06, d43012448c1f)
  221. de-facto well actually it shows ... <feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:1'/> ... does that confuse gajim maybe?