Gajim - 2017-08-28

  1. lovetox a window with blue background that contains the message?
  2. lovetox yeah im bet the gtk folks only waited for that
  3. Link Mauve It’s not GTK+ is it?
  4. Link Mauve Oh, I see the issue, GLib can’t depend on GTK+ on Windows.
  5. lovetox so i agree we probably dont need that Notify dependency anymore and everything related to it, i guess the whole DBus stuff is also not needed anymore, but the PopupNotific window we still need when we are on windows
  6. lovetox and i have to test if Gnotifications are supported on mac
  7. Link Mauve It is using DBus though.
  8. Link Mauve Just, GDBus instead of the legacy python-dbus.
  9. lovetox i meant the stuff you deleted
  10. lovetox that we ourself connect to dbus and send events
  11. vanitasvitae seems to have a hickup
  12. vanitasvitae gives me 502
  13. Asterix yes ... I'm on it
  14. Asterix I have to restart the server anyway
  15. Asterix we'll see after that
  16. Asterix SEE YOU
  17. Asterix I'm not able to restart gitlab for the moment. It doesn't start at all
  18. Asterix it's back! ouf
  19. Asterix runsvdir isn't launched on startup ...
  20. Asterix systems / sysv mix and problems probably
  21. Asterix systemd / sysv mix and problems probably
  22. Asterix lovetox: there was a windows version. but we decided it's not software's job to do that ...
  23. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *fbc58517* <> gtkgui_helpers: remove some unused code *b7efb360* <> Merge branch 'gtkgui_helpers' into 'master' gtkgui_helpers: remove some unused code See merge request !125
  24. lovetox on windows and mac applications do this themself usually if not apple or microsoft software because of no package managers
  25. lovetox but this can be written as a short plugin that just displays a dialog
  26. lovetox i can ship this plugin with the windows package, and everyone else that is interested can just install the plugin
  27. Asterix I don't care if some OS don't have package managers! that's not my problem!
  28. Asterix I mean implementing that in ALL soft because they don't want to implement a simple package manager ...
  29. Asterix but yes I agree a popup saying there is a new version with a link to the d/l page is neede for those poor guys running poor OS ;)
  30. Asterix I just need to file with the latest version on the server somewhere probably
  31. lovetox i can just parse a git tag
  32. Asterix you want to include git in the plugin?
  33. lovetox or parse that
  34. lovetox
  35. lovetox its reachable over http
  36. lovetox though it could be that we up the version without release
  37. lovetox yeah a file is probably the easiest solution
  38. lovetox but maybe one that we host in git
  39. Asterix then host it in website git
  40. lovetox ah nice, i forgot about it
  41. mimi89999 See example (
  42. mimi89999 See (example
  43. mimi89999 Now Gajim believes the URL contains )
  44. lovetox ) is a valid char in a url
  45. lovetox url parsing is pretty complex stuff, its hard to make it never fail
  46. mimi89999 Conversations doesn't make that mistake
  47. mimi89999 Can't you look at where ( opens and closes )
  48. lovetox no, too much work, regex is complicated enough already :)
  49. mimi89999 I think ) not starting in the URL is much more rare than putting a URL in brackets...
  50. mimi89999 And will you have ) followed by a space in a URL?
  51. lovetox im not arguing that this cant be solved
  52. lovetox ((?<=\()[A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9\+\.\-]*:([\w\.\-_~:/\?#\[\]@!\$&'\(\)\*\+,;=]|%[A-Fa-f0-9]{2})+(?=\)))|(\w[\w\+\.\-]*:([^<>\s]|%[A-Fa-f0-9]{2})+)
  53. lovetox there you go
  54. lovetox add "just check for opening and closing"
  55. lovetox maybe java has a good urlextract lib
  56. lovetox i dont know any in python
  57. lovetox and spending hours and days on creating regexes (that eventually always will fail for something) is not my idea of freetime
  58. lovetox btw spaces are valid in a URL i just learned ^^
  59. mimi89999 https/ file(new) 2.txt
  60. mimi89999 file(new) 2.txt